October's Best Release...

“'Still Psycho' by Rotten Sound”
Bill Vogel III

October 31, 2000 A.D.    

On the darkest day on the year what better release to review than Rotten 
Sound?  Nothing...  The new mini-CD by Rotten Sound, aptly titled "Still 
Psycho" [Necropolis Records], is a crusty yet catchy slab of some of the best 
Grindcore Metal ever.  And it is also one of the BEST RELEASES OF 2000 as 
well.  It's a compact, visceral work that follows another killer release this 
year by Rotten Sound, called "Drain."  

Rotten Sound is one of the best, and most underrated of bands.  Their style 
is a ferocious mixture of Crustcore, Hardcore, Grindcore, and Deathrock.  
Imagine fierce Grindcore onslaughts highlighted with Deathrock licks, catchy 
hook driven rhythms, and a varied vocal assault ranging from deep growls to 
shrill, vicious screeches.  The effect is guttural and devastating...making 
most acts seem placid in comparison.  
There is no comparison.  

Rotten Sound makes aggression into a fine art.  It's heavy, visceral, savage, 
and never meek-they have perfected chaos.  

This disc features 6 cuts, all of which are excellent.  The best ones though 
include the Blackened Grind of "Perfection," the utter brutality on 
"StrongMan," the sheer ferocity of "Ignorance," and their wicked cover of 
CARCASS's "Reek Of Putrefaction."  (This is one of the best covers, ever.)   

There is no reason to miss out on a CD this great.  It's the perfection of 
symmetric brutality.  Rotten Sound is insane Grindcore eclecticism at its 
very best.  Get it!  Stay Psycho.  Farewell.    

      [October 2000 STRANGER AEON's Best Of The Month pick...]     

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.    

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Copyright 2000.             

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