July's Best Release...

“’Cyber Sonic Super Christ’ by The Project Hate”
Bill Vogel III

July 14, 2000 A.D.  

Sometimes life can be a real kick in the face.  Ever wanted a soundtrack for 
those times when you're melancholy and aggressive?  Then the new Project Hate 
CD, titled "Cyber Sonic Super Christ" [Pavement Records], should put the roar 
in your anger.  

The Project Hate is the killer side project band of Tomas Skogsberg 
[Entombed], and their style takes visceral Gothic Death Metal and adds 
elements of Black Metal.  The sound is visceral-deep growls drilling through 
heavy Gothic guitar sludge and manic rhythms, which are then backed by 
powerful, angelic female vocals.  The fusion is both beautiful and fierce, 
blasting a burned wasteland in its sonic wake.  

The most ferocious and moody cuts work the best.  These include "Oceans Of 
Seemingly Endless Bleeding," "With Desperate Hands So Numb," "The Divine 
Burning Of Angels," "Soul Infliction," and "Shape, Memory, Murder."  But 
every track is good.  

In conclusion, this is a really cool and unusual release.  Add some mean 
melancholy to your day.  Farewell.  

Related Bands:    Cemetary, Babylon Whores, Beseech, Darkseed, My 
                  Dying Bride, Darkside, Aion, etc.    

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.  

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.  

Copyright 2000.    

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