Black Metal List (circa 1997)

The Black Metal List         __//~~       ~~\\__        Black x-Mass Revision
Part I/II - The Key        _//                 \\_           /     1997-12-25
                  \      _//\~\_             _/~/\\_      /
                     \  //   \  \_         _/  /   \\  /
                       //     \   ~\__ __/~   /     \\
                      //       |     _X_     |       \\
                     //        \  _/~   ~\_  /        \\
                     ||         ><         ><         ||
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  ||       _/ \         / \_       ||  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                     ||   __/~   |         |   ~\__   ||
                     || /~        \       /        ~\ ||
                      \\           \     /           //
                       \\           |   |           //
                     /  \\_         \   /         _//  \
                  /       \\_        \ /        _//       \
               /            \\_       V      __//            \
            /                  \\__   |   __//                  \
         /                        ~~=====~~                        \

Part I - The Key
  I.I   Initiation
    I.I.I    What is this?
    I.I.II   What is Black Metal?
  I.II  Esoterica
    I.II.I   How do I decipher the infernal mess that makes up the list?
    I.II.II  What exactly is deemed worthy of inclusion?
    I.II.III What if I possess some knowledge that the keeper does not?
    I.II.IV  Is there more of the same kind?
    I.II.V   Where to find it?
    I.II.VI  Legal stuff
  I.III Word
  I.IV  The record label abbreviations

Part II - The Gate
  II.I  Black Metal band and album listing
  II.II Black Metal compilation album listing

I.I   Initiation:

I.I.I    What is this?

This is an attempt to list the Nether World's treasure of Black Metal
releases. There are no assessments of the bands and releases included herein,
just brief (wannabe-)objective descriptions.
  The list is a simple alpabetical listing of all the bands, with the bands'
releases listed chronologically for each band. In addition, there is also an
alpabetical list of compilation albums that contain a significant share of
Black Metal tracks.
  This discography is maintained by Thomas Wolmer  and
copyright 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993 by the very same, which should not be
any major deal as the information in it is free. Enjoy.

I.I.II   What is Black Metal?

In the beginning there was Venom. Then it exploded. In effect, this section
is not as comprehensive as it should be. But one issue has to be addressed:
There is not one generally accepted definition of Black Metal. Clearly, Venom
was the first Black Metal band - they coined the term - and they played a
(for its time) fast and raw form of Metal and sung about Satan & evil. Then
came other bands who both played and sung about similar stuff, and everyone
agreed that they were Black Metal too. But what about bands who just "sing
about Satan", or just play this kind of music? It may not agree with what
Venom says about what they intended long ago, but we here define Black Metal
bands as bands who do both.
  Then there is the question of how much you really should label as Black
Metal, musically. Many of today's bands you will find in this list do not
sound much like Venom once did. Their music probably sounds more like what
some of the retainers of the Black Metal throne (read: Bathory, Hellhammer)
ended up playing. That is hereby defined as "good enough".
  And at last, this list includes a growing number of bands who have
certainly left the original lyrical scope (or never even touched it). The
majority of these happen to be Scandinavian and sing about Vikings and old
Norse myths, but others focus on other pagan peoples and myths. Since these
bands belong to the same scenes as the modern Black Metal bands and they in
a way head for a similar atmosphere, they are included too. 
  You may notice that various affiliations of some of the bands are listed.
This is because some people may think that Nazis are nasty people and don't
want to accidentally buy their albums, or that Church of Satan members are
wimps, a disgrace to the scene, and should be brutally sodomized. Note that
only official stances are listed, and if any information of this kind is
incorrect please tell me as soon as possible.

I.II  Esoterica:

I.II.I   How do I interpret the infernal mess that makes up the list?

The entries in the list look something like this:

Artist: Country Year-Year
   # General comments on the band
  Name Of Release/Format/Year [Record Label(s)] (split release with who?)
   # Comments on this particular release

If the band is currently active, there is of course no demise year. If the
band has existed during several periods of time there are several intervals.
Simple, right?
  If the format field is missing then the item is an ordinary full-length
LP/CD/MC release; a non-full-length release is usually called an EP or
possibly a MCD or 12" if that is the only available format. Inconsistencies
in the notation would not surprise me. To save space, the record label names
have been abbreviated; a key is available at the end of this section.
  As a final note, some might notice that the bands are not sorted as they
would have expected. This is probably because Swedish alphabetical sort order
is used, which most notably means that å ä ö comes last. Fewer should be
surprised that digits come before alphabetical characters, that space comes
before both, and that "The" in the beginning of names does not count.

I.II.II  What exactly is deemed worthy of inclusion?

Important: This list is not an attempt to list all Black Metal that has ever
been recorded. First of all, I have restricted myself to only include bands
that have released something on their own on vinyl or CD (or maybe on a label
edited MC). That is, I do not include bands who have only recorded demos or
have only been included on compilations. I would not have a chance to keep up
with all new bands popping up and releasing a demo, so I am not even trying.
  Secondly, I only include "official" releases. This means that rehearsal
tapes that have only been informally spread by the bands, and promo stuff for
radio stations or record stores that have never been for sale, are not found
in here. Although if a promo differs from the finally released product in
some significant way, it may be worth a comment somewhere.
  On the other hand, bootlegs are included - they are, after all, publicly
  On the topic of "What is Black Metal?", see section I.I.II.

I.II.III What if I possess some knowledge that the keeper does not?

Contact me at once! Without contributions from the other people, I wouldn't
have got this list even close to where it is today. Anything you tell me
(that I find likely to be true) will be included in the next revision. Bands
and labels who have had their efforts included in the list (or should have)
and who have first-hand knowledge about things are especially welcome to tell
me how wrong I've got things.
  When telling me about a new band to be added, please be elaborate. "You
haven't included Xyxgorgulk!" is not a very helpful message. Tell me about
releases, the years and the labels, and what the band sounds like.
  To make things easier for me, put the string 'METALLIST:' in the subject
line of emails containing information that's supposed to go into the list.
Yes, capital letters and a colon, ':'. Thank you.

I.II.IV  Is there more of the same kind?

The first known list of this kind was The Heavy Metal List From Hell, created
in 1991 by one  but maintained by Travis Johnson
 during the major part of its short life. It
covered Speed/Thrash/Death/Black Metal but was abandoned in mid-1992.
However, it became the direct ancestor of The Deathgrind Metal List and even
before its demise it had inspired the creation of other lists.

These list are believed or even known to be alive: 

  Kept by Thomas Wolmer :
    The Black Metal List
    The Doom Metal List [will be co-kept by Miika Kuusinen ]

  Kept by Bill Vogel III <>:
    The Deathgrind Metal List [originally kept by Thomas Wolmer]
    The Rapcore List
    Spitting Blood [a Black Metal/Death Metal/Grindcore compilations list]
    [Bill was planning a Industrial Metal list too?]

  Kept by Ed Lewandowski :
    The Black Ambient/Atmospheric List & The Black Metal Side Projects List

  Kept by Philip Wang :
    The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal List

The fates of these list are uncertain:

  Once kept by Erik Welty :
    The Progressive Metal List [there was an earlier list by the same name]

  Once kept by Serge Dubakov :
    The Speed Metal List [there has been rumours of a rival Speed Metal list]

  Once kept by Brian Long :
    The Canonical Grind/Noise/Stench/Crust/Porn/Shit/Blurr/Sludge-CORE List

I.II.V   Where to find it?

Both lists maintained by me (Thomas Wolmer, remember?) are posted in the
appropriate Usenet newsgroups and arbitrary mailing lists when they are
revised, and also mailed directly to those who have managed to tell me to.
  On the World Wide Web, the latest versions can be found at
, in raw text
versions and also in HTML versions thanks to the combined efforts of
Matthias Baas  and Miika "Mega" Kuusinen
. I also try to have links to all other lists there.
  The lists can also be found on CompuServe, thanks to Bill Vogel III. Look
in the File library/Heavy Metal section/Rocknet forum. 
  There is also a simple email file server. Send a message to
 with the subject 'send blacklist' or 'send doomlist',
no more, no less, and you will get the latest revisions mailed to you - make
sure your return address is correct in the headers of you mail. Do not
bother writing anything in the body of the message - no one will ever read
  As a last resort you can send me an ordinary email and kindly ask to have
the lists sent to you. Or you might run into me on the IRC, EFnet Europe,
channel #Metal or #BlackMetal, and get them DCC:ed. Although I'm rather
seldom IRCing these days.

I.II.VI  Legal stuff

Not much really. This document is freeware, you are allowed and encouraged to
copy, spread and make it publicly available, provided that you do not charge
any money for it and do not alter the list in any way. Use the information
in it in any way you can think of, but when you quote straight from the list,
I would appreciate if you mention your source.
  As said, you are not allowed to spread versions of the document with any of
the text changed or deleted (like this information text). If you want any
changes made, tell me, OK?

I.III Word:


As usual, We Hail a lot of people.

I.IV  The record label abbreviations:

A Koffin Not Found (AKNF)             A.M.S.G. (AMSG)                       
AJK                                   Abstract Emotions (AE)                
Abyss Productions (AP)                Active/Axis (Active)                  
Adipocere (Adi)                       Aesthetic Death (Aest)                
After Dark (AD)                       After World (AW)                      
Alister (Ali)                         Anatomy (Ana)                         
Ancient (Anc)                         Ancient Lore Creations (ALC)          
Anonymous (Ano)                       Arctic Serenades (AS)                 
Arkham                                Arye De Occulta (ADO)                 
Astral Wings (Ast)                    Atlantic (Atl)                        
Atratus (Atr)                         Avantgarde Music (AG)                 
Ax/tion (Ax)                          BMG                                   
Banzai                                Baron                                 
Battlegod (Bat)                       Bellphegot (Bell)                     
Black Arts (BA)                       Black Diamond (Bdia)                  
Black Dragon (BD)                     Black Heart (BH)                      
Black Hole (Bho)                      Black Mark (BM)                       
Black Metal (Bme)                     Black Power (BP)                      
Black Sun (BS)                        Black Vomit (BV)                      
Blackend (Bla)                        Bleeding Heart (BH)                   
Bomba                                 Boner                                 
Boundless (Bou)                       Bovine                                
Brainticket Music (BTM)               Brand New Entertainment (BNE)         
Breath Of Night (BON)                 Brutal                                
Bullet Proof (Bul)                    CCP                                   
CBR                                   CMFT                                  
Cacophonous (Cac)                     Candlelight (CL)                      
Capricornous Productions (Cap)        Carnefication (Cfn)                   
Carnage (Car)                         Century Media (CM)                    
Chaos                                 Children Of The Apocalypse (COTA)     
Cogumelo (Cogu)                       Columbia (Col)                        
Combat                                Common Cause (CC)                     
Corrosion (Cor)                       Corpse Grinder (CG)                   
Creations Of Necro... (CONM)          Cryonics (Cry)                        
Cursed Productions (Cursed)           Cyber                                 
Cymophane (Cym)                       Cysboileed (Cys)                      
Damnation (Dam)                       Damnation Of God (DOG)                
Dark                                  Dark Journey (DJ)                     
Dark Matter (DM)                      Dark Oceans (DO)                      
Dark Side (DS)                        Dark Symphonies (Dsy]                 
Dark Trinity (DT)                     Dawn Of Sadness (DOS)                 
Dead Christ Commune (DCC)             Deaf                                  
Deathlike Silence Productions (DSP)   Decapitated (Dec)                     
Def American (DA)                     Defiled (Def)                         
Defuntes (Dfts)                       Demise                                
Desecration (Des)                     Devastating Sound... (Dev)            
Devil's Game (DG)                     Devilish Music Propaganda (DMP)       
Die Hard (DH)                         Dismal                                
Displeased (Dis)                      Draakar (Dra)                         
Dracma                                Dreamsound (Dre)                      
Dolores (Dol)                         Dungeon (Dun)                         
Dureco                                Durge                                 
Earache (Ear)                         Eclipse (Ecl)                         
Effigy                                Einstand (Ein)                        
Elegy                                 Elnor                                 
Embassy Productions (Emb)             Enthropy (Ent)                        
Euphonious (Eup)                      Euro                                  
Eternal Darkness (Eter)               Eternal Devils (ED)                   
Evil                                  Evil Horde (EH)                       
Evil Omen (EO)                        Exhumed (Exh)                         
FFTR                                  Fallen Angel (FA)                     
Faithless (Fai)                       Fingerprint (FP)                      
Filmtrax (FT)                         Folter                                
Foundation 2000 (F2000)               Fudgeworthy (FW)                      
Full Moon Productions (FMP)           Future Shock (FS)                     
Futurist (Fut)                        GUN                                   
GWB                                   Gardens Of Grief (GOG)                
Gestapo (Ges)                         Gothic                                
Grand Slamm (GS)                      Greivance (Gre)                       
Grind Core (GC)                       Grinding Peace (GP)                   
Ground Zero (GZ)                      Guardians Of Metal (GOM)              
Gutted                                Gutteral (Gtl)                        
HSB                                   Hammer Of Damnation (HOD)             
Hammerheart / Korea (Ham1)            Hammerheart / Netherlands (Ham2)      
Head Not Found (HNF)                  Heavy Metal (HM)                      
Heavy Metal Rock (HMR)                Hellhound (HH)                        
Hellion (Hel)                         Hellspawn (HS)                        
Holocaust (Holo)                      Holy                                  
Holycaust (HC)                        Hot                                   
Hypervorea (Hyp)                      IRS                                   
Imperatator (Imp)                     Impure Creations (IP)                 
Infest                                Intellectual Convulsion (IC)          
Intense (Int)                         Invasion (Inv)                        
JL America/Turbo USA (JLA)            K-Tel                                 
Karas                                 Kassandra (Kass)                      
Kraze                                 Kron-H                                
LSR                                   Land Of The Rising Sun (LOTRS)        
Last Epitaph (LE)                     Lethal Austria (Leth)                 
Leviathan (Lev)                       Likstoy (Lik)                         
Listenable (List)                     London                                
Lowland (Low)                         M.O.S.                                
MCY                                   Mad Lion (Mli)                        
Maggot                                Magnum Music Group (MMG)              
Malicious (Mal)                       Maniac                                
Mascot                                Massacre (Mass)                       
Massproduktion (MP)                   Matadorons Mangled Innards (MMI)      
Mausoleum (Maus)                      Megaforce (MF)                        
MegaRock (MR)                         Melancholy Productions (MP)           
Mephitic (Meph)                       Merciless (Mer)                       
Metal Age (MA)                        Metal Blade (MB)                      
Metal Horse (MH)                      Metal Merchant (MM)                   
Metalcore (Mco)                       Metalshock (Msh)                      
Metalworks (MW)                       Mindart Productions (Mind)            
Misanthropy (Mis)                     Miscarraige (Mce)                     
Modern Invasion (MI)                  Molon Lave (ML)                       
Monasterium (Mona)                    Monitor (Mon)                         
Moonfog (Moon)                        Moonlight (Mlt)                       
Morbid                                Morbid Granny (MG)                    
Morbid Noizz (MN)                     Mordgrim (Mord)                       
Moribund (Mori)                       Mortal Coil (Mcoi)                    
Mould In Hell (MIH)                   Music Collection (MC)                 
Music For Nations (MFN)               NEW                                   
Napalm / ? (Nap1)                     Napalm / Austria/USA (Nap2)           
Nazgul's Eyrie Productions (NE)       Near Dark (ND)                        
Neat                                  Necro                                 
Necromantik Gallery Productions (NG)  Necropolis (Nec)                      
New Gothia (New)                      New Renaissance (NR)                  
Nightmare (NM)                        No Colours (NC)                       
No Fashion (NF)                       Nocturnal Art (NA)                    
Nocturne (Noct)                       Noise                                 
Nordic Empire (Nord)                  Norse League (NL)                     
Northern Darkness (Ndar)              Nosferatu (Nos)                       
Nuclear Blast (NB)                    Obscure Plasma (OP)                   
Occulte (Occ)                         Of God's Disgrace (OGD)               
Order Of Death (OOD)                  Oriental Eruptions (OE)               
Osmose                                Oz Productions (Oz)                   
Path To Enlightment (PTE)             Pavement (Pave)                       
Pagan                                 Pagan Moon (PM)                       
Paranoia Syndrome (Para)              Peaceville (PV)                       
Pentagram (PG)                        Perverted Taste (PT)                  
Polyphemus (Pol)                      Posercorpse (PC)                      
Poserslaughter (PS)                   Powerage (Pow)                        
Primitive Art (PA)                    Prophecy (Pro)                        
Pusmort (Pus)                         Pussy God (PG)                        
Pulverizer (Pul)                      Putrefaction (Put)                    
Radium 226.05 (Rad)                   Raw Power (RP)                        
Reaper                                Red Stream (RS)                       
Regress (Reg)                         Relapse (Rlps)                        
Relativity (Rel)                      Repulse (Rep)                         
Requiem (Req)                         Rise Above (RA)                       
Roadracer/Roadrunner (RR)             SST                                   
Season Of Mist (SOM)                  Secula Delenda (Sec)                  
Seraphic Decay (SD)                   Serenades (Ser)                       
Shadows Of Black (SOB)                Shark                                 
Sheer                                 Shitsound (Shit)                      
Shivadarshana (Shs)                   Shiver                                
Skramasax (Skr)                       Skyfall (Sky)                         
Slap-A-Ham (SAH)                      So It Be Done (SIBD)                  
Solistitium (Sol)                     Sons Of Vengeance (SOV)               
Sonx                                  Sorrowmoon (SM)                       
Sound Views (Sndv)                    Soundphaze (SP)                       
Spinefarm (SF)                        Steamhammer (SH)                      
Stormsouls (SS)                       Sub Terra (ST)                        
Supernal (Sup)                        Sylphonium (Syl)                      
Symphonies Of Death (SOD)             Terrorizer (Ter)                      
Teutonic Existence (TE)               Thrash                                
Thurisaz (Thu)                        Tinnitus (Tinn)                       
To The Death (TTD)                    Tombstone (Tomb)                      
Torched (Tor)                         Total War Productions (TW)            
Tupido                                Tupulo                                
Turbo Music (Turbo)                   Two Moons (TM)                        
Ultimatum (Ult)                       Undead Forces (UF)                    
Undead Wood Productions (UWP)         Under One Flag (UOF)                  
United Blasphemy (UB)                 Unisound (Uni)                        
Vampire (Vam)                         Velvet Music International (VM)       
Vertigo (V)                           Vic                                   
Victor                                View Beyond (VB)                      
Visceral (Vis)                        Vision D (VD)                         
Voice Of Death (VOD)                  Voices                                
Voices Of Wonder (VOW)                Voodoo                                
Walkiria (Wal)                        Warhead (Whd)                         
Warmaster (War)                       Wild Rags (WR)                        
Wimp                                  Witchhunt (WH)                        
Witching Hour (Who)                   Wood Nymph (WN)                       
Woodcut (WC)                          Wounded Love (WL)                     
Wolfnacht Domain (WD)                 Wrong Again (WA)                      
X-Treme (XT)                          Y.F.L.H.D. (YFLHD)                    

The Black Metal List         __//~~       ~~\\__        Black x-Mass Revision
Part II/II - The Gate      _//                 \\_           /     1997-12-25
                  \      _//\~\_             _/~/\\_      /
                     \  //   \  \_         _/  /   \\  /
                       //     \   ~\__ __/~   /     \\
                      //       |     _X_     |       \\
                     //        \  _/~   ~\_  /        \\
                     ||         ><         ><         ||
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  ||       _/ \         / \_       ||  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                     ||   __/~   |         |   ~\__   ||
                     || /~        \       /        ~\ ||
                      \\           \     /           //
                       \\           |   |           //
                     /  \\_         \   /         _//  \
                  /       \\_        \ /        _//       \
               /            \\_       V      __//            \
            /                  \\__   |   __//                  \
         /                        ~~=====~~                        \
II.I  Black Metal band listing:

122 Stab Wounds: Norway ????-
   # Black Metal???
  The Diety Of Perversion/1996 [HNF]

Abazagorath: US 1995-
   # Black/Death. Black enough?
  Advance Cassette 95/demo/1995
  Channeling The Etherial Moon/MCD/1996 [Anc]
  Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus/1997 [Elegy]

Abhorer: Singapore 1988-1997
  Rumpus Of The Undead/demo/1989
  /1991 [Dec]
  Upheaval Of Blasphemy/7"/1994 [Shs]
  Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt/1996 [Shs]

Abigail: Japan 1992-
   # There are non-Black Metal Abigails too
  Abigail Demo #1/demo/1992
  Blasphemy Night/demo/1993
  Descending From A Blackened Sky/7"/1993 [HSB]
  Abigail/1995 [War] (split with Funeral Winds)
  Promo 95/demo/1995
  Promo #2 95/demo/1995
   # Does this exist?
  Confound Eternal/7"/1996 [OGD]
   # The "Promo 95" recording
  Intercourse And Lust/1996 [MI]
  Together We Summon The Dark/1997 [Cac]

Abigor: Austria 1993-
   # High complexity modern Black Metal
  Ash Nazg.../demo/1993
  Lux Devicta Est/demo/1993
  Promotape 2/94/demo/1994 
  Moon Rise/demo/1994
  Verwüstung/Invoke The Dark Age/1994 [Nap2]
  Orkblut - The Retaliation/MCD/1995 [Nap2]
  Nachthymnen (From The Twilight Kingdom)/1995 [Nap2]
  Opus IV/1996 [Nap2]
  Apokalypse/MCD/1997 [Nap2]
   # Speaking of complexity, this one is more Darkthrone...

Abominator: Austrailia -
  Barbarian War Metal/demo/1995
  /1997 [PTE] 

Absu: Texas 1989-1991 as Dolmen, 1991- as Absu
   # Early on most Death-like, later more typical Modern Black Metal. But
   # they like the label "Occult Metal" better than "Black Metal"
  Immortal Sorcery/demo/1991
  Return Of The Ancients/demo/1991
  The Temples Of Offal/demo/7"/1992 [Gothic]
  Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L./1993 [Osmose/Tor/Gothic]
   # Full t.: Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultul Lapidem
   # There is a re-released version with new artwork - any other changes?
  The Sun Of Tiphareth/1995 [Osmose]
  And Shineth Unto The Gold Cometh/7"/1995 [Osmose]
  The Third Storm Of Cythraul/1997 [Osmose]
  (an MCD is coming after all: "In The Eyes Of Ioldanach")

Absurd: Germany ????-
   # This is the band where all the members are imprisonated for murder
   # Also kind of a nazi band, if you care. Members of the Sinister Hand
   # of Fenriz.
  Thuringian Pagan Madness/demo/1995 [Cap]
  Facta Luquuntur/1996 [NC]
   # Very limited to 500 hand numbered copies.

Abysmal: Norway ????-
  Nebulistic Obscurity/demo/1991
  The Pillorian Age/1995 [AG]

Abyss, The: Sweden 1994- (project)
   # Basically Hypocrisy playing Black Metal - with each member on a different
   # instrument than in Hypocrisy
  The Other Side/1995 [NB]
  Summon The Beast/1997 [NB]

Abyssic Hate: Australia ????-
  Cleansing Of An Ancient Race/demo/1994
  /1997 [MI]
  (Something new soon on Head Not Found)

Abyssos: Sweden 1996-
   # Melodic Black.
  Wherever Witches Might Fly/demo/1996
  Together We Summon The Dark/1997 [Cac]

Accursed: US ????-
   # Black/Death
   # Watch out for other Accurseds too
  A Curse Called Life/demo/????
  Promo 95/demo/1995
  Meditations Among The Tombs/1995 [Vis]

Acheron: Florida 1988-
   # Church Of Satan band.
   # The music leans towards real oldstyle Death Metal. They are very fond
   # of intros, which can be wittnessed on "Rites Of The Black Mass" and
   # "[Satanic|Hail] Victory" (at least).
   # There was a rumour about them breaking up. True?
  Messe Noir/demo/1989 (live)
  Future Release/demo/1990
   # Is that really the title?
  Rites Of The Black Mass/demo/1991
  Rites Of The Black Mass/1992 [Turbo/JLA]
  Alla Xul/7"/1992 [Gutted/MM]
   # b/w "One With Darkness?
  Satanic Victory/EP/1992 [Leth/Bla]
   # Lethal verson not authorized by the band it's said
   # The Blackend version on one CD together with "Lex Talionis"
  Hail Victory/1993 [MM]
   # "Satanic Victory" & "Alla Xul" tracks + new intro/outro. Is authorized.
   # 3 of the 8 songs are re-recordings of tracks of the first album.
  Lex Talionis/1994 [Leth/MM/Bla]
   # Lethal verson not authorized by the band it's said
   # The Blackend version on one CD together with "Satanic Victory"
  Messe Noir/7"/1995? [Reaper]
   # The old demo; limited to 666 copies
  Promo 96/demo/1996
  Anti-god, Anti-christ/EP/1997 [Mori/Mer]
   # The vinyl version on Merciless has bonus tracks
  (what happened to the re-recorded version of "Hail Victory"?)
  (a compilation "Compendium Diablerie" probably out soon on Moribund)
  (new full-length "Those Who Have Risen" out whenever)

Adorned Brood: Germany ????-
   # Teutonic War Metal they claim
  Hiltia/1996 [Folter]
  (new album soon on Atmosfear)

Aeon: Greece ????-
   # No relation to the Croatian Death Metal band with the same name
  Reqiuem Aeternam/demo/????
  Crypts Of Unlight/demo/1996
  Mystic Path To The Underworld/1996 [DS]

Aeternus: Norway 1993-
   # Modern style fast Black Metal with darker more traditional Death Metal
   # sounding vocals and celtic instead of the usual nordic auxilliaries.
   # Not to be confused with the Australian Aeturnus.
  Walk My Path/demo/1993
  Dark Sorcery/MCD/1995 [VB]
  Beyond The Wandering Moon/1997 [Ham2]
  (new album (or MCD?) "And So The Night Became..." out early next year)

Agarthi: Italy 1994-
   # "Symphonic, majestic, black thrash metal"
  At The Burning Horizon/MCD/1997 [RS]

Agatus: Greece ????-
   # Melodic old-school Black?
  Night Of Dark Ages/demo/1993
  Black Moon/demo/1994
  Dawn Of Martyridom/1996 [ST/Hyp/NC]
   # The No Colours version is a bootleg and also includes the first demo

Akhenaton: France 1995- , before that as Daemonium
   # The same semi-Metal as Daemonium
  Divine Symphonies/1995 [Adi]

Alastis: Switzerland 1987-1988 as Cry War, 1988- as Alastis
   # A bit like Samael but slower. Doomy. Lost the black edge over time.
  Black Wedding/demo/1989
  Promo 92/demo/1992
  The Just Law/1993 [HNF]
  ...And Death Smiled/1995 [Adi]
   # This is not Black Metal any longer
  The Other Side/1997 [CM]

Alastor: Sanguinary Embryo: Costa Rica: ????-
  The Howling Creature Of Night/1997 [self?]

Algaion: Sweden 1993-
   # Also keep an eye on all the side projects
  Demo 93/demo/1993
  Heosphoros Ho Proi Anatellon/demo/1994
  Oimai Algeiou/1995 [FMP]
   # Straight forward modern Black
  Vox Clamentis/MCD/1996 [AG/WL]
  General Enmity/1997 [WL]
   # A slowdown and a turn towards "classic Metal"?

Allegiance: Sweden 1989-
   # No relation to the Australian Allegiance.
   # Started as a technical Thrash/Speed Metal band, later grew more Death
   # Metal and finally went on to something one might call Viking Metal -
   # mostly Death Metal based but with elements from modern Black Metal. A
   # marginal incusion maybe.
   # They are known to trade members with Marduk every now and then.
  Sick World/demo/1989
  Eternal Pain/demo/1990
  The Beginning Of The End/demo/1991
  Odin Äge Er Alle/demo/1993
  Hymn Till Hangagud/1996 [NF]
  Blodörnsoffer/1997 [NF]

Amen Corner: Brazil ????-
   # No relation to the old rock band
  Fall, Ascension, Domination/1992 [Cogu]
   # The 1993 CD version includes the "The Final Celebration" 7" tracks
  The Final Celebration/7"/1992 [Cogu]
  Jachol Ve Tehila/1994 [Cogu]
  The Final Celebration/1995 [Cogu]
   # Something is wrong here

Amestigon: Austria ????-
   # With ex-Abigor vocalist
  Mysterious Realms/demo/????
  /1996 [Nap2]

Amon: Switzerland ????-
   # Church Of Satan people.
  Shemhamforash/1996 [WH]

Amon Goeth: Czechia 1989-1995
  Realm Of Evil/demo/1990
  Knihe Smrti/demo/1991
   # Translation: "Book Of Death"
  Call Thy Master/demo/1992
  Alive In Hell/MC/1995
   # Live
  Call Thy Master/1996 [NE]
   # The demo indeed
  The Worship/1997 [NE]

Amstartner: Sweden ????-
  The Trollish Mirror/1997 [Bla]

Anatomy: Australia 1989-
   # Black/death or just Death?
  Dark Religion/demo/1991
  Those Whose Eyes Are Black/demo/1992
  Twisting Depths Of Horror/EP/1994 [DO]
  Where Angels Die/MCD/1996 [MI?]

Ancient: Norway 1992-
   # In the beginning quite original stuff, combining older Death and new
   # Black elements. They also managed to get a reputation of not being
   # quite "true". Lately they have undoubtly become aware of the existence
   # of a band called Cradle Of Filth...
  Eerily Howling Winds/demo/1993
  Det Glemte Riket/7"/1993 [self]
   # b/w "Huldradans"
  Svartalvheim/1994 [List/Osmose]
   # Has been re-released with new cover
  Trolltaar/EP/1995 [Dam]
   # vinyl version has extra track, "Eerily Howling Winds" and a shorter
   # version of the last song
  The Cainian Chronicle/1996 [MB]
  Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends/1997 [MB]

Ancient Ceremony: Germany 1991-
   # Melodic Black/Death Metal.
  Where Serpents Reign/demo/1993
  Cemetary Visions/MCD/1994 [self/Ali]
  Under Moonlight We Kiss/1997 [Cac]

Ancient Rites: Belgium 1989-
   # Black Metal leaning towards the traditional (= Bathory) and oldstyle
   # Death Metal. Beware of drum machines on the albums.
  Dark Ritual/demo/1990
  Evil Prevails/7"/1992 [FA]
   # "Götterdämmerung"/"Longing For The Ancient Kingdom"/
   # "Obscurity Reigns (Fields of Flanders)"/"Evil Prevails"/"Black Plague"
  Longing For The Ancient Kingdom II/7"/1993 [AD] (split with Renaissance)
  /7"/1993 [ML]
   # the Ancient Rites song is "From Beyond The Grave II")
  /12"/1993 [War]
  The Diabolic Serenades/1994 [AD]
  /7"/1995 [AD]
   # picture disc even
   # The Ancient Rites song is "Longing For The Ancient Kingdom II"
  Blasphemia Eternal/1996 [Mascot]
  (new album has been recorded? out next year anyway)

Ancient Summoning: Germany ????-
  Demo 96/demo/1996
  Blazes Unto The Darklands/7"/1996 []

Ancient Wisdom: Sweden 1991?-1993 as Ancient, 1993- as Ancient Wisdom
   # They did not split up; instead "they" transformed into a one-man band
   # Slow and doomy.
  For Snow Covered The Northland/1996 [AG]
  The Calling/1997 [AG]

Ancients Rebirth, The: Sweden 1992-
  Of Wrath/demo/????
  Below The Nocturnal Skies/demo/1995
  Drain The Portal In Blood/1996 [CONM/NG]
  (MCD soon on Necropolis)

Andras: Germany 1994-
   # With the bassist of Eminenz on vocals
  The True Darkness/demo/1995
  Das Schwert Unserer Ahnen/demo/1995
   # Translation: "The sword of our ancestors"
  Die Rückehr Der Dunklen Krieger/1997 [LE]
   # Translation: "The return of the dark warriors"

Angelcorpse: US 1996-
   # With remnants of Order From Chaos
   # Sounds Morbid Angel + old Black
  Goats To Azazael/demo/1996
  Hammer Of Gods/1996 [Osmose]
  Nuclear Hell/7"/1997 [SOV]
   # Live
  Wolflust/7"/1997 [SOV]
  (new MCD "Iron, Blood And Blasphemy" coming soon?)
  (and "Hammer Of Gods" will be remastered and reissued with bonus tracks)
  (new full-length "Exterminate" alreday recorded?)

Angizia: Austria ????-
   # Borderline Black...
  /1996 [Nap2]
  Die Kemenaten Scharlachroter Lichter/1997 [Nap2]
  Das Tagebuch Der Hanna Ankin/1997 [Nap2]

Antichrist: Germany 1991-
   # "Black War Metal" they say
  Ghoul Metal - Spread His Glory/demo/????
  Enceclopedia Satanica 666/demo/????
  Unreleased Tracks 1991-1994/demo/1994
  Hail War/12"/1997 [TW] (split with Vassago)

Aposento: Spain ????-
  Welcome To Darkness/MCD/1997 [Wal]

Archgoat: Finland ????-1995
   # A little Death Metalish, with puke-up-your-guts vocals
  Jesus Spawn/demo/1992
  Penis Perversor/demo/1993
   # recorded live
  Angelcunt: Tales Of Desecration/12"/1994 [Nec]
  (the 12" was going to be released on a split CD with Beherit...?)

Arckanum: Sweden 1992-
   # Ex-Grotesque member Shamaatae, also in Sorhin. "Troll Metal".
  Demo 93/demo/1993
   # Or is that "Demo I"?
   # Translation: "The trolls" (in arcaic Swedish)
  Fran Marder/1995 [Nec]
   # Translation: "From the woods" (in arcaic Swedish)
  Kostogher/1996 [Nec]
  (some demo material will be released on CD soon - on Necropolis)
  (the next full-length will be called "Kampen")

Argentum: Mexico ????-
   # Black/Death
  Master Misericordine/demo/1993
  Ad Interitum Funebrarum/1996 [FMP]

Arkona: Poland 1993-
   # Nazi band?
  Rehearsal 93/demo/1993
  Bogowie Zaponienia/demo/1994
  An Eternal Curse Of The Pagan Godz/demo/1994
  Imperium/1996 [Ast]
  An Eternal Curse Of The Pagan Godz/1997 [Folter]
   # the two 94 demos
As You In Agony Cry: Italy ????-
   # Melodic and medieval black metal. 
  Christian Blood Stains The Battlefield/MC/1997 [] 

As Prophecies: Brazil ????-
  Igna Hatura Renovalue Integra/7"/???? [HMR]

As Sahar: Singapore ????-
  Phenomistik/1997 [Shs?]

Asgaroth: Spain ????-
  The Quest For Eldenhor/MCD/1996 [New/Req]

Ashes: Sweden -
   # Is this really Black?
  Death Has Made Its Call/1997 [Nec]

Astaroth: Austria ????-
   # I think a few other bands also have used that name...
  Christenfeind/MCD/1995 [CCP]
   # Translation: "Enemy of christians"
  Sklavengott/1997 [CCP]
   # Translation: "God of slaves"

Atanatos: Germany ????-
   # Is that the corect spelling of the bandname?
  Ancient Blood/demo/1995
  Assault Of Heathen Forces/MCD/1997 [LE]

Athotep: Switzerland ????-
   # "Dark, obscure metal"
  Rites of the necrogoat/demo/????
  Badb-Catha/7"/1995 [Noise?]
   # What label is this really on?

Atman: Spain ????-
   # The band contains ex-Mortal Mutilation members
   # Complex Black with some opera vocals and orchestration?
  Like Pure Unawaited Magic/demo/1995
  Like Pure Unawaited Magic/1996 [Req/New]
   # Same as the demo perhaps?

Aura Noir: Norway ????-
   # Members of Dodheimsgard/Ved Buens Ende/The new Mayhem playing oldstyle
   # Black/Speed Metal like Destruction/Slayer etc.
  Dreams Like Desert/MCD/1995 [Hot]
   # This one is more Black
  Black Thrash Attack/1997 [Mal]
   # And this one more old-style orgy?
  (new MCD "Deep Tracts Of Hell" soon)

Aurora Borealis: US ????-
   # Black/Thrash?
  Mansions Of Eternity/MCD/1996 []

Autopsy Torment: Sweden ????-1992, then as Pagan Rites
   # Eventually came to play slow, repetetive Black
   # More like grind
  Darkest Rituals.../demo/1991
  Nocturnal Blasphemy/demo/1992
  The Seventh Soul Of Hell/demo/1992
  Advance Tape 1992/demo/1992
   # Advance for a never released 7"
  Moon Fog/7"/1992? []
   # Is it correct that this was never released?

Avatar: Belgium 1994-
  Emperors Of The Night/demo/1995
  ...Memorium Draconis/1996 [WN]

Avathar: Ireland 1996-
  Black Magician Kings/MCD/1996 [self]
  Chronicles Over Druig/demo/1997

Avzhia: Mexico ????-
  Immense Dark Sky/demo/????
  Ancient Blasphemies/demo/1996 [VD] (split with Xibalbia) 
  Dark Emperors/1996 [SS]

Azag-Thoth: Switzerland 1996- , before that as Pazuzu
   # Industrialized Black Metal? Metal at all? (Pazuzu were not)
  Reign Supreme/1996 [WH] 	 

Azazel: Finland ????-
  The Night Of Satanachia/MCD/1996 [Holo]

Azgeroth: Sweden ????-
  Apocalypse/1996 [Durge]

Bal-Sagoth: Britain ????-
   # Black/Death they say
  Promo 93/demo/1993
  A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria/1995 [Cac]
  Starfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule/1996 [Cac]

Baltak: Australia ????-
  Baltak/1996 [Bat]
   # Also known as "Macedonan Darkness And Evil
  Zaginatiot Grat/1997 [Whd]

Barathrum: Finland 1990-1991 as Darkfeast, 1991- as Barathrum
   # This is weird... Doom/Black perhaps
   # A rehearsal tape. As Darkfeast/demo/1990.
   # this was more like normal Doomdeath
  Sactissime Colere Satanas/demo/1993
   # Three of the tracks from a studio session known as "Sanctus Satanas"
   # which was never officially released in its entirety. Noisy and very
   # dark. Evil!
  Hailstorm/1995 [NE]
   # Suffers from a poor production.
  Eerie/1995 [NE]
   # No more noise! A mix of Black and oldstyle Doom
  Infernal/1997 [NE]
  (new 7" coming soon?)

Bathory: Sweden 1983-
   # Quorthon started the band in March 1983 together with two other guys.
   # Initially they played Motörhead-influenced rough Metal much like early
   # Venom. The line-up didn't last long, and after one demo and two tracks
   # on a compilation album Quorthon kicked the two others, as they weren't
   # into the things he wanted to create. With this the music changed to
   # become also very Venom-like but much "Blacker". With no stable members
   # except Quorthon the band fought through their first three albums, until
   # Quorthon in late 1986 finally gave up the idea of having a "real" band
   # and decided to continue all alone, getting help from friends and
   # contacts when needed. By now Bathory had by far left the Venom cloning
   # and "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark" would later become the banner
   # under which modern "Northern" Black Metal bands would gather. Quorthon
   # also felt that there was time for a change in the music and imagery of
   # the band. For the next album he went more towards "battle hymns" type
   # epics but the real shock came with "Hammerheart". Viking romanticism
   # presented in clear vocals to high-toned solemn tunes. The following
   # album continued the slow-paced march towards ancient times, now also
   # with classical influences and impressive acoustic guitarwork.
   # Then came a sudden turn towards late eighties' Speed/Thrash Metal,
   # although the latest release is from the Viking era.
   # Quorthon, only has also made a solo album which is NOT Metal at all
   # (it's grungy rock and as such not bad at all, in case you wondered) and
   # a second one is coming. Future Bathory material is supposed to be unlike
   # anything released before, but still Metal and still heavy.
  The Return/demo/1983
   # They were pretty Motörhead-influenced in those days
  Bathory/1984 [UOF/Combat/BM]
   # Some think that this is more Speed Metal than really Black
  The Return.../1985 [UOF/BM]
   # Real Black Metal!
  Under The Sign Of The Black Mark/1987 [UOF/NR/BM]
   # Hints of what would become modern Black Metal showing up here
  Blood Fire Death/1988 [UOF/Kraze/BM]
   # Death/Battle Metal
  Hammerheart/1990 [Noise/BM]
   # Slower Power/Battle/Doom Metal
  Twilight Of The Gods/1991 [BM]
   # Slow and with lotsa classical influences
  Jubileum Volume I/1992 [BM]
   # compilation 1983-1991
  Jubileum Volume II/1993 [BM]
   # compilation 1983-1991
  Requiem/1994 [BM]
   # Speed/Thrash Metal. Recording quality not that great.
  Octagon/1995 [BM]
   # Also kind of Speed Metal, but traces of UTSOTBM/BFD era too
  Blood On Ice/1996 [BM]
   # Parts recorded in the Viking Metal era 1987-1989, parts new.
   # Musically mostly like Hammerheart with parts that could also have
   # been found on BFD and TOTG.
  Demo 83/1996 [bootleg] (split with Celtic Frost)
   # One of those things...

Behemoth: Poland 1991-
  Endless Damnation/demo/1991
  The Return Of The Northern Moon/demo/1992
  From The Pagan Vastlands/demo/1994
  From The Pagan Vastlands/1994 [Pagan/WR]
   # identical to the demo
  ...And The Forests Dream Eternally/MCD/1995 [Ent]
  Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)/1995 [Pagan]
   # Translation: "Sventevith" is a Slavic god.
   # The CD has "Transylvanian Forest" and "Sventevith (Storming...)"
   # which it claims are bonus tracks
  Grom/1996 [Sol]
   # Translation: "thunder"
  Bewitching The Pomerania/MCD/1997 [Sol]
   # "Hidden In The Fog"/"Sventevith (Storming...)" (new recording?)/
   # "With The Spell Of Inferno (Mephisto)"
  The Return Of The Northern Moon/1997 [Pagan/LE]
   # You guess...
  (new album "Pandemonic Incantations" out already?)

Beherit: Finland 1989-1997
   # Raw & primitive low-skill Black Metal the way it was meant to be...
   # Or not? Recently went astray, though. 
  7th Blasphemy/demo/1990
  Dawn Of Satan's Millenium/picture 7"/1991 [Turbo]
  /7"/1991 [Turbo]
   # the Beherit track is "Werewolf, Semen And Blood"
  The Oath Of Black Blood/1991 [Turbo/JLA]
   # Consist of the "Demonomancy" demo and the "Dawn Of Satan's Millenium" 7"
   # tracks. Horrible quality!
  Promo 1992/demo/1992
   # 3 songs also included on "Drawing Down The Moon"
  Drawing Down The Moon/1993 [SF/JLA]
  Messe Des Morts/7"/1994 [Nec]
  H418ov21.C/1994 [SF]
   # NOT METAL! Black Ambient Techno, perhaps
  Day Of Darkness/12"/1995 [bootleg] (split with Impaled Nazarene)
   # live from '91
  Electric Doom Syntheses/1996 [SF]
   # Still mostly like "H418ov21.C"
  Werewolf, Semen and Blood/MCD/1996 [bootleg]
   # What is on this?
  (the "Messe Des Morts" 7" will be released on a split CD with Archgoat ???)
  (a split CD with Atanatos will be out soon on Odium/Darkside records ???)

Belial: Finland ????-1995
  Gods Of The Pit/demo/????
  Wisdom Of Darkness/EP/1992 [Leth]
   # two versions with different covers exist
  Gods Of The Pit PartII (Paragon So Below)/7"/MCD/1994 [Mori]
   # the demo + bonus track
  Never Again/1994 [Leth]
  Aftertaste/7"/1994 [bootleg]
   # "Clouds" remix + 3 live songs
  3/1995 [WH]
   # NOT BLACK METAL. Soft grunge or whatever

Belketre: France ????-1996
   # Correction of previously given information: The band did, according to
   # reliable sources, *not* commit group suicide; they merely left the scene.
  Adv. Tracks 94/demo/1994
  March To The Black Holocaust/1995 [Emb] (split with Vlad Tepes)
   # Limited to 1000 hand numbered copies.

Belmez: Germany ????-
   # Ex-Eminenz member Carsten Breitung and his drum machine
  In Memory/demo/????
  Berserker/1995 [Nap2]
  Siechtum/1995 [Nap2]

Belphegor: Austria ????-
   # Mostly Death, but reportedly they have gone Blacker
  Demo 91/demo/1991
  Bloodbath In Paradise/demo/????
  Bloodbath In Paradise/EP/1993 [self]
   # The demo?
  Belphegor/7"/1995 []
   # Not "Obscure And Deep" then?
  The Last Supper/1995 [Leth]
  Blutsabbat/1997 [LE]

Benighted Leams: England ????-
   # One-man band
  Caliginoul Romantic Myth/1996 [Sup]

Bergthron: Germany ????-
  Durch den Nebel der Finsternis.../demo/1995?
   # Translation: "Through the mist of the dark..."
  Verborgen In Den Tiefen Der Wälder/1997 [PT]
   # Translation: "Hidden in the depths of the forests"

Bestial Summoning: Netherlands ????-1993?
  Sodomastic Rituals/demo/1992
  The Dark War Has Begun/1992 [NF]
   # Supposedly not very good
  Live/7"/???? []
   # yep, live
  ("The Dark War Has Begun" will be reissued on Hammerheart (Dutch))

Bestial Warlust: Australia 1994-, ex-Corpse Molestation
   # Impaled Nazarene-like violence. Quite grindcore-ish. Think Blasphemy's
   # "Fallen Angel Of Doom" without the slow parts. They call it
   # Satanic War Metal themselves.
  Vengeance War 'Till Death/1994 [MI]
  Blood And Valour/1995 [MI]
   # More melody on this one
  (new album "Fist Of Satan" out yet?)

Bestial Wrath: Greece ????-
  Passage Through... The Circle/7"/1993 [ML] (split with Legion Of Doom)

Bethlehem: Germany 1991-
   # Black/Doom? They call it Dark Metal.
   # Their old singer did not kill himself - it was all faked
  Promo 93/demo/1993
   # same songs are on "Thy Pale Dominion"
  Thy Pale Dominion/7"/1993 [RS] 
  Dark Metal/1994 [Adi]
   # includes the "Thy Pale Dominion" 7"
  Dictius Te Necare/1996 [RS]
  (new MCD "Reflektionen Auf's Sterben (Leichenfotze)" soon on Red Stream)
  (next year: "Sardonischer Untergang Im Zeichen Irreligiöser Darbietung")

Bewitched: Sweden 1995-
   # Ex-Throne Of Ahaz and Katatonia member. Thrashy Black (mid-80's reborn).
   # Are they still active now that Katatonia are reunited?
   # Not to be confused with the Chilean Bewitched.
  Diabolical Desecretation/1996 [Osmose]
  Encyclopedia Of Evil/MCD/1996 [Osmose]
   # Covers of Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate & Black Widow +
   # remade album track
  Pentagram Prayer/1997 [Osmose]

Beyond North: Germany ????-
   # Side project of a Pavor member. Bathory-like Viking Metal?
   # They call it Golden Metal...
  The Dark Is My Father/1995 [Imp]
  (new album on Imperator soon)

Bhaobhan Sidhe: Netherlands 1992-1997
   # First Black Metal and then suddenly became all keyboards
  Cocoon Hides The Immortal/demo/1993
  The New Order/7"/1993 [Wimp]
   # Black Metal this far...
  Corpse Crater/demo/1994
   # Now electronic
  Corpse Crater/MCD/1996 [WR]
   # The demo + more
  (new MCD soon?)

Bifrost: Netherlands 1993-1996
   # Pagan/Black Metal?
  Western Magick/demo/1993
  Midwinter Celebration/demo/1994
  Promotape 94/demo/1994
  Pagan Reality/1995 [NE]
  The Wildest Fire/1996 [NE]

Bishop Of Hexen: Israel ????-
   # Basic keyboard driven Black Metal
  Ancient Hymns Of Legends And Lore/demo/1996
  Archives Of An Enchanted Philosophy/1997 [Ham1]

Black, The: Sweden 1991-1996
   # Very focused Black Metal with both Greek and Nordic influences.
   # OK, finally then: Rietas = Jon of Dissection
  Black Blood/demo/1992
  The Priest Of Satan/1994 [Nec]
  Black Blood/MCD/1996 [Nec]
   # Indeed the demo

Black Crucifixion: Finland ????-1994, then as Promethean (not Black)
   # Melodic Black/Doom - a bit like some stuff on Celtic Frost's ITP?
  Demo I/demo/1992
  Promethean Gift/MCD/1993 [Leth]

Black Funeral: US 1994-
  Journey Into Horizons Lost/demo/1994
   # A sad attempt to mimic the northern style
   # A flier names this "Totrure And Stimulation"?
  Vampyr: Throne Of The Beast/1996 [FMP]
   # Somewhat better
  Empire Of Blood/1997 [FMP]

Blackrise: Denmark ????-
  Mooncult/MCD/1997 [AKNF]

Blazemth: Spain 1993-1994 as Daemonum, 1995- as Blazemth
   # Northern style etc...
   # Earlier incarnations of the band were called Rotten Flesh and Undivine,
   # at that time playing Satanic Death Metal
  For Centuries Left Behind/MCD/MC/1995 [AE]
  Fatherland/MCD/1996 [AE]
  (new album "Almogavaria" planned for 1998?)

Blasphemy: Canada ????-1996
   # Grindcore-ish (read: Repulsion/Napalm Death) Black Metal
  Blood Upon The Alter/demo/1989
   # Slightly more Black Metal than the more recent stuff
  Fallen Angel Of Doom/1990 [WR]
   # Half grind, half Black
  Gods Of War/1993 [Osmose/JLA]
   # The CD version includes the 1989 demo
   # Very much grind

Blood of Christ: Canada -
   # Black/Death/Doom, they like "Epic Dark Metal". Belongs in this list?
  Frozen Dreams/demo/1994
  Lonely Flowers Of Autumn/demo/1995
  ????/7"/???? []
  ...A Dream To Remember/1997 [Pul/DH]

Blood Storm: US ????-
   # Project of Mezzadurus, involved in Absu.
  Iron Flames Of Battle/demo/1996
  The Atlantean Wardragon/1997 [Cac]

Bloodthorn: Norway ????-
   # Blackend Doom?
  In The Shadow Of Your Black Wings/1997 [SOM]

Blut Aus Nord: France ????-1995 as Vlad, 1995- as Blut Aus Nord
   # Is this trying to be Viking Metal?
   # Under the name Vlad.
  Ultima Thulee/1996 [IP]
  Memoria Vetusta/Fathers Of The Ice Age/1997 [IP]

Borknagar: Norway ????-
   # Garm of Ulver, Infernus and Grim of Gorgoroth and Ivar of Enslaved
   # playing Black Metal written by Øystein of Molested
  Borknagar/1996 [Mal]
  The Olden Domain/1997 [CM]

Brisen: Italy ????-???? as Dungeon, ????- as Brisen
  Holocaust Sky/demo/1993
  Shade Of Soul/1996 [Holo]
   # The demo + additional tracks

Bundeswehra: Poland ????-
   # Black/Death?
  King's Return/demo/????
  King's Return/12"/1993 [War] (split with Nergal (Swi))

Burzum: Norway as Uruk-Hai 1987-1990, as Burzum 1991-
   # Translation: It's a Tolkien word meaning "Darkness" (and a Uruk-Hai
   # is a kind of orc).
   # Slightly "different", sometimes very atmospheric Black Metal. The
   # Earlier material is more traditional, the later very characteristic
   # in his own haunting style.
   # One and only member Count Grishnackh is currently serving a 21-year 
   # prison sentence, and he won't record any more Black Metal he says.
  Burzum/1992 [DSP/Mis]
   # the Misanthropy release includes the "Aske" EP minus the old version
   # of "A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit"
  Aske/EP/1993 [DSP]
   # Translation: "Ashes"
   # "Stemmen Fra Tårnet"/"Dominus Sathanas"/"A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit"
   # (re-recording).
  Det Som En Gang Var/1993 [Cym/Mis]
   # Translation: "What Once Was"
  Hvis Lyset Tar Oss/1994 [Mis]
   # Translation: "If The Light Takes Us"
  Filosofem/1996 [Mis]
  Dunkelheit/Video/1996 [Mis]
   # Translation: "Darkness" (in German)
  Daudi Baldrs/1997 [Mis]
   # Electronic-only album.
   # Translation: "Balder's Death" (in old Norse; Balder is a Norse god)

Calvary: Italy 1992-
   # Black/Doom Or something?
  ...And You Die!/demo/1993
  In Solitude/demo/1995
  Across The River Of Life/MCD/1995 [Dre]                      

Candle Serenade: Portugal 1993?-
   # Contains female vocals & stuff. Sounds like really old Moonspell?
  Tales From Walpurgis/demo/1994
  Nosferatu's Passion/1995 [GOM]

Carpathian Forest: Norway ????-
   # Primitive raw Black Metal with a bit of a Hellhammer feel and sometimes
   # a "winter storm" feel.
  Bloodlust And Perversion/demo/1992
  Promo 93/demo/1993
  In These Trees Are My Gallows/demo/7"/1993 []
  Through Chasms, Caves And Titan Woods/MCD/1995 [AG]
   # Catchy "rock'n'roll" Black Metal
  Bloodlust And Perversion/1997 [AG]
   # The demo + more old material on CD
  (new album "Black Shining Leather" coming soon)

Carpe Tenebrum: Norway ????-
   # With Naghash of Dimmu Borgir/Covenant, and guitarist from Lord Kaos
  Majestic Nothingness/1997 [HNF]

Cattlepress: US ????-
   # Black Metal??? Confirm now or I will remove them.
  Showering In The Love Of Abhorer/7"/1995 [Dev]

Celtic Dance: Portugal ????-
  Goddess of a Thousand Knights/demo/1995
  Ancient Battlecry/1997 [Shs]
   # Out yet?

Celtic Frost: Switzerland 1984-1993, before that as Hellhammer
   # Strictly speaking never Black Metal which they never hesitate to point
   # out. From 1987 and onwards real far from Black Metal in all senses.
   # Tom G. Warrior has a new band called Apollyon's Sun.
  Morbid Tales/EP/1984 [Noise]
  Emperor's Return/EP/1985 [Noise]
   # CD includes "Morbid Tales"
  To Mega Therion/1985 [Noise/Combat]
  Tragic Serenades/EP/1986 [Noise]
   # Remixes and re-recordings of earlier songs
  Into The Pandemonium/1987 [Noise/Combat]
  I Won't Dance/12"/1987 [Noise]
  The Collector's Celtic Frost/12"/1987 [Noise]
   # limited ed. only one song - "In The Chapel, In The Moonlight" cover
  A Night In The Dark/???? [bootleg]
   # Live from 1986.
  Cold Lake/1988 [Noise]
   # They tried playing glam too
  Vanity/Nemesis/1990 [Noise]
   # Yes, there is a '/' in the title
  Parched With Thirst Am I And Dying/1992 [Noise]
   # compilation 1984-1992
  Live in 1985/1996 [bootleg] (split with Bathory)

Choir Of Vengeance: Sweden 1994-
   # This isn't Black Metal, it's Melodic Swedish Death but for some reason
   # I'm including them anyway.
  Choir Of Vengeance/EP/1996 [self]
  The Valley/demo/1997

Christ Agony: Poland ????-
   # Slower typical eastern Europe Black Metal someone said.
  Sacronocturn/demo/MCD/1990 []
  Epitaph Of Christ/demo/1993
  Unholy Union/demo/7"/1993 []
  Daemoonseth Act II/demo/1994
  Daemoonseth Act II/1995 [Car/Adi]
   # How is this one related to the demo?
   # Includes a remix of the "Sacronocturn" demo?
  Moonlight - Act III/1996 [Cac]
  Unholy Union/MCD/1996 [Fai]
   # Reissue
  Darkside/1997 [Ham2]
   # They have gone goth?

Christ Denied: Spain ????-
   # Black/death....
  Thy Horned God/demo/????
  Thy Horned God/7"/1995 [Morbid] (split with Hamoeragge)
  ...Got What He Deserved/1996 [Morbid]

Conqueror: Canada 1994-
   # Brutal Black/Death, in the Blasphemy/Sarcofago vein? Marginal
   # inclusion perhaps?
  Anti-Christ Superiority/demo/1996
  War, Cult, Supremacy/1997 [EO/Osmose]

Countess: Netherlands 1992-
   # In the Hellhammer school?
  The Gospel Of The Horned One/1993 [Thu]
  The Wolves Awake/demo/1994
  Doomed To Live/demo/1994 (live demo)
  The Return Of The Horned One/1994 [NE]
  The Wrath Of Satan's Whore/demo/1995
   # they may call it "cassette EP", it's still a demo
  Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam/1995 [NE]
  The Book Of The Heretic/1996 [NE]
  Hell's Rock & Roll/MCD/1997 []
   # Title track + "Son Of The Dragon", "Dokkum 745", & live version of
   # "On The Wings Of Azazel"
  (live album "Into Battle" coming soon)

Covenant: Norway 1992-
  From The Storms Of Shadows/demo/1994
  In The Times Before The Light/demo/1995
  In The Times Before The Light/1996 [Mord]
   # Not the same as the demo
  (new album on Hot Records? or NB???)

Cradle Of Filth: Britain 1991-
   # Modern Black Metal with clear Death Metal roots and added gothic
   # and orchestral extras. More gothic lately.
  Invoking The Unclean/demo/1992
   # In these days it was Death Metal.
  Orgiastic Pleasures/demo/1992
  Total Fucking Darkness/demo/1993
  The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh/1994 [Cac/MI]
  Vempire or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein/1996 [Cac]
   # Advertised as an MCD but really quite long
  Dusk And Her Embrace/1996 [MFN]
   # Digipack version has extra track "Nocternal Supremacy '96"
   # "Coffin box" version has extra tracks "Camilla's Masque" &
   # "Hell Awaits" (Slayer cover)
   # A Korean version has all three extra tracks
  (new MCD "Lustmore And Wargasm" out soon?)

Crest Of Darkness: Sweden ????-
  Quench My Thirst/MCD/1996 [HNF]
  Sinister Scenario/1997 [HNF]

Crimson Moon: US ????-
  Demo 94/demo/1994
  Into The Nocturnal Forest/demo/1995
  To Embrace The Vampyric Blood/1996 [AP]

Crown Of Autumn: Italy ????-
   # Black???
  The Treasures Arcane/1997 [Elnor]

Cruachan: Ireland 1993-
   # Celtic folk Black Metal or...?
  Tuatha Na Gael/1995 [NE]

Crucifier: US 1990-
   # Black/Death - some think it's more grind than Black
   # Not to be confused with the Crucifier on Wild Rags
  Humans Are Such Easy Prey/demo/????
  Crown Of Thorns/demo/????
  Unparalled Majesty/demo/1992
  Unparalled Majesty/7"/1993 [Pagan]
  By Disgrace Of God/demo/1993
  Crucifier/demo/1994 [Pagan]

Cryptic Carnage: Germany ????-
  Return Of The Damned/demo/????
  The Ancient/demo/????
  And Another Kingdom Was Born/1996 [Folter]

Cultus Sanguine: Italy 1993-
   # Very atmospheric and gothic. Marginal inclusion. Side project of
   # Roberto Mammarella of Monumentum.
  Rehearsal 94/demo/1994
  Cultus Sanguine/MCD/1995 [WL]
  Shadow's Blood/1997 [CL]

Daemonium: France 1993-1995, then as Akhenaton
   # The one and only member swear by White Magic, but let's call it
   # Black Metal anyway
  Dark Opera Of The Ancient War Spirit/MCD/1994 [Adi]
   # A Black Metal opera

Dai: Czechia ????-
  The Advent/1995 [Mon]

Damnation: Poland ????-
   # No relation to the Swedish Damnation
   # Is this more Death than Black, musically?
  Everlasting Sickness/demo/1993
  Forbidden Spaces/demo/1994
  Reborn/1995 [Pagan/LE?]
  Rebel Souls/1996 [LE]

Dark Funeral: Sweden 1993-
   # Northern style Black Metal. Founding member Blackmoon/Daniel Parland
   # (no longer in the band) used to be in Necrophobic.
  Dark Funeral/MCD/1994 [HS]
   # Catchy... sounds a bit like Marduk/Dissection/Unanimated/
   # Necrophobic etc
  The Secrets Of The Black Arts/1995 [NF]
   # Fast... sounds somewhat like Immortal
  (new album "Vobiscum Satanas" out in early 1998)

Dark Storm: Czechia ????-
   # Not to be confused with the Polish Darkstorm.
   # With Maniac Butcher members.
  In Nomine Dark Storm/demo/1994
  Black Hordes Of Saaz/7"/1995 [VB] (split with Maniac Butcher)
  Four Lucan Emperors/demo/1996 
  Four Lucan Emperors/MCD/1996 [PG]
   # Yes, the demo

Darkening, The: Belgium 1993-
   # Mostly Death, especially early on - any Black worth mentioning?
  Silent Souls/demo/1996
  Awake/1997 [self]

Darkest Oath: Greece ????-
   # Black/Death, has (or at least had) Magus Vampyr Daoloth
  Paradise Of The Infernal Torment/7"/1994 [ML]

Darklord: Australia ????-
  By The Force Of Sacred Magic Rites/MCD/1995 []

Darksend, The: Sweden ????- 
   # Viking?
  Unsunned/1996 [HNF]
  (soon: My Weapons Gleaming/7"/1997 [XT])

Darkthrone: Norway 1986-1987 as Black Death, 1988- as Darkthrone
   # They started rather Death (the first album is closest to the old
   # Swedish "Sunlight" Death Metal), then they became fashion northern
   # style Black Metal; often with an valiant resistance against things
   # like musical complexity and good production.
  Land Of Frost/demo/1988
  A New Dimension/demo/1988
   # One instrumental track only
   # Death not Black
   # Death not Black
  Soulside Journey/1991 [PV]
   # Death not Black
  A Blaze In The Northern Sky/1992 [PV]
   # A landmark album. Lots of Celtic Frost and Bathory in here.
  Under A Funeral Moon/1993 [PV]
   # Simpler and more "peeled off" music
  Transilvanian Hunger/1994 [PV]
   # Even simpler...
  Panzerfaust/1995 [Moon]
   # Celtic Frost again + some Burzum-like songs
  Total Death/1996 [Moon]
  Goatlord/1996 [Moon]
   # A old recording from 1991, with vocals redone in 1994
  The Roots Of Evilness/1997 [bootleg]
   # A live recording from 1990, two songs from "Thulcandra" and one fake
   # live track from 1992
  ????/1997 [bootleg] (split with Mayhem)

Darkwoods My Betrothed: Finland 1993-1994 as Virgin's Cunt, 1994- as DMB
   # Atmospheric Black Metal. Or is that Viking Metal?
  Reborn In Promethean Flame/demo/1993
   # As Virgin's Cunt. In these days thay had more of an oldstyle sound
  Dark Aureoles Gathering/demo/1994
   # Sold first as a Virgin's Cunt and later as a Darkwoods My Betrothed demo
  Heirs Of The Northstar/1995 [Ham1]
  Autumn Roars Thunder/1996 [Sol]
   # Slower with lots of clean vocals
  (expect new album - with more "pure" Black Metal - early next year)

Darzamat: Poland ????-
   # Project of past and current Mastiphal members - symphonic stuff
   # and raw Black Metal
  In The Flames Of Black Art/1997 [Fai/Dis]

Dawn: Sweden 1991-
   # The earlier stuff was more Death-ish, later they went towards the
   # Swedish melidic Black/Death style.
   # Not to be confused with the German Death/grind band
  Demo 1/demo/1992
   # Grindcore? Never very officially released.
   # Death Metal
  The Eternal Frost/1993 [Bell] (split with Pyphomgertum)
   # The Dawn tracks equal the "Apparition" demo
  Naer Solen Gar Nider For Evogher/1995 [Nec/Dis]
   # Translation: "When the sun goes down forever" (in arcaic Swedish)
   # The Displeased version has one bonus track
  Sorgh Pa Svarte Vingar Flogh/MCD/1996 [Nec]
   # Translation: "Sorrow flew on black wings" (in arcaic Swedish)
   # The promos for this MCD had the title "Sorgen Flög På Svarta Vingar"
   # which is the modern Swedish equivalent.

Dawnfall: Germany ????-
  Mysterical Darkness/demo/1993
  Dominance Of Darkness/1994 [NE]
   # Baaad sound quality
  (new album "Drei Räume" coming soon on NE)

Dead Christ: Britain ????-
  Satanas Hunger/7"/1995 [ML]

Death Yell: Chile? ????-
   # Black Metal?
  Vengeance From Darkness/demo/1990
  /7"/1991 [Turbo]
  Morbid Rites/7"/???? []

Deathwitch: Sweden 1995-
   # With Sacramentum members & ex-Dissection bassist. German 80's style.
  Triumphant Devastation/1996 [Nec/Des]
  Dawn Of Armageddon/1997 [Nec/Des]
  (new album "The Ultimate Death" out early next year)

Decameron: Sweden 1989-1991 as ????, 1991- as Decameron
   # The more recent material more Death than Black?
   # They lost some members to Dissection - are they still around?
  My Grave Is Calling/demo/1992
  Promo -94/demo/1994
   # Was meant to become a 7"
  My Shadow/1996 [NF]
   # Not very Black - Swedish melodic Death, essentially
  (new MCD out next year)

Decayed: Portugal 1991-
  ...Thus Revealed/demo/1992
  The Seven Seals/7"/1993 [Dark]
  The Conjuration Of The Southern Circle/1994 [Mona]
  In Lustful Mayhem/1995 [Sky]
   # Some new songs, the 7" tracks remastered, and Sodom and Venom covers
  Ressurectionem Mortuorum/1996 [Sky]
   # Now with a drum machine
  ("The Conjuration of the Southern Circle" soon on NE - a re-release?)

December Moon: England 1992-
   # Includes drummer Was (The Blood Divine, ex-Extreme Noise Terror,
   # ex-Cradle Of Filth even) and bassist Rob Eaglestone (Cradle Of Filth)
  The Source Of Origin/1996 [SF]

December Wolves: US 1994-
  'Til Ten Years/1996 [Ham1]
  We Are Everywhere/MCD/1997 [self]
   # "We Are Everywhere"/"...Not With Tainted Blood"
  (new album soon?)

Deinonychous: Netherlands 1993-
  Promo 93/demo/1993
  Promo 94/demo/1994
  The Silence Of December/1995 [Cac]
  The Weeping Of A Thousand Years/1996 [Cac]
  After The Rain Falls...The Sky Is Empty/1996 [Gtl]
   # The 1993 demo 
  Ark Of Thought/1997 [Sup]

Demogorgon: Greece ????-
   # Legion Of Doom side project
   # Some songs are Black Metal, some ambient like?
  Lycaon Pictus/demo/1995
  The Horned Moon/7"/1996 [MP]
  (full length in future on Sub Terra/Hybervolea)

Demoncy: US 1988-
   # Death gone Black...
  Impure Blessings (Dark Angel Of The Four Wings)/demo/1991
   # One song rehearsal demo
   # This was Death Metal
  Joined In Darkness/demo/1992
  Faustian Dawn/demo/1993
   # sounds like Beherit
  Hypocrisy Of The Accursed Heavens/demo/1994
  Ascension Of A Star Long Since Fallen/demo/1995
  Faustian Dawn/1995 [Dam/SIBD]
   # The demo "Faustian Dawn" + "Impure Blessings ..."
  Dawn Of Eternal Damnation/7"/1996 [SOB]
  Commencement Of The Dark Crusades/demo/1996
  (full-length waiting to be released: "Thy Eternal Winter Shall Never Fade")
  (full-length waiting to be released: "Within The Sylvan Realms Of Frost")

Demoniac: New Zealand/England 1993-
   # Not to be confused with e.g. the German Demoniac (now Moonblood)
  The Birth Of Diabolical Blood/demo/1994
  Prepare For War/1995 [EO]
  Stormblade/1997 [EO]
   # See, another band that went oldschool

Demonic: Norway 1994-
   # Modern Nordic Black Metal. A little like Emperor perhaps (before Emperor
   # went too "sophisticated")?
  Nær Mørkret Faller/demo/1994
  Lead Us Into Darkness/MCD/1995 [Nec]
   # The demo + one more song
  /12"/1996 []
  The Empire Of Agony/1997 [Nec]

Demonic Christ: US ????-
   # Black/Death, being more Death early on?
   # With ex-Profanatica member and Dana Duffy (ex-Mythic).
  Decieving The Heavens/demo/1994
  Promo 95/demo/1995
  Punishment For Ignorance/1995 [Mori/MG]

Denial Of God: Denmark 1991-
  Oscularium Infame/demo/1992
  The Dawn Of Aemieaz/demo/1993
  The Statues Are Watching/7"/1995 [Maggot]
  The Ghouls Of DOG/MCD/1996 [DT]
  (now signed to Hammerheart (Dutch))

Desaster: Germany 1988-1990, 1992-
   # Retro stuff?
  The Fog Of Avalon/demo/????
  Lost In The Ages/demo/1994?
  Hill Of A Thousand Souls/7"/1995 [Mer] (split with Ungod)
  A Touch Of Medieval Darkness/1996 [Mer]
  Stormbringer/MCD/pic disc/1997 [Mer]

Destroyer 666: Australia 1994-
   # With ex-Bestial Warlust member. Oldstyle!
  Six Songs With The Devil/demo/1995
  Violence Is The Prince Of This World/1996 [MI]
   # The LP verson has one bonus track!
  Unchain The Wolves/1997 [MI]

Destruction: Germany 1984-1991?, 1994-
   # A classic band; started as Black/Speed Metal (like Sodom etc) but lost
   # the Black edge.
   # The reunion is without the old vocalist.
  Bestial Invasion from Hell/demo/1984
  Senetence Of Death/EP/1984 [SH/MB]
  Infernal Overkill/1985 [SH/MB]
   # CD re-release includes the "Senetence Of Death" EP
  Eternal Devastation/1986 [SH]
   # CD re-release includes the "Mad Butcher" EP
  Mad Butcher/EP/1987 [SH]
  Release From Agony/1988 [SH]
  Live Without Sense/1989 [Noise]
  Cracked Brain/1990 [Noise]
  Destruction/MCD/1995 []
  Bestial Invasion From Hell/1996 [Whd] (split with Tormentor (pre-Kreator))
   # The demo.
  Them Not Me/MCD/1996 []
  Best Of Destruction/2CD/1997 [SH]
   # Steamhammer likes best-of compilations it seems...

Det Hedenske Folk: Norway ????-
   # Black Metal???
  True Northern/demo/1996
  /1997 [MI]
  (Solistitum will release a full length soon)

Deteriorate: US 1992-
   # A Death band turned Black.
  Rotting In Hell/1993 [JLA]
  Gathering The Nubbish/demo/1995
   # These were death.
  The Senectuous Entrance/1996 [Pul]

   # Now Black.

Deviser: Greece 1989-
  Forbidden Knowledge/demo/1990
  Psychic Cmpletion/demo/1990
  Into His Unknown/demo/1993
  The Revelation Of Mysteries/7"/1994 [TE]
  Thy Blackest Love/demo/1996
  Unspeakable Cults/1996 [Mascot]

Diaboli: Finland 1992-1995 as Silgium Diaboli, 1995- as Diaboli
   # Raw Black Metal.
  Decent Into Hell/demo/1992
   # As Silgium Diaboli
  Demo II/demo/1994
   # As Silgium Diaboli
  Mesmerized By Darkness/1996 [Uni]
  Towards Damnation/1997 [FMP]

Diabolical Masquerade: Sweden 1995-
   # Blackheim of Katatonia, mostly on his own
  Ravendusk In My Heart/1996 [Adi]
   # Drum machine backing up here...
  The Phantom Lodge/1997 [Adi]

Diabolical Possession: US ????-
   # I am told they are not Black - protest or I will remove them
  Ripped To Pieces/MCD/???? []

Diabolos Rising: Europe 1994-1996, then as Raism
   # Black/Industrial with Mika Luttinen from Impaled Nazarene and
   # Magus Vampyr Daoloth from Necromantia
  666/1994 [Osmose]
  S.N.T.F./7"/1995 [Kron-H]
  Blood, Vampirism & Sadism/1996 [Kron-H]

Dies Irae: Norway ????-
   # Is this any Black Metal?

Dimmu Borgir: Norway 1993-
   # Quite melodic and "accessible"
   # Instrumental rehearsal
   # Another rehearsal
  Promo 94/demo/1994
  Inn I Evighetens Mørke/7"/1994 [NG]
  For All Tid/1995 [NC/NB]
   # The NB re-release includes the 7" tracks and has got a new cover
  Stormblåst/1996 [Cac]
  Devil's Path/EP/1996 [Hot]
   # 2 versions of "Nocturnal Fear" (Celtic Frost cover) + 2 new songs
  Enthrone Darkness Triumphant/1997 [NB]
   # "We also want to be famous like Cradle Of Filth".
   # The digipack vesions claims to have an extra tracks but it is also
   # present on the normal version (but hidden)!
  (new MCD "Godless Savage Garden" out in January)
  (new album will be recorded early next year)

Disharmony: Greece 1991-1993, then as The Renaissance Dance
  Day Of Doom/demo/1991
  Angels Lament/demo/1992
  Promo 93/demo/1993
  The Gate Of Deeper Sleep/7"/1993 [ML]

Dismal Euphony: Norway ????-
   # Black/Viking/Folk/what? Hulder Metal.
  Spellbound/MCD/1996 [Nap2]
   # There is no title printed anywere (like with Enslaved's second album)
   # so this might be mistaken for a self-titled release
  Soria Moria Slott/1996 [Nap2]
   # A limited edition version has bonus track and different artwork
  Autumn Leaves: The Rebellion Of Tides/1997 [Nap2]

Dissection: Sweden 1989-
   # Not to be confused with the Canadian(?) or Lithuanian band, or the
   # German ex-Dissection, now Tsatthoggua.
   # This is very melodic but not mellow stuff. Plenty of old Heavy Metal
   # influences. The band calls it Death Metal but do not object too much
   # if you say it's Black
   # Hot news: Jon has been arrested for murder.
  The Grief Prophecy/demo/1990
  Into Infinite Obscurity/7"/1992 [CG]
  The Somberlain/demo/1992
   # Not the same as the album (only 3 songs)
  The Somberlain/1993 [NF/Victor]
   # Victor (Japan) release has extra tracks
  Storm Of The Light's Bane/1995 [NB]
   # Japan release has extra tracks
  Where Dead Angels Lie/MCD/1996 [NB/Rlps]
   # Shaped CD! "Where Dead Angels Lie" (album & WAR compilation versions),
   # "Elisabeth Bathori" (Tormentor cover), "Anticrist" (Slayer cover),
   # "Feathers Fell" (from SoTLB Japan release), "Son Of Mourning" (from
   # "The Somberlain" Japan release)
  The Past Is Alive (The Early Mischief)/1997 [Nec]
   # Old stuff: The 1992 7" and demo, one song from the "The Grief Prophecy"
   # demo and two other ancient tracks.
  (has the new album been recorded?)

Doomstone: US 1989-
   # Black/Death/Doom, with King Fowley of Deceased.
  Possessed Cemetaries/demo/1991
  Promo 93/demo/1993
  Promo 94/demo/1994
  Rosemary's Baby/7"/1994 [PS]
  For Those Who Satan Hath Joined/1994 [Nos/RS]
  (new album "Church Of Nightmares" soon on Conquistador)

Dødheimsgard: Norway ????-
   # Supposed to sound like Darkthrone? Had Fenriz on bass anyway on the
   # first album.
  Kronet Til Konge/1995 [Mal]
  Promo 95/demo/1995
  Monumental Possessions/1996 [Mal]
  (new MCD coming?)

Einherjer: Norway 1993-
   # Viking Metal. More 80's Heavy Metal than modern (or old?) Black sounding
   # There were rumours about them breaking up?
  Aurora Borealis/demo/1994
  Leve Vikingaanden/7"/1995 [NG]
   # Translation: "Long live the viking spirit" or "Hail the viking spirit"
  Aurora Borealis/MCD/1996 [Nec]
   # the demo yes
  Dragons Of The North/1996 [Nap2]
   # Less Metal, mory folky
  Far Far North/EP/1997 [CM]

Elysian Fields: Greece ????-1994 as Desulphurize, 1994- as Elysian Fields
   # Black/Death
  Nihilistic Era/demo/????
   # As Desulphurize
  Promo Tape 95/demo/1995
  Adelain/1996 [Uni]
  Bleed Your Cedar/1996 []
   # Does this exist (yet)?

Eminenz: Germany 1987?-
   # Started out as Black Metal on the demos, then became very doomy on
   # the first album. They kept the Black Metal vocals.
  Exorial/1994 [Leth]
   # Nice usage of keyboards on this one
  The Heretic/1996 [Leth]

Emperor: Norway 1992-
   # Northern style Black Metal, with plenty of keyboards, melodies and
   # high tempos in complex compositions.
  Wrath Of The Tyrant/demo/1992 [WR]
   # The Wild Rags version has the 1993 7" as bonus tracks
  Emperor/EP/1993 [CL/CM]
   # On CD with Enslaved's "Hordanes Land"
  As The Shadows Rise/7"/1993 [NA]
   # "Witches Sabbath"/"Ancient Queen..." Also "Lord Of The Storms"?
  In The Nightside Eclipse/1995 [CL/CM]
  Wrath Of The Tyrant/12"/???? [HNF/Dam]
   # The demo straight off
  Wrath Of The Tyrant/CD/???? [bootleg]
   # Looks like it is from Wild Rags (with packaging similar to the WR
   # release of the demo) but is actuallt bootlegged in the Netherlands.
   # Includes the demo, the 7", and extra tracks from the "Emperor" EP
  A Midsummer Night's Dream/1995 [bootleg]
   # Live of course, from 1993
  ????/7"/???? []
   # Uh?
  Reverence/7"/MCD/1997 [CL]
   # The 7" has one tracks less than the CD version, which also has a
   # nice CD-ROM video track
  Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk/1997 [CL/CM?]
   # The CM(?) version has the "Reverence" extra tracks
  (plans: new album recorded in 1998)

Empyrium: Germany ????-
   # Black/Doom with goth touches?
  ...Der Wie Ein Blitz Vom Himmel Fiel/demo/1995
   # Translation: "The one who like a lightning fell from heaven" (roughly)
  A Wintersunset.../1996 [Pro]
   # The 2LP version has two bonus tracks
  Songs Of Moors & Misty Fields/1997 [Pro]

Enochian: Czechia ????-
  Night Monumental Evil/1996 [Lev]

Enochian Crescent: Finland ????-
  Anno Bastardi/promo/1996 [WC]
  Telocvovim/1997 [WC]
   # Not out yet but should be soon. I think Nuclear Blast has been planning
   # to release this with license from WCR. 

Enslaved: Norway 1991-
   # Lyrics about Norse mythology, not Satan. Therefore Viking Metal but
   # it sounds a lot like Northern style modern Black Metal. They like
   # long songs...
  Hordanes Land/EP/1993 [CL/CM]
   # On CD with Emperor's "Emperor"
  Vikingligr Veldi/1994 [DSP/VOW/CM]
  Frost/1994 [Osmose]
  /1996 [Moon]
   # the Enslaved tracks = the "Yggdrasil" demo + one more song
  Live In Mexico/MC/1996 [bootleg]
  Eld/1997 [Osmose]
  (new MCD coming)

Enthrall: Norway 1995-
   # Black Metal???
  Prophecies Of The Dying/1997 [Hot]

Enthroned: Belgium 1993-
   # Not to be confused with the US Death Metal band
   # The drummer Cerunnos recently committed suicide
  Promo '92/demo/1992
  /7"/1995 [AD]
   # picture disc even
  Prophecies Of Pagan Fire/1996 [EO/Osmose]
  Towards The Skull Throne of Satan/1997 [Bla]
  (new mini album "Regie Sathanas: a tribute to Cernunnos" next year)

Entirety: Italy 1993- 
  In Caelo Omnia Acciderunt/MCD/1997 [Ndar] 

Epoch Of Unlight: US 1990-1993 as Enraptured, 1993-1994 as Requiem,
                  1994- as Epoch Of Unlight
  As The Image Slowly Fades/demo/1993
   # As Requiem
  Beyond The Pale/demo/1994
  Promo 96/demo/1996
  Within The Night/MCD/1996 [Exh]
  Black And Crimson Glory/1997 [YFLHD]

Equinox: US 1992-
   # Black/Death a la Celtic Frost/Acheron.
   # No relation to the Norwegian Equinox.
  Anthem To The Moon/demo/1993
  Upon The Throne Of Eternity/7"/1995 []
  Return To Mystery/1996 [Uni]

Eternal Dirge: ????-
   # Neo-Pagan Metal according to the band. Fast and symphonic.
  Khaos Magick/1996 [Morbid]

Ethereal: Greece ????-
  Om Santhi/1995 [Uni]
   # Not very Black
  Dominion/10"/1996 [Uni]
   # Sounds like Hellhammer?

Ever Dawn, The: Sweden ????-
   # Dissection clones
  The Opera Of The Damned/MCD/1997 [Inv]
  (new album in May)

Everdark: US 1990-1991, 1993-
   # They label themselves "Graveyard Metal", which apparently means very
   # American sounding Blackend Death.
  Graveyard Rites/demo/1994
  Armageddon's Birth/MCD/1996 [FMP]
  Not Of God/1997 [TM]

Evol: Italy 1993-
   # Or is this too keyboard based and "atmospheric" to be Metal even?
  The Tale Of The Horned King/demo/1993
  Dark Dreamquest Part I/demo/1994 [Maggot]
  The Saga Of The Horned King/1995 [Adi]
  Dreamquest/1996 [Adi]
  (new album out yet?)

Exorcist: ????-????
   # Was this ever any Black Metal?
  Nightmare Theatre/1986 []

Eye, The: France ????-
  Supremacy/1997 [VM]

Falkenbach: Iceland/Germany 1989-
   # An Icelander moved to Germany
  Laeknishendr - Gadralag/promo/1995
   # Contains two tracks that are on the album too
  ...En Their Medh Riki Fara.../1996 [NC]
  (new full length end of 1997 on No Colours)

Fermenting Innards: Germany ????-
   # In the Death turned Black crowd
  Drowned/demo/MCD/1994 [Inv]
   # Death Metal.
  Myst/1996 [Inv]
   # Black Metal.

Filli Nigrantium Infernalium: Portugal ????-1992 as Bachterion,
                              1992-1996 as FNI
   # Did they break up?
  The Miracle Of Death/demo/????
   # as Bachterion
  Os Metodos Do Pentagrama/demo/1993 [Dark]
  A Ere Do Abutre/MCD/1995 [Mona]

Fimbulwinter: Norway ????-1993?
   # Members of this band are now found in e.g. Dimmu Borgir & Ulver
  Servants Of Sorcery/1995 [Hot]
   # Includes the demo

Fleurety: Norway ????-
   # Towards the atmospheric/"rock-ish"
  Black Snow/demo/1993
  A Darker Shade Of Evil/7"/1994 [Aest]
  Min Tid Skal Komme/1995 [Mis/Aest]
   # Translation: "My time shall come"

Forbidden Site: France ????-
   # French Cradle Of Filth wannabes?
  Sturm And Drang/1997 [Sol]

Forest Of Impaled: US/Poland ????-1996
   # Poles who moved to the US
  Mortiis Dei/demo/1995
  Mortiis Dei/MCD/1996 [Ter]

Forest Of Souls: France ????-
   # Black/Doom? Beware of operatic vocals every once in a while
   # Nazi band?
  War & Poetry/demo/MCD/1995 [Adi]
  Contes Et Legendes d'Efeandayl/1997 [Adi]

Forgotten Woods: Norway 1991-1993? as Mordor, 1993?-1997 as Forgotten Woods,
                 then as Joyless
  Sjel Av Natten/demo/1993
   # Translation: "Soul of the night"
  Through The Woods/demo/1993
  As The Wolves Gather/1994 [NC]
  Sjel Av Natten/MCD/1995 [Pagan]
   # The demo
  The Curse Of Mankind/1996 [NC]

Forsth: Switzerland ????-
  Winterfrost/1997 [M.O.S./LE]
   # Is this the same as "Helvetic War"???

From Depths: Italy ????-
  The Burning Ice/12"/1995 [Ano]

From The Depths: US ????-
  From The Depths/1996 [Dismal]
  (a deal with Candlelight may happen)

Frozen Souls: Germany ????-
   # Nazi band, if you care.
  The Second Gate Of Fsab Wolfenstein/7"/???? []
  Flesh In Armour/demo/????

Fulgor: Germany ????-
   # Has a history as Nazi band, if you care...
   # "Hateful Electro/Synth Black"
  Promotape 93/demo/1993
  To Be One With The Stars/demo/1993
  Our 10 Urphar Visions/demo/1994
  Eyequinox/7"/1995 [Mer]

Funeral Frost: Sweden ????-
  Midnight Speeches/demo/1994
  Demo 2 -95/demo/1995
  Queen Of Frost/1996 [WD]

Funeral Moon: Mexico 1994- 
   # Some songs are Metal, some are not. They call it Black Funeral Metal.
  In The Shadows/demo/1994 
  Silent Night Of Full Moon Shine/demo/1995 
  Beneath The Cursed Light Of A Sa/1996 [Gtl]
  Grim...Evil.../12"/1997 [Dfts]

Funeral Oration: Italy ????-
   # Not to be confused with the Dutch punk band.
  Domine A Morte/demo/1990 
  Promo '94/demo/1994
  Promo XXX A.S. 1995 E.V./demo/1995 [DOG] 
  Promo '96/demo/1996
  Sursum Luna/1996 [AG]

Funeral Urn: Greece ????-
  /7"/1995? []

Funeral Winds: Netherlands 1991-1993, 1994-1997, then see Liar Of Golgotha
   # Apparently they abandoned the main band and continued the side project
   # Nazi band?
  Rehearsal/Demo 92/demo/1992
  La Majeste Infernable/demo/1993
  Resurrection/demo/7"/1993 [Pagan]
  Funeral Winds/7"/1995 [BA]
  Screaming For Grace/1995 [War] (split with Abigail)
  Godslayer Xul/1995 [Leth]
  /12"/1996 [bootleg]

Gehenna: Norway ????-
   # Not to be confused with the American or the Polish Gehenna. Or the
   # Swedish Gehennah.
   # Keyboard driven low tempo easy listening Black Metal.
  Black Seared Heart/demo/1993
  Ancestor Of A Darkly Sky/7"/1994 [NG]
   # Some of the songs from the demo
  First Spell/1995 [HNF]
   # a very short full-length album...
  Seen Through A Veil Of Darkness - Second Spell/1995 [Cac/NG]
  Malice/1996 [Cac]
  Black Seared Heart/1996 [HC]
   # The demo + 3 extra tracks

Gehennah: Sweden 1992-
   # Venom/Motörhead orgy. Tongue-in-cheek satanic and stricly not really
   # Black Metal but what the hell... They call it Blood Metal.
   # This one is by this Gehenna(h) right?
  Brilliant Loud Overlords Of Destruction/demo/1994
  Adv. Tape 95/demo/1995
   # Or is the title "Hell Beer 6.66%"?
  Hardrocker/1995 [PA]
  No Fucking Christmas/7"/12"/1995 [PA]
  King Of The Sidewalk/1996 [Osmose]
   # Vinyl has extra track.
  (new album "Decibel Rebel" out now?)
  (split 7" with Rise And Shine coming)

Goat Of Mendes: Germany ????-
   # No, they are *not* Norwegian
  Hymn To One Ablaze/1996 [Inv]
  To Walk Upon The Wiccan Way/1997 [PT/Inv]

Goatlord: US ????-1992?
   # Raw primitive "Chant Metal". Low-skill... ow
  Reflections Of The Solstice/1991 [Turbo]
  Goatlord/1992 [JLA]
   # A reworked version of "Reflections Of The Solstice"?

Goatpenis: Brazil 1989-
   # They consider themselves more War Metal, or so, than Black.
   # Nazi band?
   # (Julian Catalan) 
  Htaed No Tabbas/demo/1992
   # What is the title supposed to be really? The opposite word order but
   # the words still backwards? And is that really "No"?
  Blessed By War/demo/1994
  Jesus Coward/demo/1995
  Inhumanization/1996 [EH]

God Dethroned: Netherlands 1991-1993, 1995-
   # The first incarnation of the band was Death
  God Dethroned/1992 [Shark]
  The Christhunt/1993 []
  The Grand Grimoire/???? [MB/Dis]

Goddess Of Desire: Netherlands ????-
  Let Us Win This War/1996 [Shs]
  Let Us Win This War II/picture 12"/1997 []

Godfuck '93: Italy ????-
   # With Necromass member... what does this sound like?
  Godfuck '93/3" MCD/1997 [Ndar]

Godkiller: Monaco 1994-
   # Burzum-soundalike. Was a one-man band on the demos at least.
  Ad Majoram Satanae Gloriam/demo/1995
  The Warlord/demo/1995
  The Rebirth Of The Middle Ages/MCD/1996 [WL]
  (new album soon)

Golden Dawn: Austria ????-
  Way Of The Sorcerer/demo/1995
  The Art Of Dreaming/1996 [DM]

Gonkulator: US ????-
   # OK, are they just a joke band or should they be included?

Gorgon: France 1991-
   # Simple oldstyle Black?
  Call From Unknown Depths/demo/1992
  Immortal Horde/7"/1993 [WL]
  The Lady Rides A Black Horse/1995 [self/Dun?]
  Reign Of Obscenity/1996 []

Gorgoroth: Norway 1992-
   # Very Norwegian if you know what I mean
  A Sorcery Written In Blood/demo/1993
  Promo 94/demo/1994
   # Songs from the later first album
  Pentagram/1994 [Emb/WR]
   # the Wild Rags CD has all 8 songs as one track
   # This album is famous for its Donald Duck vocals
  Antichrist/1996 [Mal]
  The Last Tormentor/7"/1996 [Mal]
   # Live from 1994: "Revelation Of Doom"/"Ritual"
  Under The Sign Of Hell/1997 [Mal]

Gorthaur: Spain ????-
   # Debut album out yet?

Gospel Of The Horns: Australia ????-
   # Funny, they look like a teenage punk band...
  The Satanist's Dream/demo/????
  The Satanist's Dream/MCD/1995 [Pol/Ein]

Gothician: Spain ????-
   # Debut album out yet?

Grand Belial's Key: US 1992-
   # So, they did not split up then?
  Goat Of The Thousand Young/demo/1993
  Triumph Of The Hordes/demo/1994 [Pagan]
  A Witness To The Regicide/7"/1996 [WN]
  (a CD should be out on Cacophonous or WN next year) 

Graveland: Poland 1992-
   # Nazi band, if you care
  Promo Tape June '92/demo/1992
  In The Glare Of Burning Churches/demo/1993
  Celtic Winter/demo/1993
  Celtic Winter/EP/1994 [NC]
   # Somehow related to the demo maybe?
  Carpathian Wolves/1994 [ED]
  Thousand Swords/1995 [Leth]
  In The Glare Of Burning Churches/MCD/1996 [NC]
   # The demo + 3 tracks
  The Celtic Winter/1996 [NC]
   # Is this a plain re-release or what?
  Following The Voice Of Blood/1997 [NC]

Graveworm: Italy ????-
   # Black Goth?
  When Daylight's Gone/1997 [Ser]
   # out yet?

Grimoire: Israel ????-
  In The Darkwoods Sovereignity/demo/1995
  A Requiem For The Light/1996 [Eup]

Grotesque: Sweden ????-1991, then (kind of) became At The Gates
   # A mix of Entombed, Bolt Thrower and Black Metal?
   # Is this correct?
  Incantation/EP/1991 [Dol]
  In The Embrace Of Evil/1996 [BS]
   # An unreleased album from 1990; also included is the "Incantation" EP
   # and two newly recorded(!) songs
  ????/???? [bootleg]
   # Their final live performance

Guillotine: Sweden 1995- 
   # So they are doing their best to sound like old Kreator. Can it be Black
   # too?
  Under The Guillotine/demo/1996
  Under The Guillotine/1997 [Nec]
   # Demo rerecorded plus new stuff?

Ha Lela: Lithuania ????-
   # "Pagan Folk Black Metal"
  Pabudimas/MC/1996 [Karas]

Hades: Norway 1992-
   # Watch out. There are (at least) two bands by this name.
   # This band sounds somewhat like Viking-era Bathory 
  Alone Walkying/demo/1994
  ...Again Shall Be/1994 [FMP]
  Alone Walkying/MCD/1996 [WL] 
   # yes the demo.
  Dawn Of The Dying Sun/1997 [FMP]
   # Very viking sounding

Hadez: Peru ????-
   # Black/Death?
  Extreme Badness On The World/demo/????
  Aquelaree/1996 [Brutal]
  (new CD "If you die a Thousand Times..." soon on Conquistador)

Haimad: Sweden -
  A Dream Vision Vanished/demo/1996
  The Horned Moon/demo/1997
  The Horned Moon/MCD/1997 [Occ]
   # The same as the demo I assume?

Handful Of Hate: Italy 1993- 
  Goetia Summa/demo/1995 
  Glyphotic Supremacy/MCD/1997 [Ndar]  

Havohej: US 1993-1995, ex-Profanatica
   # Paul Ledney spews blasphemy.
  Unholy Darkness And Impurity/7"/1993 [DOG/GP]
   # lim. ed. release; 500 copies?
  Dethrone The Son Of God/1993 [CL]
  Black Perversion/12"/1994 []
   # "Black Perversion"/"Unholy Godown"/"Mary Goddess Of Shit"
  Havohej/picture 7"/1994 [Ax]
   # "The Black Mist"/"Enlightened One"

Hecate Enthroned: Britain ????-
   # Has had ex-Cradle Of Filth members. Sounds like COF too.
  An Ode For A Haunted Wood/demo/1995
  Upon Promeathean Shores (Unscriptured Waters)/MCD/1996 [Bla]
  The Slaughter Of Innocence, A Requiem For The Mighty/1997 [Bla]

Hefeystos: Poland 1994-
   # Folky Black. People from Sacrilegium are in this band?
  Vilce Sjen/MCD/1996 [WL/Atr?]
  Hefeystos/1997 [LE]

Helheim: Norway 1992-
   # One of the two "Black" Metal Helheims from Norway
   # This one is actually a Viking Metal band.
  Nidr Ok Nordr Liggr Helvegr/demo/1994
  Jormungand/1996 [Sol]
  Av Norrøn ?tt/1997 [Sol]

Helheim: Norway ????-
   # One of the two Black Metal Helheims from Norway, this one slightly
   # industrial. This is a nazi band. Also known as "The Helheim Society".
  Demo 94(?)/demo/1994
  Fenris/MCD/1996 [Nec]

Hell-Born: Poland ????-
   # Project of Les from Damnation and Lord Ravenlock from Behemoth
   # Old-style Black/Death
  Hell-Born/1996 [Pagan]

Hellhammer: Switzerland 1982-1984, then became Celtic Frost
   # One of the bands defining the Black Metal genre. Slowish simple & evil
  Death Fiend/demo/1983
  Triumph Of Death/demo/1983
   # also available on bootleg CD, LP and picture LP
  Satanic Rites/demo/1984
   # also available on bootleg CD and picture LP
  Crucifixion/7"/???? []
  Buried And Forgotten/EP/???? []
   # This one is also known as "Made In Hell"
  Apocalyptic Raids/EP/1984 [Noise]
  Apocalyptic Raids 1990 AD/1990 [Noise/BMG/Fut]
   # CD re-release with 2 bonus tracks from the Noise "Death Metal" comp.

Hellspawn: Brazil ????-
  Unholy Ancient Masters/7"/???? [Thu]

Hemlock: US 1992-
   # Black Metal from Brooklyn? With Dan Lilkler on bass...
  Crush The Race Of God/MCD/1997 [HNF]
  /EP/1997 [Sndv]

Hermh: Poland ????-
  Oremus Peccatum/Refaim/demo/1995 [Who]
   # yes a '/' in the title
  Crying Crowns Of Trees/demo/1995
  Echo/MCD/1996 [Ent]
   # Contains the two demos
  Taran/MCD/1996 [Pagan/LE]
  Angeldemon/1997 [Pagan]

Holocausto: Brazil ????-
   # Old style Black Metal? Nazi band?
  Campo De Exterminio/???? [Cogu]
  ????/7"/???? []
  Tozago As Deismago/???? [Cogu]

Hordes: Netherlands 1992-1993
   # Members are now in Countess and Bifrost.
   # Raw and hateful - and slow.
  Songs To Hall Up High/demo/1993
  Longing For The Kingdom Of Steel/7"/1993 [Thu]

Horna: Finland 1993-
  Hiidentorni/1997 [Sol]
   # Same as the demo
  (a new MCD has been recorded, to be out early next year)

Ildjarn: Norway 1992-
   # The band went by the name Ildjarn-Nidhogg during some periods,
   # signifying that Nidhogg was in the band too (right!). Samoth of
   # Emperor has been helping out here and there too.
   # Musically: Raw and simplistic
  1992 demo/demo/1992
  Norse/7"/1994 [NA]
   # "Mørklagt Sti"/"Svarte Hjerter"/"Nattens Ledestjerne"/"Natt Og Taake"
  Det Frysende Nordariket/1995 [NL]
   # includes the "Ildjarn" & "Minnesjoerd" demos + the "Norse" 7"
  Ildjarn/1995 [NL]
   # not the same as the demo
  Svartfrad/7"/MCD/1996 [Nap2/NL]
  Forest Poetry/1996 [Nap2]
  Landscapes/2CD/1996? [NL]
   # Synth-scapes
  Strength And Anger/1997 [NL]
   # Half 'raw and simplistic black metal', half 'minimal soundscapes/drones'

Immortal: Norway 1989-???? as Amputation, ????- as Immortal
   # Fast, by time very fast modern Scandinavian style Black Metal, but
   # Holocaust Metal is what they call it a while back at least.
   # Here they played Death Metal
  The Nortern Upins Death/demo/1990
   # Was it really released as Immortal?
  Unholy Forces Of Evil/7"/1991 [List]
   # b/w "Cold Winds Of Funeral Dust"
  Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism/1992 [Osmose/JLA]
   # Like Darkthrone/Bathory. Actually quite slow.
  Pure Holocaust/1993 [Osmose]
   # Hyperspeed strikes here
  Battles In The North/1995 [Osmose]
   # 1996 re-release includes three bonus tracks
  Live In Zaandam/1996 [Nord]
   # kind of bootleg
  Blizzard Beasts/1997 [Osmose]
   # Immortal goes Morbid Angel
  (new album early next year)

Impaled Nazarene: Finland 1990-
   # Industrial Cyber Punk Sado Metal! Or maybe high speed Black Metal in the
   # Bathory school crossed with some Repulsion grindcore? 
  Taog Eht Fo Htao Eht/demo/1991
  Goat Perversion/7"/1992 [Nos]
  Sadogoat/7"/1993 [Osmose]
   # b/w "Ghost Riders" (Johnny Cash cover)
  Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz/1993 [Osmose/JLA]
   # a limited release with 13 bonus tracks, from the previous demos and 7"s,
   # exists
  Satanic Masowhore/7"/1993 [Osmose]
   # b/w "Conned Thru Life" (Extreme Noise Terror cover)
  Ugra Karma/1993 [Osmose]
  Suomi Finland Perkele/1994 [Osmose]
   # A bit more calmed down
  Live In The Name Of Satan/1995 [bootleg]
   # Two live recordings from the "Ugra-Karma" tour
  In The Name Of Satan/7"/1995 [bootleg]
   # Some of the tracks from the "Taog Eht Fo Htao Eht" demo
   # Does this exist under this title?
  Taog Eht Fo Htao Eht/7"/1995 [bootleg]
   # The demo, with "Morbid Fate" missing
  Day Of Darkness/1995 [bootleg] (split with Beherit)
   # live from '91
  Motörpenis/MCD/1996 [Osmose]
   # 2 ordinary tracks + Faff-Bey, Terveet Kädet & Gang Green covers
  Latex Cult/1996 [Osmose]
   # Also as limited edition metal box
   # More punk-like than the other albums
  Live In Pilzen October 11, 1995/MC/???? [Shit]
   # Bootleg of course
  (new album to be recorded in January)

Impending Doom: Germany 1993-
  Messias Abaddon/demo/1995
  Caedes Sacrilegae/1997 [PT]
  /1997 [Mer]

Imperitator: 1984-????
   # not "Imperator" then?
   # Long dead by now?
  The Time Before Time/1996 [Pagan]
   # Recorded in 1989.

Impiety: Singapore 1990-
  Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration/demo/1992
  Salve The Goat: Iblis Exelsi/7"/1994 [Shs/?]
  Asateerul Awaleen/1996 [Shs]
  Funeral Light..../EP/1997 [Shs]
   # Is this out?

Imprecation: US 1991-
   # Black/Death
  Ceremony Of The Nine Angels/demo/????
  Sigil Of Baphomet/7"/???? []
  Theurgia Goetia Summa/1996 [Rep] 

Impurity: Brazil ????-
  ????/1995 [Cogu]
   # Does this one exist?
  Into The Ritual Chamber/1997 [Cogu]

In Battle: Sweden ????-
   # Inludes the Setherial guitarist and drummer
  In Battle/1997 [Nap2]

In Darkness: Portugal 1992?-
   # Death -> Black?
  Remembrance From The Ancients/demo/1995
  Too Cold Inside/1997 [Ecl]

In Deum Maledicus: Italy ????-
   # Formed by two Novembre members
  Acies/MCD/1995 [Cys]
  (new MCD coming soon)

In Memoriam: Brazil ????-
   # I am told they are Death, not Black?

In The Woods: Norway 1992-
   # Only some of their music is really Black Metal
  Rehearsal 93/demo/1993
  Isle Of Men/demo/1993
  HEart Of The Ages/1994 [Mis]
  White Rabbit/The Mourning Of Aase/7"/1996 [Mis]
   # With Jeffersson Airplane cover!
  A Return To The Isle Of Men/1996 [Ham2]
   # The demo, with two extra tracks
  Omnio/1997 [Mis]
   # Not very Black really

Inchiuvatu: Italy ????- 
   # Melodic black metal with Sicilian folk influences. 
   # Lyrics are in a Sicilian dialect.
  Addisiu/1997 [Elegy] 
   # Translation: "Desire".
Indungeon: Sweden
   # Another Black/Thrash band
  Machinegunnery Of Doom/1997 [FMP]

Infernal Beauty: ????-
   # Any Black at all?
  Drakkensquar/1997 []

Inferni: Netherlands ????-
   # With Funeral Winds members
  Inferni/MCD/1995 [BA]

Infernum: Poland ????-1997
   # Graveland side project. The same Nazi interest too. One of the two
   # members left the scene and the band was abandoned, with a "partial"
   # second album "When The Light Has Died" recorded (no vocals).
  Promo 93/demo/1993
  Damned Majesty/demo/1995
  ...Taur-Nu-Fuin.../1995 [Ast]

Infernäl Mäjesty: Canada 1986-
   # Kind of thrashy but OK, included they are
  None Shall Defy/1987 [RR/Dis]
   # Rereleased by Displeased in 96, including the Nigresent Desilution demo
  Nigresent Desilution/demo/1989

Infernö: Norway 1992-
   # Is this Black or just an 80's Speed/Thrash rehash?
   # Has Aura Noir/Ved Buens Ende/Beyond Dawn members.
  Massacre In Hell/demo/1995
  Utter Hell/1996 [Osmose]
  ("Downtown Hades" out soon)

Infester: US ????-
   # Grind/Black?
  Darkness Unveiled/7"/1992 [Mori]
  To Depths, In Degradation/1995 [Mori]

Inquisition: Colombia ????-
  Incense Of The Rest/demo/1994
  Incense Of The Rest/MCD/1996 [Def]
   # the demo.
  Summoning The Black Dimensions In The Farallones/1997 [Syl]
    (split with Profane Creation)
   # The Inquisition tracks equal the demo + 1 extra track.
  ("Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult" soon on Moribund/Defiled)

Insatanity: US 1992-
   # Black/Death, Church Of Satan people
  Ad Maiorem Satanae Glorium/demo/1993
  Unholiness Rising/demo/1995
  Divine Decomposition/demo/1996
   # Preview of album.....
  Divine Decomposition/1996 [Uni]
  /1997 [Mcoi]

Inverted: Sweden 1991-
   # Mostly Death. Definitely a marginal inclusion
  Tales Of Estaban/demo/1991
   # Death Metal
  Heaven Defied/demo/1992 [WR]
   # Death Metal. The WR rerelease has bonus track.
  Revocation Of The Beast/MCD/1994 [WR]
   # Black/Death!
  Empire Of Darkness/7"/1994 [Reg/VOD]
   # Black Metal? Or Black/Death at least?
  /7"/1994? [WR]
  The Shadowland/1995 [Shiver]
   # Death Metal again?
  /7"/1996 [VOD]
  (new album "There Can Be Only One" out on Shiver some time soon)

Invocation: Greece ????-
  Ars Moriendi/demo/1995
  /7"/1995 [DS]
   # The Invocation tracks is from the first demo
  Promo 96/demo/1996

Isengard: Norway 1989- (project)
   # Fenriz' from Darkthrone solo work; some Black, some Doom, some folk.
   # Chances are that Fenriz won't record any more Isengard material.
   # Isengard, as well as Gorgoroth, are places in Tolkien's world.
  Spectres Over Gorgoroth/demo/1989
   # Traditional Death Metal
   # Sounds like Burzum but with clear vocals
  Vinterskugge/1994 [Deaf]
   # Translation: "Winter shadow"
   # Includes both demos; the newer material is partly pure Black and partly
   # like Bathory's "Hammerheart" with a folk music touch.
  Høstmørke/1995 [Moon]
   # Translation: "Autumn darkness"
   # Two Black Metal tracks on it.

Isvind: Norway 1994-
   # Translation: "Ice wind"
   # In the straight-forward Norwegian school
   # Translation: The realm of the dead (a bit like Hades) in Norse myth
   # Translation: "The mistress" (that is, "ruler")
  Isvind/7"/1996 [Sol]
  Dark Waters Stir/1996 [Sol]

Itnos: Singapore ????-
  Mary Christ Bitch/7"/???? []

Journey Through The Dark: Italy 1993-
   # Black doomdeath metal.
  Screams Of Sirens/demo/1995 
  ...Among Secrets/MCD/1997 []
Joyless: Norway 1997- , before that as Forgotten Woods
   # Borderline black metal (close to Forgotten Woods' style)
  Unlimited Hate/1997 [NC]
  /7"/1997 [NC]
   # Limited to 200 copies

Judas Iscariot: US 1992-
   # Raw Black Metal, one man band.
  Arise, My Lord/demo/1993
  The Cold Earth Slept Below/demo/1995
  Thy Dying Light/demo/1996
  Distant In Solitary Night/demo/1996
  An Ancient Starry Sky/demo/1996
  The Cold Earth Slept Below/1996 [Mori]
   # the demo - yes it is full-length
  Arise, My Lord.../7"/1996 [Mori/BON]
   # Two tracks off of "Distant In Solitary Night"
  Thy Dying Light/1997 [Mori]
  ...Of Great Eternity/1997 [Elegy]
  (coming: "Distant In Solitary Night" on Moribund)
  (coming: "An Ancient Starry Sky" on Elegy)

Kampfar: Norway 1994-
   # One-man project of Dolk, ex-Mock
   # Burzum soundalike
  Promo 1995/demo/1995
  Kampfar/MCD/1996 [SOM]
   # The promo + one track
  (full-length on Malicious out yet?)

Katatonia: Sweden 1987-1989, 1991-1994, 1996-
   # Not to be confused with the band Catatonia, whatever they sound like.
   # Melodic Doomdeath with a few Black Metal overtones and tendencies
   # towards the gothic. 
  Jhva Elohim Meth/demo/1992
   # This is their blackest recording
  Jhva Elohim Meth... the Revival/MCD/1993 [Victor]
   # The demo released on CD
  Dance Of December Souls/1993 [NF/Pave]
  For Funerals To Come.../EP/1995 [AG]
   # And this isn't Black at all
  Brave Murder Day/1996 [AG]
   # A US version includes the "For Funerals To Come..." EP?
  /10"/1996 [Mis]
  Sounds Of Decay/MCD/1997 [AG]

Kawir: Greece ????-
   # An atmospheric variant of the Greek sound.
   # they now have an "alternative" Greek name: Kabeipos.
  Promo 93/demo/1993
  /7"/1994 [Cac]
  Kawir/7"/1995 [DS]
   # Also called "Eumenides"?
  The Ancient Spirits/demo/????
  Pros Kaweirous/1996 [DS]
   # LP has different cover. Is this a full-length? On Dark Side???
  To Kavirs/EP/1996 [DS]

Keep Of Kalessin: ????-
  Through Times Of War/1997 [AG]

Khazad Dhum: Germany ????-
   # "Fast, aggressive Black Metal".
   # Is that the correct band name? Tolkien spelled it "Khazad Dum".
  Blackest/1996 [Mind]

Kohort: Poland ????-
   # Nazi band, if you care.
  Meggido Eve/demo/1996
  Christian Masquerade/demo/1996
  Christian Masquerade/1996 [ED]

Korova: Austria ????-
   # Barock Black Metal?
  A Kiss In The Charnel Fields/1995 [Nap2]

Kvikksølvguttene: Norway ????-
   # With Necro Butcher of Mayhem
   # Old style
  Gamlem/MCD/1997 [HNF/VOW?/PC?]
  Krieg/1997 [HNF]

Kvist: Norway ????-
   # Sounds like Satyricon to me
  Demo 95/demo/1995
  For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike/1996 [AG]

Langsuir: Malaysia 1991-
   # A Langsuir is a kind of vampire if I'm not mistaken
  Occultus Mysticism/demo/1993
  The Eastern Cruelty/demo/1996
  The Eastern Cruelty/MCD/1997 [OE/NE]
  (new CD some time on NE)

Legion Of Doom: Greece 1990-
   # Nazi band, if you care
  Passage Through...The Circle/7"/1993 [ML] (split with Bestial Wrath)
  The Kingdom Of Endless Darkness/1995 [SP]
  Those Of The Blood/1997 [Hyp]

Lemegethon: Greece ????-
  Dethronement Of The Light/demo/1991
  Demonic Hellhounds/7"/1994 [WL]

Liar Of Golgotha: Netherlands 1993-1994, 1995 -
   # Funeral Winds side project
  The Seventh Winter/7"/MC/1994 [Maggot/Who]
  Winter Returns.../demo/1995
  Vendetta/MCD/1996 [Cry]
  Dancing Through The Palace Of Unholy.../1996 [Shs]
  (now on Mascot (or Two Moons?))

Limbonic Art: Norway ????-
  Rehearsal 95/demo/1995
  Rehearsal 96/demo/1996
  Moon In The Scorpio/1997 [NA]
  In Abhorrence Dementia/1997 [NA]
   # The limited edition 2LP version has two bonus tracks

Lord Belial: Sweden 1992-
   # Somewhat in the Unanimated/Dissection/etc "Swedish" style. Unusual
   # instrument: flute
  The Art Of Dying/demo/1993
  Into The Frozen Shadows/demo/1994
  Kiss The Goat - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi/1995 [NF]
  Enter The Moonlight Gate/1997 [NF]
   # Much rawer and colder
  (new MCD coming but they are searching for a new label)

Lord Kaos: Australia ????-
  Thorns Of Impurity/1996 [Whd]

Loucyfer: Brazil ????-
   # Black Metal
  Worship Flesh/???? [Cogu]
  /???? [Cogu]
  ????/???? [Cogu] 

Lugubrum: Belgium 1993-
  Black Prophecies/demo/1993
  Winterstones/1995? [Skr]
  Gedachte & Geheugen/1997 [Skr]
   # Half of the album is electronic

Lunar Aurora: Germany 1994-
  A Wandering Winterdream Beneath The Cold Moon/demo/1995
  Auf Dunklen Schwingen/demo/1996
   # Translation: "On dark wings"
  Weltengänger/1997 [Voices]
   # Translation: "Globetrotter" or what???

Lux Occulta: Poland ????-
   # Symphonic Black like... many other bands nowadays
  The Forgotten Art/demo/????
  Forever Alone. Immortal/1996 [Pagan]

Lycanthropy: US 1994-
   # Started out kind of Darkthrone sounding. The word is that they are
   # going more atmospheric.
  Sanctity Of The Black/demo/1995
  Promo 1995/demo/1995
  The Veils Of Sorrow/MCD/1996 [PTE]
  (coming next year: full-length "...As The Mourners Arise")

Majestic Midnight: France 1994-
  A Blackend Rain Of Tears/demo/1995
  A Trip To Dark.../1997 [EO/Osmose]

Malificarium: Colombia ????-
   # Not to be confused with the Italian band.
  The Dust Of The Real Path/demo/1996
  Unholy Falldown Of Christianism/1996 []

Malignant Eternal: Norway 1991-
  Tarnet/1996 [self/Hot]
   # Along the lines of Bathory's "Blood Fire Death"
   # Translation: Would be "The tower" if it was spelled "Tårnet"
  Far Beneath The Sun/1997 [Nap2]

Malkuth: Brazil 1993-
  Orgies In The Temple Of Christ (Bastard Son)/demo/1995
  Glory And Victory/demo/1996
  Under Delight Of The Black Candle/7"/1997 [Demise]
  Promo 97/demo/1997
  (CD soon)

Manes: Norway ????-
  Maanens Natt/demo/1993
   # Translation: "The night of the moon"
  Ned I Stillheten/demo/1994
  Til Kongens Grav De Døde Vandrer/demo/1995
   # Translation: "To the king's grave the dead wander"
  ????/1997 [Ham2]

Maniac Butcher: Czechia 1992-
  Immortal Death/demo/1993
  The Incapable Carrion/demo/1995
  Black Hordes Of Saaz/7"/1996 [VB] (split with Dark Storm)
  Barbarians/1996 [PG]
  Lucian-Antikrist/1996 [PG]

Marduk: Sweden 1990 as God, 1990- as Marduk
   # Fast modern Black Metal. The demo and the two first albums are more
   # Deathish, the later material is *very* fast.
  Fuck Me Jesus/demo/1991
  Dark Endless/1992 [NF/Nec]
  Those Of The Unlight/1993 [Osmose]
  Opus Nocturne/1994 [Osmose]
  Fuck Me Jesus/MCD/7"/1995 [Osmose]
   # Right, the demo, with new cover painting. Banned in many countries.
  Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered/1996 [Osmose]
  Glorification/EP/1996 [Osmose]
   # Remix of title track (originally from "Heaven Shall Burn..." + covers:
   # "Total Desaster" (Destruction), "Sodomize The Dead" & "Sex With Satan"
   # (Piledriver) and "The Return Of Darkness And Evil" (Bathory)
   # The vinyl version has bonus Venom cover.
  Live In Germania/1997 [Osmose]
   # Right, a live album
  (new full-length "Nightwing" out in February)
  (and even later "Panzer Division Marduk (a tribute to war)" EP)

Martyrium: Germany ????-1995
   # Raw Black Metal with good intros/fillers...
   # Some of the members are now in Secrets Of The Moon
  Invocation Of The Maat/demo/1992
  Through The Aeon/demo/1993
  Arcanum De Via Occulta/demo/1993
  L.V.X Occulta/1994 [Mer]

Masochist: US 1992-1996
   # Quite Death-ish. After the split the members went to Summon and
   # Winds Of The Black Mountain.
  Feast Of The Goat/demo/1992
  Fuck Your God/demo/1993
  Frost Of The Diabolical Forest/demo/1994 
  Fuck Your God/7"/1994 [PS]
   # That demo?
  Sucking The Tongue Of The Ancient One/demo/1994
  Nocturnal Practices/demo/1995
  ("Frost Of The Diabolical Forest" might be released on CD by Moribund)

Master's Hammer: Czechia 1983-
   # Early on basic Black Metal - in their hayday orchestral Black Metal
   # with keyboards and tympans!
   # Is that start year correct?
  The Mass/demo/1989
  The Fall Of Idol/demo/1990
  Ritual/1991 [Mon/Osmose]
   # The Czech CD version has 2 extra tracks "Zapalili Jsme" and "Vykoupeni"
  Klavierstück/7"/1992 [PS]
   # "Cards Do Not Lie"/"Satrapold"
  Jilemnicky Okultista/demo/1992
  The Jilemnice Occultist/1993 [Osmose/JLA]
   # No, it's not called "..Filemnice...", that's a misprint
  Slágry/1995 [Kron-H]
   # This is not even Metal. You have been warned.

Mastiphal: Poland ????-
  Nocturnz Landscape/demo/1993
  Sowing Profane Seed/demo/1994
  For The Glory Of All Evil/demo/1995
   # A demo for the album?
  For A Glory Of All Evil Spirits, Rise For Victory/1996 [Noct/Fai]
  Sowing Profane Seeds/1997 [Fai]
   # The demo?
  ("Seed Of Victory" out yet on FMP?)
  (and new album on Faithless)

Mayhem: Norway 1984-1993, 1994-
   # Going from primitive classic Death/Black to the modern high speed style
   # Black Metal. The "new" version contains of Hellhammer, Necro Butcher,
   # Maniac and Blasphemer (new guitarist, also in Aura Noir).
  Pure Fucking Armageddon/demo/1986
   # re-released in 1991? with "Voice Of A Tortured Skull" included
  Voice Of A Tortured Skull/demo/1986
  Deathcrush/demo/EP/1987 [PC/DSP]
   # re-released 1993
  Live In Leipzig/1992 [OP/AG]
   # recorded 1990
  De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas/1994 [DSP/VOW/CM]
  A Tribute To The Black Emperors/1994 [LOTRS] (split with Morbid)
   # Mayhem songs are "Necrolust"/"Carnage"/"The Freezing Moon"/"Funeral Fog"
   # "Carnage"/"The Freezing Moon" are the same recordings that appeared on
   # the "Projections Of A Stained Mind" compilation & as bonus tracks on the
   # LP version of the live album.
  In Memoriam/7"/1994 [bootleg]
   # 2 live songs from "Live In Leipzig" + rehearsal version of "Funeral Fog"
  Dawn Of The Black Hearts/1995 [War]
   # Kind of a bootleg. Live recordings from 1990 and 1986.
   # Has the picture of Dead found dead on the cover.
  The Dawn Of The Black Hearts/1996 [bootleg]
   # As above, but only the 1990 recording. Better looking packaging.
  /1995 [bootleg]
  Pure Fucking Armageddon/1996 [DH?]
   # Probably a bootleg not put out by Die Hard, content like the 1991 demo
   # re-release. The CD version has better packaging.
  The True Black/MC/1996 [bootleg] (split with Zemial)
   # Actually the same as the split with Thou Shalt Suffer and Zemial, but
   # without the Thou Shalt Suffer tracks.
  Born Into Evil/MC/???? [bootleg]
   # "Live In Leipzig" + "Carnage" 1990 version + "Pure Fucking Armageddon"
   # demo + parts of "Voice Of A Tortured Skull" demo?
  Out From The Dark/picture 12"/1996 [bootleg/Bme]
   # Rehearsal with Dead
  In Memoriam/1996 [bootleg]
   # The 7" + many more rehearsal tracks
  Freezing Moon/Carnage/picture 12"/1997 [Bme]
   # Those 1990 recordings strike again
  Ancient Skin/MCD/1997 [Mis]
   # "Ancient Skin"/"Necrolust"
   # Limited to 500 copies!
  Wolf's Lair Abyss/MCD/1997 [Mis]

Mayhemic Truth: Germany 1992-
  Rehearsal '92/demo/1992
   # Unofficial?
  Son of Dawn/demo/1993
  Promotape '94/demo/1994
  Unrel. Tracks '94/demo/1994
   # Unofficial?
  Cythraw/7"/1995 [Folter] 
  Demo '96/demo/1996 

Maze Of Cako Torments: Latvia 1995-
   # One man band. Drum machine exercise.
  Dabalibula/MC/1995 []
  (new album "Demonical Songs Of Yellow Waters" soon)

Maze Of Torment: Sweden ????-
   # Any Black?
  The Force/1996 [Cor]

Medieval Demon: Greece ????-
  Night Of The Infernal Lords/demo/????
  /7"/1995 [DS]
   # On track taken from the first demo
  Promo 95/demo/1995
  Blood Is The Life... The Only Path To Immortality/demo/????

Melechesh: Israel 1993-
  As Jerusalem Burns/demo/1995
  The Siege Of Lachish/7"/1996 [DMP]
  As Jerusalem Burns... Al' Intisar/1997 [BON/Pul]
   # So, is this just a re-release of the demo or?

Melek Taus: Sweden ????-
   # A bit doomy?
  We Unite/demo/1995?
  Expulsion From The Realms Of Light (Encircled By Fire)/MCD/1997 [ND]

Mephistopheles: ????-
   # Black???
  Landscape Symphonies/1997 []

Meressin: Lithuania ????-
   # Oldstyle Black
  Satan, Oro Te, Reo Portas Patere/MC/1996 [Bomba]

Midvinter: Sweden 1993-
  At The Sight Of The Apocalypse Dragon/1997 [Bdia/Inv]
  (new 7" with cover songs coming soon on Near Dark)
  (new album "Daughter Of The Serpent" in April)

Misery: Switzerland ????-1994?
   # Slow, like Samael? Is it more Doomdeath than Black?
   # Contained the original Samael drummer Pat.
  Burning Alive/demo/1990
  Tormented Soul/demo/1991
  Mystic/1993 [Bla]

Mithotyn: Sweden ????-
   # Defintely something about vikings but is it fit for the list?
  Behold The Shields Of Gold/demo/1993
  Promo 94/demo/1994
  In The Sign Of The Ravens/1997 [Inv]

Moaning, The: Sweden -
  Blood From Stone/1997 [NF]

Mock: Norway ????-1994
   # Dolk went on to form Kampfar afterwards
  Cold Winter/demo/1993
  Cold Winter/1995 [Ham2] (split with Tumulus)
   # The Mock tracks equal the demo
  Vinterlandet/MCD/1996 [Ham2]
   # Translation: "The winterland".
   # "Vinterlandet"/"Call The Eternal Winter"/"Thy Sorrow Of Asgard"

Monumentum: Italy 1987-
   # In the beginning on the Black side; later on the music changed
  Museaum Hermeticum/demo/1989
   # Sounds quite Celtic Frost-ish
  /7"/picture 12"/1991 [OP]
   # No longer Black. The picture disc 12" is a 1996 re-release
  In Absentia Christi/1995 [Mis]
   # Not Metal! This is something Gothic/Avant Garde
  (10" soon on Misanthropy/Anja)

Moonblood: Germany ????-1994 as Demoniac, 1994- as Moonblood
   # Nazi band?
   # As Demoniac
   # As Demoniac
  The Winter Falls Over The Land/demo/1995?
  /7"/1997 [UB?/LE]
  Blut & Krieg/12"/MC/1997 []
   # Translation: "Blood & War"

Moonspell: Portugal 1988-1992 as Morbid God, 1993- as Moonspell
   # Early on more traditional Black Metal, then more doomy and gothic
   # They do no longer want to be known as a Black Metal band
  Serpent Angel/demo/1992
   # Also known as "Promo 92". As Morbid God.
  Anno Satanae/demo/1993
  Goat On Fire/7"/1994 [ML]
   # two songs from the "Anno Satanae" demo
   # Does this one really exist? As a bootleg perhaps?
  Wolves From The Fog/7"/1994 [ML]
   # two songs from the "Anno Satanae" demo
  Under The Moonspell/MCD/1994 [Adi]
  Wolfheart/1995 [CM]
   # Now it's more Gothic - almost no Black at all
   # Digipack version contains extra track "Ataegina"
  Irreligious/1996 [CM]
   # An there went the last Black elements out
  Opium/MCD/1996 [CM]
   # "Opium" (album + radio versions)/"Raven Claws"/"Ruin & Misery"
  Thw 2econd Skin/2MCD/1997 [CM]
   # CD 1 contains "Second Skin" normal & video edits, one Depeche Mode
   # cover and an old demo track. CD 2 contains 7 live tracks
  (new full-length in January)

Morbid: Sweden ????-1988
   # The band most legendary because they had Dead on vocals on the
   # first demo.
  December Moon/demo/1987
  Last Supper/demo/1988
  A Tribute To The Black Emperors/1994 [LOTRS] (split with Mayhem)
   # The Morbid tracks are the "December Moon" demo
  December Moon/12"/1995 [Reaper]
   # this is exactly what you think it is
  Morbid/1996 [bootleg]
   # Live recording, also called "Live" or "Death Execution"
  (the world is expecting "December Moon" on CD any day now)

Mordor: Switzerland ????-
   # Atmospheric, dommy & gothic - Black Metal?
  Les Armees De Sauron/7"/1994? [Shs]
  Dark Is The Future/7"/1994 [Shs]
   # Picture disc even.
  Odes/MCD/1995 [WR]
   # the demo 
  Csejthe/MCD/1995 [WR]
   # the demo re-recorded or just re-released?
  (new album coming some day)

Morgul: Norway ????-
  Lost In Shadows Grey/1997 [Nap2]

Morningstar: Finland 1989-???? as Testator, ????-1991 as Thor's Hammer,
             1991- as Morningstar
  Obscure Aurora Above Us/demo/1992
  Inside The Circle Of The Pentagram/demo/1993
  Promotape 1994/demo/1994
   # 3 songs that ended up on "Rivendell"
  As The Wolves Howl/MCD/1995 [WR]
   # Incl. two remixed tracks from "Inside The Circle Of The Pentagram" demo
  Rivendell/1995 [WR]
   # Translation: A place in Tolkien's world
  Before The Dawn/7"/1995 [Mlt]
  Heretic Metal/1996 [Mlt]
  (new album "Hell" out soon)

Mortem: Peru 1986-
   # Black/Death
   # No relation to the old Norweian band
  Vomit Of The Earth/demo/1992
  Demon Tales/1996 [Mer]

Mortifier: Poland ????-
  Breath Of The Night/1997 [Fai]

Mortuary Drape: Italy 1984-
  Doom Return/demo/1986
  Into The Drape/EP/1992 [Dec]
  All The Witches Dance/1994 [Uni]
  Mourn Path/MCD/1996 [Shs]
  Secret Sudaria/1997 [NE]

Mundanus Imperium: Norway ????-
  Mundanus Imperium/MCD/1997 [VM]
  Ode To The Nightsky/MCD/1997 []

Murder Rape: Brazil 1992-
   # Nazi band, if you care.
  In Liason With Satan/demo/1993
  Celebration Of Supreme Evil/1994 [Cogu]
  ...And Evil Returns/1996 [Cogu]

Mutiilation: France ????-
  Satanist Stryken/demo/1993
  Hail Satanas We Are The Black Legions/7"/1994 []
  Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood/1996 [Dra]
   # 1000 hand numbered copies

My Infinite Kingdom: Poland 1993-
   # Keyboard driven Black Metal with shrieky vocals
   # Nazi band?
  Ecstacies Over Dreaming Lady/demo/1994
  Ecstacies Over Dreaming Lady/1995 [NC]
   # is this = the demo?

Mystic Circle: Germany ????-
  Der Schrei Nach Finsternis - Morgenröte/1997 [LE]

Mysticum: Norway ????-1994 as Sabazios, 1994- as Mysticum
   # They utilize a drum machine
  Demo 1/demo/1993
  /7"/1994 [NG]
  In The Streams Of Inferno/1996 [FMP]

Mystifier: Brazil 1989-
   # *Raw* fast traditional Black Metal.. in the beginning at least
   # They like Black Magick themes
  Tormenting The Holy Trail/demo/1989
  The Evil Ascension Returns/7"/1990 [Maniac]
  Aleister Crowley/demo/1991
  Wicca/1992 [Hel/Osmose]
  Goetia/1993 [Osmose]
  The World Is So Good That Who Made It Doesn't Live Here/1996 [Osmose]
   # Enter a tenor vocalist (here and there) and more 80's stuff

Mäctetus: Norway ????-
  Blot/1997 [Emb]
   # Translation: "Sacrifice" (roughly)

Mörk Gryning: Sweden ????-
   # Fast, melodic... "Swedish"
   # Translation: "Dark dawn"
  Demo -94/demo/1994
  Tusen År Har Gått.../1995 [NF]
   # Translation: "A thousand years have passed"
  Return Fire/1997 [NF]

N.M.E.: US 1984-1986, 1995-
   # Venom clones. Yes, one of their members did kill his mother.
  Machines Of War/demo/1985
  Unholy Death/1985 [LSR/Mori]
   # Moribund re-release #1 includes demo/unreleased studio recordings. It 
   # is sold out and a regular version will be released
  Machines Of War '95/demo/1995
   # Style change?
  Machines Of War '95/1997 [self?]
   # On other media too

Nahash: Lithuania 1993-
  Nocticula Hecate/demo/1994
   # Two versions exists: the newer is remastered and repackaged.
   # Translation: Hecate is a Greek goddess, Nocticula one of her bynames
  Wellon Aeternitas/1997 []

Naked Whipper: Germany 1992-
   # Black/Grind, like Blasphemy, Impaled Nazarene etc.
  ????/7"/1993 [UF]
  Painstreaks/1995 [MMI]

Nashehrum: Italy ????-
  Black Ritual Of Hearts Asportation/demo/1994	
  Remember The Shining Moons Of The Black Autumns/EP/1996 [Maggot]
   # Only two of the fire tracks are Metal, the rest synth only

Nazxul: Australia 1991-
  Hymn Of A Dying Moon/demo/1994 [Vam]
  Totem/1996 [Vam]

Nebiras: Malaysia ????-
   # Avid Darkthrone followers it seems
  As The Sky Turns Black/1993 [DJ]
  Sacrilegus/7"/???? []
  Our Blood For His Glory/1996? [DJ]
   # half live, half studio

Necrofeast: ????-
   # To be removed because of not being Black Metal unless you protest now
  Necrofeast/1996 []

Necromancy: Bolivia ????-
   # Used to be old-school extreme Black Metal but has now turned more
   # Moonspell-like?
  Apocalipsis/???? []

Necromantia: Greece 1989-
   # Oldstyle Black Metal, but with some Samael influences? Note that they
   # have no rhythm guitar - instead they use an 8-string bass guitar
   # Church Of Satan associates.
  Vampiric Rituals/demo/????
  Black Arts Lead To Everlasting Sins/EP/1992 [Uni] (split with Varathron)
  Demo 93/demo/1993
   # two songs, also included on "Crossing The Fiery Path"
  Crossing The Fiery Path/1993 [Osmose]
  From The Past We Summon Thee/7"/MCD/1994 [DS/WR]
   # live from 1989
  Scarlet Evil Witching Black/1995 [Osmose]
  Ancient Pride/EP/1997 [Osmose]
   # Includes a Manowar cover "Each Dawn I Die".
   # The vinyl version has a bonus track "Spiritforms Of The Psychomancer".

Necromass: Italy 1992-
  Connected Body Pentagram/demo/7"/1992 [Cfn]
  His Eyes/7"/1993 [Cnf] 
  Bhoma/7"/1993 [Mce] 
  Mysteria Mystica Zofiriana/1994 [Uni]
  Abyss Calls Life/1996 [Dracma]
   # This not as Black as the earlier stuff

Necromicon: Sweden 1993-
   # Deathy Black the Swedish way?
  When The Sun Turns Black/demo/1994
  Through The Gates Of Grief/demo/1994
   # Songs from the later released album?
  Realm Of Silence/1996 [IP]
  (now signed to Hammerheart (the Belgian label))

Nefundus: Sweden ????-
  The Nightwinds Carried Our Names/1997 [Sec]

Nergal: Greece 1989-
   # Early on like Necromantia (i.e. without guitar, but with a distorted
   # bass instead). Now they do have guitars though.
  Promo 92/demo/1992
  The Talisman Of Kioutha/7"/???? [self]
  The Middle Ages Return/7"/1993 [self]
  De Vermis Mysteriis/7"/1993 [self]
  Ijus Morker/demo/1994
   # Is that title correct?
  /7"/1994 [self]
  The Wizard Of Nerath/1995 [Uni]

Nergal: Switzerland ????-
   # This Nergal is supposedly Black/Death
  Necrospell/12"/1993 [War] (split with Bundeswehra)

Niden Div. 187: Sweden 1995- (project)
   # Members of Dawn, A Canorous Quintet & Thy Primordial
   # War & hate
  Towards Judgement/MCD/1996 [Nec]
  Impergium/1997 [Nec]

Nifelheim: Sweden 1990-
   # Back to the 80's (Destruction/Sodom/Bathory)
  Unholy Death/demo/1994?
  Nifelheim/1995 [Nec]
  ????/EP/1996 [Nec]
   # Released in one very limited edition
  (new full-length soon)

Nightmare: ????-
   # Black/Death?
  Cold/1996 []

Nihili Locus: Italy 1990-
  Sub Hyerosolyma/7"/1992 [OP] 
  ????/1995 []
   # Does any such album exist?
  ...Ad Nihilum Recidunt Omnia/MCD/1996 [Bou]

Nocturnal Breed: Norway ????-
   # Members of Covenant etc. Black Thrash old style bla bla again,
  Aggressor/1997 [Ham2]

Nocturnal Worshipper: Brazil ????-
  The Lords Of Occultism/demo/????
  Ceremonial Circle/7"/1995 [HMR]

Nokturnal Mortum: Russia ????-
  Lunar Poetry/demo/1996
  Lunar Poetry/1997 [MN]
   # The demo?
  Goat Horns/1997 [MN]

Non Serviam: Sweden ????-
   # Black Metal???
  Between Light And Darkness/1997 [Inv]
  (new album in April)

North: Poland ????-
  As My Kingdom Rises/demo/1993
  Thorns On The Black Rose/demo/1994
  Promo 94/demo/1994
  Reh' 94/demo/1994
  Thorns On The Black Rose/1995 [Ast]
  Jeseinne Szepty/MCD/1996 [BA] (split with Sacriligium)
  (second full-length will be out yet on Black Arts?)

Northland: Poland ????-
  The Battle Into The Deep Dark Forest/demo/1994
  Smiere To Nienwisc/demo/1995
  ????/7"/???? []
  Czernoboh/1996 [Ast]
   # Translation: "Blackgod"

Nox Mortis: Germany ????-
   # Is this really Black Metal?
   # not quite official demo
  Im Wald Der Angst/demo/1994
   # Translation: "In the forest of fear"
  Im Schatten Des Hasses/1996 [Pro]
   # Translation: "In the shadow of hate"
  (new album soon on Prophecy)

Nåstrond: Sweden 1993-
   # Has a history as a nazi band, if you care...
  From A Black Funeral Coffin/demo/1994
  Toteslaut/1995 [Nap2]
  Digerdöden/7"/1995 [FMP]
  Age Of Fire/1997 [Nap2]
  (new album "Celebration Of The Four" early next year?)

Obscuration: France ????-
  The 5th Season/MCD/1997 []

Obscurity: Sweden ????-????
   # Here you can hear where Darkthrone got some of their influences
   # No relation to the later Stockholm Death Metal band.
  Ovation To Death/demo/1986
  Damnation's Pride/demo/1987
  Damnation's Pride/7"/1997 [TTD]
   # Exactly what you think it is
  ("Ovation To Death" coming soon on 7" too)

Obtained Enslavement: Norway ????-
  Centuries Of Sorrow/1995 [Effigy]
  Witchcraft/1997 [WL]

Occult: Netherlands 1990-
   # With ex-Bestial Summoning vocalist Sephiroth. Bordering on Death/Thrash
   # Metal. They now have a female second vocalist (grunter)
   # Beware of another Occult out there
  Prepare To Meet Thy Doom/1994 [F2000]
  Enemy Within/1996 [F2000]
   # More Thrashy

Octinomos: Sweden ????-
   # One-man band of Fredrik Söderlund who played with Algaion for a while.
   # See also Parnassus.
  As Long As Evil Stars.../demo/1994
  On The Demiurge/demo/1995
  On The Demiurge/1995 [FMP]
   # = the demo?

Old Man's Child: Norway ????-
   # With Dimmu Borgir and Minas Tirith members
  Promo 95/demo/1995
  Born Of The Flickering/1996 [Hot]
   # Two versions with different covers exist
  In The Shades Of Life/MCD/1996 [Hot]
   # old demo recordings that were going to be released on a split
   # with Ved Buens Ende but became this MCD instead
  The Pagan Prosperity/1997 [CM]

Onslaught: Britain ????-1991
   # The real early stuff was Venom-ish Black Metal. The rest is not.
  Power From Hell/1985 [COTA/UOF/MFN/Pus/Pow]
   # Black
  The Force/1986 [MFN]
   # Speed
  Let There Be Rock/EP/1988 [MFN]
  In Search Of Sanity/1989 [London/FFTR]
   # Cheesier?
  Shellshock/EP/1989 [London/FFTR]
  Welcome To Dying/EP/1989 [London/FFTR]

Opera IX: Italy 1988-
   # Black/Death? Some compare them to Master's Hammer. Early on they were
   # more thrashy?
  Demo 92/demo/1992
  The Triumph Of The Death/7"/1993 [Wimp]
  The Call Of The Wood/1995 [Mce]
  (second album "Sacroculto" coming in January)

Ophthalamia: Sweden ????-1997?
   # More Doom than Black. Often not very Metal at all.
   # All stars band with members involved in e.g. Abruptum, Marduk,
   # Dissection & Swordmaster. Mainman was It from Abruptum but since
   # he has left the scene the band ought to be dead?
  A Journey In Darkness/1994 [AG]
  Via Dolorosa/1995 [AG]
  To Elisha/1996 [Nec]

Order From Chaos: US 1987-1995
   # Strictly speaking not Black Metal (and they never said they were) but
   # more like old style Death Metal. I keep getting told to include them
   # though.
  Demo I/demo/1988
  Crushed Infamy/demo/1989 [WR]
  Will To Power/7"/1990 [Put/WR]
  Alienus Sum/demo/1992
  Stillbirth Machine/1993 [Dec/Uni/WR]
  Jericho Trumpet/7"/1994 [Ges]
  Live: Into Distant Fears/7"/1994 [Eter]
   # Yes, live
  Pain Lengthens Time/7"/1994 []
   # Live
  Plateau Of Invincibility/1994 [Shs]
   # Has a two Venom covers on it. The vinyl version is a 10".
   # The/One Cd version includes the "Live: Into Distant Fears" 7"
  Dawn Bringer/1994 [Shs]
   # CD version includes the "Pain Lengthens Time" 7"
  And I Saw Eternity/MCD/1996 [GZ/Shs]
  (last album "An Ending In Fire" should be out by now?)
  (the "Crushed Infamy" demo will be released on CD)
  (and next year a limited vinyl box set of albums and eps will be released)

Osculum Infame: France 1993-
   # Has a history as a nazi band, if you care.
  Sadomastic Impure Artgoat/demo/1994
  I'a Aem'nh S'ha-t'n/demo/1995  
  /demo/1996 [AMSG?]
  Dor-Nu-Fauglith/1997 [Mord]
   # Trabslation: A place in Tolkien's world
  (new split 7" with Forest Of Souls soon)
  (and new 2LP "Dor Du Fauglith" soon too on Black Militia)

Pagan Rites: Sweden 1992-1994, before that as Autopsy Torment
   # Slow Black
  Demo 92/demo/1992
   # Not called "Through The Gates Of Hell" is it?
  Promo 93/demo/1993
  Hail Victory!/7"/1993 [ML?]
   # Any more information on if this one was ever released?
  Sodomy in Heaven/EP/???? []
   # The same Pagan Rites?
  Pagan Rites/1996 [War]
   # Lots of old stuff collected - some previously unavailable

Pandemonium: Poland ????-
   # Not to be confused with the old US Cheese Metal band
  The Ancient Catatonia/1994 [Baron]
  ????/???? [MN]

Paragon Belial: Germany ????-
   # With the ex-Bethlehem vocalist who is not dead at all
  Hordes of The Darklands/1996 [Folter]

Parnassus: Sweden ????-
   # Lots of keyboards they say. One-man band of Fredrik Söderlund who played
   # with Algaion for a while. See also Octinomos.
  Receive My Dying Spirit/demo/1995
  Demo 2/demo/1995
  In Doloriam Gloria/1995 [Sec]
  Let The Stars Fall And Kingdom Come/1997 [Sec]

Pazuzu: US ????-
   # No to be confused with the Austrian Pazuzu
  Infernal Iron Horde/demo/1995
  Iron Tyrant/demo/1997
  ????/1997 [OOD]
   # Really out yet?

Perished: Norway ????-
  Perished/7"/1997 [Sol] 

Pervertum: Austria 1994-
   # Members of the Austrian Black Metal Syndicate whatever that is.
  Creature Of Ungod/1995 [Leth]
  (new album soon on Lethal?)

Poccolus: Lithunania 1993-
  Kingdom Of Poccolus/demo/1993
  Promo 94/demo/1994
   # Is it this one that's a re-recorded version of the "Kingdom Of Poccolus"
   # demo?
  Poccolus/1996 [Ham1]

Poison: Germany 1982-1987
   # Right, not *that* Poison
  Awakening Of The Dead/demo/????
  Sons Of Evil/demo/???? 
  Bestial Death/demo/1985
  Live Terror/demo/1986
  Into The Abyss/1986 [MC/?]
   # Re-released on CD in 1993. This is not an EP although there are only
   # four tracks

Possessed: US 1983-1988, 1989?-1993?
   # Black/proto-Death Metal. It's doubtful if they belong here but...
  Death Metal/demo/1984
  Seven Churches/1985 [Combat/RR]
   # This could be Black/proto Death
  Beyond The Gates/1986 [Combat/UOF]
   # Thrash/Speed. The CD version includes the "The Eyes Of Horror" EP
  The Eyes Of Horror/EP/1987 [Combat/UOF]
   # Thrash/Speed
  Swing Of The Axe/demo/1991
  Victims Of Death: Best of.../1993 [Rel] (compilation)
  Demo 93/demo/1993
  Live In San Francisco 1984/12"/1997 [bootleg]

Primigenium: Spain 1992-
   # Very fast...
  As Eternal As The Night/demo/1994
  Promo 95/demo/1995
  As Eternal As The Night/MCD/1996 [WR]
   # The 1994 demo + the 1995 promo
  Art Of War/1997 [FMP]

Primordial: Ireland 1992-
   # Celtic
   # Not to be confused with the Swedish band that prepended "Thy" to their
   # name.
  Dark Romanticism/demo/1993
  To Enter Pagan Flames/demo/????
  Imrama/1995 [Cac]
  /10"/1996 []
   # The Primordial part is taken from the "To Enter Pagan Flames" demo
  (new album coming soon?)

Profanatica: US 1990-1993, then became Havohej
   # Paul Ledney spews blasphemy
  Demo #1/demo/1990
  Broken Throne Of Christ/demo/1990
  Weeping In Heaven/7"/1991 [AW]
   # "Weeping In Heaven"/"Heavenly Father"
  Weeping In Heaven/demo/1992 [AW]
   # The 7" + "Scourging And Crowning" and "Final Hour of Crist" live
  Tormenting Holy Flesh/EP/1992 [Osmose] (on split LP/CD with Masacre)
  As Tears Of Blood Stain The Altar Of Christ/7"/1993 [Osmose]

Profane Creation: Brazil ????-
  In Name Of Supreme Black Arts/demo/1996
  Nema/1997 [Syl] (split with Inquisition)

Profanum: Poland ????-
  Under The Black Wings Of Emperor/demo/1995
  Flowers Of Our Black Misanthropy/1996 [Ast]

Prophanity: Sweden 1991-
  Demo #1/demo/1994
  Messenger Of The Northern Warrior Host/demo/1994
  I Vargans Tekken/7"/1995 [VOD/SM]
   # Translation: "In the sign of the wolf"
  The Battleroar/demo/1997
  (debut full-length on Blackend next year)

Ragnarok: England 1986-
   # And old band that has turned (in)to Cradle Of Filth lately?
  Beloved Of The Ravengod/demo/1995
  To Mend The Oaken Heart/1997 [Neat]

Ragnarok: Norway 1994-
   # Not to be confused with the English Ragnarok
  Pagan Land/demo/1995
  Nattferd/1996 [HNF]
   # Translation: "Night journey"
  Arising Realm/1997 [HNF]

Raism: Europe 1996- , before that as Diabolos Rising
   # More "rock" than Diabolos Rising. Still to be included?
  The Very Best Of Pain/MCD/1996 [Osmose]
  (a new and maybe last album has been recorded, out soon?)

Raven: Norway ????-
  B.M./1997 [NC]

Ritual: US ????-1996
   # No relation to the Canadian Ritual
  Goat Prophecies/demo/1993
  Blackest Of Evil And Mysticism/demo/1994
  Promo 94/demo/1994
  The Summoning/1995 [WR]
  Demonic Winter Metal/1997 [WR]
   # Old demo tracks?

Root: Czechia 1986-
   # Did they break up?
   # Church Of Satan sympathizers.
   # People keep telling me conflicting years for those demos...
  War Of Rats/demo/1986
  Reap Of Hell/demo/1987
  Messengers Of Death/demo/1988
  The Trial/demo/1989
  666/7"/1990 [Zeras]
   # Or is it called "7 Cernych Jezdcu"?
  Zjenveni/1990 [Zeras]
  Hell Symphony/1991 [Zeras/Cac]
  The Temple In The Underworld/1992 [Mon]
   # CD version has bonus tracks
  Kargeras/1996 [MA/Bho]
   # Less Black

Rotting Christ: Greece 1987-
   # Black Metal the Greek way, i.e. quite some oldstyle Black/traditional 
   # Heavy Metal influences
  Declines Return/demo/1987
  The Other Side Of Life/7"/1987 (split with Sound Pollution)
   # In these days they were a Grind band
  De Vermiis Mysteris/demo/1988
   # Really?
  Satanas Tedeum/demo/1989
   # But this is as Black Metal as it gets
  Passage To Arcturo/EP/1991 [Dec]
   # the 1993 CD re-release has two extra live tracks
  /7"/picture 12"/1991 [OP]
   # The picture 12" is a 1996 re-release
  Dawn Of The Iconoclast/7"/1992 []
   # unofficial release
  Ade's Wind/demo/1992
  Thy Mighty Contract/1993 [Osmose/JLA/CM]
   # Century Media reisssue has two bonus tracks
  Apokathelosis/7"/1993 [Osmose]
   # "Visions Of Dead Lovers"/"The Mystical Meeting"
  Non Serviam/1994 [Uni]
  Satanas Tedeum/MCD/1994 [Uni]
   # right, the demo
  Snowing Still/demo/1995
  Triarchy Of Lost Lovers/1996 [CM]
   # Somehow getting softer...
   # Digipack version includes three Kreator covers
  A Dead Poem/1997 [CM]
   # This doesn't sound very Black Metal (except for the vocals that
   # are still the same). It sounds Doom/Death.
   # The CD comes with a bonus compilation CD "Darkness We Feel"
  The Mystical Meeting/picture 10"/1997 [CM]
   # The two bonus tracks from the CM reissue of "Thy Mighty Contact", the
   # "Apokathelosis" 7" tracks, and the 3 Kreator covers from the
   # "Triarchy Of Lost Lovers" digipack.

Sabaoth: Paraguay 1993-
  Dentro Del Culto/demo/1993
  Southern Twilight/demo/1994?
  Sabaoth/1996 [SS]

Sabbat: Japan 1984-
   # Not te be confused by the now disfunct British band.
   # Early on a mix of Hellhammer-ish Black Metal and traditional hard
   # rock/Heavy Metal stuff; then turned more thrashy and later towards
   # brutal Black/Death
  Sabbat/7"/1985 [Evil]
  Born By Evil Blood/7"/1987 [Evil]
  Desecration/7"/1988 [Evil]
  Satan's Sperm Is Cold/7"/1989 [Evil]
  The Seven Deadly Sins/7"/1990 [Evil]
  Sabbatical Demon/demo/1990
  Envenom/1991 [Evil/Ent]
   # Enthropy version has one extra track. There also exists a "routh mix
   # version" on tape
  Evoke/1992 [Evil]
  Disembody/1993 [Evil]
  Bloody Countess/MC/1993 [Evil]
   # recordings from 1985-1986
  Fetishism/1994 [Evil]
  Black Up Your Soul/1994 [Evil]
   # 10th Anniversary compilation; old EPs and unrelease tracks
  Sabbatical Devilucifier/MCD/1994 [HC]
  Live In Blokula/1995 [Evil]
   # live yes
  For Satan And Sacrifice/1995 [Evil]
   # Part II of 10th Anniversary compilation - what's on it?
  Bloody Countess/12"/1996 [HC]
   # Not the same as the 1993 tape
  The Dwelling - The Melody Of Death Mask/1996 [Evil]
  Live 666 - Japanese Armageddon/12"/1996 [Evil]
  European Harmaggedon/picture 7"/1997 [Mer]
  Scandanavian Harmaggedon/7"/1997 [PA]
  (More live 7"s to be released this year:)
  ("East Euro Harmageddon" 7" View Beyond)
  ("North American Harmageddon" Picture Disc 7" Holycaust)
  ("South American Harmageddon" 7" (t.b.a.))
  ("African Harmageddon" 7" Mganga)
  ("Oceanian Harmageddon" 7" (t.b.a.))
  ("Asian Harmageddon" 7" (t.b.a.))
  (are NE re-releasing the first two albums?)

Sacramentary Abolishment: Canada 1993-
  River of Corticone/1996 [self]
  The Distracting Stone/1997 [self]

Sacramentum: Sweden 1990-
   # Typically Swedish
  Sedes Impiorum/demo/1993
  Finis Malorum/MCD/1994 [self/Adi]
  Far Away From The Sun/1996 [Adi]
  The Coming Of Chaos/1997 [CM]

Sacrilegium: Poland ????-
   # Darkthrone clones
  Sleeptime/1995 [WR/Pagan]
   # The demo, one suspects
  Wicher/1996 [Pagan]
  Jeseinne Szepty/MCD/1996 [BA] (split with North)

Salem: Israel 1985-
   # No relation to the Japanese band
   # Unless someone protests wildly I will remove them since they were
   # never really Black, despite the corpsepaint.
  Millions Slaughtered/demo/1992
   # live (all or part of it?), all recorded 1990 or earlier
  Creating Our Sins/1994 [Morbid]
   # Includes all of "Millions Slaughtered"
  Dying Embers/7"/1994 [Morbid]
   # picture disc
  Kaddish/1995 [Morbid]
   # Now it's pure Doomdeath

Samael: Switzerland 1987-
   # Slower than average Black Metal, and quite atmospheric
  Into The Infernal Storm Of Evil/demo/1987
  Medieval Prophecy/7"/1988 [Necro]
  From Dark To Black/demo/1989
  Worship Him/1991 [Osmose/JLA]
  After The Sepulture/picture 7"/???? [Necro]
   # new version of the title track + "Manitou" (Venom cover)
  Blood Ritual/1992 [CM]
  Ceremony Of Opposites/1994 [CM]
   # Less Black in style
  1987-1992/2CD/1994 [CM]
   # the two first albums re-released
  Rebellion/MCD/1995 [CM]
  Passage/1996 [CM]
   # By now they are no longer Black Metal. Lots of keyboards here.
  (new EP out soon?)

Samain: Australia 1993-
  An Leanabh Naomh (Briste)/demo/1994
  Indomitus/1996 [NM]

Sarcófago: Brazil 1986-
   # Early on a Black Metal band, then became fast Death Metal
  Satanic Lust/demo/1986 
  The Black Vomit/demo/1986
  Christ's Death/demo/1987
  I.N.R.I./1987 [Cogu]
   # Their "classic" release as far as Black Metal goes
  Rotting/1989 [Cogu/UOF/Kraze]
   # By now more like Deathrash
  The Laws Of Scourge/1991 [Cogu/UOF?]
  Hate/1995 [Cogu]
   # Fast Death with hyperactive drum machine
  Decade Of Decay/1996 [Cogu]
  The Worst/1997 [Cogu]

Sarcophagus: US ????-
   # Has gone from a pure Death Metal band to a Death Metal band with
   # some Black Metal influences. Marginal inclusion.
  Cursed Are The Dead/demo/1991
  Sarcophagus/7"/1994 [Tomb]
   # Equals the demo; unofficial release
  Der Ubermensch/demo/1995
  For We... Who Are Consumed By The Darkness/1996 [Pul]
  Sarcophagus/Deadnoise/Ubermensch EPs/1996 [Pul]
   # as the title says
  (new album on Die Hard soon?)

Satanic Slaughter: Sweden 1985-1989, 1992?-
   # Thrashy Black
  One Night In Hell/demo/1988
  Satanic Slaughter/1996 [Nec]
  Land Of The Unholy Souls/1997 [Nec]
   # Many new recordings of old songs from their early existence?
  (new album out yet?)

Sathanas: US 1985-1989, 1992-
   # Cult Black Metal? After they split in 1989 the members went to Acheron
   # and Bathym. Did they have another name early on?
  Ripping Evil/demo/1988
  Rehearsal 92/demo/1992
  Ripping Evil/7"/1994 [Reaper]
   # equals the old demo
  Black Earth/1997 [MM]

Satyricon: Norway 1991-
   # Norwegian Black Metal... rather "styled"
  The Forest Is My Throne/demo/1993
  Dark Medieval Times/1994 [Moon]
   # Several medieval sounding pieces on this one
  The Shadowthrone/1994 [Moon]
   # This one is quite "catchy", with folk influenes
  /EP/1996 [Moon]
   # The Satyricon tracks = the "The Forest Is My Throne" demo
  Nemesis Divina/1996 [Moon]
   # Here they turn slightly towards the Immortal sound
  Mother North/Video/1996 [Moon]
  Megiddo/EP/1997 [Moon/NB?]
   # "The Dawn Of A New Age" (remix), "Night Of Divine Power" (re-recording
   # of "The Dark Castle In The Deep Forest"), "Forhekset" (live) +
   # "Orgasmatron" (Motörhead cover)

Scheitan: Sweden ????-
   # Gates Of Ishtar and Everdawn members
   # This is brutal they say
  Travelling In Ancient Times/1996 [Inv]

Sear Bliss: Hungary 1993-
  The Pagan Winter/demo/1995
  Phantoms/1996 [TM]
  The Pagan Winter/MCD/1997 [TM]
   # Time for that demo then.. + bonus track
  (new album being recorded)

Seth: France ????-
  By Fire, In Power, Shall Be/1997 [AMSG]

Setherial: Sweden: 1993-
   # Yes this is the band where one of the members is accused of being a
   # christian (which he denies).
  A Hail To The Faceless Angels/demo/1994
  För Dem Mitt Blod/7"/1995 [ADO]
   # Translation: "For them my blood"
  Nord/1995 [Nap2]

Shub-Niggurath: Mexico ????-
   # Occultic Black/Death?
  Evilness And Darkness Prevails/1995 [Gtl]
  The Kinglike Celebration/1997 [Oz]

Siebenburgen: Sweden ????-
   # Black Metal??? Or just folk?
   # Translation: A German name of Transylvania
  Loreia/1997 [Nap2]

Sigh: Japan 1989-
   # Mirai's email address:
  Tragedies/demo/1990 [WR]
  Requiem For Fools/7"/MC/1992 [WR]
   # "The Knell"/"Desolation"/"Taste Defeat"
  Scorn Defeat/1994 [DSP/VOW]
  /7"/1994 [Cac]
   # Sigh tracks are "Suicidogenic" and "Schizo" (Venom cover)
  Sigh's Tribute To Venom - To Hell And Back/1995 [Voices]
   # As you'd expect, a number of Venom covers (6 in fact)
  Infidel Art/1995 [Cac]
  The Eastern Force Of Evil: Live 92-96/1997 [OOD]
  Ghastly Funeral Theatre/MCD/1997 [Cac]
   # This should have been a split with first Abigail and then Vergelmer
  Hail Horror Hail/1997 [Cac]
  (Wild Rags might release the early demos on CD)

Sileaxter: Norway ????-
   # Not Germany then?
  Mad Sorcer/demo/1996 [Mal]
  ????/7"/1997 [self/LE]

Slavery: Brazil ????-
  Immortal Malness/1995 [Cogu]

Sodom: Germany 1983-
   # The early albums were Black Metal... The "mid age" ones are heavy
   # powerful Speed Metal and the latest ones more punkish.
  Victims Of Death/demo/1984
  Witching Metal/demo/1985
  In The Sign Of Evil/EP/1985 [DG/SH]
   # Black Metal!
  Obsessed By Cruelty/1986 [SH/MB]
   # This one isn't very Black. CD version includes the earlier EP.
   # The track list of this CD is screwed up.
  Expurse Of Sodomy/12"/1987 [SH]
   # "Sodomy And Lust"/"The Conqueror"/"My Atonement"
  Persecution Mania/1987 [SH/RR]
   # At least one CD version includes the "Expurse Of Sodomy" 12" + a new
   # version of "Outbreak Of Evil" (originally from "In The Sign Of Evil")
  Mortal Way Of Live/1988 [SH/RR] (live)
  Agent Orange/1989 [SH]
   # CD version has bonus track "Don't Walk Away" (Tank cover)
  Ausgebombt/EP/1989 [SH]
   # title track w/ German lyrics b/w "Incest" (live) & "Don't Walk Away"
   # (Tank cover)
  Better Off Dead/1990 [SH]
  The Saw Is The Law/EP/1991 [SH]
   # b/w "Tarred And Fethered" & "The Kids Wanna Rock" (Bryan Adams cover!)
  Sodomania/???? []
   # Japanese only "best of" compilation
  Tapping The Vein/1992 [SH/CM]
  Aber Bitte Mit Sahne/EP/1993 [SH]
   # b/w "Sodomized"/"Abuse"/"Skinned Alive"
  Get What You Deserve/1994 [SH]
   # This one has a somewhat hardcore-ish sound.
  Marooned Live/1994 [SH]
   # 21 live + 2 new tracks
  Masquerade In Blood/1995 [SH]
  Ten Black Years - Best Of/2CD/1996 [SH]
   # Compilation
  'Til Death Do Us Unite/1997 [GUN]

Solefald: Norway ????-
   # Trasnslation: "Iron law"
  The Linear Scaffold/1997 [AG]

Solhverv: Denmark ????-
   # Mayhem clones?
  Tagarnes Artusinde/1996 [Eup]

Solstafir: Iceland ????-
  I Nordi/demo/1994?
  Til Valballk/MCD/1996 [VB] 
   # Is that title correct?

Song D'Enfer: Brazil 1993-
  My Visions In The Forest/demo/1995
  My Visions In The Forest/MCD/1997 [Bhe]

Sorath: Czechia ????-
   # Not to be confused with the U.S. band!
  666-The Awakening/demo/1993
  /1996 [PG]

Sorath: US 1991-1995
   # With Baron von Abaddon of Black Funeral/Darkness Enshroud.
   # Not to be confused with the Czech band
  Forest Of Winter/demo/1991
  Sodomizing Jesus Christ/demo/1992
  Ancient Dead/demo/????
  The Horns Of The Goat/7"/1994 [self]
  Reh/Demo 94/demo/1994 

Sorhin: Sweden 1993-
   # With Shamaatae of Arckanum
  Svarta Själars Vandring/demo/1993
   # Translation: "Black Souls' Wandering"
  I Fullmånens Dystra Sken/demo/1994
   # Translation: "In the gloomy light of the full moon"
  Demo 95/demo/1995
  Promo 96/demo/1996
  Skogsgriftens Rike/MCD/1996 [ADO/XT]
   # Translation: "In the realm of the forest tomb" (roughly)
  Åt Fanders Med Ljusets Skapelser/picture 7"/1997 [ND]
   # Translation: "To hell with the creations of light" (roughly)
  I Det Glimrande Mörkrets Djup/1997 [ND]
   # Translation: "In the depth of the glimmering darkness"

Sort Vokter: ????-
   # The infamous Ildjarn is involved here
  Folkloric Necro Metal/1996 [Nap2/NL]

Sortnardalr: Sweden ????-
  Windir Stop Nynorsken I Kampen Mot Bormalet/1997 []
    # Erm... that title?

Stormlord: Italy ????-
   # Revelling in infamy... must be heard, they say
  Under The Sign Of The Sword/MCD/1997 [MH]

Strid: Norway ????-
   # Translation: "Fight" (or "Battle")
   # Have they broken up?
  End Of Life/demo/1993
  Det Hviskes Blant Sorte Vinder/7"/???? []
   # Or is this the same as the "Strid" 7"?
  Strid/7"/1995 [Mal]

Suidakra: Germany ????-
   # Black???
   # Translation: Not really, but one of the members is called Arkadius...
  Lupine Essence/MCD/1997 []

Suffering: Norway ????-
   # Norwegian "Forest Metal" - with the sound borrowed from the
   # local Black Metal fame, but is this Black itself?
  Sowing The Seeds Of Suffering/1994 [AS]

Summon: Michigan 1995-
   # Spawned from the now dead Masochist
  Fire Turns Everything... Black/demo/1995
  Dark Descent Of Fallen Souls/1996 [GP]

Summoning: Austria 1993-
   # Two-man band including Silenius of Abigor. Lyrics, up till now, about
   # Tolkien's world. The next theme will be Das Nibelungenlied.
  Lugburz/1995 [Nap2]
  Minas Morgul/1995 [Nap2]
  Dol Guldur/1997 [Nap2]
  Nightshade Forests/MCD/1997 [Nap2]
   # This is the last Tolkien theme album.

Svartsyn: Sweden 1993-
  A Night Created By Shadows/demo/1996
  The True Legend.../1996 [Folter]
  (new 7" "Tormentor" out yet on Black Militia?)

Swordmaster: Sweden 1993-
   # Yes, the guitarist Night is Jon Nödtveidt's brother
  Studio Rehearsal March -94/demo/1994
  Wraths Of Time/MCD/1995 [FMP]
  Postmortem Tales/1997 [Osmose]
   # The old-school syndrome strikes again?
  (new EP "Deathrider" out early next year)

Taranis: Poland ????-
  Faust/1996 []

Tartaros: Norway ????-
  The Grand Psychotic Castle/1997 [Nec]

Tears Of Christ: Italy 1994-
   # Side project features members of Calvary 
  Within My Forgotten Woods Of Mistery/7"/1996 [DOS]

Tenebrarum: Columbia ????-
   # Pagan Black/Death?
  El vuelo de las almas/1995 []
  Blood And Tears/1996 [Voodoo]
  Sol Negro/1996 []

Tha-Norr: Germany ????-
  Assault On Aerie/demo/1994
  Wolfenzeitalter/1995 [NE]

Theatres Des Vampires: Italy 1994-
  Nosferatu, Eine Symphone Des Gravens/demo/????
  Vamyrisme, Necrophilie, Necrosadisme, Necrophagie/1996 [GOG]
  Demo 97/demo/1997
  The Coven/1997 []

Themgoroth: Poland ????-
  Promo '94/demo/1994
  Gate To The Unknown/1996 [Sheer]

Thornium: Sweden 1994-
   # "Traditional modern" Black
  Northstorm Of The Bestial Goatsign/demo/1994
  Dominions Of The Eclipse/1995 [NG]
  (new stuff coming next year)

Thou Art Lord: Greece 1992-
   # With Rotting Christ and Necromantia members
  The Cult Of The Horned One/demo/1993
   # Sounds a lot like Rotting Christ
  Diabolou Archaes Legeones/7"/1993 [ML]
   # the tracks are taken from the demo
  /7"/1993 [ML]
   # the TAL track "In Blood We Trust" is taken from the demo
  Eosforos/1994 [Uni]
   # This one is supposed to sound less like Rotting Christ
  Apollyon/1996 [Uni]
   # Thrashy. Includes "In Blood We Trust" from the demo/7"/split
  (the next album will be the last from this band)

Throes Of Dawn: Finland ????-
  With The Northern Wind/demo/1994
  Promo 96/demo/1996
  Pakkasherra/1997 [WC]

Throne Of Ahaz: Sweden 1991-1996
   # From the woods in northern Sweden. Guess what they sound like.
  At The Mountains Of Northern Storms/demo/1992
  Nifelheim/1994 [NF]
  On Twilight Enthroned/1996 [NF]

Thus Defiled: Britain ????-
   # Death gone Black or something
  Blasphemous Coven/demo/1993
  Enchanted By The Dark One/demo/1993
  Through The Impure Veil Of Dawn/1995 [DT]

Thy Grief: Norway ????-
  The Frozen Tomb Of Mankind/1997 [Sol]

Thy Primordial: 1994-1995 as Primordial, 1995- as Thy Primordial, before that
                as Lucifer and Carcharoth (and not Black Metal)
  En Mörka Makters Alla/demo/1995
   # As Primordial. Title OK?
  Svart Gryning/demo/1995
   # Translation: "Black dawn"
  Promo 96/demo/1996
  Thy Primordial/7"/1996 [Para]
  Where Only The Seasons Mark The Paths Of Time/1997 [Pul]

Thy Repentance: Russia ????-
  Ural Twilight Autumnalias/1996 [UWP]
  Through The Twilight Eyes Of Frost/1997 [UWP]
  (compilation album out soon on Wild Rags)

Thy Serpent: Finland 1993-
   # Slow melodic keyboard-laden Black, like a slower Emperor or Gehenna.
  Frozen Memory/demo/1994
  Into Everlasting Fire/demo/1995
  Forest Of Witchery/1996 [SF]
  Lords Of Twilight/MCD/1997 [SF]
   # Re-recordings of old demo stuff + some new synth pieces

Thy Worshipper: Poland ????-
  Tym z Krainy Tieni/demo/1995
   # Translation: "For those from the Land of Shadows"
   # Is the title correct? I'm not very good at Polish...
  Popiol (Introibo ad altare Dei...)/1996 [MN]
   # Translation: "Popiol" means "ash"

Tiamat: Sweden 1990- , before that as Treblinka
   # Early on Black/Death, later more Doomdeath and most recently they
   # have gone Pink Floyd-esque soft not-very-Metal.
  Sumerian Cry/1990 [CMFT/Mco/Pow]
   # This is their last Black/Death effort
  A Winter Shadow/demo/7"/1990 [CBR]
   # b/w "Ancient Entity"
  The Astral Sleep/1991 [CM]
  Clouds/1992 [CM]
  The Sleeping Beauty - Live In Israel/EP/1994 [CM]
   # recorded live January '93
  Wildhoney/1994 [CM]
  Gaia/EP/1994 [CM]
   # 4 remixes of "Wildhoney" songs + a Pink Floyd cover
  The Best Of/box set/1997 [CM]
   # Incl. a best of CD, a live CD, a video, and assorted promo stuff
  A Deeper Kind Of Slumber/1997 [CM]
   # Not a trace of Metal any longer

Torgeist: France ????-
  Devoted To Satan/demo/1994
  Black Legions Metal/1996 [Dra] (split with Vlad Tepes)

Tormentor: Hungary 1987-1992
   # Their vocalist Attila sang on Mayhem's "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas".
  7th Day Of Doom/demo/1988
  Anno Domini/demo/1989
  Anno Domini/1996 [NA]
   # At last the demo rereleased
  Seventh Day Of Doom/1996 [bootleg]
   # The demo...

Traumatic Voyage: Germany ????-
   # "Insane, fast Black Metal".
  Trauma.../1996 [Mind]

Treblinka: Sweden 1987?-1990, then as Tiamat
   # Weird rockish Black/Death
   # No known nazi tendencies, despite the name
  Crawl In Vomit/demo/1987?
  Severe Abominations/7"/1989 [MIH]
   # b/w "Earwigs In Your Veins"

Trelldom: Norway 1992-
   # Nazi band, if you care...
  Disappearing Of The Burning Moon/demo/1994
  Til Evighet.../1995 [HNF]
  (new signed to Hammerheart (Dutch))

Trifixion: Austria 1994-1997
   # Solo project of member of Pervertum and Summoning.
   # Part of the Austrian Black Metal Syndicate whatever that is.
  Syndrome Of New Flesh/demo/????
  First And Last Commandment/1995 [Leth]
  ????/???? [Leth]
   # Was this ever released?
   # recordings for a never released 3rd album?

Troll: Norway 1993-
   # Project of Nagash of Covenant. No relation to the other Norwegian Troll.
   # Do these guys know that there once was a Swedish kiddie pop band made up
   # of 14-year-old (if that) girls called Troll?
  Demo 94/demo/1994
  Trollstorm Øver Nidingjuv/demo/1995
  Trollstorm Øver Nidingjuv/MCD/1996 [HNF]
   # The demo
  Drep De Kristne/1996 [Dam]

Tronus Abyss: ????-
  The King Of Angels In The Abyss/1997 [PM]

Tsatthoggua: Germany ????-1993 as Dissection, 1993- as Tsatthoggua
  Maniac Depression/demo/1989
   # As Dissection
  Unrecognizable Human Form/demo/1991
   # As Dissection
  Hosanna Bizarre/1996 [Osmose]
  (new album "Trans Cunt Whip" out in February)

Tulus: Norway 1991-
  Samlerens Kammer/demo/1994
  Pure Black Energy/1997 [self/Hot]

Twin Obscenety: Norway 1991-
   # Black/Death (or neither, as they say themselves).
  Behind The Castle Walls/demo/1993
  Revelations Of Glaaki/demo/1995
  Where Light Touches None/1997 [HNF]

Typhon: Columbia ????-
  Unholy Trilogy/1996 [War]

Tyrant: Japan ????-
   # Not to be confused with the NWOBHM Tyrant.
  Under The Dark Mystic Sky/1997 [Pul]
   # out yet?

Ulver: Norway 1992-
   # They call this "Trollsk Metal" themselves.
  /7"/1994 [NG]
   # the Ulver song "Ulverytternes Kamp" is taken from the demo
  Bergtatt/MCD/1995 [HNF]
  Kveldsanger/1996 [HNF]
   # Not Metal! This is an all acoustic album. And it's not called
   # "Kveldfanger"; people need to learn how to read gothic scripture.
  Nattens Madrigal/1997 [HNF/CM]
   # Ulver can also be Darkthrone.
  Ulver/Box set/1997 [CM]
   # The three albums on picture disc LP in a box!

Unanimated: Sweden 1987-1995
   # "Atmospheric" melodic semi-Black Metal. Some people compare them to
   # Dissection. Watch out for bluesy guitar solos.
  Fire Storm/demo/1991
  In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead/1993 [NF/Pave]
  Ancient God Of Evil/1994 [NF]

Unclean: Czechia 1993-
  Tam Kdesi V Hlubinach/demo/1995
   # Translation: "There in the depth"
  Tam Kdesi V Hlubinach/1996 [PG] (split with Sorath)
  Ten, Kter? Se Vyh?ba Svetlu/1997 [PG]
   # Some help with that title, anyone?

Ungod: Germany 1991-
   # Northern style, kind of.
  Magicus Tallis Damnatio/demo/1993
  Circle Of The Seven Infernal Pacts/1993 [Mer]
  7"/1995 [Mer]
  /7"/1995 [Mer]
  Conquering What Once Was Ours/MCD/1996 [Shiver/WN]
  /1997 [Mer]

Unlord: Germany 1989-
  Schwarzwald/1997 [Dis]

Unpure: Sweden ????-
   # Slowish basic Black Metal.
  Demo I/demo/1992
  Demo II/demo/1993
  Demo III/demo/1994
  Unpure/1995 [Nap2]
  Coldland/1996 [Nap2]
   # A little bit of a new direction here.

Urgehal: Norway ????-
  Arma Christi/1997 [NC]

Usurper: US 1992-
   # Not to be confused with the Dutch Usurper.
   # Very much like old Celtic Frost, but Black Metal?
  Visions From The Gods/demo/1994
  Diabolosis/1995 [HNF]
  Threshold Of The Usurper/MCD/1997 [Nec]

Valefar: Lithuania ????-
  Frigus Ex Tenebris Venit/demo/1995
  ????/7"/1996 [self]

Varathron: Greece 1989-
   # Black Metal the Greek way, but often quite slow... when they're not
   # *fast*, that is.
  Procreation Of Unaltered Evil/demo/1989
  Genesis Of Apocryphal Desire/demo/1991
  One Step Beyond Dreams/7"/1992 [BV]
  Black Arts Lead To Everlasting Sins/EP/1992 [BP/Uni] (split w/ Necromantia)
   # The Unisound re-release has extra track "One Step Beyond Dreams"
  His Majesty At The Swamp/7"/???? []
  His Majesty At The Swamp/1993 [Cyber]
   # What is the relationship/difference between the two releases?
  Walpurgisnacht/1995 [Uni]
  Procreation Of Unaltered Evil/7"/1996 [Uni]
   # The demo...
  Promo 97/demo/1997
  Genesis Of Apocalyptic Desire/1997 [Cursed]
   # Both demos on CD
  (new CD on Nazgul's Eyrie some day]

Vargavinter: Sweden ????-
  Frostfödd/1996 [Inv]
  (new album "Minnen Från Fornstora Dagar" coming some day)

Vassago: Sweden -
   # Vassago from Lord Belial that is.
  Demo 95/demo/1995
  Hail War/12"/1997 [TW] (split with Antichrist)

Ved Buens Ende: Norway ????-
   # Jazz/Black Metal? The demo is Blacker they say.
  Those Who Caress The Pale/demo/1995
  Written In Waters/1995 [Mis]
  Those Who Caress The Pale/1997 [ALC]
  (new album slowly coming)

Veles: Poland ????-
   # Yet another band with Rob Darken of Graveland. Nazi, of course.
  The Triumph Of Pagan Beliefs/demo/1995
  Night on The Bare Mountain/1996 [NC]

Venom: Britain 1978-1980? as Oberon, 1980- as Venom
   # The single first Black Metal band, the early albums defining oldstyle
   # Black Metal.
  In League with Satan/7"/1981 [Neat]
   # b/w "Live Like An Angel"
  Welcome To Hell/1981 [Neat/Combat]
  Black Metal/1982 [Neat/Combat/RR]
  Blood Lust/7"/1982 [Neat]
   # b/w "In Nomine Sathanas"
  Die Hard/7"/1983 [Neat/MF]
   # b/w "Acid Queen"
  Die Hard/12"/1983 [Neat/MF/RR]
   # b/w "Acid Queen"/"Bursting Out"
  Warhead/7"/1984 [Neat]
   # b/w "Lady Lust"
  Warhead/12"/1984 [Neat]
   # b/w "Lady Lust"/"7 Gates Of Hell"
  At War With Satan/1983 [Neat/Combat/RR]
  Manitou/MCS/1984 [Neat]
   # b/w "Woman"/"Dead Of Night"/interview
  Manitou/7"/1985 [Neat]
   # b/w "Woman"
  Manitou/12"/1985 [Neat]
   # b/w "Woman"/"Dead Of Night"
  Possessed/1985 [Neat/RR]
   # Last album with the classic lineup and sound
  Nightmare/7"/1985 [Neat]
   # b/w "Satanachist"
  Nightmare/12"/1985 [Neat]
   # b/w "Satanachist"/"FOAD"/"Warhead" (live)
  Nightmare/MCS/1985 [Neat]
   # b/w "Satanachist"/"FOAD"/radio intr to "Warhead"/"Warhead"
  From Hell To The Unknown/1985 [RP]
  American Assault/EP/1985 [Combat]
   # Live
  Canadian Assault/EP/1985 [Banzai]
   # Live
  French Assault/EP/1986 [NEW] (Live)
  The Singles 1980-1986/1986 [RP]
   # compilation
  Hell At Hammersmith Live EP/12"/1986 [Neat]
   # Live; "Witching Hour"/"Teacher's Pet"/"Poison"
  Live 1984-1985/1986 [MW]
   # Live
  Eine Kleine Nachtmusik/1986 [Neat/RR]
   # Live
  Live In Concert/1986 [K-Tel]
   # Live, the same concert as EKN
  Scandinavian Assault/EP/1986 [Sonx]
   # Live
  Japanese Assault/EP/1986 []
   # Live
  Official Bootleg/1986 [MMG]
   # Live
  Here Lies Venom/Box/1986 [MF]
   # "Welcome To Hell" + "Black Metal" + "At War With Satan" +
   # "American Assault"
  German Assault/1987 [RR]
   # Live.
  Calm Before The Storm/1987 [FT/AJK]
   # No longer any real Black Metal
  Prime Evil/1989 [UOF]
  Tear Your Soul Apart/EP/1990 [UOF]
  Temples Of Ice/1991 [UOF]
  The Best Of Venom - In Memorium/1991 [MC]
   # compilation
  The Best Of Venom - The Book Of Armageddon/1992 [Rel]
   # compilation
  The Waste Lands/1992 [UOF]
  Kissing The Beast/1993 [UOF]
   # re-recordings of older songs
  Skeletons In The Closet/1993 [Cas]
   # compilation CD
  Old, New, Borrowed And Blue/1994 [BH]
   # Re-recorded old classics and covers
  Leave Me In Hell/???? []
   # guess what... a compilation!
  Dynamo '96/box set/1996 []
   # The original line-up reunion concert. CD + video.
  Black Reign/1996 []
   # ????
  Venom '96/1996 []
   # Re-recordings of old songs
  The Second Coming/box set/1997 [NB]
   # The same as the "Dynamo '96" box
  From Heaven To The Unknown/2CD/1997 []
   # Thats right, it's yet another best of collection! 
  Cast In Stone/2CD/1997 [CBH/SH]
   # New album + a bonus CD with old tracks re-recorded - maybe "Venom '96"?

Vergelmer: Sweden 1993-
   # With Mattias Kamijo of Algaion.
  In The Dead Of Winter/demo/1993
   # Not quite official
   # Primitive cold Black Metal
  Rehearsal 94/demo/1994
  Light The Black Flame/1997 [Cac]
  (what happened to the split with Sigh?)

Vinterland: Sweden ????-
  Welcome My Last Chapter/???? [NF]
  Wings Of Sorrow/1997 [NF]

Vintersemestre: Finland 1991-
   # Translation: "Winter Holiday" (but not in Finnish)
   # The band is rumoured to consist of members of other Finnish bands,
   # who very much want to remain anonymous.
  Demo #1/demo/1993
  Demo #2/demo/1994
  Demo #3/demo/1994
  Jääverisaatana/MCD/1995 [MMI/Ana]
   # Translation: ""
  Kirkkokyrpä/1996 [MMI/Ana]
   # Translation: "Church cock"

Vlad Tepes: France 1992-
  Rehearsal '93/demo/1993
  War Funeral March/demo/1994 [FMP]
  March To The Black Holocaust/1995 [Emb] (split with Belketre)
  Celtic Poetry/demo/1995
  Black Legions Metal/1996 [Dra] (split with Torgeist)
  War Funeral March/MCD/1997 [Emb]
   # Probably the demo.

Vladimir: Italy 1994- 
   # Black Metal?
  Lost In My Tears/demo/1995
  Mother/MCD/1996 [] 

Von: US ????-????
   # Semi-legendary band, impersonating musical simplicity.
   # The bandname is supposed to mean "Victory - Orgasm - Nazis".
  Satanic Blood/demo/1987?
  Satanic Blood/MCD/1997 [HS]
   # Of course such a demo could not go un-re-released...

Vondur: Sweden 1993-1997
   # It and All of Abruptum (etc) fame. Darth Vader Metal? Definitely non-
   # romantic and non-melodic.
   # It has left the scene and then the band would be gone?
  Stridsyfirlysing/1996 [Nec]
  (was there an MCD coming?)

Vorak: Australia ????-
   # Industrial Black?
  Truimph Of The Will/1996 [MI]

Vorphalack: Greece ????-
  Under The Sight Of The Dragon/7"/1994 [ML]
   # More like atmospheric Doom/Death.
  Black Sorrow For A Dead Brother/demo/1995
  /1997 [MP]

Vulpecula: US 1994-
   # Atmospheric Black/Death? Ex-Order From Chaos member.
  The Pheonix Of Creation/demo/1994
  The Pheonix Of Creation/7"/1995 [Eter]
  Rehearsal 96/demo/1996
  Fon Immortalis/MCD/10"/1997 [Mer]

Wallachia: Norway ????-
  Demo 96/demo/1996
  Wallachia/1997 [VM]

War 88: Poland 1991 as Rotting, 1991-1995 as Lord Of Evil, 1995-1997 as War, 
        1997- as War88 
  # As Nazi as you can get.
 Satan's Soldier's/demo/????
  # As Lord Of Evil.
 White Aryan Resistance/MC/1997 [DCC]
  # Redition of the "Satan's Soldier's" demo - is there any more?

Warloghe: Finland 1995-
  The Black Tower/demo/1996
  Unlighted/7"/1997 []

Werwolf: Austria ????-
  Zeitenwende - Only The Strong Survive... War/Inferno/1995 [Leth]
   # Yes, there's a / in the title

Wind Of The Black Mountains: US 1992-
  Force Fed Into Blasphemy/7"/1996 [Mori]
  Sing Thou Unholy Servants/1996 [Mori]

Windir: Norway 1994-
  Det Gamle Riket/demo/????
  Soknardalr/1997 [HNF]

Xharathorn: Spain 1992-
  Rehearsal 1994/demo/1994
  Demo 95/demo/1995
  Immemorial Atlantic Veneration/1996 [Rep]

Xibalba: Mexico ????-
  Demo 94/demo/1994
  Ah Dzem Poop Ek/1995 [Gtl]
  Ancient Blasphemies/demo/1996 [VD] (split with Avzhia)

Zemial: Greece/New Zealand 1991-
   # The band is Greek but relocated to Australia.
   # Mainstream Greek sound.
  Sleeping Under Tartarus/7"/1992 [Tor/Gothic]
  /1995 [bootleg]
   # the Zemial tracks equal the 7"
  For The Glory Of Ur/MCD/1996 [ST/Hyp]

Zephyrous: Greece 1994-
  Entrance And Wandering Through The Seven Zones/demo/1994
  Entrance And Wandering Through The Seven Zones/1995 [IP]
   # Yes the demo.
  /1997 [MP]

Zyklon-B: Norway ????- (project)
   # Samoth & Ihsahn from Emperor, Frost from Satyricon and Aldrahn from
   # Dødheimsgard playing something they call Mass Murder Metal or so but
   # you know what it sounds like...
  Blood Must Be Shed/MCD/1995 [Mal]

II.II Black Metal compilation albums:

A.B.M.S. Norrici Obscura Pars/1995 [Darkmatter]
   # Comp. done by the Austrian Black Metal Syndicate, has Vuzem,
   # Pervertum, Pazuzu, Trifixon, Knechte des Schreckens, and Golden Dawn.

Blackend/2CD/1995 [Blackend]
   # Emperor, Impaled Nazarene, Mayhem, Satyricon, Throne Of Ahaz, Marduk,
   # Enslaved, Dark Funeral, Samael, Fleurity, Gorgoroth, Immortal,
   # Lord Belial, Ved Buens Ende, Sigh, Bestial Warlust, Moonspell,
   # Unanimated, and Havohej.

Blackend vol 2/1996 [Blackend]
   # Emperor, Hecate Enthroned, Abigor, Satyricon, Naglfar, Dissection,
   # Impaled Nazarene, Opeth, Dark Funeral, Arcturus, Diabolical Masquerade,
   # December Moon, In The Woods, etc.

Blackend vol 3/1997 [Blackend]
   # Usurper, Limbonic Art, Mayhem , Emperor, Tartaros, Dimmu Borgir, etc.

Crusade From The North/1996 [Moonfog]
   # Darkthrone, Satyricon, Isengard and other Moonfog bands.

Encylopedia Pestilentia/3CD/1997 [Velvet Music International]
   # The Eye, Moonblood, Wallachia, Necromicon, Skoll, Crimson Midvinter,
   # Mundanus imperium, Gorgon, Horna, Avatar, Anateas, etc.,etc. 

Far East Gate Into Inferno/1994 [Evil]
   # Sabbat, Sigh, Dark Ritual + other Japanese Black/Death bands.

Gods Of Darkness/1997 [Nuclear Blast]
   # Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Cradle Of Filth, Mayhem, Immortal, Disssection,
   # Gehenna etc.

Headbangers Against Disco Vol.1/7"/1997 [Primitive Art]
   # Sabbat, Infernö, Gehennah and Bestial Warlust.

Headbangers Against Disco Vol.2/7"/1997 [Primitive Art]
   # Usurper, Nifelheim, and Unpure.

Headbangers Against Disco Vol.3/7"/1997 [Primitive Art]
   # ?

Hot Records Compilation Volume 1: The Rape Of THe Holy Trinity/1997 [Hot]
   # Dimmu Borgir, Dodheimsgard, Aura Noir, Old Man's Child, Covenant, etc.

In Conspiracy With Satan: A Tribute To Bathory/1996 [Hellspawn]
   # Dark Funeral, Satyricon, Nifelheim, etc.

In Memory Of Celtic Frost/1996 [Dwell]
   # (the new) Mayhem, Emperor, Enslaved and other Death/Doom bands.

Infinite Visions Of Hell/1996 [Ground Zero]
   # Tha-Norr, Salem, Ancient Rites, Itnos and some Death/Doom bands.

Legions Of Iron And Steel/1997 [Angel Dust]
   # Black Funeral, Dawn, Windir, Det Hedenske Folk, Tormentor, Werewolf, etc.

Nordic Metal - A Tribute To Euronymous/1996 [Necropolis]
   # Abruptum, (the true & the new) Mayhem, Dissection, Mysticum, Marduk,
   # Thorns, Ophthalamia, Enslaved, Arcturus, Emperor, Mortiis.

(Nordic Metal II is coming)

Southern Assault/1996 [Guardians Of Metal]
   # Portugese bands.

Triumph Of Death/???? []
   # Beherit, Acheron, Samael, Death Yell, And Some Death Metal Bands.

The Wine Of Satan/1995 [Soundphaze]
   # Beherit, The Black, Bestial Warlust, Master's Hammer, Crucifier, + more.

The Wine Of Satan Volume II/1996 [Odium]
   # Ancient, Zemial, and others.

The Winds Of A New Millenium Vol.I/1996 [Demise]
   # Profane Creation, In Memorian, + others.

Winds Of A New Millenium Volume #2/1997 [Demise]
   # Malkuth, As Prophecies, etc.

Under The Pagan Moon/1996 [Cyclonic]
  # Ember, Profanum, Bishop Of Hexen, Medieval Demon, ...

With Us Or Against Us/1996 [Nap2]
   # Abigor, Korova, Nastrond, Setherial, Unpure, and Belmez. 

World Domination/1995 [Osmose]

World Domination II/1997 [Osmose]
   # Impaled Nazarene, Bewitched, Raism, Swordmaster, Tsatthoggua,
   # Mystifier, Conqueror, Majestic Midnight etc
   # Some of the tracks are otherwise unreleased

(There is a second Bathory tribute too)

(There is a Burzum tribute coming)

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