The Rapcore Metal List

Edition July 2001
Friday, July 13, 2001 A.D.


Bill Vogel III


What the hell is this?

      Firstly, this is the start of a list which will catalog the 
wealth of Rapcore Metal in the world.  And, since it is in it's 
infancy, it will need updates and submissions.  Send these to:

                  Bill Vogel III

What is Rapcore Metal?    

      It is a mixture in styles of music that combines Heavy Metal 
and Rap.  The instrumental is usually chunky and very rhythmic in 
nature.  And the style varies quite a bit based on the proportions 
and other inflections brought into the mix.

Who wrote this stupid list?

      I, Bill Vogel III, did.  But firstly, I'd like to thank 
Thomas Wolmer for all of his previous lists which influenced me to 
do this list.  
      I write many reviews which circulate the nets, and I publish 
an ezine called Stranger Aeons.  I am also the Keeper of The 
Death/Grind Metal list.    
      I do this work for free, because I love the music.

How do I read this crap?

      The general format is a modified version of Thomas Wolmer's 
style.  It reads like this:

      Band Name: general band info...
            "release name"/format/year [label]

The format will only be listed if it is a demo, 7 inch single 
(7"), etc.
      The list will be in an alphabetic listing, although it may 
be rough the first couple of issues.  Enjoy.

The List***************************************************

5 Knuckle Chuckle: Canada -
      "Charliee Horse"/CD/199? [Black Mark]

Absolute Zero: Canada - Disbanded in 1996.

Beastie Boys: U.S.A. -
      "Licensed To Ill"/Cd/1987 [Sony]
      "Paul's Boutique"/Cd/1989 [Capitol]
      "Check Your Head"/Cd/1992 [Capitol]
      "Ill Communication"/Cd/1994 [Capitol]
      "Some Old Bullshit"/Cd/1994 [Capitol]
      "Hello Nasty"/CD/1998 [Capitol] 
      "Anthology"/CD/1999 [Capitol]  

Biohazard: U.S.A. - 
      "Biohazard"/Cd/1990 [Kraze] (Released in Canada 
            1992 on Magnetic Air Productions, Inc.)
      "Urban Discipline"/Cd/1992 [Roadrunner]
      "State Of The World Address"/Cd/1994 [Warner Bros.]
      "How It Is/Tales From The Hardside" Single/Cd/1994 
            [Warner Bros.]
      "Mata Laeo"/CD/1996 [Warner Bros.]
      "New World Disorder"/CD/1999 [Mercury]  

Body Count: U.S.A. (L.A.) - (Ice-T's Rapcore Metal band.)
      "Body Count"/Cd/199? [????]
      "Born Dead"/Cd/1994 [Capitol]
      "Born Dead" Single (European)/Cd/199? [Virgin]
      "Born Dead/Body Count's In The House" (Single)/Cd/1994 
      "Violent Demise"/Cd/1996 [Virgin]

Born In A Fever: UK - (Similar to Biohazard.)
      "Inferior Mind"/CD/199? []

Channel Zero:
      "Unsafe"/Cd/1995 [Metal Blade]

Clawfinger: Swedish/Norwegian Rapcore Metal.
            \strong Rap influence, but very good.
      "Deaf Dumb & Blind"/Cd/1994 [Metal Blade]
            \Pressing of their demo, of the same name.
      "Use Your Brain"/Cd/1995 [????]
      "Clawfinger"/Cd/1999 [Music Cartel]

Collapsing L.U.N.G.S.: U.S.A. (Florida)- ????-1995 as
            \Collapsing L.U.N.G.S., after as L.U.N.G.S.
      "Colorblind"/Cd/1994 [Atlantic]      

Crazy Town: U.S.A. -    
      "Gift Of Game"/CD/1999 [Columbia]    
      "Butterfly"/MiniCD/2001 [????] (4 different versions of 
            "Butterfly," and the track "Only When Im Drunk 

Crown Of Thornz: - (Ex-members of 108 and Breakdown.)
      "Train Yard Blues"/CD/199? []

DC Talk: U.S. - (Started as a Christian Rap group, but 
            their 1996 Cd took them in a new direction...
            Rapcore Metal.  None of their previous Cds 
            will be listed.)
      "Jesus Freak"/CD/1996 [] (Sort of wimpy Rapcore 

Deftones: U.S.A. (L.A.) -
      "Adrenaline"/CD/1996 [Maverick]
      "Around The Fur"/CD/1997 [Maverick]    
      "White Pony"/CD/2000 [Maverick]    

Dog Eat Dog:
      "Warrant"/Cd/1993 [Roadrunner]
      "All Boro Kings"/Cd/1994 [Roadrunner]
      "If These Are..."/Single(Cd)/199? []
            \a European Import Cd single.
      "Isms" Single/??/199? []
      "Playing Games"/CD/1996 [Roadrunner]    

Downset: U.S.A. - (L.A. Rapcore Metal.)
      "Downset"/Cd/1994 [????]
      "Lies"/Cd/1994 [Polygram]
      "Are We Speaking A Dead Language?"/CD/1996 []    

Flys: U.S.A. (San Diego) - (Rapcore meets Powerpop/Alternative 
            Metal.  Very good.)
      "Holiday Man"/CD/1998 [Trauma] (Features the track "Got You
            (Where I Want You)" from the "Disturbing Behavior" 

Funny Farm: Norwegian Rapcore Metal band.

Genocide: Canadian Rapcore Metal band with a slight 
            Industrial flavor.  Very good.
      For Your Mind/CD/1995 [Atomic]
      ??????/CD/1996 []

Gunjah: -
      "Heredity"/CD/1993 [Futurist/Fierce]
      "Manic Aggression"/CD/1994 [Noise] (Released only in 
      "Politically Correct?"/CD/1996 [Noise]


Humungus Fungus: -
      "Low-Key Poetry"/CD/1996 [Noise]    

Insolence: U.S.A. - (Diverse Rapcore Metal.)    
      "Revolution"/CD/2001 [Maverick]    

Juster: U.S.A. - (Industrial/Rapcore Metal leaning heavily 
           towards the Industrial side.  Cool.)
      "I Remember That Night"/Cd/1994 [Tee Vee Toons]
      "What I See What I Think"/Cd/1995 [Tee Vee Toons]

KoRn: U.S.A. - (Moodcore Metal.)  
      "KoRn"/CD/1994 [Immortal]
      "Life Is Peachy"/CD/1996 [Immortal]
      "A.D.I.D.A.S."/CD Single/1997 [Immortal]
      "A.D.I.D.A.S. #1"/CD Single/1997 []
      "A.D.I.D.A.S. #2"/CD Single/1997 []
      "Good God"/CD/1997 .Nov. [PHAM/PID]  
      "Follow The Leader/CD/1998 .Aug. [Immortal]  
      "Got The Life"/CD Single/1998 .Sep. [PID]
      "French Remixes"/CD/1999 .Feb. [PID]
      "Freak On A Leash"/CD Single/1999 .Mar. [PID]
      "Issues"/CD/1999 .Nov. [Immortal]
      "Falling Away From Me"/CD Single/1999 .Nov. [PID]

Life Of Agony: U.S.A. - (Mix Rapcore and Doom Metal.)
      "River Runs Red"/Cd/1993 [Roadrunner]
      "Ugly"/Cd/1995 [Roadrunner]
      "Soul Searching Sun"/CD/1998 [Roadrunner]

Limp Bizkit: U.S.A. - (Soft and Heavy Rapcore Metal with a moody 
          undercurrent.  Similar to Korn.)
      "Three Dollar Bill Y'All"/CD/1997 [Interscope] 
      "Counterfeit Countdown"/CD/1998 [PID]  (Import.)
      "Significant Other"/CD/1999 [Interscope] 
      "Re-Arranged"/CD Single/1999 [PID]  (Import.)  
      "Kick Some Ass"/Video/1999 [Eaton Entertainment]    
      "Chocolate Starfish & The Hot Dog Flavored Water/CD/2000 

Linkin Park: U.S.A. -    
      "Hybrid Theory"/CD/2000 [Warner Bros.]    
      "One Step Closer"/CD Single/2000 [PID]    
      "Crawling (Enhanced)"/CD Single/2001 [Warner Bros.]    
      "Papercut"/CD Single/2001 [PID]    

Lone Rager: - 
      "Metal RAP-sody"/CD/???? [] 

Lunacy: Netherlands (?) - (Thrashcore.)
      "Believe?"/CD/199? []

L.U.N.G.S.: U.S. (Florida)- (Formerly Collapsing L.U.N.G.S.  Name 
                  stands for "Living Under No Greedy Suckers." 
                  Horrorcore Metal.  Awesome.)
      "L.U.N.G.S." Promo Tape/Cassette Single/1995 [Pavement]
      "Better Class Of Losers"/Cd/1996 [Pavement]

Lungbrush: U.S.A. - (Mixture of Death Metal, Punk, Powercore, and
            Rapcore Metal.  Extremely heavy, and extremely good.]
      "Old School New School"/CD/1999 [Pavement]

Madball: U.S.A. ????-2001
      "Set It Off"/CD/1994 [Roadrunner]
      "Demonstrating My Style"/CD/1996 [Roadrunner]    
      "Ball Of Destruction"/CD/1996 [Century Media]
      "Droppin' Many Suckers"/CD/1996 .June. [Wreck-Age]     
      "Look My Way"/CD/1998 .June. [Roadrunner]  (There's a 
            digipack version with 2 bonus tracks.)    
      "Hold It Down"/CD/2000 .June. [Epitaph]    
      "21 Thug Salute"/CD/2001 .November. [Thug Love]  (Split CD 
            with UZI.)       

Manhole: U.S. (L.A.) - Female vocalist.
      "All Is Not Well"/CD/1996 [Noise]

Meatlocker: U.S. -
      "Triangle Of Pain"/EP/1995? []

Merauder: U.S. - (Post-Hardcore meets Death Metal meets
            Rapcore Metal.  Pretty cool.)
      "Master Killer"/CD/1996 [Century Media]

M.O.D.: ? ?a.k.a. Method Of Destruction.?
      "USA For M.O.D."/Cd/19?? [Megaforce]
      "Surfin' M.O.D."/Cd/19?? [Megaforce]
      "Gross Misconduct"/Cd/19?? [Megaforce]
      "Rhythm Of Fear"/Cd/1992 [Megaforce]
      "Devolution"/Cd/1994 [Energy]

Monster Voodoo Machine: - (Mix Rapcore Metal with Industrial 
      "State Voodoo/State Control"/Cd/1994 [D-Tribe]
      "Defense Mechanism"/CD Single/1994 [D-Tribe]
      "Suffersystem"/Cd/1994 [BMG]
      "Direct Action Now"/Cd/1998 [Dr. Dream]

Mutha's Day Out: ? ?Rapcore Metal band from Arkansas...mix Rapcore 
                  with 70's style Metal guitar sound.?
      "My Soul Is Wet"/Cd/1993 [Chrysalis]

Orange 9mm: U.S.A. -
      "Orange 9mm"/Cd/1994 [Revalation]    
      "Driver Not Included"/Cd/1995 [Eastwest America]    
      "Tragic"/CD/1996 [Atlantic]    
      "Ultraman Vs. Godzilla"/MiniCD/1998 [NG Records]  (5 song 

P.O.D.: U.S.A. 1992- (Name stands for->>>  Payment On Death.  They 
            are a Christian Rapcore Metal band.)
      "Snuff The Punk"/CD/199? [Rescue Records]  (Reissued in 2000  
            by Diamante Music Group.  Rescue Records is/was 
            P.O.D.'s own label.)    
      "Brown"/CD/199? [Rescue Records]  (Reissued in 2000  
            by Diamante Music Group.)    
      "Live"/CD/199? [Rescue Records]  (Reissued in 2001  
            by Diamante Music Group.)    
      "Warriors"/CD/199? []  (Limited Edition.)    
      "Fundamental Elements Of Southtown/CD/1999 [Atlantic]    

Passafist: - (Christian Rapcore Metal.)
      "Infinity"/CD/199? [REX]

Phunk Junkeez:
      "Phunk Junkeez"/Cd/1993 [Naked Language]
      "Injected"/Cd/1995 [Interscope]

Post Mortem:
      "Destined For Failure"/Cd/1993 [Red Light]
      "Coroner's Office"/Cd/1994 [Red Light]
      "Festival Of Fun"/Cd/1994 [Red Light]

Primer 55: U.S. - (Hardcore mixed with Rapcore Metal.)  
      "Introduction To Mayhem"/CD/2000 [Def Jam]  

Pro-Pain: U.S.A. - (Mixes Rapcore Metal with Death Metal 
      "Foul Taste Of Freedom"/Cd/1992 [Energy]
      "Truth Hurts"/Cd/1994 [Energy]
      "Contents Under Pressure"/CD/1996 [Energy]
      "Act Of God"/Cd/1999 [Nuclear Blast]

Proper Grounds: L.A. band that mixes Metal and HipHop.  Awesome.
      "Downtown Circus Gang"/Cd/1993 [Maverick]

Psychosis: U.S. - (Metalcore.)
      "Squirm"/CD/199? []

Rage Against The Machine: U.S. - (Politically charged 
                        Rapcore Metal.  Very political, but they 
                        sound good.)  
      "Rage Against The Machine"/Cd/1992 [Sony]
      "Aus Tour Pack" 2 Cds/199? [????]
      "Bulls On Parade"/Cd Single/1996 [????]
      "Evil Empire"/Cd/1996 [Epic]
      "Killing In The Name"/CD Single/1998 [????]
      "Live & Rare"/CD/1998 [SOOJ/PID] (13 track...from Japan.)
      "Vietnow"/CD Single/???? [????] 
      "Battle For Los Angeles"/CD/1999 [Sony]    
      "Renegades"/CD/2001 [Sony]    

Rest In Pieces:
      "My Rage"/Cd/1994 [Blackout]

S.O.D.: U.S.A. - (Stands for Stormtroopers Of Death.  Has 
                members of Anthrax, Brutal Truth, and M.O.D.)
      "Speak English Or Die"/Cd/1985 []
      "Live At Budokan"/Cd/19?? []
      "Bigger Than The Devil"/CD/1999 [Nuclear Blast]  

Shelter: U.S. (New York) - (Krishnacore.)
      "Attaining The Supreme"/CD/199? [Equal Vision]
      "Perfection Of Desire"/CD/1995 [Revelation]
      "Mantra"/CD/1995 [Roadrunner]

      "Stacked Up"/Cd/1995 [????]

Shootyz Groove: U.S.A. -    
      "Respect"/Cd/1994 [Polygram]
      "Jammin In Vicious Environments"/Cd/1994 [Polygram]    

Shuvel: U.S.A. - 
      "Set It Off"/CD/2000 .August. [Interscope]    

Sick Of It All: U.S. - (One of the innovators of the style...from 
                        New York.)  
      "Spreading The Hardcore"/Cd/1994 [Lost & Found]
      "Blood Sweat & No Tears"/Cd/1989 [Ruthless]
      "Just Look Around"/Cd/1992 [Ruthless]
      "Scratch The Surface"/Cd/1994 [Atlantic]
      "Live In A World Full..."/Cd/1994 [Lost & Found]    
      "Built To Last"/CD/1997 [Eastwest America]    
      "Sick Of It All"/CD/1997 [Revelation Records]  (Reissue.)  
      "Potential For A Fall"/CD Single/1999 .January. [Fat Wreck 
      "Call To Arms"/CD/1999 .February. [Fat Wreck Chords]    
      "Yours Truly"/CD/2000 .November. [Fat Wreck Chords]    
      "Story So Far"/VHS/2001 .April. [Fat Wreck Chords]    

Six Feet Deep: - (Christian Rapcore Metal.)    
      "Struggle"/Cd/1994 [REX]

Slipknot: U.S.A. - (Full-on, whacked Aggro Metal that mixes 
                     Rapcore, Death, and Industrial Metal.)  
      "Slipknot"/CD/1999 .June. [Roadrunner]  ?Has hidden track 
            called "Eeyore" on it.?
      "Slipknot"/CD/1999 [PID]  (Has 5 bonus tracks, but is 
            missing "Eeyore.?
      "Welcome To Our Neighborhood"/Video/1999 .Nov. [Roadrunner]

Spade Ghetto Destruction: Super-heavy Rapcore...very cool.
      "Spade Ghetto Destruction"/Cd/1994 [Zoo]

Sprung Monkey: U.S. - (Heavy Groove Punk Metal with Rapcore Metal
            flavors.  Made a guest appearance on the first episode 
            of the television show "Buffy The Vampire Slayer."?
      "Situation Life"/CD/1996 [Black Cat Do]
      "Swirl"/CD/1996 [Surf Dog] (Here on "Buffy...")
      "Mr. Funny Face"/CD/1998 [Surf Dog]
      "Get Em Outta Here"/CD Single/1998 [Surf Dog]

Staind: U.S.A. - (Similar to Limp Bizkit, and Korn.?
      "Dysfunction"/CD/1999 .Mar. [Flip]    
      "Break The Cycle"/CD/2001 [Flip]    

Strawelte: Frysian (Whatever that means) - (Disbanded.)
      "Greta's Tits"/CD/199? [Hope Tole] (Lyrics were in Frysian.)

Stuck Mojo: U.S.A. (Atlanta) - (Rapcore meets Death Metal mixed 
                                with a little touch of Blues.)  
      "Snappin' Necks"/Cd/1995 [Century Media]
      "Violated" EP/CD/1996 [Century Media]
      "Pigwalk"/CD/1996 [Century Media]    
      "Rising"/CD/1998 [Century Media]    
      "HVY 1"/CD/1999 [Century Media]    
      "Declaration Of A Headhunter"/CD/2000 [Century Media]    

Two Skinnee J's: U.S.A. - (Lighter edged Rapcore.)
      "Supermercado"/CD/1998 [Capricorn] 

Uncle Slam: U.S. -
      "Will Work For Food"/CD/1993 [Restless]
      "When God Dies"/CD/1995 [Restless]

Urban Dance Squad: Netherlands - (Similar to Biohazard.
            A.K.A. UDS.)       

Zebrahead: U.S.A. - (Rapcore mixed with Hardcore Punk Metal.)
      "Zebrahead"/CD/1996 [Dr. Dream]
      "Waste Of Mind"/CD/1998 [Sony]
      "Get Back"/CD Single/1998 [MIS/Sony]    
      "Playmate Of The Year"/CD/2000 [Columbia]    


Finished... July 12, 2001 A.D.       

End Notes:
      Well, that wraps it up.  Please send me info to update and 
enhance this list.  Demo info is welcome as well.  Thanks.  Enjoy.  

                            Bill Vogel III


Copyright 2001.       

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