Death/Grind Metal List


Death/Grind Metal List

by Bill Vogel III


Edition 49           
April 13, 2005    

Introduction revised Thursday, February 14, 2002 A.D. (Sixth Revision)       

Greetings.  My name is Bill Vogel III.  I am the Keeper of the Death/Grind 
Metal list.  Firstly, I'd like to thank my predecessor, Thomas Wolmer, for 
allowing me to take the list over, for all of his great works (previous and 
current), and for allowing me to build off of his list.  I must also pass my 
gratitude on to Travis Johnson, who created the Metal List From Hell which 
inspired these later lists.  To my masters I give honor.  Your contributions 
will live in infamy.    

Now to tell you a little about myself...  I am a College graduate (Bachelor 
of Science in Computer Information Systems) in the U.S.A.  I have written 
reviews, editorials, etc. for approximately 9 years now.  I am a Christian, 
and I've been into Metal since I was 8 years old...I'm now 29.  I listen to 
all forms of Metal, but I especially enjoy Doomdeath, Doom, Death, Grindcore, 
Black, Thrash, Industrial Metal, and Rapcore Metal.  [Problems with my 
religious or philosophical views are YOUR problem not mine.  Problems with my 
artistic and music preferences are YOUR problem as well.  Treat me with 
respect, and I will do the same for you.  Animosity, just like respect, has 
to be earned.]

I publish my own Electronic magazine called Stranger Aeons (formerly known as 
Hate Box), which is dedicated to the extreme forms of music.  I also created 
and maintain The Rapcore Metal List, and Spitting Blood (a list of any 
compilations that contain at least one Death Metal band, and the pure Death 
Metal compilations as well...that list will be updated shortly).  I have also 
had articles published in several underground magazines Brave Words & Bloody 

I hope to update this list at the very latest once every 2 months, and 
hopefully more frequently than that.  I also plan to diversify the list a 
little more.  I want to incorporate some "marginal" Death Metal bands and 
some Deathpunk (a.k.a. Crust, Crustcore, or Crusty Punk) as well.  So enjoy.  

P.S. I use several different pseudonyms (nicknames) including: William The 
Bloody, etc.

This of course means that all additions and correction should be sent to me.

Keep sending info!

Also, I need someone to let me put my lists and magazine on their webpage.  I 
believe that Thomas Wolmer is no longer maintaining his page.  Thanks.


The Deathgrind Metal List
Revision April 1, 2005 A.D.
Edition 49v    
Bill Vogel III    


What the Hell is this?

- This is an attempt to list the Metal World's treasure of Death Metal and 
Grindcore releases. The discography was until now maintained by Thomas Wolmer 
(, but now is maintained by Bill Vogel III [Missouri, 
U.S.A.]  ( who in the rest of this document 
refers to himself as The Keeper. The list is a descendant of the late Metal 
List From Hell, once kept by Travis Johnson ( and 
originally created by one ( The document is 
however copyright 1995 by Bill Vogel III (big deal since the information in 
it is totally free).

Now of course there are mistakes, and omissions in this list.  I would like 
to make this a complete list of all the Death Metal, and derivatives for the 
entire world.  But that is an impossible task.  I cannot be everywhere and 
know everything, I am not God.  Please send comments and information to me at 
the following email addresses:




(Note: replace '[at]' with '@' in all email addresses listed within this 
document.  They were listed differently to kill spam searches.)    



I welcome all additional information.  But if you strictly write to gripe, 
and provide no useful info...then don't even bother.  One whiney little 
individual wrote me to tell me how terrible the list was, and how they didn't 
have the time to take out of their little self-important life's schedule to 
provide what they felt was the correct information.  To people like this I 
say, "Get outta my face."  I accept all comments, but why should I waste my 
time on a loser attitude like this?  I don't and won't.  Also, don't email me 
and say like "your music sucks," etc.  Flamers can screw-off...I don't need 
the hassle.  It's hard enough to keep-up with the legitimate emails.  Your 
opinion is your business, so keep your mouth shut.  This is an informational 
list, not a chat room or a bravado/ego contest.

BUT, to all those that provide me with their generous help and expertise, in 
the past and future, I thank you all from the very catacombs of my cold 
heart.  God's Eternal blessings to you all.  Later.

While I want the list to be more inclusive than it has been in the past, I 
question what should be included.  Should I put Slayer and Kreator on the 
list?  While they were definitely influential on the style, do they honestly 
sound Deathly by today's standards?  Some say yes, others say no.  And then 
if I do include them, should I include Voivod who in their early days was 
similar to Kreator.  Send me your comments.
What is Death Metal? And what is Grindcore?

Death Metal****

Death Metal is an extremely aggressive form of Heavy Metal that incorporates 
brutal guitar playing with Growl style vocals (which are also referred to as 
Deathgrowl or Deathgrunt vocals...some of the silly critics call them "gargle 
with glass," "gargle with razorblades," or trash-compactor" vocals).  It is 
the heaviest form of Metal in existence.  And it, in its pure form, is 
totally unique from all other styles of Metal.  Also, many Death Metal bands 
use double bass drums.

Grindcore Metal****

Grindcore (a.k.a. Grind) is a derivative (offshoot or hybrid) style of Death 
Metal.  It is a mixture of Death Metal and Hardcore Punk that is of the 
REALLY FAST variety.  The term was coined by a member of Napalm Death.  But 
it is different than Deathpunk Metal which is more like Death Metal mixed 
with early style Punk.  It tends to not be as heavy as pure Death Metal (but 
of course this varies from band to band, etc.), in sheer power, and has a 
much more rhythmic nature to its sound.  It almost has a mechanical feel, in 
a very frentic and manic manner.  There as a rule are no tempo changes, and 
the songs tend to be short.  There is also really no use of melody.  It's 
sheer, fast rhythm that has no mercy.  (If you were pounding-out sheer 
attitude with brutal aggression at a speed only rivaled by God you'd get 
tired too.)  Being super heavy and rhythmic, and not to mention FAST, it 
makes the fastest Thrash seem totally whipped.  Prime examples of the style 
are: Napalm Death (of course, they are the Kings Of Grindcore.), early 
Carcass, Brutal Truth  (one of the best examples), Exit-13, Macabre, Filthy 
Christians, Enemy Soil, Old Lady Drivers, Heresy, Bolt Thrower, etc.  Many 
Death Metal bands experiment with Grind, so the two styles tend to blur a 
bit.  It's hard to describe, but killer to listen to.

Deathpunk (a.k.a. Crust, Crustcore, or Crusty Punk)****

Deathpunk is simply a mixture of Death Metal and Punk Rock.  The band that 
best personifies this style is Disrupt.  Other bands include Merauder, 
Destroy, etc.

Black/Death Metal****

Simply put it is a mixture of Black Metal (screach style vocals and occult or 
mythology based lyrics...sort of reminds one of the Linda Blair character 
from the "Exorcist" movie).  Examples of this style include: Incantation, 
Belial, Blasphemy (Black/Grind), Dissection, Cradle Of Filth, Bathory, etc.

There are basically three styles of Black/Death Metal:

1.)     Northern Style - (a.k.a. Norwegian Style, Scandinavian
          Style, etc.).  This style originated in the Norway,
          Sweden, and Finland area.  It is basically very
          heavy Black Metal with vocals that are a mix of
          a screech and a growl (a raspy growl).  This fits
          bands like Immortal, Darkthrone, Dissection, Cradle
          Of Filth, etc.

2.)     Brutal Black Death - This style incoporates a brutal
          Death sound with Black style lyrics with some
          screeching [but used only slightly].  This includes
          bands like Incantation, etc.

3.)     Black/Doomdeath - This one mixes Black Metal and totally
          brutal Doomdeath.  This includes bands like 
          Bethlehem, Carpathian Forest, and Carpathian Full

Industrial/Death Metal****

A mixture of Industrial [i.e. use of samples] and Death Metal.  Example: Dead 
World, Purge, Candiru, Fear Factory, Meathook Seed, Skin Chamber, Hybernoid, 
Anorexia Nervosa, etc.

Doomdeath Metal****

My favorite style.  A simple fusion  of Doom Metal [slow, heavy guitar with 
deep and slow vocals] and Death Metal.  Examples: Paradise Lost, Pyogenesis, 
Anathema, Cerebral Fix, My Dying Bride, Celestial Season, Enchantment, 
Amorphis, Divine Eve, Renaissance, Cemetary, Nightfall, Ceremonium, Darkside, 
Blood Divine, etc.

Of course there are hybrids of this style as well.  An example would be the 
band Mindrot which mixes Doomdeath Metal and Grindcore Metal.  This band is 

Aggro /or/ Aggro/Death Metal****    

A chunky, rhythmic style of Metal with a mixed vocal style (usually growled 
and clean).  It's typically not as heavy, has a slight Hardcore tinge, and is 
more 'radio friendly.'  Definitive bands of this style include Slipknot, 
System Of A Down, Kittie, and American Head Charge.  (ONLY the ones with at 
least a slight Death Metal influence will be included here.)    

Reading This List****

How am I supposed to interpret the unintelligible mess that makes up the 

- The entries in the list look like this:

Artist: Country birth_year-demise_year (comments on state of existence.)
   # General comments on the band
  Name Of Release/format/release year [Record Label(s)] (comments on      
   # Comments on this particular release

If the band is currently alive, there is of course no demise year, and if one 
or both of the dates are unknown they are left out. If the band has existed 
during several periods there are several intervals.  If the format field is 
missing then the item is an ordinary full-length LP/CD/MC release; a non-
full-length release is usually called an EP or possibly a CDS or 12" if that 
is the only available format.  Inconsistencies in the notation would not 
surprise The Keeper.  

To save space, the record label names have been abbreviated; a key is 
available at the end of the list.  But I do hold the option not to abbreviate 
if I see fit.

At last, is there any legal junk to remember?

Not really. This document is freeware (public domain), you are allowed and 
encouraged to copy, spread and make it publicly available, provided that you 
do not charge any money for it.  Use the information in it in any way you can 
think of, but when you quote straight from the list, The Keeper would 
appreciate if you mention your source.

What is not allowed is spreading versions of the document with any of the 
text changed. If you want any changes made, tell The Keeper, OK?  And BTW, 
even though The Keeper sometimes spreads versions of the lists without this 
header section, don't give such a headless list to anyone who hasn't gotten a 
headed one.

History Of Death Metal***

Most of the so-called Heavy Metal historians lay the creation of Death Metal 
at the feet of the now infamous Black Metal band Venom.  Venom rode-in from 
the dark abyss in 1979 in what is now called the NWOBHM (New Wave Of British 
Heavy Metal).  They were part of this flood of bands that included the likes 
of Iron Maiden, Samson, Witchfinder General, Witchfynde, Praying Mantis, etc.  
And yes, Venom did have some very subtle Death Metal in their sound.  But 
their style ran more towards what is called Old Style (a.k.a. Old World, 
German Style) Death Metal.  

Many other bands influenced the sound of this style of Death Metal.  Such 
bands as Kreator, Slayer, early Voivod and others were influential (although 
many of these would now not be categorized as Death Metal).  

Death Metal as we now know it wasn't spawned until now legendary bands like 
Possessed, Bathory, and Celtic Frost tempered the sound in the early 1980's.  
After that the torch was picked-up by bands such as Death, Entombed (one of 
my favorites), Morbid Angel, Carcass, Master, Repulsion, and Napalm Death 
came into being.  These bands intensified the power of the instrumental, and 
intensified the growl of the vocals.  This happened in the mid to late 

Since then Death metal has sprung into several new directions such as 
Industrial Death Metal (i.e. Dead World, Purge, Candiru), Doomdeath Metal 
(early Paradise Lost, Anathema, Celestial Season, My Dying Bride, etc.), etc.

Where will Death Metal go next?  No one knows for sure, but as long as the 
style keeps its progressive nature and its underground attitude it will 
continue to thrive.  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

The Death/Grind Metal List

13: U.S.A. - (Doomdeath Metal.)
   # A bit like Eyehategod? Hardcore-influenced Sludge Doom?
  (split with Grief)/7"/???? []
  Hollow/7"/???? []
  (split with Eyehategod)/7"/???? [SAH]
  (split with Eyehategod)/7"/???? [Ax]

122 Stab Wounds: Norway - (Death Metal with little Black Metal 
  Diety Of Perversion/CD/199? []

A Canorous Quintet: Sweden -
   # A bit like At The Gates or something.
  The Time Of Autumn/demo/1993
  As Tears/MCD/1995 [Chaos]

A.C.: U.S.A. - 1988-2001, reformed 2003.    
   # Over-the-top Grind.  They do the oddest covers.  Cool stuff.
  47 Song Demo/cass/1988 [demo]
  88 Song E.P./7"/1989 [Wicked Sick] (Reissued in 1997 on Fudgeworthy.)
  (Split 7" with Seven Minutes of Nausea)/7"/1989 [Total Noise]
  5643 Song E.P./7"/1989 [Stridecore]
  Another E.P./7"/1991 [Total Noise]
  (Split 7" with Meat Shits)/7"/1991 [Wicked Sick] (Reissued in 1996 
        on Fudgeworthy.)
  (Split 7" with Psycho)/7"/1991 [Axction]
  Greatest Hits Vol. 1/CD/1991 [Ecocentric] (a.k.a. "Fast Boston Hardcore.")
  Unplugged E.P./7"/1991 [Psychomania]
  Live E.P./7"/1991 [Psychomania]
  Morbid Florist/CD/1993 [Relapse]  (Reissued in 1998 with bonus track(s)
        Including a Doors' cover.  Released under Anal Cunt (which is what
        A.C. stands for).  (((Don't argue abbreviative semantics with me.
  Breaking The Law/7"/1993 [Wicked Sick]
  Everyone Should Be Killed/CD/1994 [Earache]
     (Has a cover of EMF's "Unbelievable" and a cover of
     "Electric Avenue.")
  Old Stuff Part 2/CD/1994 [Devour]
  Stayin' Alive (Oi Version)/7"/1995 [Earache]
  Top 40 Hits/CD/1995 [Earache]  (Has cover of Beegee's [yuck] "Stayin' 
       Alive."  It's a great CD with a whacked-out intensity.)
  40 More Reasons To Hate Us/CD/1996 [Earache]
  I Like It When You Die/CD/1997 [Earache]
  (Split 7" with EyeHateGod)/7"/1997 [Hydra Head]
  Picnic Of Love/CD/1998 [Off The Records]
  It Just Gets Worse/CD/1999 [Earache]

A Punto: Argentina - (Death Metal.)
  Popular Poder/Cd/1996 (November) [Art Beat] (Enhanced Cd that
     will play in an audio CD player, or a CD-ROM drive on a
     PC or Macinslosh [Macintosh].)    

Abaddon Incarnate: Ireland - (Grindcore.)    
  Nadir/CD/2001 [Sentinel]    
  Dark Crusade/CD/2004 [Xtreem]    

Aberration: Poland - (disbanded.)
  Massacre On The Earth/MC/1993 [Morbid Noizz]    

Abhorer: Singapore - (Black Metal.)
  (split with Necrophile)/1991
  Upheaval Of Blasphemy/7"/1994 [Shivadarshana]

Abhorrence: -
  Abhorrence/7"/???? [SD]

Abigail: Japan - (Black Metal.)
     # There are non-black metal Abigails too.
  Studio Demo 1/demo/1992
  Descending From A Blackened Sky/7"/1993 [HSB]
  Blasphemy Night/demo/1994
  (split with Funeral Winds)/1995 [Warmaster]

Abigor: Austria - (Black Metal.)
  Ash Nazg.../demo/1993
  Lux Devicta Est/demo/1993
  Promotape 2/94 /demo/1994
  Moon Rise/demo/1994
  Verwustung/Invoke The Dark Age /1994 [Napalm (Austria)]
  Orkblut - The Retaliation/EP/1995 [Napalm (Austria)]
  Nachthymnen (From The Twilight Kingdom)/1995 [Napalm (Austria)]
  Opus IV/1996 [Napalm (Austria)]

Ablaze My Sorrow: Sweden - 
  If Emotions Still Burn/CD/1996 [No Fashion]

Abomination: U.S.A. - (Disbanded.)
   # Paul Speckmann again...
  Abomination/???? [NB]
  (split with Master)/7"/1990 [NB]
  Tragedy Strikes/CD/1992 [NB]    

Aborted: - 
  Goremageddon/CD/2004 [Olympic]    

Abortion: - (Extreme Slovakian Deathgrind.)
  Murdered Culture/CD/1998 [M.A.B. Records]

Abramelin: Australia (Melbourne) ?-? as Acheron, ?- as Abramelin.  
        Not to confused with the Black/Death Metal band Acheron from the
  Eternal Suffereing/demo/1990 (As Acheron.)
  Acheron/7"/1992 [] (As Acheron.)
  Deprived Of Afterlife/7"/19?? [Corpsegrinder] (As Acheron.)
  Transgression From Acheron/MCD/1994 [DoP]
  Abramelin/CD/1995 [??????] (A 45 minute long opus that features a
     cover of the Dead Can Dance's "Cantara.")
  (New CD out soon on Repulse Records.)

Abruptum: Sweden 1990- (Black Metal.)
     # The audial essence of pure black evil.
  Hextum Galaem Zeloq/demo/1990
  The Satanist Tunes/demo/1990
  Orchestra Of Dark/demo/1992
     # Re-released 1994 by PS records.
  Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectere Me/1992 [Deathlike Silence]
  In Umbra Maliciae Ambulabo, In Aeternum In Triumpho Tenebrae/1994 
     [Deathlike Silence]
  Early Evil/1995 [bootleg]
     # 2 demos and "Evil" on CD.
  Evil Genius/1995 [Hellspawn]
     # "The Satanist Tunes" and "Evil."
  Vi Sonus Vens Nigrae Maliciaes/1996 [Full Moon]

Abscess: U.S.A. 1994-
   # Ex-Autopsy members (Chris Reifert and Danny Coralles) and ex-Hexx 
     member(s), good sick Deathgrind.
  Urine Junkies/CD/1995 [Rlps]
  Seminal Vampires & Maggot Men/CD/1996 (October) [Rlps]  
  Tortured/CD/2001 [Necropolis]  

Absu: U.S.A. (Texas) - (Black Metal...they call it Occult Metal.)
  Immortal Sorcery/7"/1991
  Return Of The Ancients/demo/1991
  The Temples Of Offal/demo/7"/1992 [Gothic]
  Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. / 1993 [Osmose/Torched/Gothic]
     # Stands for "Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultul =
  The Sun Of Tiphareth/1995 [Osmose]
  And Shineth Unto The Gold Cometh/7"/1995 [Osmose]    
  Tara/CD/2002 [WWIII]    

Absurd: Sweden 1991- (Probably disbanded.)
  Absurd/demo/7"/1992 [SD]

Absurd Existence: Germany-
  Angelwings/1995 [Force]

Abysmal: Norway - (Black Metal.)
  The Pillorian Age/1995 [Avantgarde]

The Abyss: Sweden 1994- 
     # Hypocrisy playing Black Metal.
  The Other Side/CD/1995 [Nuclear Blast]
  Summon The Beast/CD/1997 [Nuclear Blast]

Accidental Suicide: U.S.A. -
  Deceased/CD/1992 [Deaf/GC]

Accursed: - (Black/Death Metal.)
  Meditations Among The Tombs/CD/199? [] (Haunting.)

Acheron: U.S.A. (Florida) 1988- (Primitive Black/Death Metal.)
  Messe Noir/demo/1989 (Live.)
  Future Release/demo/1990 []
  Rites Of The Black Mass/demo/1991 []
  Rites Of The Black Mass/CD/1992 [Turbo/JLA]
  Alla Xul/7"/1993 [Gut]
  Satanic Victory/EP/1994 [Leth]
   # Not authorized by the band supposedly.
  Hail Victory/CD/1994 [MM]
   # "Satanic Victory" & "Alla Xul" tracks + more. Is authorized.
  Lex Talionis/CD/1994 [Leth/MM]
   # Is only the Metal Mercant version authorized?
  Messe Noir/7"/1995? [Reap]
   # The old demo perhaps?
  Promo 96/demo/1996
  Anti-god, Anti-christ/MCD/1996 [Mori]
  (A re-recorded version of "Hail Victory" may be out soon, and ROTBM + "Lex      
     Talionis" in a 2 CD set.  Also, a compilation "Compendium Diablerie"      
     definitely out soon on Moribund.)
  Those Who Have Risen/CD/1998 [Necropolis/Full Moon]    
  Compendium Diablerie: Demo/CD/2001 [Full Moon]    
  Rebirth: Metamorphosing Into Godhead/CD/2004 .July. [The End/Black Lotus]    
  Decade Infernus 1988-1998/CD/2004 [Phantom/Black Lotus]    

Acid Bath: U.S.A. (Kenner, Louisiana) 1991-1997 (Acid/Swamp/Doom/Goth/Death/ 
     Grind Metal.)  
  Hymns Of The Needle Freak/Demo/???? []    
  When The Kite String Pops/CD/1994 [Rotten Records]  
  Paegan Terrorist Tactics/CD/1996 [Rotten Records]    
  Double Live Bootleg/DVD/2002 [Rotten Records]    

Acrostichon: Netherlands -
  Lost Rememberance/7"/1991 [SD]
  Engraved In Black/1992 [IC/Modern Primitive]
  ????/1994 []
  Sentenced/Cd/1995 []

Adramelech: Finland - (ex-Demigod members)
  Grip Of Darkness/demo/????
  Remasquerade/7"/???? [Adi]
  Spring Of Recovery/7"/???? [NB]
  The Fall/MCD/1995 [Repulse]    

Aeon: Sweden - (Brutal Death Metal.)    
  Dark Order/CD/2001 [Necropolis]    

Aeturnus: Norway - (Started as Black Epic/Dark Death Metal.)
  Dark Sorcery/EP/1995 [View Beyond]    
  A Darker Monument/CD/2003 [Lumber Jack/Candlelight/Nocturnal Art     

Afflicted: Sweden 1988-1990 as Afflicted Convulsion, 1990-1995 as      
     Afflicted, 1995- as Molasser (NO LONGER Death Metal).
  ????/demo/???? (as Afflicted Convulsion)
   # This one is somewhat... funny?
  ????/demo/???? (as Afflicted Convulsion)
  Ingrained/7"/1991 [Thrash]
  Wanderland/demo/7"/1992 [NB/Rlps]
  Rising To The Sun/7"/1992 [NB] (b/w "Ivory Tower")
  Progidal Sun/1992 [NB]
  Astray/EP/199? []
  Dawn Of Glory/1995 [Mass]
   # Not Death Metal anymore.

Afterdeath: Portugal - (Death/Thrash/Black Metal.)
  Back Words/CD/1996 [Guardians of Metal]

Afterlife: U.S.A. -
  Surreality/CD/1993 [GC]

Agathocles: Belgium -
  Who Profits Who Dies/???? [] (Split with M.O.M.)
  (split with Riek Boois)/7"/1988 []
  Cabbalic Gnosticism/7"/1988 [] (demo pressed on vinyl.)
  If This Is Is Cruel What's Vivisection Then?/7"/???? [SD]
  (split with Putrid Offal)/7"/???? [SD]
  (split with Smegma)/7"/???? []
  (split with Disgorge)/7"/???? []
  (split with V.N.A.)/7"/???? []
  (split with Lunatic Invasion)/12"/???? []
  Fashination Of Mutilation/7" flexi/1990 [Rigid] (Limited to 60 copies!)
  (split with Drudge)/1990 [Deaf]
  Traditional Rites/7"/1991 [] (Split with Blood.)
  (split with Psycho)/???? []
  (split with Cripple Bastards)/???? []
  Suppose It Was You/7"/???? []
  If This Is Gore What Is Meat Then?/7"/???? []
  Theatric Symbolisation Of Life/1992 [Cyber] (Includes many
     earlier releases.)
  Black Clouds Determinate/1994 [Cyber]
  Who Shares The Guilt?/7"/1995 [PS] (On split with Nasum's
     "Blind World.")
  Distrust And Abuse/7"/1995 []
  Razor Sharp Daggers/CD/1995 [Cyber]
  (split with Rot)/7"/19?? []
     (coming soon)
  (split with M.I.T.B.)/7"/19?? []
     (coming soon)
  (split with Disclose)/7"/19?? []
     (coming soon)
  (split with Patareni)/7"/19?? []
     (coming soon)
  (split with Audiorrea)/7"/19?? []
     (coming soon)
  (split with Social Genocide)/7"/19?? []
     (coming soon)
  (split with Averno)/CD/19?? []

Agatus: Greece/Australia - (Black Metal.)
  Dawn Of Martyrdom/1996 [Hypervorea/Sub Terra]

Aggressor: Estonia -
  Procreate The Petrifactions/1993 [EHL Trading]
  Of Long Duration Anguish/1994 [Fugata]

Agnosia: Portugal - (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal.)
  The First Gathering/demo/1995 []

Agonizing Terror: Portugal - (Grindcore Metal.)
  Disharmony In God's Creation/demo/1995 [Lustful]

Agony: Colombia - (Death/Thrash Metal.)
  Millenium/CD/1996 [Cinismo]

Agony Conscience: - (Extreme Grind/Death Metal.)
  Look Into The Silence/CD/1997 [Sheerjoy]

Agoraphobic Nosebleed: U.S.A. - (Brutal two man Grindcore Metal band.)
  Honky Reduction/CD/1998 [Relapse]    
  Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope/CD/2002 [Relapse]    

Agressor: France -
  Orbital Distortion/Demo/1989 [] (Three tracks of Thrash
     Metal persuasion.)
  Licensed To Thrash/CD/1989 [] (Split Cd with Loudblast.
     The five Agressor tracks were re-issued as the "Satan's
     Sodomy" MCD.)
  Neverending Destiny/CD/1991 [] (Thrash.  Has 11 cuts, and
     was their first LP.)
  Towards Beyond/CD/1992 [BM] (Death Metal.  11 tracks with
     a cover of W.A. Mozart cut.)
  Symposium Of Rebirth/CD/1994 [BM]  (Death Metal.  13 tracks
     including a Terrorizer cover with Barney of Napalm
     Death on backing vocals.)
  Satan's Sodomy/MCD/1994 [BM] (Re-issue.  Thrash Metal.)    

Aion: Poland - (Gothic-Doom with lot of keyboards and no-growl vocals.  This 
     LP has fantastic cover of Sisters Of Mercy's "Temple of Love".)    
  Midian/CD/1997 [Morbid Noizz]    
  Noia/CD/2000 [Pavement Records]    

Akhenaton: France -1995 as Daemonium, 1995- as Akhenaton.
     # White/Black Metal...or maybe a better term would be Christian
       Black Metal.
  Divine Symphonies/1995 [Adipocere]
     # Continue to "Dark Opera Of The Ancient War Spirit" by Daemonium.

Alastis: Swizerland -
     # Black Doomdeath Metal.
  Fatidical Date/demo/1989
  Promo 92/demo/1992
  The Just Law/1993 [Head Not Found]
  And Death Smiled/1995 [Adipocere]
     # Not very Black Metal.
  The Other Side/CD/1997 [CM]
     # Brutal Black/Death Metal.

Alchemist: Australia 1987-
  Demo '90/demo/1990
  Demo '91/demo/1991
  Jar Of Kingdom/1993 [Leth]
  Lunasphere/1995 [Thrust]

Algaion: Sweden - (Black Metal.)
  Demo 93/demo/1993
  Heosphoros Ho Proi Anatellon/demo/1994
  Oimai Algeiou/1995 [Full Moon]
  Vox Clamentis/EP/199? [Wounded Love]

Allegiance: Sweden -
     # Thrash/Death/Black Metal.
  Hymn Til Hangagud/1996 [No Fashion]

Alligator: Italy -
  Cerabral Implosion/1995 [Last Screams]
  (new album "Rules" coming soon.)

Altar: Netherlands - (Originally known as Manticore.)
   # Fast Death Metal. 
  And God Created Satan To Blame For Mistakes/demo/1992 []
  Youth Against Christ/CD/1994 [Disp/Massacre]
  Ego Art/CD/1996 [Displeased]  
  In The Name Of The Father/CD/2000 [Pavement]    

Altar: Sweden 1989-
  No Flesh Shall Be Spared/demo/1991
  Ex Oblivione/CD/1993 [Drowned] (On split CD with Cartilage's "The Fragile      
     Concept Of Affection."  Features Dan Swano on keyboards.  There are
     many English language mistakes on this release.)    
  The Truth/EP/199? []    

Amaymon: France -
  (split with Purulence)/???? [Adi]

Amen Corner: - (Black Metal.)
     # Not the old rock band.
  Fall, Ascension, Domination/demo/????
  The Final Celebration/????

Amestigon: Austria - (Black Metal.)    
  (split with Anzigia)/1996 [Napalm (Austria)]    

Amon: Swizerland - (Black Metal.  ...Similar to Ancient Rites.)
     # Do not confuse with the earlier incarnation of Deicide;
       possibly they have an album.    
  Shemhamforash/CD/1995 [Witchhunt Records]    

Amon Amarth: Sweden - (Black/Death Metal like Dissection, Dark      
     Tranquillity, etc.)
  Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds/EP/199? []    
  Once Sent From The Golden Hall/CD/1998 [MB]    
  Avenger/CD/1999 [MB]    
  Crusher/CD/2001 [MB]    

Amorphis: Finland -
   # Started as a Death band, became doomy...
  Amorphis/7"/???? []
   # Brutal Death.
  Misery Path/7"/1992? [Rlps]    
  The Karelian Isthmus/CD/1992 [Rlps/NB] (Atmospheric Doom.)
  Privilege Of Evil/EP/1993 [Rlps] (Recorded in 1991.)
   # Pure Death Metal.
  Tales From The Thousand Lakes/CD/1994 [Rlps/NB] (Digipack ed. has extra      
     track; The Doors cover "Light My Fire.")
  Black Winter Day/EP/1995 [Rlps/NB]
  Elegy/CD/1996 [Rlps/NB] (Uses Finnish mythology for subject
  My Kantele/EP/1997 [Rlps] 
  Tuonela/CD/1999 [Rlps]  
  Am Universum/CD/2001 [Rlps]    

Anaal Nathrakh: Britain - (Extreme/Industrial/Blackened Death Metal.  A two  
     Man band.)     
  Domine Non Es Dignus/CD/2004 .November. [Season Of Mist]     

Anal Blast: - (Brutal Fast Death/Grind.)
  Vaginal Vempire/CD/1998 [Terroristes Gen?]

Anal Cunt: U.S.A. - (SEE ENTRY FOR A.C.)

Anal Massaker: - 
  Ka-Ka/EP/19?? []

Anarchus: Mexico -    
   # Grind/Noise.    
  Final Fall Of The Gods/7"/???? [Rigid]    
  (Split with Monastery)/1992 [SAH]    
  (Estimated there are many EP's, almost 15, impossible get it.)    

Anathema: Britain -
   # Doomdeath Metal with some odd elements - gothic?
  An Iliad Of Woes/demo/1990
  All Faith Is Lost/demo/1991
  They Die/7"/1992? [WH]
  Crestfallen/EP/1992 [PV]
  Serenades/CD/1993 [PV] (A new edition includes the "Crestfallen" EP.       
     There is another bonus version that features a 23 
     minute minimalist ambient song called "Dreaming The Romance.")
  The Sweet Suffering/EP/???? [PV]
   # Does this EP exist???
  Nailed To The Cross/666/7"/1994 [PV] (b/w "Eternal Rise Of The Sun" 
     Limited edition "Collectors Club" item.)
  Pentecost III/EP/1995 (1996) [PV/Fierce] (Quite a long EP though.)
  Silent Enigma/CD/1995 (1997) [PV/Fierce]
  Eternity/CD/1996 (November) [Peaceville/Fierce]
  Alternative 4/CD/1998 [Peaceville/Fierce]    

Anatomy: - (Very Dark and Brutal Death Metal that uses
     keyboards, acoustical influences, and some Black
     Metal style vocals.)
  Twisting Depths Of Horror/MiniCD/1995-6 []

Ancient: Norway 1992-
     # Slightly different Norwegian Black Metal.
  Eerily Howling Winds/demo/1993
  Det Glemte Riket/7"/1994 [Necromantik Gallery]
  Svartalvheim/1994 [Listenable]
  Trolltaar/EP/1995 [Damnation]
     # Vinyl version is different.
  The Cainian Chronicle/CD/1996 [Metal Blade]
     # Duration is 66 minutes and 6 seconds.  I wonder if this has been
        done before...
  Mad Grandiose Blood Fiends/CD/1997 [Metal Blade]

Ancient Ceremony: Germany -
     # Melodic Black/Death Metal.
  Where Serpents Reign/demo/1993
  Cemetary Visions/EP/1994 [Alister]

Ancient Rites: Belgium 1989-
     # Oldstyle Black/Death Metal.
  Dark Ritual/demo/1990
  Longing For The Ancient Kingdom II/7"/1993 [After Dark] 
     (Split with Renaissance.)
  Evil Prevails/7"/1992 [Fallen Angel]
  (Split with Thou Art Lord)/7"/1993 [Molon Lave]
  (Split with Uncanny)/12"/199? []
  The Diabolic Serenades/1994 [After Dark]
  (Split with Enthroned)/7"/1995 [After Dark]
  Blasphemia Eternal/CD/1995 [Mascot/Pavement]

Ancient Wisdom: Sweden - (Doomdeath Metal.)
  For Snow Covered The Northland/CD/1996 []

Anesthesy: Belgium -
  Exaltation Of The Eclipse/1994 [BM]

Angel Death: Italy -
  Angel Death/7"/???? []
  Gore Blood Of War/7"?/???? []

Angizia: Austria - (Symphonic Black with Classical instruments, and Opera 
  (Split with Amestigon)/1996 [Napalm (Austria)]    
  Die Kemenaten Scharlachrote Lichter (sic)/CD/1997 [Napalm Records]    

Anguish: Finland -
  Ground Absorbs/7"/???? []

Anti System: - (Crustcore Metal.)
  No Laughing Matter/CD/199? []

Antropomorphia: Netherlands -
  Necromantic Love Songs/1994 [Blackend]

Arcane: U.S.A. (Texas)- Progressive/Technical Death/Thrash.
  Destination Unknown/Cd/???? [WR] (Debut album.)

Arch Enemy: - (Formed from the ashes of CARCASS.  Similar Progressive
     Deathrock feel ala "Heartwork.")
  Black Earth/CD/1996 [W.A.R.] (Japanese version features 2 bonus
     tracks including "Losing Faith."  Reissued in 2002 by Century Media.)
  Stigmata/CD/1998 [CM] (Japanese version also features bonus tracks.)
  Burning Bridges/CD/1999 [CM]    
  Wages Of Sin/CD/2002 [CM]    

Archgoat: Finland - (Black Metal.)
  Jesus Spawn/demo/1992
  Penis Perversor/demo/1993 (Live.)
  Angelcunt: Tales Of Desecration/12"/1994 [Necropolis]
     # Will be released on split CD with Beherit.

Arckanum: Sweden - (Black Metal.)
  Demo 93/demo/1993
  Fran Marder/1995 [Necropolis]

Arcturus: Norway - (Black Metal.)
     # Atmospheric stuff, members of Mayhem and Ulver.
  My Angel/7"/1991 [Putrefaction]
  Espectorade Discharge/demo/199?
  Constellation/EP/1995 [Nocturnal Art]
     # The demo, only 500 copies.
  Aspera Heims Symfonia/1996 []    
  The Sham Mirrors/CD/2002 [The End]  (Progressive/Gothic Metal.)    

Armagedon: Poland -    
  Dead Condamnation/MC/1991 [Carnage]    
  Invisible Circle/MC/1993 [Carnage]    
     #These two tapes are some of most important and cult tapes in Polish 

Armoured Angel: Australia - (Not to be confused with the
     U.S. band Armored Angel.)
  Stigmartyr/EP/1992 []
  ??????/CD/1999 [Repulse]

Arsedestroyer: Sweden - (Grindcore with no lyrical content.
     The singer just growls, roars, & screams, but he does
     not actually sing.  The vocal is more for effect 
     than content.)
  Arsedestroyer/EP/1995 [] (It is a 15 minute EP with 30
     plus tracks.  There are no song titles given; just the
     length of each song.)

As I Lay Dying: - (Formed from the remains of Visceral Evisceration.  Female      
     vocalist for this Doomdeath Metal act.)
  As I Lay Dying/demo/1996 [] (Supposedly has erotic lyrics.)    

As I Lay Dying: U.S.A. - (Death/Metalcore.)    
  Frail Words Collapse/CD/2003 .July. [Metal Blade]    
  Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes/CD/2003 .July. [Pluto]  (Reissue from 2001.)    
  Split/CD/2003 .July. [Pluto]  (Reissue from 2001.  Split release with  
     American Tragedy.)    

As Serenity Fades: Finland -
   # Atmospheric Death.
  Earthborn/MCD/???? [Adi]

Asgaard: Poland - 
  When The Twilight Set In Again/CD/1998    
   # With growl, female vocals and violins.    

Asphyx: Netherlands ????-2000 (Death Metal.)    
  Mutilating Process/7"/1990 [Gore]
  The Rack/CD/1991 [CM]
  Crush The Cenotaph/EP/1992 [CM]
  Last One On Earth/CD/1992 [CM]
  Asphyx/CD/1994 [CM]
  God Cries/CD/1996 [CM]
  Embrace The Death/CD/1997 [CM] (This album was recorded many years
     prior to its release.)

Assuck: -
   # Grind.
  Necrosalvation/7"/1989 [Rigid]
  State To State/7"/???? []
  Blindspot/7"/1992 [Open]
  (split with OLD)/EP/???? []
  Anticapital/???? [?/Sound Pollution] ('94 re-release contains "Blindspot"      
     and 3 tracks from the split with OLD.)

Astral Rising: France -
   # Atmospheric Doomdeath with lots of vocal variations.
  Alpha State/7"/1992 [Ark]
  Abeona Adeona/1993 [Ch]

At The Gates: Sweden 1990-1996 (Progressive/Deathgrind Metal.)
  Gardens Of Grief/EP/1991 [Dol/Black Sun]
  The Red In The Sky Is Ours/CD/1992 [Deaf] (Available on one CD with      
  With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness/CD/1993 [PV/Fut]
  Terminal Spirit Disease/CD/1994 [PV/Fierce] (6 new songs + 3 live      
  Slaughter Of The Soul/CD/1995 [Ear]

Atheist: U.S.A. - disbanded in 1993, reformed in 2001.  (Originally founded 
     under the moniker of Ravage; then as R.A.V.A.G.E. [stands for
     "Raging Atheists Vow A Gory End"].  Progressive Jazz/Death.)
  Piece Of Time/1990 [Act/Death]
  Unquestionable Presence/1991 [Act/Death]
  Elements/CD/1993 [MB/MFN]

Atman: - (Some say Rip-off Black Metal...)  
  Like Pure Unawaited Magic/1996 [New Goetia-Requiem]

Atrax Morgue: Japan - (Industrial/Death Metal.)
  ??????/??/???? []

Atrocity: Germany -
  Blue Blood/EP/1989 [NB]
  Hallucinations/CD/1990 [NB/RR] (Reissued in 1998.)
  Todessehnsucht/Longing For Death/1992 [RR] (Title depends on country.)
  Blut/1994 [Mass]
   # Pantera-ish?
  Calling The Rain/MCD/1995 [Mass]
   # Not quite Metal. With Alex Krulls' Brother Yashmin.
  Die Liebe/EP/199? [] 
   # Title translation is "The Love."  They did this with Das Ich.
  Willenskraft/CD/1996 [] (Limited edition Cd with 4 bonus tracks.)
  Kraft & Wille/Boxed Set/1996 [] (Includes a videotape,
     the "Willenskraft" Cd, and two bonus Cds that are
     called "The Definition Of Kraft & Wille" and a EP called "The      

Atrocity: UK -
  Infected/1991 []
  Live And Live Again/EP/???? []
  The Art Of Death/1992 []

Aura Noir: Norway - (Black Metal.)
     # Something Black, members of Dodheimsgard and Ved Buens Ende.
  Dreams Like Deserts/EP/1995 [Hot]

Aurora Borealis: - (Ultra Brutal Technical Death Metal.)
  Mansions Of Eternity/MiniCD/1997 []

Authorize: Sweden -
  The Source Of Dominion/1991 [Put]

Autopsy: U.S.A. -1994, then (more or less) as The Aborted.
     They also incorporate some Doom influences.
  Critical Madness/demo/1988
  Severed Survival/1989 [PV/Fut] (Futurist CD edition includes the RFTD      
  Retribution For The Dead/EP/1991 [PV] (b/w "Destined To
     Fester"/"In The Grip Of Winter")
  Mental Funeral/1991 [PV] (Some versions of this include the
     "Severed Survival" release.)
  Fiend For Blood/EP/1992 [PV] (b/w "Keeper Of Deacy"/"Squeal Like A      
     Pig"/"Ravenous Freaks"/"A Different Kind Of Mindfuck"/"Dead Hole.")
  Acts Of The Unspeakable/1992 [PV]
  Live From The Grave/???? [] (Live)
  Shitfun/CD/1995 [PV/Fierce]    

Autopsy Torment: Sweden - (Features members of Pagan Rites.)   
     # Slow Black Metal.    
  Jason Lives/Demo/1989 []  (Demo, pretty much impossible to get a hold of.)    
  Splattered/demo/1990 []  (Demo, same as above.)    
  Darkest Rituals/demo/1991 []  (First with full lineup.)    
  Nocturnal Blasphemy/demo/1991 []  
  Satanic Sadist/Demo/1992 []  (A.K.A. "Moonfog" advance.)    
  Seven Souls Of Hell/demo/1992 []  
  Advance Tape/tape/1992 []  (Adv. Tape for a never released EP.)    
  Orgy With The Dead/CDR Demo/2001 []  (CDR demo, 7 tracks.)    
  Orgy With The Dead/LP/2002 []  (LP, Limited Edition of 380.)    
  Darkest Rituals/7" EP/2002 []  (Darkest Rituals demo.)    
  Tormentorium/CD/LP/Pic.LP/2002 [Painkiller Records]  (Soon to be released 
     by Painkiller Records.)    

Avatar: Norway? - (Black Metal.)
     # Emperor clone.
  ...Memoriam Draconis/1996 [Shiver/Wood-Nymph]

Avulsed: Spain -
  Carnivoracity/7"/MCD/1994? [Repulse?]
  (Split with Acid Death)/EP/199? []    
  Stabwound Orgasm/CD/2001 [World War III/Repulse]    

Awakening: Netherlands -
   # Doomdeath?
  Morte Aeterna/demo/1991
  Swimming Through The Past/7"/1992(?) [Adi]
  Promo Tape 1994/demo/1994

Aydra: Italy 1985-
   # Death/Thrash.    
  Psycho Pain Control/MCD/1996 [Dawn Of Sadness]

Babylon Sad: Switzerland - (Athmospheric Doomdeath Metal.)    
  Kyrie/CD/1993 [Mass]

Babylon Whores: - (Deathrock Metal.)
  ??????/??/???? [Candlelight]
  King Fear/CD/1999 [Necropolis]  (Straight Gothic Metal.)  
  Errata Stigmata (CD Single)/CD/2000 [Necropolis]  

Bal Sagoth: Britain - (Medieval influenced Grinding Black/Death
     Metal with keyboards and use of atmosphere.)
  A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria/CD/1995 []
  Starfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule/CD/1996
  Atlantis Acendent/CD/2001 [NB]    

Baltak: Australia - (One man, named Gorgoroth, Black Metal band.  Lyrics 
     are in Macedonian.)    
  Baltak/1996 [Battlegod]    
  Zaginatot Grad (The Lost City)/CD/???? [Battlegod Productions]    

Banished: 1993- ex-Baphomet
  Deliver Me Unto Pain/1994 [Deaf/PV]

Baphomet: U.S.A. -1993, then as Banished.  (Death Metal.)
  Morbid Realities/demo/1987
  Baphomet/7"/1990 [NMO]
   # Or is this one called "Spectral Prophecy"?
  Boiled In Blood/7"/1992 [AW]
  The Dead Shall Inherit/1991 [Deaf] (Quite rare...)
  The Dead Shall Inherit/1992 [PV] (There's supposed to be some difference.)

Baphomet: Germany -
   # Death/Thrash.
  No Answers/CD/1991 [Mass]
  Latest Jesus/CD/1992 [Mass]
  Trust/CD/1994 [Mass]

Barathrum: Finland -
     # Black Doom Metal.
     # Doomdeath Metal.
  Sanctus Satanas/demo/1993
  Sactissime Colere Satanas/demo/1993
  Hailstorm/1995 [Nazgul's Eyrie]
  Eerie/1995? [Nazgul's Eyrie]

Bathory: Sweden 1983-
   # Formed by Quorthon in 1983.  They have experimented
     with styles ranging from raw-edged Motorhead style 
     Metal, Thrash, Death, and Black Metal.  Their Death
     and Black Metal was similar to Venom in style.  And
     later Bathory's style of Black Metal would be labeled
     Northern Style Black Metal (a.k.a. Norwegian Style
     Black Metal or Scandinavian Style Black Metal).  They
     have also experimented with heavy Battle-Hymn Metal.
  The Return/demo/1983
   # Raw-edged Metal...similar to Motorhead's style.
  Bathory/1984 [UOF/Combat/BM]
   # More Thrash oriented.
  The Return.../1985 [UOF/BM]
   # Real Black Metal!
  Under The Sign Of The Black Mark/1987 [UOF/NR/BM]
   # Beginnings of what would become modern Black Metal showing up
      on this release.
  Blood Fire Death/1988 [UOF/Kraze/BM]
   # Death/Battle Metal.
  Hammerheart/CD/1990 [N/BM]
   # Slower Power/Battle/Doom Metal.
  Twilight Of The Gods/CD/1991 [BM]
   # Slow and with lot of classical influences.
  Jubileum Volume I/CD/1992 [BM]
   # compilation 1983-1991.
  Jubileum Volume II/CD/1993 [BM]
   # compilation 1983-1991.
  Requiem/CD/1994 [BM]
   # Speed/Thrash Metal. Recording quality not very good.
  Octagon/CD/1995 [BM]
   # Also kind of Speed Metal, but traces of UTSOTBM/BFD era too.
  Blood On Ice/CD/1996 [BM]

Behemoth: Poland -
     # Nothern style Black Metal, uses acoustic guitar a lot.
  The Return Of The Northern Moon/demo/1992
  From The Pagan Vastlands/demo/1994
  From The Pagan Vastlands/CD/1994 [Pagan/Wild Rags/Nazgul's Eyrie]
     # The demo.
  ...And The Forests Dream Eternally/EP/1995 [Enthropy]
  Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)/1995 [Pagan]
  Grom/1996 [Solistitium]    
  Pandemonic Incantations/CD/1999 []    
     # More Death than Black Metal.    
  Satanica/CD/2000 []    
     # Death Metal with Black elements.    
  Thelema.6/CD/2001 [Olympic/ Mystic Production]    

Belial: Finland -1995? (Black/Death Metal)
  Gods Of The Pit/demo/????
  Wisdom Of Darkness/EP/1992? [Leth]
   # two versions with different covers exist
  Gods Of The Pit Part 2/EP/1994 [Mori]
   # same as the demo
  Never Again/1994? [Leth]
  Aftertaste/7"/1994 []
   # "Clouds" remix + live material
  3/1995 [WH]
   # NOT BLACK METAL.  Grunge Metal stuff.

Believer: U.S.A. (Pennsylvania)- Christian Death/Thrash Metal.
  Extraction From Mortality/CD/1991? [R.E.X.]
  Sanity Obscure/CD/1992 [Roadrunner]
  Dimensions/CD/1994 [Roadrunner]

Belmez: Germany - (Black Metal.)
     # Ex-Eminenz member.
  Berserker/1995? [Napalm (Austria)]
  Siechtum/1995 [Napalm (Austria)]
  Wundgrind/CD/1998 [Napalm]

Belphegor: Austria -
   # Does this try to be Black Metal?
  Bloodbath In Paradise/EP/???? [self]
  Last Supper/1995 [Leth]
  Obscure And Deep/7"/19?? []

Belsebub: -
  ????/7"/1992 [Drowned]
  Elohim/EP/???? []

Benediction: Britain -
  Return To The Eve/7"/???? []
  Experimental Stage/7"/???? []
  (split with Pungent Stench)/7"/???? [NB]
  Subconscious Terror/CD/1990 [NB] (Barney of Napalm Death
     on vocals.  It was made prior to Barney joining Napalm
  The Grand Leveller/CD/1991 [NB]  (Features a cover of Celtic
     Frost's "Return To The Eve.")
  ?????/7"/1992 [NB]
  Dark Is The Season/EP/1992 [NB]  (Barney on vocals on the   
     cover of Anvil's "Forged In Fire.")
  Transcend The Rubicon/CD/1993 [NB]  (Features a cover of
     the Accused's "At The Wrong Side Of The Grave.")
  Wrong Side Of The Grave/EP/???? [] (Limited picture disc only.)
  The Grotesque/Ashen Epitaph/EP/1994 [NB] (2 new songs, 3 live.)
  The Dreams You Dread/CD/1995 [NB]
  Subconscious Terror/Dark Is The Season /Digipak Cd/1996
  The Grand Leveller/CD/1998 [NB] (Reissued with "The Grotesque/Ashen
     Epitaph" EP as bonus tracks.)
  Grind Bastard/CD/1998 [NB]    
  Organised Chaos/CD/2002 [NB]    

Benumb: U.S.A. - (Brutal Grind Metal.)
  Soul Of The Martyr/CD/1998 [Relapse]  
  Withering Strands Of Hope/CD/2000 [Relapse]   

Berzerker: Australia - (One man Industrial Death Metal act.)  
  Berzerker/CD/2000 [Earache]    
  Dissimulate/CD/2002 [Earache]    

Beseech: - (Gothic Death Metal.)    
  From A Bleeding Heart/CD/1998 [Metal Blade]    
  Black Emotions/CD/2001 [Crash Music]    
  Souls Highway/CD/2002 [SPV/Napalm]    
  Drama/CD/2005 [SPV/Napalm]    

Bestial Warlust: ???
   #Black/Grind Metal.
  Vengeance War 'Till Death/CD/1994 [Modern Invasion Music]

Bestialit: Slovakia -
  Fuckland (split with Dehydrated)/CD/1994 [Metal Age]

Bethlehem: Germany - (Black/Doomdeath Metal.)
   # Black/Doom? The singer killed himself but the band continues...guitar      
     player also had heart attack.
  Promo 93/demo/1993
   # same songs are on "Thy Pale Dominion"
  Thy Pale Dominion/7"/1993 [RS] 
  Dark Metal/1994 [Adi]
   # includes the "Thy Pale Dominion" 7"
  Dictius Te Necare/CD/1996 [Red Stream] (Seven tracks.)

Betrayer: Poland    
  Necronomical Exmortis/demo/1991 []    
  Calamity/CD/1994 [Morbid Noizz]  (On this album You can hear very strong 
     Morbid Angel influence.  Distributed by NB.)

The Beyond: U.S.A. - as Demented Ted, 1995 - as The Beyond.
     (From Florida).
  Reassemble/CD/1995 [Pavement]

Beyond Belief: Netherlands -
   # Doomdeath the way it was meant to be...
  Reming The Skull/demo/1991?
  Towards The Diabolical Experiment/1993 [Sha]
  Rave The Abyss/1995 [Sh]

Beyond Dawn: Norway -
   # Avantgarde Death Metal - think Celtic Frost "ITP."
  Tales From An Extinguished World/demo/????
  Heavens Dark Reflection/demo/????
  Up Through The Linear Shades/7"/1993 [Adi]
  Longing For Scarlet Days/MCD/1994 [Adi]

Beyond North: Germany - (Black Metal.)
  The Dark Is My Father/1995 []    

Beyond The Embrace: U.S.A. (New England) - (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal.)    
  Against The Elements/CD/2002 .May. [Metal Blade]    
  Insect Song/CD/2004 .May. [Metal Blade]    

Bifrost: Netherlands -
     # Death/Thrash Metal.
  The Wildest Fire/199? [Hammerheart]

Black Crucifixion: Finland -1994, then as Promeathean.
     # Melodic Black Doom Metal.
  Demo I/demo/1992
  Promeathean Gift/EP/1993 [Lethal]

Black Funeral: U.S.A. 1994-
  Journey Into Horizons Lost/demo/1994
  Wampyr: Throne Of The Beast/1996 [Full Moon]

Black Lodge: Norway - (Doomdeath Metal with male, and female vocals.)
  Covet/CD/199? []

Blackstar: 1997-1998 as Blackstar, 1998- as Blackstar Rising.  (An
     unusual mix of Death and Classic Metal, but very good.  Features
     3 former members of CARCASS.)
  Barbed Wire Soul/CD/1997 [Prosthetic]

Blackstar Rising: 1997-1998 as Blackstar, 1998- as Blackstar Rising.  (An
     unusual mix of Death and Classic Metal, but very good.  Features
     3 former members of CARCASS.)
  Barbed Wire Soul/CD/1999 [Metal Blade]

Blasphemy: Canada -
   # Grindcore-ish (read: Repulsion/Napalm Death) Black Metal.
  Blood Upon The Alter/demo/1989
   # Slightly more Black Metal than the more recent stuff.
  Fallen Angel Of Doom/1990 [WR]
   # Half grind, half Black.
  Gods Of War/1993 [Osm/JLA]
   # the CD version includes the 1989 demo.
   # Very much Grind.
  (a new album is in the works.) 

Blasphereion: Belgium - (Extinct.)    
  Rest In Peace/1992 [Osm]

Blazemth: Spain - (Dark and cold Atmosperic Black/Doom Metal with
     spooky keyboards.  They also use whispers and screeching
     vocals.  Northern Style Black Metal feel.)
  For Centuries Left Behind/MiniCD/1995 [Shiver/Abstract Emotions]

Blo.torch: U.S.A. - (Brutal Hyperblast Death Metal.)    
  Blo.torch/CD/2000 [Earache]    

Blood: Germany -
   # Sounds like old Napalm Death.
  Impulse To Destroy/CD/1989? [WR]
  Recognize Yourself/7"/1989? [WR]
  Traditional Rites/7"/1991 [] (split with Agathocles)
  (Split with Impetigo)/7"/1991 [] (Blood track is "Salvation...To 
     The Dead.")
  Christbait/1992 [1MF]
  O Agios Pethane/1994 [Rough Trade]
  Mental Conflicts/CD/1995 [Morbid]

Blood Divine: Britain 1995- (Doomdeath Metal...they call it
     Moody Death Metal.)
  Awake/CD/1996 (August) [Peaceville]
  Mystica/CD/1998 [Peaceville]

Blood Duster: Australia -
   # Grindgore.  Their lyrics, artwork, and songtitles are immature, 
     but they are not to be taken seriously.  These aspects of Blood 
     Duster are intended to be darkly humorous.  If one can get past 
     this they have a great sound.  Major influences include: Napalm
     Death and Lynard Skynard.
  Menstrual Soup/demo/1992
  ????/7"/???? []
  Fisting The Dead/EP/1993 [Dr. Jim]
  Yeest/CD/1995 [Dr. Jim]
  Yeest/CD/1996 (June) [Relapse]  (This Cd combines both
     the "Fisting The Dead" EP and "Yeest.")
  Str8 Outta Northcote/CD/1998 [Relapse]  (Brilliant Cd with a great
     and totally unique sound.  Imagine Corrosion Of Conformity and
     Lynard Skynard being violated by Fear Factory.  Heavy, Doom-
     soaked grooves mixed with Grindcore.)  
  Cunt/CD/2001 [Relapse]      

Blood Of Christ: Canada - (Unique and progressive Death Metal with varied
  ...A Dream To Remember/CD/1997 [Pulverizer]

Bolt Thrower: Britain 1987 -
   # Their name came from the RPG "Warhammer 40,000" as they are
     big fans of this game.  A bolt thrower is a particular type
     of weapon used by armies in this RPG.  Many of their songs
     were also influenced by the game including "World Eaters"
     which is a marauding army in "Warhammer 40,000."
  Consession Of Pain/demo/1987 
  In Battle There Is No Law/demo/1987
  Promo-tape 88/Demo/1988 [] (8 tracks all from "In Battle
     There Is No Law.")
  In Battle There Is No Law/Cd/1988 [Vinyl Solution]
  Realm Of Chaos Slaves To Darkness/CD/1989 [Ear] (Realm Of Chaos
     is a registered trademark of Games Workshop, which has some
     kind of association to this release.
  The Peel Sessions 1988-1990/CD/1991 [Strange Fruit] (Has
     four tracks with their old singer Allen West.)
  War Master/CD/1991 [Ear]
  Cenotaph/EP/1991 [Ear] ("Cenotaph"/"Destructive Infinity"/
     "Prophet Of Hatred"/Realm Of Chaos" (live))
  The Fourth Crusade/CD/1993 [Ear]
  Spearhead/EP/1993 [Ear] ("Spearhead" (extended version)/"Crown Of      
     Life"/"Lament"/"Dying Creed.")
  ...For Victory/CD/1994 [Ear] (a limited edition CD includes a live CD 
     called "War."  The Japanese version includes the tracks "World
     Eater 94" and "Overlord.")
   # Martin Van Drunen joined Bolt Thrower, and then left.  They have
     a new drummer also as of October 1997 (actually prior, but this
     gives a rough reference date for later).
  Mercenary/CD/1998 [Metal Blade]    

Borea: Poland -    
  Whose Fault/MC/1993 [Morbid Noizz]    
     # All lyrics are about church, pope and priests who are very rich and 
       meantime many people are dying from hunger...    

Bowelrot: Portugal - (Brutal Death/Grind with keyboards.)
  ??????/??/???? []

Brainstorm: - ??????

Brighter Death Now: - (Industrial/Death Metal.)
  Slaughterhouse/CD/199? [Functional] (Powerdeath/Industrial
  Necrose Evangelicum/CD/199? [Cold Meat]
  Innerwar/CD/1996 [CMI/Release]
  Pain in Progress/CD/???? [CMI]
  No Salvation/No Tomorrow /10"/???? [CMI]
  Greatest Death/CD/1998 [CMI/Release]  

Broken Hope: U.S.A. - (Similar in sound to Cannibal Corpse.)
  Swamped In Gore/CD/1991 [GC/CM/MB] 
   # Reissued in US and other areas on Metal Blade records in 1995.
  The Bowels Of Repugnance/CD/1993 [MB]
  Hobo Stew/7"/1994 [MB]
  Repulsive Conception/CD/1995 [MB] (Features a cover of Twisted
     Sister's "Captain Howdy.")
  Loathing/CD/1997 [MB]

Brujeria: U.S.A.-
   # No they aren't devil-worshipping Mexican drug dealers;
   # the members are from Faith No More, Fear Factory,       
   # Sepultura...
  Demoniaco!/7"/1990 [Nemesis]
  Machetazos!/7"/???? [Alternative Tentacles]
  Matando Gueros/CD/1993 [RR]
  Tribute To Pablo Escobar/7"/1994 [Alternative Tentacles]
  Raza Odiada/CD/1995 [RR]
  Marajuana/7"/1998? []  
  Marajuana/MiniCD/???? []  
  Brujerizmo/CD/2001 [RR]   
  Mexicali-Best Of/CD/2004 [RR]    

Brutal Truth: U.S.A. -1998
   # Grind with ex-Anthrax/Nuclear Assault Dan Lilkler (He
     was also in S.O.D. [Stormtroopers Of Death]).
  Demo 90/demo/1990
  The Birth Of Ignorance/7"/1990 [Liberated]
  Ill Neglect/7"/1991 [Ear]
  Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses/CD/1992 [Ear]
  Perpetual Conversion/EP/1993 [Ear]
  Need To Control/1994 [Ear]
  Godplayer/7"/1994 [Ear]
  Birth Of Ignorance (Live Cd)/CD/199? [Morbus]
  Machine Parts +4/7"/1995 [Deaf American]
  Kill Trend Suicide/MiniCD/1996 (October) [Relapse]
   # Awesome.
  (Split 7" with Spazz)/7"/1996 [Bovine/Rhetoric]
  (Split 7" with Rupture)/7"/1997 [Deaf American]
  (Split 7" with Converge)/7"/1997 [Hydra Head]
  (Split 7" with Melvins"/7"/???? [??????] (Does this exist?)
  Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom/CD/1997 [Relapse]  (22 tracks.)
  Goodbye Cruel World/CD/1999 [Relapse]  (2 CD set of live and rare

Brutality: U.S.A. - (Technical Death Metal.)
  Brutality/7"/1990 [Gore]
  Sadistic/7"/???? [WR]
  Hell On Earth/1992 [NB]
   # Is this one for real?
  Screams Of Anguish/CD/1993 [NB]  (Originally titled "Torchure.")  
  When The Sky Turns Black/CD/1994 [NB]
  In Mourning/CD/1996 (January 1997) [NB]    

Brutus: - (Brutal Death Metal.)    
  Slachtbeest/CD/2004 [Unique Leader]    

Burial: Netherlands -
  Optical Mass/demo/????
  Void In Time/demo/1991
  Burial/7"/???? []
  Effigy/7"/???? [Inf]
  Relinquished Souls/CD/1993 [Morbid]

Burst: Portugal - (Melodic Thrash/Death/Black Metal.)
   # No releases yet.

Butchers: Latvia - (Vocalist is supposed to REALLY be into
     the Black Arts.)
  (No tapes released yet.)

C.O.D.: Finland -
  Monolith Empire/EP/1996 [self-released] (Features a cover of
     Phil Collins' "Another Day In Paradise.")

Cadaver: Norway - (Possibly disbanded.  At times very technical
     and jazzy, but mostly they are straight Grind.  One of the
     band members plays an old-fashioned upright bass.)
  Abnormal Deformities/demo/????
  Hallucinating Anxiety/1990 [Necrosis/Ear] (Available on CD 
     with Carnage's "Dark Recollections.")
  In Pains.../CD/1992 [Rel/Ear]    

Cadaver Inc.: Norway - (Reformed band Cadaver with some new members.)    
  Discipline/CD/2001 [Earache]    

Cadaverous Condition: Austria -
   # Grind.
  Let It Sleep/demo/1991
  In Melancholy/CD/1994 [Leth]
  For Love I Said/CD/1995 [Leth]

Caducity: Netherlands (or Belgium?) - (Death/Thrash Metal.)
  The Weiliaon Wielder Quest/CD/1995 [Shiver]

Callenish Circle: Netherlands -
     # Melodic Death Metal.
  Drift Of Empathy/Cd/1996 [Hammerheart]    

Calvaria: Poland -    
  Potega Nienawisci/demo/1999    
     # Title means "The power of hate."    

Caos: Chile 1999- (Death Thrash, with Ethnic touches.)    
  ????/CD/???? []    

Cancer: Britain -
  To The Gory End/1990 [Vinyl Solution]
  Death Shall Rise/1991 [Vinyl Solution]
   # James Murphy plays on this one.
  The Sins Of Mankind/???? [Vinyl Solution]
  Black Faith/CD/1995 []
   # Not Death Metal any longer.

Candiru: U.S.A. - 19?? to 1994.
   # Industrial/Doomdeath Metal.
  Unloved And Weeded Out/CD/1993 [Rlps]
  (Split with Fat Hacker)/7"/199? [Red Stream]
  Disadvantage of Surprise/EP/199? []    

Cannibal Corpse: U.S.A. -  (Fast, Thrash tinged Florida Style Death Metal.)    
  Eaten Back To Life/CD/1990 [MB]
  Butchered At Birth/CD/1991 [MB]  (Reissued in 1997 in a box with a
     black cover.)
  Tomb Of The Mutilated/CD/1992 [MB]
  Hammer Smashed Face/EP/1993 [MB]
  The Bleeding/CD/1994 [MB]    
  Vile/CD/1996 [MB] (Chris Barnes is no longer with C.C.  
     The new vocalist is Georg Fischer, formerly of
  Gallery Of Suicide/CD/1998 [MB]    

Cannae: - 
  Horror/CD/2003 .August. [Prosthetic]     

Canvas: England (Leeds) - (Noise/Death/Jazz/Hardcore Metal.)    
  Canvas/CD/2000 [MB] (Collection of early EP's.)    
  Lost In Rock/CD/2001 [MB]    

Carbonized: Sweden -
  Auto Defa/demo/????
  No Canonization/7"/1990 [Thrash]
  For The Security/1991 [Thrash]
  Disharmonization/1993 [F2000/Pave]
   # Crazy jazz-like stuff; marginally Deathish.
  Screaming Machines/CD/1996 []

Carcass: Britain ????-1996
  Reek Of Putrefaction/CD/1988 (Reissued in 1995) [Ear]
  The Peel Sessions/1988 [Strange Fruit]  (4 tracks from
     "Symphonies..." recorded with Mr. Peel.  Track names
     are listed under pseudonyms.)
  Symphonies Of Sickness/1989 [Ear] (one CD ed. incl. most of
     "Reek..." [16 of the 22 tracks].  And this Cd has at
     least three different versions of the cover-art.)
  Necrotisism - Descanting The Insalubrious/1991 [Ear]
  Tools Of The Trade/EP/1992 [Ear]  (This one was on the
     "Gods Of Grind" compilation.)
  Heartwork/CD/1993 [Ear]
  Heartwork/EP/1993 [Ear]  (Japanese version of this includes
     the "Tools Of The Trade" EP.)
  Swansong [2 Song Promo]/Cassette/1995 [Ear]
  Swansong/CD/1996 (June) [Earache] (Also works in a CD-ROM.
     Rock longer Death.  There is a special edition
     issued in a brain-shaped box.  On that version the track "Go
     To Hell" is missing, BUT there is a bonus Cd which has "Got To
     Hell" as well as "Emotional Flatline.")
   # Bill Steer and Michael Amott are both now with different
     projects (as of May 1996.)
  Wake Up And Smell The Carcass/CD/1996 [Earache] (Collection
     of singles, B-sides, rarities, and non-album tracks.)
  The Best Of Carcass/CD/???? [??????] (It is a 2 CD 'album', with 
     the 1st CD containing their 'best' songs from all albums up to 
     "Swansong."  The 2nd CD has 5 tracks from "Wake up..." and the 
     rest of the tracks are live versions of songs from other albums.)    
  Wake Up And Smell The Carcass/DVD/2001 [Earache]    

Carnage: 1988-1990, then became (more or less) Dismember.
   # Swedish Death.
  Dark Recollections/1990 [Necrosis/Ear/Rel]  (On Earache CD 
     with Cadaver's "Hallucinating Anxiety"; the Relativity 
     CD is separate.  Reissued with bonus tracks in 2000.)

Carpathian Forest: - (Dark/Black/Doomdeath Metal.)
  Through Chasms Caves And Titan Woods/MiniCD/1995 [AG]
Carpathian Full Moon: Norway - 
   # Melodic Doomdeath with slightly Black Metal style vocals.
  Caedes Sacrilagae (Alzbety)/7"/1993 [Adi] (b/w "Ketzerblut")
  Serenades In Blood Minor/CD/1994 [AG]

Cartilage: Finland -
  In Godly Flesh/demo/1992
  The Fragile Concept Of Affection/1993 [Drowned] (On split 
     CD with Altar's "Ex Oblivione")

Castigate: - 
  Bring Me The Head Of.../CD/1999 [Pave] 

Castle: Netherlands -
   # Slow Doomdeath with keyboards, a little like The Gathering.
  Chasing Unicorns/demo/1991 []
  In Purple Visions/demo/???? []
  Castle/1993 [MMI]
  (new 7" coming soon on Shiver! is it?)

Catacomb: Italy -1994 then became Novembre.
  The Return Of The Ark/7"/1993 []

Catalepsy: Belgium -
  Fruitcakes We Have Known/CD/1993 [Restless]
  House Of Despair/EP/1993 [] (Remixes of "Fruitcakes..." songs?)    

Catastrophic: U.S.A. 2000- (Former members of Obituary.)    
   Cleansing/CD/2001 [MB]        

Cattle Decapitation: U.S.A. (San Diego) - (Grindcore)    
  To Serve Man/CD/2002 [Metal Blade]    
  Humanure/ CD/2004 [Metal Blade]    

Celestial Dark: Portugal - (Black/Doom metal.)
  ??????/??/???? []

Celestial Season: Netherlands -
   # Doomdeath Metal.
  Promises/demo/1992 []
  Flowerskin/7"/1993 [Witchhunt]
  Forever Scarlet Passion/CD/1993 [AR]
  (split with Lords Of The Stone)/7"/1994 [Displeased] (The
     Celestial Season track is called "Above Azure Oceans";
     this same track was also featured on the Death Metal
     compilation "Death Is Just The Beginning...3".)
  Solar Lovers/CD/1995 (1997) [Displeased/Metal Blade]
  Sonic Orb (EP}/CD/1995 [Displeased]
  Orange/CD/1997 [Displeased]

Celtic Dance: Portugal - (Black Metal influenced by the Greek and 
     Norse scenes.)
  Goddess Of a Thousand Knights/demo/1995 [Passion]

Celtic Frost: Switzerland 1984-1993, before that as Hellhammer.
    # Major cutting edge influence for assorted Metal genres such
    # as Black, Death, and Doom.  But not strictly of any style.  
    # Tom G. Warrior has a new band called Apollyon's Sun.
  Morbid Tales/EP/1984 [N]
  Emperor's Return/EP/1985 [N]
    # CD includes "Morbid Tales."
  To Mega Therion/CD/1985 [N/Com]
  Tragic Serenades/EP/1986 [N]
    # Remixes and re-recordings of earlier songs.
  Into The Pandemonium/CD/1987 [N/Com]
  I Won't Dance/12"/1987 [N]
  The Collector's Celtic Frost/12"/1987 [N]
    # Limited ed. only one song - "In The Chapel, In The Moonlight" 
    # cover.
  A Night In The Dark/12"/???? [bootleg]
    # Live from 1986.
  Cold Lake/CD/1988 [N]
    # Tried to be a Glam Metal band here.
  Vanity/Nemesis/1990 [N]
    # Yes, there is a '/' in the title.
  Parched With Thirst Am I And Dying/CD/1992 [N]
    # Compilation 1984-1992.

Cemetary: Sweden ???? - 1996 (June) (Broke-up then reformed
     as Sundown in 1996.)
   # A typical Swedish Death Metal band that grew doomy & gothic, and 
  Incarnation Of Morbidity/demo/1991 []
  An Evil Shade Of Grey/Cd/1992 [BM]
   # Swedish Death Metal.
  Godless Beauty/CD/1993 [BM]
   # now more Doomdeath.
  Black Vanity/Cd/1994 [BM]
   # even more Doomdeath.
  Sundown/Cd/1996 [BM]
  Last Confessions/CD/1997 [BM]

Cenotaph: Italy 1988-
   # Black/death?  Not to be confused with the Mexican band.
  The Lurking Fear On Desecrated Ground/demo/1991
  Demonolatreia-Larve In Corpore Christi/demo/1992
  Thirteen Threnodies/1994 [Planet K Records]

Cenotaph: Mexico -
   # Not to be confused with the Italian band.
  Tenebrous Apparition/7"/???? []
  ????/???? []
  Riding Over Black Oceans/CD/1995 [Cyber]

Cenotaph: Poland - 
  Empire Of Sin/MC/1995 [Morbid Noizz]   
     # Very good Death-Doom (more Death) with violins, something like 
       "Symphonaire infernus et spera empyrium" from My Dying Bride.    

Centinex: Sweden 1990- (Dark Swedish Death Metal.)    
  End Of Life/demo/1991 []    
  Subconscious Lobotomy/CD/1992 [Underground]    
  Under The Blackened Sky/demo/???? []    
  Transcend The Dark Chaos/demo/1994 []    
  Malleus Maleficarum/CD/1996 [????]    
  Sorrow Of The Burning Wasteland/7"/1996 .October. [????]  (Split with 
  Reflections/CD/1997 [????]    
  Reborn Through Flames/CD/1998 .July. [Repulse]  
  Shadowland/7"/1998 .August. [Oskorei Productions]  {Violet vinyl.)  
  Bloodhunt/MiniCD/1999 .June. [Repulse]  
  Bloodhunt/MiniLP/1999 .November. [Oskorei Productions]  {Picture disc.)
  Apocalyptic Armageddon/7"/???? [Deadly Art]    
  Hellbrigade/MiniCD/2000 .September. [Repulse]    

Cephalic Carnage: - (Spaced-Out Grind.)
  Conforming To Abnormality/CD/1999 [Headfucker]

Cerebral Concussion: Poland - 
  The Rule/MC/1994 [Carnage]    

Cerebral Fix: England - Doomdeath/Thrash Metal.
  Tower Of Spite/CD/1991 [RR]
  Bastards/CD/1992 [RR]
  Death Erotica/CD/199? [??????]

Ceremonial Oath: Sweden -
  Carpet/1995 [Black Sun]

Ceremonium: - (Dark and cold Atmospheric Doomdeath Metal.
     Their influences include early Paradise Lost, Anathema,
     and My Dying Bride.)
  Into The Autumn Shade/MiniCD/1995 [Fadeless]

Ceremony: Netherlands -
  Inclemency/7"/???? [Cenotaph]
  Tyranny From Above/1994 [Cyber]

Chemical Breath: Belgium - (Death/Thrash Metal.)
  Fatal Exposure/CD/1993 []
  ????/Cd/1994?? []    

Chasm, The: Mexico (Mexico City) December 1992- 
  Awaiting the Day of Liberation/demo/1992 [] (Sold 1500 copies.)    
  Procreation of the Inner Temple/CD/1994 [] (Only 1000 copies made.)    
  From the Lost Years/CD/1995 []  
  Deathcult for Eternity: The Triumph/CD/1998 []    
  Promo '99/1999 []    
  Procession to the Infraworld/CD/1999 [Dwell]    
  Reaching the Veil of Death/CD/2001 [Lux Inframundis Productions]  (Their  
     own label.)    
  Conjuration of the Spectral Empire/CD/2002 .Dec. [Witches Brew/Lux  
     Inframundis Productions]    
  The Spell of Retribution/CD/2004 [Wicked World]    

Chorus Of Ruin: England -1995 (Doomdeath Metal.)
  Ocean Of Sins/7"/1993 [AG] (b/w "Dreaming Of Indigo" (Blood Red Version.)
  (split with Sororicide)/MCD/1995? [SF/RRe]

Cianide: U.S.A. -
   # Slow Death/Grind?
  The Dying Truth/CD/1992 [GC/CM]
  A Descent Into Hell/CD/1994 [Red Light]
   #     In May of 1996 Cianide is working on new material and
     looking for a new label.
  Death, Doom And Destruction/CD/1997 [Lost Horizon, Ltd.] (Limited to
     1000 copies made.)    

Circle Of Dead Children: U.S.A. (Pittsburgh, PA) late 1990's - (Grind/ 
     Hardcore/Noise/Metalcore/Death Metal...philosophically charged.)    
  Exotic Sense Decay/Mini-CD/???? [Willowtip Records]  
  Exotic Sense Decay/7" Picture Disc/???? [Robodog Records]    
  Starving The Vultures/CD/???? [Willowtip Records]    
  Starving the Vultures/LP/???? [S.O.A. Records]    
  The Genocide Machine/CD/2001 [Deathvomit/Necropolis Records]    

Comecon: Sweden - (Used a drum machine on every album.)
  Megatrends In Brutality/CD/1992 [CM]
   # LG Petrov (Entombed) on vocals.
  Converging Conspiracies/CD/1993 [CM]
   # Martin van Drunen (Asphyx, Pestilence) on vocals.
  Fable Frolic/CD/1995 [CM]
   # Marc Grewe (Morgoth) on vocals.

Consolation: Netherlands 1989- (Brutal Death Metal.)
  Consolation/demo/1990 []
  Beautyfilth/Tempter (Split with Nembrionic Hammerdeath) 
     /CD/1993 [Disp] (The "Beautyfilth" portion belongs to
     Consolation, and the "Tempter" portion belongs to Nembrionic
     Hammerdeath.  In actuality it is two complete albums on one
  The Truth/7"/1994 [Displeased]
  Hardcore Leeft (Split with Nembrionic, & Osdorp Posse)/MiniCd/
     1994 [] (Three-way split MiniCd.) [Displeased]
  Brave Melvin From The Southern Point/Cd/1995 [Displeased]    

Conspiracy A.D.: - 
  Humanity = Destruction/CD/2004 [Crash Music, Inc.]     
Convulse: Finland 1988-1990 as S.D.S, 1990- as Convulse.
  Resustiation Of Evil/demo/????
  World Without God/???? [Thrash]
  Lost Equilibrium/MCD/1994 [Rlps]
  Reflections/CD/1994 [Rlps]
   # Death Rock.    

Corpor-Hate: Italy (Rovigo) - (Crust/Brutal/Nu-Grind band.  Has a former 
     member from IN SORROW.)    
  PORTION OF HATE (CD PROMO)/CD/???? [] (3 song promo disc.  Has "Ecstasy," 
     "New Clones," and "Bigadafrusten" tracks.)    

Corruption: -
  Resignation/EP/1994 []

Crack Up: - (Death Metal.)
  Blood Is Life/CD/199? []
  From The Ground/CD/1997 [NB]

Cradle Of Filth: Britain -
   # Modern Black/Death Metal showing some variety. 
     Orchestration used.  Half of the band left abd formed a 
     band called Hecate Enthroned, and the other half reformed
     as Cradle Of Filth.
  Invoking The Unclean/demo/1992
  Orgiastic Pleasures/demo/1992
  Total Fucking Darkness/demo/1993
  The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh/12"/1993? [Cac]
  The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh/1994 [Cac/MI]
   # one track more than the 12"
  Vempire or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein/EP/1996 [Cacophonous]    
  Dusk And Her Embrace/CD/1997 [MFN/Fierce] (There is a special 
     limited edition version in a coffin shaped box.  It has bonus
     tracks including a Slayer cover.)
  Cruelty & The Beast/CD/1998 [MFN/Fierce] (Expect a special shaped-
     box version with several extra tracks.)    
  PanDaemonAeon/VHS/1999 [MB]    
  From The Cradle To Enslave/MiniCD/2000 [MB]    
  Bitter Suites To Succubi/CD/2001 [Spitfire]    

Crawl: U.S.A. - (Industrial/Death Metal.)
  Earth/CD/1994 [Pave]
  Destroy Construct Rebuild/CD/1996 [MIA Records]

Creepmime: Netherlands -
   # Doomdeath???
  Anthems For A Doomed Youth/demo/1992
  Shadows/CD/1994 [Pave]
  Chiaroscuro/CD/1996 [Mascot]

Crematory: Germany -
   # Atmospheric whatever - Doomdeath?
   # Do not confuse with the Swedish band with the same name
  Transmigration/1993 [Mass]
  ...Just Dreaming/1994 [Mass]
  Illusions/CD/1995 (Autumn) []
  Crematory/Cd/1996 []
  Awake/CD/1997 [NB]

Crimson Relic: U.S.A. (Texas) ???? - 1995 as Divine Eve, 1995 - as Crimson      
  ??????/CD/1996 []

Crisis: - (Death Metal that mixes growls and clean, Goth style vocals.
     Female vocalist.)
  ??????/CD/199? []
  Deathshead Extermination/CD/1996 (June) [MB]
  Hollowing/CD/1997 [MB]

Cromok: Malaysia- ???? Death/Thrash?
  Image Of Purity/Cd/???? []

Crown: Sweden 1998- (Formerly known as Crown Of Thorns.)    
  Hell Is Here/CD/1999 [MB]    
  Deathrace King/CD/2000 [MB]    

Crown Of Thorns: Sweden -1998 (Not to be confused with the band
     Crown Of Thornz that plays Hardcore, which features Jean 
     Beauvoir from Voodoo X.  Crown Of Thorns changed their name
     to Crown in 1998, due to a legal dispute over the name.)
  21 Thorns/CD/199? []
  Breakthrough/CD/199? []
  The Burning/CD/1995 [Black Sun]
  Eternal Death/CD/1997 [Black Sun]

Cruachan: Ireland -
     # Celtic Folk Black Metal.
  Tuatha Na Gael/1995 [Nazgul's Eyrie]

Crucifer: -
  Unparalleled Majesty/demo/????
  Festival Of Death/CD/1993 [WR]
  Pray For the Dead/7"/1994 [WR] (Re-mix of "Festival of Death" and a new      
  Pictures of Heaven/CD/1994 [WR] 

Crucifix: -
   # Death Metal.
  Dehumanization/CD/1995 [Southern]
        (Is this the Death Metal band or someone else?)

Crusade: Latvia - (Doomdeath Metal.)
  ??????/tape/1996 []

Crustacean: Netherlands - (Death Metal.)
  Headcleaner/EP/199? []

Crypt Of Kerberos: Sweden -
  Cyclone Of Insanity/7"/???? [Adi]
  World Of Myths/CD/1993 [Adi]

Cryptal Darkness: Australia - (Three-piece Death Metal early on, and later 
     becoming a Doom Metal band.)
  Chamber Of Gore/MiniCD/1994 [Gore?]
  Descend Into Thy Grave/Mini/1996 [Obscure]  
  Endless Tears/CD/1996 [Obscure]  
  Promotional Sampler 1997/MiniCD/1997 [Obscure]  (3 tracks, including a 
     hidden cover of "Black Sabbath.")  
  They Whispered You Had Risen/CD/1999 [Icon]  (Use of violins and 

Cryptic Tales: Poland -    
  Valley Of The Dolls/MC/1994 []    
     # Doom with deep vocals, flute and acoustic guitars.    
  The Tales/1996    

Cryptopsy: Canada - (Hyperblast/Grindcore Metal.)
  Ungentile Exhumantion/demo/1993
  Blasphemy Made Flesh/CD/1995 [Invasion]  (Re-issued lately,
     possibly on Displeased Records?)
  None So Vile/CD/1996 (August) [Wrong Again Records]
  Whisper Supremacy/CD/1998 (September) [CM]

Crystal Age: -
  Far Beyond Divine Horizon/CD/1996 [Victory]

CSSO: Japan - (Grind with Rock chords.  Their name stands for
  Nagro Laukes VIII/CD/1996 [MORBR]
  (new CD soon on Relapse Records.)    

Cult Of Luna: Sweden - (Power Death Metal.  Formed from the  
     remnants of the Hardcore band Eclipse.)    
  (Split single with Switchblade)/single/???? []    
  Cult Of Luna/CD/2001 .September. [Rage Of Achilles Records]    
  Single/7" single/2002 .March. [Hydra Head]    
  The Beyond/CD/2003 [Earache]    
  Cult Of Luna/CD/2003 [Earache]  (Reissue.)    
  Salvation/CD/2004 [Earache]    

Cultus Sanguine: Italy - (Melancholic Black/Doom Metal.  Features
     members of Monumentum.  Similar in style to Katatonia
     and Arcturus.)
  Cultus Sanguine/MiniCD/1996 [Wounded Love Records]    
  Shadows' Blood/CD/1997 [Candlelight Productions]    
  The Sum Of All Fears/CD/1999 [Season Of Mist Records]    
  War III: Cultus Sanguine vs. Seth/CD/2000 [Season Of Mist Productions]    

Curse: Portugal - (Thrash/Death/Core Metal.)
  Demo 1995/demo/1995 []

Cyborg: -
     # Unusual Death Metal.
  Chronicles/CD/1996 [Diehard]

Cynic: U.S.A. - (broken-up since 1994 or 1995.)
   # Progressive Jazz/Death.
  Focus/CD/1993 [RR]

Daemonium: France -1995 as Daemonium, 1995- as Akhenaton.
     # White/Black Metal.
  Dark Opera Of The Ancient War Spirit/1994 [Adipocere]
     # Black Metal opera.

Damaged: Australia 1989-1996? (Insist they are NOT a Death Metal band, 
     but so what.)
  The Art Of Destroying Life/demo/1992
   # Deathpunk.
  Do Not Spit/1993 [Black Hole Records]
   # More Death/Grind now.
  Passive Backseat Demon Engines/EP/1995 [Black Hole Records]
   # Even more harsh Death/Grind Metal.)
  ??????/CD/199? [????]

Damnatory: -
  Hybridized Deformity/7"/1992 [Infestation Of Evil]

Dark Funeral: Sweden 1993-
     # Fast Swedish Black Metal.
  Dark Funeral/EP/1994 [Hellspawn]
  The Secrets Of The Black Arts/1995 (1997) [No Fashion/Metal Blade]    

Dark Legion: Poland - 
  Demo/1999 []    
  Promo/2000 []    
  Bloodshed/CD/2001 [Deadsun Records]    
     # Very brutal and chaotic stuff.  One track has a Jazz fragment.    

Dark Millennium: Germany -
  Ashore The Celestial Burden/CD/1992 [Massacre]
  Diana Read Peace/CD/1993 [Massacre] (Death with elements
     of Doom.)

Dark Mist: Portugal - (Melodic Thrash/Death with violins.)
  Behind a Black Curtain/demo/1995 [Lusitanian Productions]

Dark Tranquillity: Sweden -
  Trail Of Life Decayed/demo/7"/1991 []
  Midwinter/7"/1991 [Gutteral]
  A Moonclad Reflection/7"/1992 [Slaughter]
  Skydancer/CD/1993 [SF] (Re-issue includes the "Of Chaos And
     Eternal Night" EP.)
  Of Chaos And Eternal Night/MCD/1995 [SF]
  The Gallery/CD/1995 [Osmose]  (Also available as a special 10" with
     2 bonus tracks.  Some said that this special 10" is actually a 
     CD in a LP jacket [box].)
  Projector/CD/1999 [CM]  
  Haven/CD/2000 [CM]    

Darkane: - (Swedish Style Death Metal.)  
  Rusted Angel/CD/???? [WAR/Rlps]    
  Insanity/CD/2001 [CM]    

Darkest Hour: - (Hardcore mixed with Swedish Death Metal.)    
  Prophecy Fulfilled/CD/1998 [Art Monk Construction]  
  Mark Of The Judas/CD/2000 [M.I.A.]       
  So Sedate, So Secure/CD/2001 [Victory]    

Darkified: Sweden 1991-1993?    
  Sleep Forever/7"/1992 [Drowned]
  A Dance On The Grave/EP/1995 [Repulse]
   # The demo and the 7", nothing more.

Darkside: Austria - (Doomdeath Metal.)
  Melacholia Of A Dying World/CD/1995 (1997) [DS/Conquest Music]  
  Shadowfields/CD/1999 [Pavement]    

Darkseed: Germany - (Gothic/Doomdeath Metal.)
  Romantic Tales/EP/1994 [Invasion]
  Midnight Solemny Dance/CD/199? []  (Gothic Death Metal in
     the mood of Pyogenesis.)
  Spellcraft/CD/1997 (April) [NB]  
  Diving Into Darkness/CD/2000 [NB]    

Darkthrone: Norway 1986-1986 as Black Death, 1987- as Darkthrone - 
     (Their later albums are Scandinavian style Black Metal.  It may
     be that the band is more or less dead now.)
  Land Of Frost/demo/1988
   # Death not Black.
   # Death not Black.
  Soulside Journey/1991 [PV]
   # Death not Black.
  A Blaze In The Northern Sky/1992 [PV]
   # A landmark album. Lots of Celtic Frost and Bathory in here.
  Under A Funeral Moon/1993 [PV]
   # Simpler and more "raw" music.
  Transilvanian Hunger/1994 [PV]
   # Even more simple.
  Panzerfaust/1995 [Moon]
   # Celtic Frost influence appears here again.
  Total Death/CD/1996 [Moonfog]
  Goatlord/CD/1997 []

D.arth V.aders: U.S.A. - (Death Metal.)
  Descendant Upheal/CD/1989 [Steamhammer]
  Molecular Shadow/CD/1992 [Steamhammer]

Dawn: Germany - (Grind.)
  ??????/CD/???? []
  (Split with Vomiturition)/??/???? []

Dawn: Sweden 1991- (Black/Death Metal.)
   # The earlier stuff was more Death-ish.  Not to be confused with 
     the German Death/grind band.
  Demo 1/demo/1992 [] (Was never released, but was re-recorded and
     released as "Apparition.")
  The Eternal Frost/7"/199? [Bell]
  (split with Pyphomgertum)/???? [Bell]
   # The Dawn tracks equal the "Apparition" demo.
  Promo '93/demo/1993 []
  Nar Solen Gar Niber For Evogher/CD/1995 [Nec] (The title means
     "When The Sun Sets Forever Release" when translated.)

Dead Baby: U.S.A. (Corpseyville) - (Crazy Death/Grindcore with
        ultra-short songs and variant high & low vocals.  May have
  (Split 7" with Exploding Corpse Action)/7"/1995 [Hater Of God Records]  

Deadbodieseverywhere: U.S.A. -2002 (Death Metal.)  
  Deadbodieeverywhere/CD/2000 [Death Vomit/Necropolis]  

Dead End: Netherlands -1993
   # Doomdeath...
  Wartime In Eden/7"/1993 [Low] ("This Heresy"/"Forever"/"A Dreamer's
  Promo '93/demo/1993 [] ("Wartime In Eden" tracks + "Angelthing.")

Deadhead: Netherlands - 
  Feast Begins At Dawn/CD/1992 [Bad Taste]
  Dream Deceiver/Cd/1993 [Bad Taste]
  (New one out soon.)

Dead Horse: U.S.A. (Texas) - (Grindcore Metal.  They call it "Horsecore"
     Metal.  Their name is usually written entirely in lowercase
     letters [i.e. "dead horse"].)
  Horsecore:.../CD/199? [] ?Reissued in 1999 by Relapse Records.?
  Peaceful Death And Pretty Flowers/CD/199? [Metal Blade] (Reissued in
      1999 by Relapse Records.?  
  ??????/EP/199? []

Dead Infection: Poland - (Gore/Grind Metal.)
   # Band states that they are drinking 95% alcohol; take 
     it for what it is.  The fastest Grindcore band.
  World Full Of Remains/Demo/1991 []
  Start Human Slaughter/Demo/1992 []  (This demo uses fragment of "Aliens" 
     (movie) soundtrack as intro.)    
  Surgical Disembowelment/1993 [Morbid]
  (Split with Blood)/EP/1994 []
  A Chapter Of Accidents/1995 [Morbid]
  Greatest Shits/CD/1998 [Oz Productions]

Dead World: - 19?? to present
   # Industrial/Doomdeath Metal.
  Collusion [EP]/CD/1992 [NB]
  The Machine/CD/1993 [Rlps]
  This Will Hurt Someone/CD/1994 [Rlps]
  Thanatos Descends/CD/1996 [Malsonus/Bloodlust Prod.]

Dead Youth: -
  Intense Brutality/CD/1991 [CM]
  Writhing/CD/1993 [CM]

Death: U.S.A. 1983-1984 as Mantas, 1984-1996 as Death.  Reformed in
  Reign Of Terror/demo/????
  Back From The Dead/demo/????
  Scream Bloody Gore/1987 [Com/UOF]
  Leprosy/1989 [Com/UOF]
  Leprosy/12"/1989 [RR] (Has 3 songs: Leprosy, Open Casket (Live), and Pull      
     The Plug (Live).)
  Spiritual Healing/CD/1990 [Rel/UOF]
     # Chuck left Death for a short time in 1990.  They 
       continued their European tour without him.  And of
       course later he returned.
  Early Demos/???? [] (their three first demos?)
  Human/CD/1991 [Rel]
  Fate - Best Of Death/CD/1993 [Rel] (Compilation.)
  Individual Thought Patterns/CD/1993 [Rel]
  Symbolic/CD/1995 [RR]
  The Sound Of Perseverance/CD/1998 [NB]    
  Live At The Whiskey/CD/2001 [NB]    

Death By Dawn: Germany - (Features legendary vocalist Martin Van Drunen [ex-

Deathcore: Germany - (Grind/Hardcore/Death Metal.)
  Spontaneous Underground/CD/1990 []    

Deathless: (1999- ) - (Technical Death Metal.)    
  Voices From The Grave/Tape/2000  (Self-released.)    
  Call Of Damnation/CD/2002  (Self-released.)    

Death Organ: - (Similar to Entombed...)
  9 To 5/CD/1995 [Ad Perpetuam]

Death Sentence: - (Deathgoth Metal.)
  World Despaires/CD/1997 [Leviathan]      
  Awaiting The Cinnamon Dawn/CD/1999 [Institute]

Death Strike: U.S.A. - (Disbanded.)
   # Paul Speckman again...
  Fuckin' Death/CD/1991 [NB]

Death Threat: - (Brutal Death/Hardcore Metal.)
  Last Dayz/CD/1998 [Stillborn]

Deathwitch: - (Black/Death Metal.)
  Triumphant Devastation/CD/1996 [Necropolis]    
  Violence, Blasphemy, Sodomy/CD/2003 [Wicked World]    

Debauchery: South Africa - ???? they have disbanded.
  Legions Of Doom/demo/1992 [Inhouse] 
     (Like many South African bands of the day, they relied 
     more on a good (or bad) joke, and included a tribute to 
     famous cartoon ducks on this called "Killer Ducks", as 
     well as a song called "Easter Bunny".)
  "Rotting Corpse/Medium To Rare"/EP/???? [Inhouse]
     (Released on "The Death of Africa... ?" compilation 
     [Inhouse].  Extreme death metal, relying heavily on the 
     Cannibal Corpse formula.)

Decameron: Sweden - (Melodic Black/Death Metal.)
  My Shadow.../CD/1996 [No Fashion]    

Decapitated: Poland - (Members of this band are 17-19 years old.  Early on,  
     very similar to Vader.)    
  Winds Of Creation/CD/2000 [Wicked World]    
  The First Damned/CD/2000 []     
  Nihility/CD/2002 [Earache]    

Decay: Poland - (Disbanded.)    
  World Decay/demo/1995 []    
     # Atmospheric Death.  Very young musicians.    

Decayed: Portugal - (Black/Death Metal in the style of old Bathory.)
  Thus Revealed/demo/1992
  The Seven Seals/7"/???? []
  The Conjuration Of The Southern Circle/1994 [Monasterium]
  Ressurectionem Mortuorum/CD/1996 [Skyfall]
  In Lustful Mayhem/CD/1996 []
Deceased: U.S.A. - (Old World Death.)
  Evil Side Of Religion/demo/1987
  One Night In The Cemetary/demo/1989
  Birth By Radiation/demo/1989
  Nuclear Exorcist/demo/1990
  Gutwrench/7"/???? [Rlps]
  Luck Of The Corpse/1991 [Rlps]
  Thirteen Frightened Souls.../EP/1992 [Rlps]
  The Blueprints For Madness/CD/1995 [Rlps]
  Death Metal From The Grave/Cd/1995 [] (Compilation of old demos.)
  Fearless Undead Machine/CD/1997 [Relapse]  
  Supernatural Addiction/CD/2000 [Relapse]    
  Up The Tombstones/CD/2001 [Pavement]  (Live album...)    

Deceiver: Portugal - (Death Metal.)
  Deceiver/demo/1992 [Mad Productions]    

December: - (Noise/Hardcore/Death Metal.)    
  The Lament Configuration/CD/2002 [Earache]    

December Moon: Britain - (Black Metal.)
     # With Cradle Of Filth members.
  Source Of Origin/1996 [Spinefarm]

Decomposed: Britain -
   # Doomdeath... without keyboards, violins, female vocalists, etc.    
  Ego Sum Lex Mundi/demo/????
  Hope Finally Died/1994 [CL]

Decrepit: U.S.A. (Ohio) - (Black/Death with lots of blast.)
  Hymns of Grief and Pain/demo/1995
  The Wake/7"/1995?
  Creation of Sin/CD/1996? [Dismal Records]  (Contains all material from demo      
     and 7".)    

Decrepit Birth: U.S.A.    
  ...And Time Begins/CD/2003 [Unique Leader]    

Decubitus: - (Grind/Death Ala Carcass.)
  Codex Sinaiticus/CD/1997 [Seven Art]

Deeds Of Flesh: U.S.A. -
     # Brutal Death Metal.
  Trading Pieces/CD/1996 [Repulse]
  ??????/CD/1997 [????]  
  Path Of The Weakening/CD/2001 [Pavement]    
  Inbreeding The Anthropophagi/CD/2002 [Unique Leader]    
  Reduced To Ashes/CD/2003 [Unique Leader]    

Deep, The: U.S.A. (Houston, Texas) - Black tinged Death Metal.  
  Pieces Of Nothing/CD/2000 [Pavement]    

Defecation: - (Disbanded.)
   # Grind with Mitch Harris (now Napalm Death) and Mick Harris 
     (now Scorn).
  Purity Dilution/Cd/1989 [NB]

Defleshed: Sweden - (Brutal/Technical Death Metal.)
  Ma Belle Scalpelle/EP/1994 [Invasion]  (Title means "My 
     Beautiful Scalpel.")
  Abrah Kadavrah/CD/1996 (November) [] (Is it out?)  
  Fast Forward/CD/2000 [Pavement]    

Dehydrated: Slovakia -
  (split with Bestialit)/1994 [Metal Age]

Deicide: U.S.A. prior as Carnage (different than the Swedish 
     Carnage) before Glen Benton joined, 1987-1989 as Amon, 
     1989- as Deicide.
  Amon/demo/1987 []
  Feasting The Beast/demo/1989 []
  Deicide/Cd/1990 [RR]
  Legion/Cd/1992 [RR]
  Amon: Feasting The Beast/Cd/1993 [RR] (Actually two demos 
     from '87 and '89.)
  Once Upon The Cross/Cd/1995 [RR]  (Released on Good Friday...
     Glen Benton is rediculous.)
  Serpents Of The Light/CD/1997 (November) [RR]  
  Insineratehymn/CD/2000 [RR]  
  Best Of/CD/2004 [RR]  
  Scars Of The Crucifix/CD/2004 [Earache]   

Deification: Portugal - (Death Metal.)
  A New God Has Been Created/demo/1995 [Lustful]

Delirium: Netherlands - (Have a female vocalist.)
  ??????/CD/???? []

Dellamortes: Sweden -
     # Ultimately fast Death Metal.
  Everything You Hate/1996 [Finn]

Demented Ted: U.S.A. - 1994, 1995 - Beyond.
   # Florida Death.
  Promises Impure/Cd/1994 [Pave]

Demigod: Finland -1994
   # And Death?
  Unholy Domain/demo/????
  Slumber Of Sullen Eyes/1992 [Drowned]
  Promo 94/demo/1994

Demilich: Finland -
   # Techincal chaothic stuff.
  The Fouth Instructive Tales/demo/????
  Nespithe/CD/1993? [Pavement/Necropolis]    

Demiricous: U.S.A. - (New Wave of Swedish Metal/Classic American Death  
  ???/CD/2004 [Blood Of Tyrants]    

Demolition: - ??????

Demolition Hammer: U.S.A. -
   # Death (Brutal Death/Thrash).
  Skull Fracturing Nightmare/demo/1988
  Tortured Existence/CD/1990 [CM]
  Epidemic Of Violence/CD/1992 [CM]
  Time Bomb/CD/1994 [CM]
   # Sounds like Helmet mixed with brutal Death.

Depravity: Finland -
  Promo 91/demo/1991
  Promo 93/demo/1993
  Remasquerade/7"/???? [Adi]
  Silence Of The Centuries/MCD/???? [Adi]

Deranged: Sweden -
  Architects Of Perversions/EP/1995 [Repulse]
  Rated X/1995 [Repulse]

Derketa: U.S.A. -1991, later became Mythic.  Doomdeath Metal.
     Had female members.
  The Unholy Ground/demo/1990
  Premature Burial/7"/1991? [SD]

Desecration: Italy -
  The Valley Of Eternal... /MCD/???? []

Desire: Portugal - (Melodic Doomdeath Metal.)
  Infinity...A Timeless Journey Through An Emotional Dream/CD/1996 [Skyfall]    

Desultory: Sweden 1989-
   # Swedish Death "Light."
  From Beyond/demo/1990
   # more like Speed/Thrash
  Death Unfolds/demo/1991
  Forever Gone/EP/1992 [HOK/Car] (= the 2nd & 3rd demos)
  Into Eternity/1993 [MB/MFN]
  Bitterness/1994 [MB/MFN]
   # maybe not as Death at all.
  Swallow The Snake/CD/1996 [MB]

Deteriorate: U.S.A. -
  Rotting In Hell/CD/1993 [JLA]
  Gather The Nubbish/1995 []    

Deteriorot: U.S.A. - (Epic Death Metal.)    
  In Ancient Beliefs/CD/2001 [World War III/Repulse Records]    

Detest: -
  Dorval/1994 [Progress Red]

Detestor: Italy -
  Wasted Soul/demo/1992
  Dark Reality/demo/1994
  In The Circle Of Time/1995 [Dracma]
  Red Sand/1997 [Dracma]

Devastation: U.S.A. - (Speed/Death Metal [a.k.a. Death/Thrash
     Metal].  The vocals aren't very Deathly, but this band
     was doing Old Style Death Metal in the vein of Slayer,
     early Voivod, and Celtic Frost.  They were influential
     to the style.)   
  Violent Termination/LP/1987 []   
  Signs Of Life/LP/198? []    
  Idolatry/Cd/1990 (December) [Ruthless]    
  Violent Termination/CD/1996 [Defiled]  (Includes some
     great previously unreleased live tracks.)    

Devilyn: Poland -    
  Artefact/CD/2001 []    
     # Very strong, technical, and chaotic stuff.    

Deviser: Greece - (Death tinged Black Metal.)
  Unspeakable Cults/CD/1996 [Mascot]

Diaboli: Finland - 
     # Primitive Black Metal.
  Mesmerized By Darkness/1996 [Unisound]
  (second album recorded, coming next year)

Dicktator: Finland -
  What You Excrete Is What You Are.../7"/???? [Rotthenness]

Dies Irae: Poland -
  Fear Of God/CD/19?? [Serenades]

Dies Irae: Latvia - (Death Metal with elements of Folk.)
  Nine Pages From The Moonstone Book/tape/1995 [Mapl]    

Diesel Machine: U.S.A. - (Death Metal.)    
  Torture Test/CD/2001 [SPV/Steamhammer]    

Disabuse: Dutch - (Death/Thrash Metal.)

Disaffected: Portugal - (Fusion/Melodic/Doomdeath Metal.)
  Vast/CD/1995-96? [Skyfall]

Disastrous Murmur: Austria -
  Rhapsodies In Red/Cd/1992 [Osm]
  Where The Blood Forever Rains/???? [Nap2] (4 tracks from '89, 2 from '90.)
  Folter/1994 []    

Disciples Of Power: Canada - (Death Metal.)
  Invincible Enemy/CD/199? [DOP]    

Discordant Axis: - (Grind.)    

Disembowelment: Australia - (They have disbanded.)
   # Doomdeath leaning towards the Death side, sometimes a bit 
     like Autopsy and Grief.  Very slow, except when it's very 
     fast.  After they disbanded Paul joined a band called MONOCHROME
     (I think they play Alternative) and Renato and Matt are in the band      
     TRIAL OF THE BOW on Release Ent.  Don't know where Jason is...    
  Deep Sensory Procession Into Aural Fate/demo/1991 []
  Deep Sensory Procession Into Aural Fate/7"/1992 []
  Dusk/MCD/1993 [Rlps] (Demo released on CD, and is limited.  Tracks
     are: "The Tree Of Life And Death" [from "Deep..." demo], "A
     Burial At Ornans" [from the "Deep..." demo], and "Cerulean 
     Transience Of All My Imagined Shores.")
  Transcendence Into The Peripherial/CD/1993 [Rlps/NB]

Disfigured Corpse: Czech Republic -
  (split with Total Death)/1994 [MAB]    

Disgorge: Mexico 1994- (Death/Goregrind Metal.)    
  Chronic Corpora Infest/CD/1998 [American Line Prod. (LA 019)]    
  Forensick/CD/2000 [Repulse Records]  (Length is 36:53.  Number:   
     RPS 045.)     

Disgorged: Latvia - (Brutal Death in the style of Cannibal
     Corpse.  50% of their sound is drums.)
  (No tapes released yet.)    

Disgrace: Finland -
  Grey Misery/1992 [Modern Primitive]
  Vacuum Horror, Horror Vacuum/MCD/1995 [Crawfish]
    # Not Death Metal!!!

Disgust: - (Grindcore.)
  (Split with Hemdale)/CD/1997 [Visceral]

Disharmonic Orchestra: Austria -
  Just A Thought /7"/???? []
  (split with Pungent Stench)/???? [NB]
  Succesive Substutution/7"/???? [NB]
  Expositionsprophylaxe/CD/1990 [NB] (The 1990 re-release 
     includes the split.)
  Not To Be Undimensional Conscious/CD/1992 [NB]
  Pleasuredome/CD/1994 [SH]

Disincarnate: U.S.A. -
   # With James Murphy...who is now in Testament (1994).
  Dreams Of The Carrion Kind/1993 [RR]

Dismember: Sweden 1988-1989, 1990-
   # Swedish Death.
  Rebord In Blasphemy/demo/1990
  Like An Ever Flowing Stream/Cd/1991 [NB/Rlps] 
   # Reissued in 1996 with 2 bonus tracks.
  Skin Her Alive/7"/1991 [NB]
  Pieces/EP/1992 [NB]
  Indecent And Obscene/Cd/1993 [NB/Rlps]
  Casket Garden/EP/1995 [NB]
  Massive Killing Capacity/CD/1995 [NB]
  Misanthropic/MiniCD/1997 [NB]  (Feature's their cover of Autopsy's
     "Pagan Saviour.")
  Death Metal/CD/1997 [NB]  
  Indecent And Obscene + Pieces/CD/2000 [NB]  (Reissue.)   

Disrupt: U.S.A. - (Deathpunk.)
  Unrest/CD/1993 [Rlps]
  (Disrupt/Destroy Split)/CD/1995 [Rlps] (Limited Edition.)

Dissect: Netherlands - (Possibly broken-up.)
  Swallow Swourming Mass/CD/1993 [Cyber]  (50 minute long CD.)

Dissection: Sweden 1989-
   # Not to be confused with the Canadian or the Lithuanian 
     band.  This is very melodic but NOT mellow stuff. Plenty 
     of old Heavy Metal influences. The band calls it Death 
     Metal but do not object too much if people say it's Black 
     Metal.  It is Melodic Black/Death Metal.
  The Grief Prophecy/demo/1990
  Into Infinite Obscurity/7"/1992 [CG]
  The Somberlain/demo/1992
   # Not the same as the album (only 3 songs)
  The Somberlain/CD/1993 [NF]
  Storm Of The Light's Bane/CD/1995 (1996) [NB/Rlps]
  Where Dead Angels Lie/CD/1996 [NB]  (Shaped Cd.  It has
     4 new tracks, 1 demo track, and 1 album track.  Also
     includes a cover of Slayer's "Antichrist.")
  The Past Is Alive/Cd/1997 [Necropolis]  (Re-issued in 2001.)  

Divine Eve: U.S.A. (Texas) ???? - 1995, 1995 - as Crimson Relic
   #     Doomdeath Metal, leaning towards Death.
  As The Angels Weep/1994 [NB]
  (a split 7" with another band is coming soon on Gothic Records.)
  (and another 7" too.)

Divine Sin: - (Gothic Death/Thrash Metal.)
  Winterland/CD/1996 [BM]

Divisia: - (Deathrock/Hardcore)
  What's Left Of Us/CD/1996 [Pessimiser/Theologian]
  Wifebeater/CD/1997 [Pessimiser/Theologian]

Dogmatized: Italy -
   # Grind.
  Ipse Dixit/7"?/???? []

Dominus: Denmark - (Brutal Deathrock Metal.)    
  View To The Dim/CD/1995 (1996 (May)) [Progress Red/Pave]
  The Last Nine/CD/1997 [Diehard]
  Vol. Beat/CD/???? [Diehard]

Doom Snake Cult: U.S.A. - (Death Metal.)
  Love Sorrow Doom (a.k.a. "L.S.D.")/CD/199? [JL America]  

Doomstone: U.S.A. -
   # Any Death?
  Those Whom Satan Hath Joined/CD/???? [Red Stream]

Dorsal Atlantica: Brasil 1983- Primitive Death/Thrash? similar
     to early Sepultura.  Founded by Carlos Lopes.  
  Ultimatum/LP/1985 [] (Split with Metalmorphosis.)
  Antes do Fim/LP/1986 [Lunario Perpetuo Discos]
  Dividir E Conquistar/LP/1988 [Heavy Discos]
  Cheap Takes From Divide And Conquer/EP/1988 [Heavy Discos]
  Searching For The Light/Cd/1989 [WR/Heavy Discos]
  Musical Guide From Stellium/CD/1992 [Heavy Discos]
  Alea Jacta Est/CD/1994 [Cogumelo]
  Straight/CD/1996 [Cogumelo]

Drawned In Tears: Portugal - (Gothic/Doomdeath Metal.)
  Abstract Melancholy/demo/1995 []  

Dreams Of Damnation: U.S.A. 1999- (Traditional Death/Thrash Metal with a 
     more ominous feel.  Features Jim Durkin, formerly of DARK ANGEL.)  
  Let The Violence Begin/CD/2000 [Necropolis]    

DR. Know: - (Death/Thrash Metal.)

Dungeon Master: U.S.A. (Chicago, Illinois) - Death Metal.

Dusk: U.S.A. - (Doomdeath Metal.)
   # A cross between Winter and The Gathering.
  Dusk/MCD/1994 [Cyber/Requiem Prod.]
  ...Majestic Thou In Ruin/MCD/1995 [Requiem Prod.]  (Much Doomier
     than the previous CD.)

Dying Fetus: U.S.A. -
  Infatuation With Malevolence/1995 []
  Purification Through Violence/CD/1997 [Pulverizer]  
  Destroying The Opposition/CD/2000 [Relapse]    
  Stop At Nothing/CD/2003 [Relapse]    

Dystopia: U.S.A. -
  Live In Studio/Demo/1992 []
  Human = Garbage/1994 [CC]

Dzelzs Vilks: Latvia - (They have been around for a long 
     time, but they are still young.  Their name translates
     into English as "Iron Wolf."  All titles are in Latvian, 
     but their lyrics are in English (with a lot of grammatical 
     errors).  They play a dirty, Marduk-ish style Death Metal 
     with cool riffs.)
  Mirus Kaijas/tape/1995 [Mapl]  (Title means "Dead Seagulls.")

Ebony Tears: Sweden - (Death Metal mixed with Thrash and Gothic.)
  Tortura Insomniae/CD/1998 (January) [Black Sun]    

Edge Of Sanity: Sweden 1989-    
   # Swedish Death.
  Nothing But Death Remains/CD/1991 [BM]
  Unorthodox/CD/1992 [BM]
  The Spectral Sorrows/CD/1993 [BM/Cargo]
  Until Eternity Ends/EP/1994 [BM]
   # Deathrock a la new Entombed?  Has 3 new songs plus a
     cover tune.
  Purgatory Afterglow/CD/1994 [BM]
   # Perhaps not very Death Metal-ish.
  Crimson/Cd/1996 [BM]  (A one track Cd that is 40 minutes
  Infernal/CD/1997 [BM]
  Euthanasia/demo/1998 []

Eisenvater: -
  Eisenvater/1993 [We Bite]

Electrocution: Italy 1990 - (Brutal Death Metal.)
  No Rest In Peace/demo/????
  The Real Doom/demo/????
  Inside The Unreal/CD/1993 [Contempo]

Elbereth: Spain - (Gothic/Death Metal  Formerly known as Dark
  ??????/demo/19?? []
  ...And Other Reasons/CD/1994 []

Embalmer: - (Brutal Death Metal.)
  There Was Blood Everywhere/CD/1997 (June) [Relapse]

Eminenz: Germany -
   # Doomdeath with some Black Metal imagery. Good use of synthesizers.
  Exorial/CD/1994 [Leth]

Enchantment: -
   #Doomdeath Metal.  Similar to My Dying Bride, etc.
  A Tear For Young Eloquence/demo/1993
  Dance The Marble Naked/CD/1994 [CM]

Endless: Canada - (Doomdeath Metal.)
  Beauty, Tears, And The Setting Sun/CD/1999 [Pavement]

Enemy Soil - 
   # Total psycho Grind.
  Casualties Of Progress/7"/1995 [Rlps]    

Enter My Silence: Finland - (Melodic Death Metal.)    
  Remotecontrolled Scythe/CD/2001 [World War III/Mercenary Musik/Mighty 

Entombed: Sweden 1989- , before that as Nihilist.
   # Swedish Death.
  Left Hand Path/1990 [Ear/Rel]
  Crawl/EP/1991 [Ear]
  Clandestine/1991 [Ear/Rel]
  Stranger Aeons/EP/1992 [Ear/Rel]
  Hollowman/EP/1993 [Ear/Col] (Death Rock!)
  Wolverine Blues/1993 [Ear/Col] (Death Rock! The comic book
      version has one track *less* (that is, it's missing 
      "Out Of Hand."  Promo version features "Hey, Bitch.")
  Out Of Hand/EP/1994 [Ear] (b/w Kiss' "God Of Thunder" and
      Repulsion's "Black Breath."  Japanese version also
     has "Dusk," "Shreds Of Flesh," and most of the
     "Hollowman" EP.)
  (split with New Bomb Turks)/7"/1995 [Ear] (The Entombed track is 
     "Night Of The Vampire" (a cover).)
   #     Jorgen Sandstrom (formerly of Grave) joined Entombed
     around June of 1996.
  Entombed/CD/1997 [Ear] (Features the rare track "God Of Thunder.")
  DCLXVI: To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth/CD/1997 [MFN]
     (Limited edition digipak version features a second Cd called
      "Family Favourites," which features four cover tunes.  DCXLVI
      translates to "666" from Roman numerals.)     
  Wreakage/EP/1997 [MFN]
  Monkey Puss/CD/1999 [Earache] (Sort of a "live best of" release from
     Entombed's Earache era.)
  Same Difference/CD/1999 [MFN/RR]  
  Uprising/CD/2000 [????]    
  Monkey Puss/DVD/2001 [Earache]    
  Morning Star/CD/2002 [Koch]    

Entropy: Portugal - (Death Metal.)
  Shadows/demo/1996 []

Epidemic: U.S.A. -1994
   # Speed Metal-ish (as in Slayer) Death Metal.
  The Truth Of What Will Be/???? [Mco]
  Decameron/1992 [MB]
  Exit Paradise/1994 [MB]
  Epidemic/7"/1994 [MB/Rage]

Epithaph: Sweden-
   # Like Dismember/Entombed.
  Tranquillity/CD/1992 []
  Seeming Salvation/CD/1993 [Thrash]

Equinox: U.S.A. - (Death Metal.)
  Return To Mystery/CD/1995 [Unisound]  (Recorded at Shock Lizard

Eroded: Japan - (Deathgrind Metal.)
  In/CD/1994 (May) [] 

Esoteric: Britain -
   # Ultra slow Doomdeath Metal.
  The Death Of Ignorance/demo/1993
  Epistemological Despondency/2CD/1994 [Aest]
  The Pernicious Enigma/2CD/1996 []

Eternal Darkness: Sweden 1990- (Doomdeath Metal.)
  Suffering/demo/7"/1991 []

Eternal Dirge: Germany - (Dark and Brutal Atmospheric Death Metal
     that reminds one of Anathema and Paradise Lost.  They
     mix a lot of power with technical skill and keyboards.)
  Morbus Ascendit/CD/1992 [Hass]
  Khaos Majick/CD/1995 [Morbid]

Eternal Solstice: Netherlands 1989-
  (Split with Mourning)/1992 [Midian Creations]
  Wish Is Father Of The Thought/CD/1994 [Displeased]
  Wish Is Father Of The Thought/CD/1995 [Poseidon] (Reissued.)
  Horrible Within/CD/1995 [Poseidon]    

Eternal Suffering: U.S.A. - (Brutal/Sludgy Death Metal.)    
  Drowning In Tragedy/CD/2000 [Repulse]    

Ethereal Winds: Netherlands - (Doomdeath Metal.)
  Saved/MCD/1993 [MMI]
  Find A Way... Together/CD/1995 [Cyber]

Etherial Grief: Portugal - (Death/Thrash/Core Metal.)
  Rehearsal tape '95/tape/1995 []
  (A CD will be released through Skyfall Records in September of 1996.)

Eucharist: Sweden -1994
   # Atmosperic Death?
  Demo 1/demo/1992
  A Velvet Creation/CD/1994 [WA]

Eulogy: U.S.A. - (Powerful yet Atmospheric...similar to Entombed.)    
  The Essence/MiniCD/1994 [Cenotaph]    

Evemaster: - (Melodic Death Thrash.)    
  Wither/CD/2005 [Crash Music, Inc.]    

Ever Dark: U.S.A. (Albany, NY) - (Described as "Dark Graveyard 
     Metal."  Death Metal.) 
  Armageddon's Birth/CD/1995 (1996?) [FMP]
  Gravesite Rites/demo/????
  Not Of God/CD/1997 [Mascot]

Evereve: - (Doomdeath Metal.)
  Seasons/CD/1997 [NB]
  Stormbirds/CD/1998 [NB]    

Evisceration: Portugal -
   # Grind/Brutal Death Metal.
  Hymn To The Monstrous/CD/1995 [Dark/Art Productions]

Evoken: - (Extremely Dark and Melancholic mix of Brutal/
     Atmospheric Doomdeath Metal and Black Metal.)
  Shades Of Night Descending/MiniCD/199? []
  Promo/tape/1996  (Doomier than MiniCD.)
  Promo/tape/1997  (Doomier than MiniCD.)  
  Quietus/CD/2001 [Dwell]    

Excavation: Netherlands -
   # Brutal Death.
  Promo 94/demo/????
  Psychothic Possession/7"/???? [Adi]

Excidium: Italy - 
   # Not to be confused with the Swiss band.
  Promo 92/demo/1992
  Infecting The Graves/7"/1992 [Adi]

Excidium: Switzerland - (Techno/Death Metal.)
  Innocent River/CD/199? []

Excrement: Finland -
  Scorched/EP/1994 [Invasion]

Excretion: Sweden -
  Behold The Light/demo/1992
  The Dream Of Blood/demo/1992
  Suicide Silence/demo/????
  Voice Of Harmony/1995 [WA]

Excruciate: Sweden 1988-
  (split with Epitaph)/???? [Thrash]
  Passage Of Life/CD/1993 [Thrash]

Excruciating Pain: U.S.A. - (Death Metal.)
  Thou Shalt Choose/CD/1994 [BD/JL America]

Excruciating Terror: U.S.A. (L.A.) - (Violent/Political Grind/Crustcore
  Expression Of Pain/CD/1996 [Pessimiser/Theologian]    

Excruciation: Austria -
   # Speed/Death, with minor Black Metal touches.
  Last Judgement/EP/1986 [Chainsaw Murder/We Bite]    
  Vision of Terror/Demo/1991 .Feb. []  (24 minutes long.)    
  Legacy Of Hate/EP/1991 [Torched Records]  (Clear vinyl.)    
  Anno Domini - An Anthology Of The Past/CD/1992 [JLA] (3 old demos.)    
  Live at Gilman/EP/1996 [625 Records]  (Live.)    
  Expression Of Pain/CD/1996 [Pessimiser]    
  Divided We Fall/CD/1998 [Pessimiser]    
  [E.TERROR / AGATHOCLES split]/EP/???? [Theologian/Pessimiser]    
  (Cry now Cry later compilations [Pessimiser]...)    

Exelcruation: Switzerland - (Death Metal.)    
  Agathocles/CD/1991 [Adipocere]

Exhorder: U.S.A. (Louisiana) - 
   # Death/Thrash Metal.
  Slaughter At The Vatican/CD/1990 [Roadrunner]
  The Law/CD/1992 [Roadrunner] (Includes cover of Black
     Sabbath's "Into The Void.")

Exhumation: Greece - (Melodic Death Metal with a heavy influence from
     new wave of Swedish Death Metal.) 
  Seas Of Eternal Silence/CD/???? [??????]
  Dance Across The Past/CD/???? [Holy]

Exhumation: U.S.A. (Texas) 199?-1997 (Christian Death Metal.  In 1997
     they changed their name to Benevolence.)

Exhumed: U.S.A. -
  Dissecting the Caseated Omentum/demo/1992 []
  Goregasm/demo/1992 []
  Excreting Innards/7"/1992 [Afterworld] 
  Grotesque Putrefied Brains/demo/1993 []
  Cadaveric Splatter Platter/demo/1993 [] 
  Horrific Expulsion of Gore/demo/1994 [] 
  (Split live tape w/Haemmorhage)/cass./1995 [Deleria Productions] 
  In the Name of Gore (Split CD w/Hemdale)/CD/1996 [Visceral Prod.]
  (Split 7" with Pale Existence)/7"/1996 [625 Productions]
  (Split 7" with No Comply)/7"/1997 [Open Wound]
  (Split 7" with Pantalones Abajo Marinaros)/7"/1998 [Discos Al Pacinos]
  (Split 7" w/Nyctophobic)/7"/1998 [Revenge] 
  (Split 7" w/Retalliation)/7"/1998 [Headfucker] 
  Gore Metal/CD/1998 [Relapse]  
  Slaughtercult/CD/2000 [Relapse]    

Exiled: Portugal - (Raw Death/Thrash Metal.)
  Ascension of Grace/CD/1995 []

Exit-13: U.S.A.-
   # Grind.  This is the band that Relapse Records owner plays
  The Unrequited Love for Chicken Soup/7"/1989 [Thrash]
  Spare the Wrench, Surrender the Earth/7"/1991 [Rlps]
  Don't Spare The Green Love/CD/1993 [Rlps] (The 3 earlier releases 
  Ethos Musick/CD/1994 [Rlps]
  ...Just A Few More Hits/MCD/1995 [Rlps]
   # New EP that among other things features a medoly of Doors
  Smoking Songs/CD/1996 [Rlps]
  Wind At My Back/CD/???? [Freeland]

Exmortem: Denmark -
  Labyrinths Of Horror/1995 []
  Dejected in Obscurity/CD/1998 [Euphonious Records]

Exmortis: -
  Demo 91/demo/1991
  Immortality's End/EP/???? []
  Fade From Reality/7"/1991 [Rage]

Exomortis: Portugal - (Death Metal.)
  ??????/??/???? []

Exorcist: U.S.A. (Amityville) -
   # Speed/Black/Death.    
  Nightmare Theatre/LP/1985 []  (Reissued on CD in 1999.)    
  The Invocation/1987? []

Exoto: Belgium -
  Ashes/7"/???? []
  Carneval Of Souls/1994 []
  A Thousand Dreams Ago/CD/1995 [BM]
   # Death/Thrash.

Experiment Fear: U.S.A. -
  Assuming The Godform/CD/1995 [Mass]

Exploding Corpse Action: U.S.A. - (Crazy Death/Grindcore Metal with
        ultra-short songs and variant high & low vocals.)
  (Split 7" with Dead Baby)/7"/1995 [Hater Of God Records]

Expulsion: Sweden -
  A Bitter Twist Of Fate/MCD/1993 [self]
  Overflow/1994 [Godhead]

Extincion Cerebral: Mexico -
  Logica Hiperexcitada/7"/19?? [Mephitic]

Extreme Noise Terror: Britian 1980?- (Death/Grind Metal.)
   #     a.k.a. E.N.T.  Features a dual-vocalist attack. Do not confuse 
     with the German band Called ENT.
  Retro-Bution/CD/1995 [Ear]
   #     Sort of a Best-Of release.  After this release in May of
     1996 they replaced their previous drummer with Was from
     Cradle Of Filth.
  Damage 381/CD/1997 [Earache] (Vocals mostly done by Barney of 
     Napalm Death, but some done by Phil Vane after his return.)    
  Being And Nothing/CD/2001 [Candlelight]    

Extreme Unction: Portugal - (Atmospheric Doomdeath Metal.)
  In Limine Mortis/CD/1995 [Monasterium]  
Exulceration: Switzerland -
  (split with Putrid Offal)/???? [Adi]

Eyehategod: U.S.A. (Louisiana) -
   # Psychedelic/Doomdeath/Sludge Metal.  Very slow.
  The Name Of Suffering/CD/1992 [IC/CM]
   # Not Doom?
  Take As Needed For Pain/CD/1993 [CM]
   But this one perhaps?
  (split with 13)/7"/???? [SAH]
  (split with 13)/7"/???? [Ax]
  Ruptured Heart Theory/7"/???? [Bov]
  Dopesick/Cd/1996 [CM]

F: Finland - (Industrial/Death Metal.)
  III/CD/19?? []

Face Down: - (Mixture of Death Metal, Hardcore, and Classic Metal.)
  The Twisted Rule The Wicked/CD/1998 [NB]

Faces Of Death: - (Death/Grind Metal.)
  Faces Of Death/CD/199? []    

Failed Humanity: England - (Technical Death Metal.  Features members 
     of Extreme Noise Terror.)    
  Sound Of Razors Through Flesh/CD/2001 [Candlelight]    

Fall: U.S.A. -
  Vigorous Repercussions from the Appalled/CD/1996 [Self Financed]

Fallacy: Portugal - (Technical Death Metal with some weird Jazz 
  Fallacy/demo/1995 []

Fallen Christ: U.S.A. -
   # Morbid Angel wannabees.
  Abduction Ritual/1994 [List/Osm]

Fear Factory: U.S.A. -
   # Industrial influenced Death/Grind Metal.
  Demo 91/demo/1991
  Soul Of A New Machine/CD/1992 [RR]
  Fear Is The Mindkiller/EP/1993 [RR] (Industrial remixes.)
  Demanufacture/Cd/1995 [RR]
   # Not as Death-ish.
  Dog Day Sunrise/single/199? []
  Demanufacture (Digipak)/CD/1995 [RR] (Includes a cover of
     "Your Mistake" by Agnostic Front plus some other bonus
  Remanufacture/CD/1997 [RR] (Features remixes of the "Demanufacture"
     sessions.  This CD SUCKS!)
  Obsolete/CD/1998 [RR]  (Better than "Remanufacture," and a digipak version 
      with bonus tracks.)  
  Digimortal/CD/2001 [RR] (Digipak version with bonus tracks as well.)  

Fear Of God: U.S.A. - Female vocalist, also use multi-layered
  Within The Veil/CD/1991 [Warner Brothers]
  Toxic Voodoo/CD/1994? [Pavement]
   # Vocalist Dawn Crosby died early in 1997.

Fermenting Innards: Germany - (Mystic/Black/Death Metal.)
  Drowned/MCD/1994 [Invasion]
  Myst/CD/1995 [Invasion]

Fertilizer: Germany - (Gothic/Death Metal.)
  A Painting Of Annoyance/CD/1995 [Invasion]

Fester: Norway -
   # Perhaps more like Blackish normal Death Metal?
  Winter Of Sin/1992 [NF]
  The Introduction/demo/1993
  Silence/1994 [Leth]

Filthy Christians: Sweden -1993
  Mean/CD/1989 [Ear]
   # Grind/hardcore?
  Nailed/7"/1993 [We Bite]
   # Death?

Flash Terrorist: Italy -
   # Death/Thrash.
  Life's To Stake/demo/????
   # Sounds similar to Sepultura's "Beneath The Remains."
  Body Fusion Limit/CD/1997 []

Flegma: - (Swedish Style Death Metal.)
  Flesh To Dust/CD/1996 [Black Rose]

Fleshcrawl: Germany - (Death Metal.)
  Lost In A Grave/7"/1991 [Morbid]
  Descend Into The Absurd/CD/1993 [BM]
  Impurity/CD/1994 [BM]
  Bloodsoul/CD/1996 [BM]    

Fleshgrind: -  
  Destined For Defilement/CD/1999 .July. [United Guttural]  (Reissued in 

Fleshold: -
  Pathetic/CD/1995 [Mass]

Forced Entry: U.S.A. - (Death/Thrash-ish Metal.)
  Uncertain Future/album/1989 [Combat/Relativity] (Recorded in January of      
     1989.  Virtually impossible to find, especially on Cd.  The catalog
     number is: 88561-2007-4.)    
  As Above, So Below/Cd/1991 [Relativity] (Also very difficult to find.  
     It's catalog number is: 88561-2024-2.  More Thrash, and less Death
     Metal here.)    

From The Depths: U.S.A. (Ohio) - (Death/Black Metal With Clean, Black And      
     Death Vox.)    
  From The Depths/CD/1996 [Dismal Records]
  Promo Demo/Tape/1997
   # Style Changes to more AT THE GATES style.  Clean vox are gone.

Full Fried Rubber: Netherlands - (Funcore [Goofgrind].  Noel
     is now with Consolation.  Lyrics are in Dutch.)

Funebre: Finland -
   # Mainstream Death.
  Children Of The Scorn/CD/1991 [Spinefarm]

Furbowl: Sweden - (may be disbanded)
   # Swedish Death.
  The Nightfall Of Your Heart/demo/1991
  Those Shredded Dreams/1992 [SO]
  The Autumn Years/1994 [BM]
   # Kinda gothic?

G-ANX: Sweden -
  Masterpiece/7"/???? [Elderberry]
  Far Out/7"/???? [Elderberry]
   # Elderberry Records is actually G-ANX's own label.    

Gandalf: Finland - (Death Metal mixed classic 1980's Metal ala Iron 
  Deadly Fairytales/CD/1999 [Earache]  
  Rock Hell/CD/2001 [Earache]       

Gangrena: Portugal - (Techno/Brutal Death Metal.)
  Infected Ideologies/CD/1994 []

Gates Of Ishtar: Sweden
  A Bloodred Path/CD/1996 []

Gathering, The: Netherlands - 
   # Symphonic Doomdeath with keyboards.
  Moonlight Archer/demo/1991 []
  Always/CD/1992 [F2000/Pave] (There is a remixed version with new 
  Almost A Dance/CD/1993 [F2000/Mascot]
   # No Death vocals here.  Clean female vocals.
  Mandylion/Cd/1995 [CM]
   # Still female vocals.  Straight Gothic Metal.
  Strange Machines/Cd Single/1996 [CM] (Title track plus two live
  Adrenaline/Leaves/Cd Single/1996 [CM] (Features the songs "Third 
     Chance" and "Adrenaline."  Neither track was on "Mandylion.")
  The May Song/Cd Single/1997 [CM] (Features four previously unreleased
     cuts.  There are two different versions of "The May Song," an
     edit of "The Earth Is My Witness," and a live version of "Strange
     Machines" that was recorded in Amsterdam with the backing of the
     Metropool Orchestra.)
  Nighttime Birds/CD/1997 [CM]
  How To Measure A Planet/CD/1999 [CM]  
  If_Then_Else/CD/2000 [CM]    

General Surgery: Sweden -
   # Sideproject band for members of Deceased.  Similar in
     vein to Carcass.
  Necrology/7"/MCD/1991 [NB/Rlps] (CD released 1993.)

Ghostorm: Lithuania (formerly part of the U.S.S.R.)-
  Frozen In Fire/CD/1995 [BM]

Glacial Fear: Italy 1992 -
  Demo '93/demo/1993
  Secrets At The Steam Forest/7"/1994 []
  Atlasphere: The Burning Circle/MCD/1995 [Nosferatu]    

Glass Casket: - (Melodic Death Thrash/Metalcore.)    
  We Are Gathered Here Today/CD/2004 [Abacus]    

Goatlord: U.S.A. - (Raw Death Metal.)
  Reflections Of The Solstice/CD/1992 [Turbo]

God Dethroned: Netherlands - (Primitive Death Metal.)
  God Dethroned/CD/1992 [Shark]
  The Christhunt/CD/1993 []
  The Grand Grimoire/CD/1998 [MB]  

God Forbid: U.S.A. - 

God Forsaken: Finland -1991 as Putrid, 1992- as God Forsaken
   # Doomdeath with Black Sabbath influences.
  God Forsaken/7"/1991? [AW] (Released under their original name 
   # The music is said to be more Death Metal.
  Dismal Gleams Of Desolation/CD/1993 [Adi]
  Promo '93/demo/1993 []
   # No growly vocals.
  The Tide Has Turned/CD/1995 [Adi]
   # Less doom-ish.

God Macabre: Sweden -
   # Swedish Death.
  The Winterlong/CD/1994 [SOD]

Godflesh: Britian - (Started as a Progressive/Industrial/
     Doom Grindcore band.  Over the years they have become
     less Grind and more Industrial.  ((Some will say that
     they shouldn't be on this list, but others as well as
     myself would disagree.)))
  Godflesh/CD/1989? [Earache?]
  Street Cleaner/CD/1990-1 [Earache/Ruthless] (Reissued by
     Earache in 1994.)
  Slavestate/CD/1991 [Earache/Ruthless]
  Pure/CD/1992 [Earache/Ruthless] (A masterpiece.  It has such 
     classics as "Mothra," "Pure," and "Pure II.")
  Cold World (EP)/MiniCD/1992 (November) [Earache/Ruthless]
  Merciless (EP)/MiniCD/1994 (June) [Earache/Sony] (One of
     heavier releases...very Doom saturated.)
  Selfless/CD/1994 (October) [Earache/Sony]
  Songs Of Love And Hate/CD/1996 (September) [Earache] (This
     Cd combines the "Cold World" EP, "Merciless" EP, and
     some other material (I believe another EP as well as
     some other tracks).)  
  Love & Hate In Dub/CD/1997 [Earache]  (A remixes Cd.)
  Us & Them/CD/1999 [Earache]

Golem: Germany -
  Visceral Slab/demo/7"/1992 []
  Eternity: Weeping The Horizons/1995 [Invasion]

Golgotha: -
  Caves Of Mind/MCD/1995 [Repulse]

Gomorrah: Britain -
   # Death/Thrash Metal.
  Reflection Of Inanimate Matter/CD/1995 [BM]
  Caress The Grotesque/CD/1996 (October) [BM]

Gore Beyond Necropsy: Japan -
  I Recommend...Amputation/Demo/???? []
  This Is An EP You Want/EP/???? [Malodorous Mangled Innards]

Goreaphobia: U.S.A. - (Death Metal.)
  Omen Of Masochism/CD/1993 [Rlps]

Gorefest: Netherlands 1989- (Reformed in 2004.)    
  Tangled In Gore/demo/????
  Horrors In A Retarded Mind/demo/????
  Mindloss/Cd/1991 [Pavement/F2000/NB] (Re-issued in 1995
     on Nuclear Blast.)
  Live Misery/7"/1992 [Cenotaph] (Live)
  False/CD/1992 [NB]
  The Eindhoven Insanity/CD/1993 [NB/Rlps] (Live.)
  Erase/CD/1994 [NB] (U.S. release has two extra tracks.  There is 
     also a special limited edition version in a metal box similar 
     in style to a film can.)
  Fear/MCD/1994 [NB]
  Soul Survivor/CD/1996 (June) [NB/Rlps]
  Freedom/EP/1996 [NB]
  Chapter 13/CD/1998 [Steamhammer/SPV] (Similar to "Soul Survivor.")

Gorelust: Canada - (Death Metal.)
  Reign Of Lunacy/CD/1995 []    

Gorement: Sweden - (Death Metal.)
  The Ending Quest/CD/1994 [Crypta]    

Gorgasm: - 
  Masticate To Dominate/CD/2003 [Unique Leader]    

Gorguts: Canada -
  Considered Dead/1991 [RR]
  Erosion Of Sanity/1992 [RR]
  ????/7"/1995? []  
  Obscura/CD/???? [Olympic]    
  From Wisdom To Hate/CD/2001 [Olympic]    

Gory Blister: Italy 1990 -
  Spoilt By Greed/demo/1991
  Hanging Down The Sounds/demo/1993
  Cognitive Sinergy/MCD/1996 [Nosferatu]

Grave: Sweden 1986-???? as Corpse, ????- as Grave.
   # Swedish Death.
  Sick Disgust Eternal/demo/1987 (As Corpse.)
  Sexual Mutilation/demo/1988
  Tremendous Pain/7"/???? []
  Anatomia Corporis Humani/demo/12"/1989 []
  (split with Devolution)/???? [Prophecy] (The CD has "Deviated 
     Instinct" too.)
  Into The Grave/CD/1991 [CM]
  You'll Never See/CD/1992 [CM]
  Here I Die... Satisfied/1993 [CM] (3 old tracks, 3 newer tracks.  
     Includes "Black Dawn," a song by the previous incarnation of 
     Grave which was called Corpse.)
  Soulless/CD/1994 [CM]
  Hating Life/CD/1996 (May) [CM]
  Extremely Rotten Live/CD/1997 [CM] (Live.)

Grief: U.S.A. -
   # Sludge Doom at its sludgiest; their name portrays
     their mood setting music.  Some Doomdeath Metal
  ????/7"/???? []
  (split with 13)/7"/???? []
  (split with Dystopia)/7"/???? []
  Depress/EP/???? []
   # What is this?
  Dismal/EP/1993 [Gre]
   # What is this?
  Dismal/1993 [CC] (Not the same as the EP, but the CD version 
     includes most of the "Dismal" EP.)
  Come To Grief/CD/1994 [CM]
  Miserably Ever After/CD/1996 [Theologian Records]    
  Turbulent Times/CD/2002 [Southern Lord Records]  (Compilation of rarities 
     And demos.)    

Grog: Portugal - (Brutal Death/Grind Metal.)
  Macabre Requiems/CD/1996 [Skyfall/Movie Play]

Groms: Sweden - (Death Metal.)
  Ascension/CD/1994 [Arctic Serenades]

Grope: Denmark - (Death Metal.)
  Primates/CD/1996 (May) [Pavement]
  Soul Pieces/EP/199? []
  The Fury/CD/199? []

Grotesque: Sweden -1991, then (kind of) became At The Gates
   # A mix of Entombed, Bolt Thrower and Black Metal?
   # Is this correct?
  Incantation/EP/1991 [Dol]
  In The Embrace Of Evil/CD/1996 [Black Sun]

Gut: Germany -1995
   # Pyogenesis side project
  Pussyfied/7"/???? []
  (split with Gore Beyond Necropsy)/7"/???? []
  Odour of Torture/1995 [Morbid]

Gutted: U.S.A. -
  Bleed For Us To Live/CD/1994 [Red Light]
  Gutted/CD/1997 []

Haemorrhage: Spain - (Two member project of Luisma of Avulsed.)
  Emetic Cult/1995 [Morbid]
  (split with Christ Denied)/CD/19?? [] (EP.)
  Grume/CD/1997 [Repulse Records]  
  ??????/CD/1999 [Pavement]    

Hanging Gardens: Brazil -    
  ??????/??/???? [????]    

Harakiri: U.S.A. - (American Death Metal.)    
  Twilight Of The Idols/CD/???? [Willowtip]    
  Twilight Of The Idols/Vinyl/2004 [Blood Of Tyrants]  (Colored vinyl, plus  
     a previously unreleased track.)    

Hastur: Italy -  
   # Death Metal with keyboard and some Black Metal elements.
  Live In Fear/demo/1993 [Behemoth]
  Macabre Execution/MCD/1997 [Beyond]    

Hate: - (Technical/Power Death Metal.}    
  Unholy Dead Trinity/CD/2001 [WWIII]    
  Cain's Way/CD/2002 [WWIII]    

Hate Eternal: U.S.A. 1999- (Death Metal.)    
  Conquering The Throne/CD/1999 [Wicked World/Earache]    
  King Of All Kings/CD/2002 .September. [Earache]    

Hate Plow: U.S.A. - (Sideproject of Malevolent Creation member.)
  Everybody Dies/CD/1998 [Pave] (Features a killer cover of Cream's
     "Sunshine Of Your Love" as a hidden track.  Starts at about
     the 6:57 mark of track 14.)    
  Only Law Is Survival/CD/2000 [Pavement]    

Hatesphere: - (Sludgy/Death Metal.)    
  Hatesphere/CD/2000 [Scarlet]    
  Bloodred Hatred/CD/2002 [Century Media/The End/Scarlet]    

Hate Theory: U.S.A. - (Sludge/Deathgrind Metal.)    
  Hate Theory/CD/2002 [WWIII]    

Headshot: -  
  Emotional Overload/CD/2000 [Pavement]    

Hearse: Sweden - (Deathrock.  Features Max Thornell with former Arch  
     Enemy/Nonexist vocalist Johan Liiva.)    
  ????/Demo/???? []      
  Torch/7"/???? []    
  Dominion Reptilian/CD/2003 [Hammerheart]    
  Armageddon Mon Amour/CD/2004 .April. [Candlelight]    

Heaven Grey: Latvia - (Doomdeath that uses cello and is 
     influenced by Swedish Death.)
  Memory River/tape/1996 [Mapl]

Heavenwood: Portugal - (Atmospheric Death Metal.)
  (Debut CD out soon through the German label Massacre Records.)
  Diva/CD/1996 []

Hecate Enthroned: - (Former member of Cradle Of Filth in this band.
     Similar style.  Melodic Black/Death Metal.)
  Upon Promethean Shores/MiniCD/1997 [Death/MB]
  Slaughter Of The Innocent.../CD/1997 [Death/MB]    
  Redimus/CD/2004 [Candlelight]    

Hedfirst: - (Melodic Deathrash Metal.)    
  Hedfirst/CD/2003 [Crash Music, Inc.]    

Hellbastard: - 
  In Grind We Trust/CD/1999 (FEB) [] 

Hellkrusher: Britain -
   # Grind with ex-members of Hellbastard.
  Fields Of Blood/7"/???? [Skuld]
  Dying For Who/7"/1994 [Tribal War]

Hellrage: Italy 1994-
   # Melodic Death Metal.
  Ghost Life/demo/1995
  ????/MCD/1997 [Metal Horse]

Hellwitch: -
  Nosferatu/7"/1992 [self]
  Syzygial Miscreancy/1990 [WR]
  Terrasymmetry/EP/1992 []
Hemdale: - (Goredeath/Splatterdeath Metal.)
  (Split with Exhumed)/CD/1996? []
  (Split with Disgust)/CD/1997 [Visceral]
  Jerry's Massage Parlor/CD/1997 [Visceral]

  Visions Of Fear/CD/1993 [Lost & Found]
  Voice Your Opinion/Cd/1993 [Lost & Found]

Hetsheads: Sweden 1988-1993, then as Blackshine.
  We Hail The Possessed/1995 [Repulse]
   # Recorded 1991.

Hidous Corpse: - Now called Skeleton Of God?
  ????/7"/1994 [SOD]

Homicide: Italy - Techno/Deaththrash with elements of bands
     Kreator and Pantera.
  Homicide/demo/1990 []
  We On The Cross/demo/1992 []
  Retaliation Fall/demo/1993 []

Horrified: Greece -
   # Doomdeath with some Black Metal influences?
  The Ancient Whisper Of Wisdom/7"/???? []
  In The Garden Of The Unearthly Delights/1994 [BP/Mer]

House Of Usher: Sweden -
  On The Very Verge/7"/1992 [OP]
  When Being Fucked(?)/demo/1993

Human Bloodfeast: - (1999- ) (Groovy Death Metal.)    
  ByeBye/Demo/2000  (Self-released.)    
  Damned To Rot/CD/2002  (Self-released.)        

Human Remains: U.S.A. - (Brutal Death Metal played with beauty
     and brute force.  They broke-up in 1996 and reformed
     under the new name Remains.)
  Admiration Most Deep And Foul/7"/1992 [Cenotaph]
  Using Sickness As The Hero/7"/1996 [Relapse]
  Using Sickness As The Hero/MiniCd/1996 (August) [Relapse]

Hybernoid: Britain 1991- (Industrial/Death Metal.)
  Ophthaphobia/demo/199? []
  Well Of Grief/demo/199? []
  Dust in the wind/7"/1993 [Dipleased]
  Technology / Regression/7"/1994 [PS Records]
   # Yes, the title has a "/" in it.
  World Of Ruin/7"/1994 [Displeased]
  The Last Day Begins?/CD/199? []
  Todays Tomorrows Yesterday/CD/199? [Displeased]
   # Contains both Displeased Eps, the Well Of Grief demo, and 
     some new tracks as well.

Hybrys (or is it Hybris?): Italy 1993- (Death Metal.)
  Demo '94/demo/1994
  Etherial Hopes/MCD/1995 [Boundless]

Hypocrisy: Sweden 1991-
  Penetralia/CD/1992 [NB]
   #     Reissued in 1996 with 2 bonus tracks.
  Pleasure Of Molestation/EP/1993 [NB]
  Osculum Obsceum/Cd/1993 [NB]  (This one includes the Venom cover 
     "Black Metal," after the release of this album, Masse Broberg 
     (singer) left and guitarist Peter Tagtgren took over vocals.)
  Inferior Devoties/EP/1994 [NB]  (Has a cover of the Slayer
     classic "Black Magic.")
  The Fourth Dimension/Cd/1994 [NB]  (Digipack version has a
     song called "The Abyss," but does not have "The Arrival Of 
     The Demons.")
  Maximum Abduction/EP/1995 (1997) [NB]
  Carved Up/7"/1996 [NB/Rlps]
  Abducted/CD/1996 [NB/Rlps]  (Progressive/Death Metal with use of      
     melody...fascination at this point with Alien
     abduction and the Roswell, New Mexico (U.S.A.) alien
     sighting in 1947.  This Cd is awesome.)
  The Final Chapter/CD/1998 [NB] (Excellent CD.)
  Live In Wachen/CD/1999 [NB] 
  Hypocrisy/CD/1999 [NB]  
  Into The Abyss/CD/2000 [NB]    
  10 Years Of Chaos And Confusion/CD/2001 [NB]    

Hypocrite: Sweden - (Death Metal.)
  Welcome To Abaddon/demo/1992 []
  Edge Of Existence/CD/199? [] 

Hypocrits, The: Netherlands - (Grindcore Metal.)

Hypnotic Scenery: - (Death Metal.)
  Vacuum/CD/199? []

Iconoclast: Italy -
  The Unmutated Revelation/???? []

Illdisposed: Denmark - (Brutal/Humorous Death Metal.)
  The Winder Of Our Discontempt/demo/1992
  For Depressive Seasons/CD/1993 [Progress Red]
  Return From Tomorrow/EP/1994 [Progress Red]
  Helvede/CD/1995 [Progress Red]
   # Compilation of unreleased stuff.
  Submit/CD/1995 (1996 (May)) [Progress Red/Pavement]
  There's Something Rotten in the State of Denmark/CD/1997 [Progress Red]

Immolation: U.S.A. 1986-1988 as Rigor Mortis, 1988- as Immolation.
  Dawn Of Possession/CD/1991 [RR]
  Stepping On Angels/CD/1995 [Repulse] (Early demo and live stuff.)
  Here In After/CD/1996 [MB]    

Immortal: Norway 1993?-  (Norwegian Black Metal which translates 
     into meaning Black Metal with elements of Scandinavian Style 
     Death Metal.)
  Diabolical Full Moon Mysticism/CD/1993 [JLA/Osmose]
  Pure Holocaust/CD/199? [Osmose]
  Battles In The North/CD/199? [Osmose]
  Blizzard Beasts/CD/1997 [Osmose]
  Live In Zaandam/CD/1997 [] (Live album.)

Immortalis: Germany -
  Indicium De Mortuis/CD/1991 [Morbid/West Virginia]

Impaler: Britain -1994?
  Charnel Diety/CD/1992 [Deaf/GC]

Impetigo: U.S.A. (Illinois) -1994.
  Ultimo Mondo Cannibale/1990 [WR]
  Buio Omega/7"/???? [Whisper In Darkness]
  (split with Blood)/7"/1991 []
  Horror Of The Zombies/1992 [WR]

Imprecation: U.S.A. - (Death Metal.) 
  Sigil of Baphomet/7"/???? [Repulse Records?]
  Theurgia Goetia Summa/CD/1994 [Repulse]

Impulse Manslaughter: - ??????

In Darkness: Portugal - (Black/Death Metal.)
  Remembrace From The Ancient/demo/1995 []

In Flames: Sweden -
   # Melodic Death.
  Promo '93/demo/1993
  Lunar Strain/CD/1994 [WA]
   # This one has some elements of Swedish folk music.
  Subterranian/EP/1995 [WA]
  The Jester Race/CD/1996 (1997) [NB]
  Black-Ash Inheritance/CD/1997 [NB]
  Colony/CD/1999 [NB]  
  Clayman/CD/2000 [NB]    
  Reroute To Remain/CD/2002 [NB]    

Incantation: U.S.A. -
   # Brutal Death...Black Metal style lyrics.
  Entrantment Of Evil/7"/1991 [Rlps]
  Deliverance Of Horrific Prophecies/7"/???? [Rlps]
  Onward To Golgotha/CD/1992 [Rlps/NB]
  Mortal Throne Of The Nazarene/CD/1994 [Rlps/NB]
  Upon The Throne Of Apocalypse/CD/1995 [Rlps/NB]
    # Rough-mix version of Mortal Throne Of The Nazarene
  Tribute To The Goat/CD/1997 [Elegy] (Live in the studio deal with
     no actual new material.)
  Forsaken Mourning Of Angelic.../CD/1997 [Rlps]
  Diabolical Conquest/CD/1998 [Rlps]  
  The Infernal Storm/CD/2000 [Rlps]    

Incubator: Germany - (Death Metal.)
  Symphonies Of Spiritual Cannibalism/CD/1991 [Morbid]
  McGillroy The Housefly/CD/1992 [Morbid]
  Hirnnektar/CD/1993 [Steamhammer]

Incubus: U.S.A. - (Featured Mike Browning who was formerly
     the drummer for Nocturnus.  In 1999 they reformed under the
      new moniker of INCUBUS RAGE.  Their old material is being 
      reissued under the band name OPPROBRIUM.)    
   # Death.
  ????/7"/???? []
  Serpent Temptation/CD/1988 [Radiation]  (Thrash oriented.)
  Beyond The Unknown/CD/1992 [Rlps]
  Serpent Temptation/CD/1994-5 [NB]  (Mostly Thrash oriented.)  

Incubus Rage: U.S.A. - (Prior to 1999 as INCUBUS, not the Rapcore 
      Metal band.  Now known as INCUBUS RAGE or OPPROBRIUM.)  
  Discerning Forces/CD/2000 [NB]    

Infected: Australia - (Industrial/Death Metal.)
  ??????/??/???? []

Inferia: - (Ultra Brutal Black/Death/Grind Metal.)
  Parental Advisory/CD/1998 [Strer]

Infernal Dreams: Portugal - (Black/Death Metal.)
  Promotape '95/demo/1995 []

Infernal Majesty: U.S.A. 1986- (Black/Old Style Death Metal.)
  (Demo)/demo/1986? []
  None Shall Defy/CD/1987 [RR]
  Nigresent Desilution/demo/1989 []
  (Demo)/demo/1991 []
  None Shall Defy/CD/1996 [Displeased]  (Reissued with
     bonus tracks which consist of the "Nigresent Desilution"
  One Who Points To Death/CD/2004 [Black Lotus]    

Infernal Torment: Denmark - (Death Metal.)
  Man's True Nature/CD/1996 [RRS/Progress/Diehard] (Reissued on Diehard
     in 1997.) 

Infestdead: Sweden - (Death/Grind Metal.)
  Killing Christ/EP/1995 [Invasion]
  Hellfuck/CD/???? [??????]

Infester: - (Grind.)
  To The Depths Of Degradation/CD/199? [Moribund]

Infrogress: Latvia - (Said to be the heaviest Deathgrind
     band in the Latvian scene.)
  (No tapes released yet.)

Inhuman: Portugal - (Doomdeath Metal in the line of old Paradise Lost.)
  Strange Desire/CD/1996 [Art Records]

Iniquity: Denmark - (Death Metal.)
  Serenadium/CD/1996 [Emanzipation]

Inner Thought: Canada - , before that as Slaughter.
   # Industrial/Death/Doom/Black Metal.
  Disorder Of Battles/7"/1993 [WH]
  Worldly Separation/CD/1994 [WH/Dwell]
  Perspectives/CD/1995 [WH]
  Melancholy/CD/1995 [WH]

Insane: Portugal - (Raw Death/Thrash Metal.)
  Metaphysical Thoughts Definition/demo/1995 []

Interment: -
  Life Here After/7"/1992 [Comeback]

Internal Bleeding: U.S.A. - (Death Metal with clean and growled
  Invocation Of Evil/demo/EP/1993 [WR/MM]
  Perpetual Degration/EP/???? []
  Voracious Contempt/CD/1995 [PV]
  The Extinction of Benevolence/CD/1997 [Pavement]
  Driven To Conquer/CD/1999 [Pavement]    
  Alien Breed/CD/2001 [Olympic]    

Internal Decay: Sweden -1994
  A Forgotten Dream/1993 [Euro]    

Intestines: - (1995?- ) (Death Metal with Grind influences.)    
  Brutal Fucking Torture/MiniCD/2002 (Self-released.)    
  ["Nuclear Purification" (Song on "Apocalyptic Visions" compilation.)]
     /CD/2002 [Azmotic Sound Productions]    

Into Eternity: Canada - (Progressive/Melodic Death Metal, sounds like a  
     Fusion of Inflames and Queensryche.)    
  Dead Or Dreaming/CD/2002 .August. [Metal Blade]    
  Buried In Oblivion/ CD/2004 .February. [Metal Blade]    

Invasion: Latvia 1996 (April)- (Death/Thrash influenced by
     the legendary Sepultura.)
  (No tapes released yet.)

Inverted: Sweden - (Black/Death Metal leaning more towards
     the Death tendency.)
  Heaven Defied/Ep/???? [WR]
  Revocation Of The Beast/CD/1993 [WR]
  The Shadowland/CD/1995 [Shiver]  (Recorded at Midgard Studios.)

Invocator: Denmark -1996 
  Early Days/CD/???? []
  Weave The Apocalypse/CD/???? []
  Dying To Live/CD/1995 [??????/Pavement] 

Jag Panzer: U.S.A. (California) - (Their sound is mostly Power
     Metal ala Meliah Rage, but they also use elements of Death 
     and Black Metal.  Their name comes from an old WWII German tank.)
  Dissident Alliance/CD/1995 (March) [Pavement]
  Fourth Crusade/CD/1998 [CM]

Judecca (or is it Judeca?): U.S.A. -
  Scenes Of An Obscure Death/EP/1993 [WR]
  The Evil Is Born/7"/1994 []
  Awakened By The Stench Of the Dead/CD/1996? [] 

Jumpin' Jesus: Germany - (Death Metal.)
  The Art Of Crucifying/CD/1991 [West Virginia]

Kataklysm: Canada - (Hyperblast Death Metal.)    
  The Death Gate Of Reincarnation/demo/????
  Vision The Chaos/7"/1993 [Boundless]
  The Mystical Gate Of Reincarnation/EP/1993 [Rlps/NB]
   # An old demo + extra track
  Sorcery/CD/1995 [NB]
  Temple Of Knowledge/CD/1996 (June) [NB]  
  The Prophecy (Stigmata Of The Immaculate)/CD/2000 [NB]    

Katatonia: Sweden (1987-)1991-1994? 
   # Melodic Doomdeath with a few Black overtones.
  Jhva Elohim Meth/demo/1992
  Dance Of December Souls/CD/1993 [NF/Pave]
  Jhva Elohim Meth... the Revival/MCD/1994 [Vic] (The demo 
     released on CD.)
  For Funerals To Come.../MCD/1995 [AG]
  Brave Murder Day/CD/1996 (1997) [AG/CM] (Went Gothic here.  The
     Century Media version also features the "For Funerals To Come..."
     MiniCD tracks.)

Killing Addiction: -
  Omega Factor/CD/1993 [JLA]
  Necrosphere/7"/1994 []    

Killswitch Engage: U.S.A. - (Dark Melodic Metalcore.  ...Clean and growled  
  Killswitch Engage/CD/2000 [Ferret]    
  Alive Or Just Breathing/CD/2002 [Roadrunner]    
  The End Of Heartache/CD/2004 [Roadrunner]     

Konkhra: Denmark - (Deathrock Metal...AWE-INSPIRING.)
  Stranded/CD/1992 [Progress Red]
  Sexual Affective Disorder/CD/1994 [Progress Red]
  The Facelift (EP)/MiniCD/1995 [Progress Red]
  Spit Or Swallow/CD/1995 (1996 (May)) [Progress Red/Pave]
   # Absolutely killer Death Metal in the vein of Entombed,
     except heavier and better.  One of the Keeper's (Bill's)
  Live Eraser/CD/1997 [Progress Red] (A live recording done on a 24-track
  Weed Out The Weak/CD/1997 (1998) [Progress Red/MB]  
  Freakshow/MiniCD/1999 [Progress Red/Mascot]  
  Come Down Cold/CD/2000 [Progress Red/Mascot]    
  Reality Check/CD/2003 [Code666]    

Korova: Austria - (Death Metal.)
  A Kiss In The Charnel Fields/CD/1995 [Napalm]

Korpse: U.K. -
  Pull The Flood/CD/1994 [CL]

Krabathor: Czech Republic 1988- (Catchy and Crushing Death 
     Metal.  Two member band.)
  Breath Of Death/demo/1988 []
  Total Destruction/demo/1988 []
  Brutal Death/demo/1988 []
  Feelings Of Dethronisation/demo/1991     (Czech version.)
  Feelings Of Dethronisation/demo/1991     (English version.)
  Only Our Death Is Welcomed/Cd/1992 []
  Cool Mortification/Cd/1993 []
  The Rise Of Brutality/EP/1995 []
  Lies/CD/1995 [Morbid] (There is also a special Metal box 
     limited edition version.)
   #     Played at the 1996 Milwaukee Metalfest (Metalmania X).  
  Orthodox/CD/1999 [Pavement]    

Krhomadeath: France -
  Nuclear Humanity/Demo/1990 [] (3 tracks of Death Metal.)
  Promo 91/Demo/1991 [] (3 tracks; Death Metal.)
  Promo 92/Demo/1992 [] (8 tracks; Death Metal.)
  Grating Into Corpse/Cd/1992 [Inline Music/Warner Bros./Crypta]
     (First LP with 10 tracks of Death Metal; influenced
     by OBITUARY and DEATH.)
  Promo 94/Demo/1994 [] (4 tracks of Brutal Death Metal.)
  Promo 95/Demo/1995 [] (Same one with colored cover.)
  Promo 96/Demo/1996 [] (2 tracks of Death/Thrash in vein
     of SEPULTURA's "ARISE" and "CHAOS A.D.")

Krisiun: Brazil - (Death Metal)
  Black Force Domain/CD/1997 [GUN] (It's GUN 147, and GUN stands for
     Great Unlimited Noises.)  
  Conquering Armageddon/CD/2000 [CM]    
  Ageless Venomless/CD/2001 [CM]    

Lamb Of God: U.S.A. (Virginia) - 
  New American Gospel/CD/2000 .September. [Metal Blade]    
  As The Palaces Burn/CD/2003 .May. [Prosthetic]    
  Terror & Hubris/DVD/2004 .January. [Sony/Epic]    
  Ashes Of The Wake/CD/2004 .August. [Sony/Epic]  (Dualdisc version released  
     March 2005.)      
Lawnmower Deth: Britain - (Some call it Funcore; I lovingly
     refer to it as Goofgrind [Grindcore with some silly and
     humor elements.  They broke-up in 1994.)
  Mower Liberation Front/????/19?? []
  Oh Crickey Its.../Cd/199? [Earache]
  Kids In America/EP/199? [Earache] (Has a Kim Wilde cover.)
  The Return Of The Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns/CD/199?
     [Earache] (Supposed to be a little more serious.)
  Billy/CD/1993? [Earache] (Also, supposed to be more serious.)

Legal Butchery: - (Aggressive Grinding Death Metal.)
  Key To Paradise/CD/1996 (July) []
Lemming Project: U.S.A. - (Death Metal.)
  Extinction/CD/1991 [Noise]
  Hate & Despise/CD/1993 [CM]

Liars In Wait: -???????

Liers In Wait: Sweden 1990-1994
   # There is another Liers In Wait too.  Remnants of this band 
     can be found in Crystal Age.  There is also another band 
     called Lier In Wait.
  Spiritually Uncontrolled Art/EP/1991 [Dol]

Living Sacrifice: U.S.A. (Arkansas) -
   # Christian Death Metal.
  Living Sacrifice/???? [REX]
   # Thrash.
  Non-Existent/CD/1992 [REX]
   # Death/Thrash Metal (fast).
  Inhabit/CD/1994 [REX]
   # Death/Thrash Metal (fast).
  EP demo/tape/1996
  Reborn/CD/1997 [Solid State Rec. (division of Tooth and Nail)]  
  Hammering Process/CD/2001 [Solid State]    
  In Memoriam/CD/2005 [Solid State]    

Lobotomy: Sweden 1989-
  When Death Draws Near/demo/1990
  Instinct of brutality/demo/1991    
  Against The Gods/demo/1992
  Nailed in Misery/EP/1993 [Obscure Plasma]
  Hymn/7"/1993 [Rising Realm]
  Against the Gods/Nailed in Misery - demo compilation/CD/1995 [Thrash  
  Lobotomy/CD/1995 [Chaos]    
  Kill/CD/1997 [No Fashion]    

Lords Of The Stone: Netherlands - (Doomdeath Metal.)    
  Rhymes Of Bitterness/demo/1992 []    
  Diamond In The Dust/demo/1994 []    
  (split with Celestial Season)/7"/1994 [Dis] (the LOTS track 
     is "Fire In The Winter", taken from the 1994 demo.)    
  ??????/demo/???? []    
  ??????/demo/???? [PC]    
  In An Eyelids Close/demo/????    

Loudblast: France -    
  ?????/Demo/1988 [] (Five Thrash tracks.)
  ????2?/Demo/1988 [] (Five Thrash tracks; different than
     the first demo.)
  Bazooka Rehearsal/Demo/1989 [] (5 tracks of Thrash Metal.)
  Licensed To Thrash (Split LP with Agressor)/CD/1989 [] 
     (4 tracks; Thrash Metal.)
  Sensorial Treatment/CD/1990 [] (First LP.  Has 10 tracks,
     and is Thrash Metal.)
  Loudblast/???? []
  Disincarnate/CD/1991 [WMD/N/Semetary] (Second LP.  Death Metal.)
  Sensorial Treatment/???? [N]
  Sublime Dementia/CD/1993 [WMD/N/Fierce/Futurist/Semetary] (Death
     Metal.  Third LP.)
  The Collector Tracks Vol.1/Demo/1995 [Self] (Demo featuring 
     all their unreleased tracks on a 90mns tape for the fan-
     club.  Limited to 500; has 18 tracks.  Death/Thrash.) 
  Cross The Threshold/EP/???? [N] (Has a cover of Slayer's
     "Mandatory Suicide.")
  The Time Keeper/CD/1995 [WMD] (Live LP that has 12 tracks.
     Heavy/Thrash/Death Metal.  (Hard to describe.))

Loudblast: Finland - (Death Metal.)
  Nookleptia/CD/1992 [Morbid]

Lubricant: Finland 1989-1990 as OVD, 1990- as Lubricant
  Swallow The Symmetric Swab/demo/????
  Noocleptia/1994 [Morbid]

Lucifer: Sweden -
  The Dark Christ/7"/1992 [Bellphegot]

Luciferion: Sweden - (Extremely fast Death Metal; similar
     to Morbid Angel.)
  ((Nameless Demo))/Demo/1993 []
  Demonication (The Manifest)/CD/1995 [List]    

Luddite Clone: - (Brutal, catchy, metallic Grindrock Metal.  Excellent.)  
  The Arsonist And The Architect/CD/2000 [Rlps]    

Lunatic Invasion: -
  Totentanz/1995 [Invasion]

Macabre: U.S.A. - (Brutal Grind Metal.)  
  Shitlist/demo/1986 []  
  Grim Reality/EP/1987 [Decomposed]
  Shitlist/7"/1989 [Gore Records] (Songs taken from the "Shitlist" 
        demo from 1986.)
  Gloom/1989 [Vinyl Solution]
  Sinister Slaughter/CD/1993 [NB]
  Night Stalker/7"/1993 [Relapse] (5 songs from the SS sessions;
        limited release.)
  Behind The Wall Of Sleep/EP/1994 [NB] (Yes, includes a 
     Black Sabbath cover.)
  Unabomber/MCD/1999 [Decomposed]  
  Dahmer/CD/2000 [Olympic]    

Macabre End: Sweden -
  Consumed By Darkness/7"/???? [Corpse Grinder]

Maceration: Denmark -
  A Seranade Of Agony/Cd/1991 [Progress Red]

Malediction: U.K. (England)-
  Framework Of Contortion/demo/????
  System Fear/7"/1990 []
  Mould Of An Industrial Horizon/7"/1991 []
  Dark Effluvium/7"/1993 []
  The Tears That Precede Birth/1993 [GWB]
  Chronicles Of Dissension/MiniCD/1993 [GWB] (Live.)

Maleficarum: Italy - (Technical Death Metal with ex-member of
     Iconoclast and Catacomb.)
  Across The Heavens/CD/1995 [Defiled]

Maleficium: Netherlands -
   # Dark atmospheric stuff. Death Metal at all?
  Question Of Existence/demo/1993
  This Illusion Of Humanity/1995 [Cyber]

Malevolence: Portugal - (Doomdeath Metal.)
  Dominium/CD/1996 [Danger Records]

Malevolent Creation: U.S.A. (Florida) 1987-
   # Death/Thrash Metal.
  The Ten Commandments/CD/1991 [RR]
  Retribution/CD/1992 [RR]
  Stillborn/CD/1993 [RR]
  Eternal/CD/1995 [Pavement]    
  Joe Black/Cd/1996 [Pavement] (Limited Edition Cd featuring
     Techno remixes, demo material, and a cover of Slayer's
     "Raining Blood.")
  In Cold Blood/CD/1997 [Pavement]
  The Fine Art Of Murder/CD/1998 [Pavement]  
  Manifestation/CD/2000 [Pavement] (Reissued in 2002.)       
  Envenomed/CD/2000 [Pavement]    
  Envenomed II/CD/2002 [Crash Music, Inc.]    
  Will To Kill/CD/2002 [Crash Music, Inc.]    
  Warkult/CD/2004 [Nuclear Blast]    
  Conquering South America (Live)/CD/2004 .September. [Arctic]    
  Retrospective (Best Of)/CD/2004 .November. [Crash Music, Inc.]

Malformed Earthborn: - (Industrial/Techno Metal with maybe a
     VERY slight Death Metal influence.  Napalm Death and Brutal      
     Truth members.)
  Defiance Of The Merely Ugly By The Truly Repulsive/CD/1995

Malicious Intent: - (Split up and some members are now in ANGELCORPSE.
     Killer Death/Thrash that was really fast.)
  S/T demo/tape/1995

Malicious Onslaught: U.S.A. -
   # A lot of people think that this band is utter crap.
  Rebellious Mayhem/CD/1992 [JLA]
  Brutal Gore/CD/1994 [Uni]    

Mandrake, The: - (Technical/Melodic Death Metal.)    
  Burning Horizon At The End Of Dawn/CD/2004 [Crash Music, Inc.]    

Mangled Torsos: Germany - (Death/Grind Metal.)
  Drawings Of The Dead/CD/19?? []
  Godless/CD/1995? []    

Maze Of Torment: - (Blackened Death Metal.)  
  Faster Disaster/CD/???? [Necropolis]  
  Faster Disaster...Blood From Stone/CD/???? [??????]  (Split CD with 
     The Moaning.)    
  Death Strikes/CD/2000 [Necropolis]    

Morgion: U.S.A. - (Doomdeath Metal.)
  Rabid Decay/demo/1991
  Among Majestic Ruin/CD/1997 [Relapse]
  Solinari.../CD/1999 [Relapse]  

Masacre: Colombia 1988-
  Colombia... Imperia Del Terror/demo/1989
  Cancer De Nuestros Dias/demo/1990
  Ola De Violenca/EP/1991 []
  Requiem/CD/1991 [Osm]
  Ola De Violenca/1992 [Osm] (On split with Profanatica.)
  Barbarie Y Sangre En Memoria De Christo/CD/19?? [] (Mini-LP.)

Massacra: France -
  Final Holocaust/1990 []
  Enjoy The Violence/1991 [Shark]  (Thrash.)
  Signs Of The Decline/1992 [Shark]  (Thrash.)
  Humanized Human/CD/1994 []

Massacre: U.S.A. 1990- (Ex-members Of Death.)
  Corpse Grinder/demo/????
  Final Countdown/???? []
  From Beyond/CD/1991 [Ear]
  Inhuman Condition/EP/1992 [Ear]
  Promise/CD/1996 (June) [Ear]

Master: U.S.A. - (Death Metal.)
   # Paul Speckman...
  (split with Abomination)/7"/1990 [NB]
  Master/CD/1990 [NB]  (This one has their killer cover of
     Black Sabbath's "Children Of The Grave.")
  On The Seventh Day God Created Master/CD/1992 [NB]  (Has
     a song called "America The Pitiful" which is a parody
     of "America The Beautiful.")
  Collection Of Souls/CD/1993 [NB]
  Demo '96/demo/1996 []
  Faith Is In Season/CD/1998 [Pavement]    

Mayfair: -
  Behind.../???? []

Meathook Seed: - (Industrial/Death Metal sideproject band.
     It is the sideproject of members of Obituary and
     Napalm Death.)
  Embedded/CD/1993 [Ear]

Meat Shits: - (Grindcore/Noisecore Metal.)
  Ecstacy Of Death/Cd/19?? []
  Vicious Act Of Machismo/CD/1996 [Nap]

Medusa Oblongada: - (ex-Viogression members.)
  Medusa Oblongada/Cd/1995 [Megalithic]

Melek-Tha: France - (Industrial/Death Metal.)
  Astrum Argentinium/CD/199? []

Merauder: - (I know the word is spelled incorrectly, but
     that is the way the band spells it.  This is Hardcore
     Punk influenced Death Metal.  There are some Rapcore
     influences also.)
  Master Killer/CD/1996 [CM]

Merciless: Sweden 1986-1994
   # Deathrash.
  The Awakening/1989 [DSP]
  The Treasures Within/1992 [Act]
  Unbound/CD/1994 [NF]

Mercyless: France -
  Abject Offerings/1992 [Restless/Vinyl Solution/Flametrader]
  Coloured Funeral/CD/1993 [CM]

Meshuggah: Sweden - ? - present
   # Cool Industrial/Grindcore; name means "Crazy" in Yiddish.
  Contradictions Collapse/Cd/1991? [NB] (Originally 
     titled "All This Because Of Greed" in test-pressing form 
     and early ads.)
  None (EP)/Cd/1995 [Rlps/NB]
  Selfcaged (EP)/Cd/1995 [Rlps/NB]
  Destroy Erase Improve/Cd/1995 [Rlps/NB]
  The True Human Design/MiniCD/1997 [NB]  (Enhanced CD.)
  Chaosphere/CD/1998 [NB]    
  Rare Trax/CD/2001 [NB]    

Messiah: Switzerland - as Messiah, 1995 as Messiah A.D. Death 
     Metal.  Do not confuse with Dance music group of the 
     same...may have possibly been the reason for the name 
  Hymn To Abramelin/CD/1989 [NB]
  Extreme Cold Weather/CD/1990 [NB]
  Phantasmagoria/CD/199? [Noise]
  Choirs Of Horror/Cd/1992 [Noise]
  Rotten Perish/CD/1993 [Peaceville/Futurist/Fierce/Noise]
  Psychomorphia (EP)/CD/199? [Noise]
  Underground/CD/1995 [Noise/BMG] (Released under 2 
     different band names; Messiah and Messiah A.D.)

Messiah A.D.: Switzerland - as Messiah, 1995 - as Messiah A.D. 
      (Death Metal.)
  Underground/CD/1995 [Noise/BMG]  (Released under 2
     different band names; Messiah and Messiah A.D.)

Metalmorphosis: South Africa - Power/Death/Thrash.
  Embrace Your Creation/CD/1994 [Inhouse]

Miasma: Austria - (Death Metal.)
  Changes/CD/1991 [Lethal]
  Love Songs/CD/1993 [Lethal]

Mindrot: U.S.A. (L.A.)-
   #Industrial/Doomgrind.  Totally cool and brutal.
  Studio demo/tape/1990
  Forlorn/MCD/1995 [Rlps]
  Dawning/CD/1995 [Rlps]
  Soul/CD/1998 [Rlps]  (Added Moodcore vibe...sometimes soft and
     very melancholic.)  

Mindsnare: Portugal - (Powerful Death/Thrash Metal.)
  Despair/demo/1995 []

Ministry Of Terror: - (Industrial/Doomdeath Metal.)
  ??????/demo/199? []

Misanthrope: France 1988-
   # Doomdeath Metal.
  Crisis Of Soul/demo/1990
  Hater Of Mankind/EP/1991 [Inf] (On split CD with Torturer's 
     [Chile] "Kingdom Of The Dark.")
   # Not really Doom.
  Variation On Inductive Theories/CD/1993 [Holy]
   # This one is though.
  Miracles: Totem Taboo/MCD/1994 [Holy]
  1666... Theatre Bizarre/CD/1995 [] (Partially sung in French.)

Miscreant: Sweden 1992-
  Promo '93/demo/1993
  Dreaming Ice/1995 [Wrong Again]

Misery: Australia 1991-
  Sorting Of The Insects/demo/1992
  Diabolos Astern/demo/1992
  A Necessary Evil/1993 [Velvet Urge]
  Insidious/EP/1994 [Valve] (Addition of some Gothic/Doom
  Dark Inspirations/7"/1995 [Subcide]
  (New CD out any day now....)

Molested: Norway - (Brutal Death Metal.)
  Unborn Woods In Doom/demo/????
  Blod Draum/CD/1995 [Effigy]
  Stormvold/MCD/1995 [Effigy]

Monastat 7: U.S.A. -
   # Disco flavored (just for silliness) Grind.
  Now Available Without A Prescription/Cd/1995 [Rlps]

Monastery: Holland - (project)
  Ripping Terror/demo/1991
   # Lars from Entombed + Ron and Aad from Sinister
  (split with Sinister)/7"/1991 [Sicktone]
  (split with Anarchus)/1992 [SAH]
  The Process/7"/???? [Skin'Drill] (Same tracks as on the
        Anarchus split)
  Mutilate The Corpse/CD/199? [SAH]

Monolith: -
  Tales Of The Macabre/???? [Vinyl Solution]

Monster X: U.S.A. -
   # Straight-edge Death/Grind Metal from New York.
  Monster X/7"/1994 [Dysgusher]

Monstrosity: U.S.A. - 
  Horror Infinity/Demo/1992 [NB]    
  Burden Of Evil/7"/1991 [Rlps]    
  Darkest Dream/7"/1992 [NB]    
  Imperial Doom/CD/1992 [NB] (This Cd is to be reissued on 
     Conquest Music in 1997.)
  Slaves And Masters/Demo/1994 []    
  Millennium/CD/1997 [Conquest/NB]  (Reissue on Conquest in 2002.)    
  In Dark Purity/CD/2000 [Conquest/Hammerheart]    
  Enslaving The Masses/CD/2001 [Conquest/Hammerheart]  (Double CD.)    

Moonspell: Portugal - (Atmospheric Black/Doomdeath Metal.)
  Under The Moonspell/MiniCD (EP)/1994 [Adi]
  Wolfheart/CD/1995 [CM]
   # Webpage located at: 
  Irreligious/Cd/1996 [Century Media]
  Opium/Cd Single/1996 [CM]
  Wolfheart [Digipak]/CD/1997 [CM]  (Limited edition with bonus
  Darkness And Hope/CD/2001 [CM]    

Morbid: Sweden - (A pre-ENTOMBED manifestation.  After this, I think they 
     formed NIHILIST?  The sound is thrashier than any ENTOMBED stuff ever 
     released, with somewhat black-ish vocals.  Kind of in the vein of 
     KREATOR/DESTRUCTION; very fast.)    
  December Moon/demo/1987
  Last Supper/demo/1988

Morbid Angel: U.S.A. 1984- (Very, very fast Death Metal.)
  Abominations Of Desolation/1986 [Ear] (Officially released
  ??????/Demo/1987 []
  ??????/Demo/1988 []
  Thy Kingdom Come/7"/1988 [Splattermaniac] (This is a very 
     limited release, only 666 copies printed.)
  ??????/Demo/1989 []
  Evil Demos 86-86/CD/19?? [Slow Death]
  Altars Of Madness/CD/1989 [Ear/Rel]
  Blessed Are The Sick/CD/1991 [Ear/Rel]
  Covenant/CD/1993 [Ear/Col]  (They slow down on this one,
     add a Doom influence in places, and are heavier and
     better for it.  This is my favorite Morbid Angel CD.)
  Laibach Remixes/EP/1994 [Ear/Col]
  Blessed Are The Boots/Bootleg/19?? [] (Sort of a compilation.)
  Domination/CD/1995 [Ear/Col]
  Entangled In Chaos/CD/1996 [Ear] (Live.)
  Formulas Fatal To The Flesh/CD/1998 [Ear]  (New vocalist, named
     Steve Tucker.)  
  Gateways Of Annihilation/CD/2001 [Ear]    

Morbid Symphony: Britain 1990-
  Permanence In Dark Earth/7"/1993 [CG]

Morbius: U.S.A. - (Death/Grind Metal.)
  Alienchrist/CD/1994 [Cyber]

Morbus: Italy -
   # Death/Grind Metal.
  Buried Among The Corpses/demo/1994
  Punishment/MCD/1997 []

Mordancy: -
  The Progressive Downfall/7"/1993 [Shi]

Mordeth: Brazil - (Brutal/Sci-Fi/Death/Grind Metal.)
  Lux In Tenebrae/CD/199? [HMR]

Mordicus: Finland -
   # "Swedish" Death.
  Dances From Left/1993 [Thrash]

Morgoth: Germany 1987-
  Resurrection Absurd/EP/1990 [CM] (On CD with "The Eternal
  The Eternal Fall/EP/1990 [CM] (On CD with "Resurrection
  Cursed/CD/1991 [CM]
  Odium/CD/1993 [CM]
  Feel Sorry For The Fanatics/CD/1996 [CM]

Morgue: U.S.A. - (Death Metal.)
  Eroded Thoughts/CD/1992 [GC/Deaf?]

Morgue: Germany - (Death Metal.)
  Dreamscapes/??/1994 [] (Self-financed release.)

Morpheus: Sweden -1990 as Exhumed, 1990-1993 as Morpheus.
  In The Arms Of.../EP/1991 [Opinionate]
  Son Of Hypnos/1993 [SO]

Morpheus: U.S.A. -
  Demo 91/demo/1991
  The Unbearable.../demo/1992
  ????/7"/???? [SD]

Morpheus Descends: U.S.A. -
  Ritual Of Infinity/CD/1993 [JLA]
  The Chronicles Of The Shadowed One/demo/1995
  The Chronicles Of The Shadowed One/CD/1996 [] (Self-financed

Morta Skuld: U.S.A. -
  Gore Departure/demo/????
  Dying Remains/CD/1993 [Deaf]
  As Humanity Fades/CD/1994 [PV/Fut/Deaf?]
  (split with Vital Remains)/7"/1994 [PV] (limited edition!)
  For All Eternity/CD/19?? []
  Surface/CD/1998 [Pave]

Mortal Decay: - 
  Forensic/CD/2002 [Unique Leader]    

Mortal Reign: U.S.A. ???? - present.
   # Positive Death Metal, totally unique.
  Silence Is Golden/????/1994 []

Mortician: U.S.A. (Yonkers, New York) -
   # Brutal Death Metal with Horror movie style lyrics.
  Brutally Mutilated/7"/1990? [SD]
  Mortal Massacre/7"/1992 [Rlps]
  Mortal Massacre/1993 [Rlps] (includes both the earlier 7"'s as 
     well as 14 live tracks.)
  House By A Cemetary/7"/1995 [Rlps]
  House By The Cemetary/CD/1996 [Rlps] (Includes all tracks
     from the 7" of the same name as well as covers of "Scum" by 
     Napalm Death and "Procreation (Of The Wicked)" by Celtic 
  Hacked Up For Barbeque/CD/1997 [Rlps]
  Zombie Apocalypse/MiniCD/1998 [Rlps] (Brutal, Deathcrush/Horror
  Domain Of Death/CD/2001 [Rlps]    
  Final Blood Bath Session/CD/2003 .November. [Crash Music, Inc.]    
  Zombie Massacre Live/CD/2004 .July. [Crash Music, Inc.]     
  Re-Animated Dead Flesh/CD/2005 [Crash Music, Inc.]    

Mortification: Australia 1990-
   # Christian Death Metal.
  Break The Curse/1990 [NB] (The re-release has an extra track.)
   # Death/Thrash Metal.
  Mortification/CD/1991 [Int]
   # Death/Thrash Metal.
  Scrolls Of The Megilloth/CD/1992 [NB]
   # Death Metal.
  Post Momentary Affliction/CD/1993 [NB/Rlps/Int?]
  Live Planetarium/1993 [Int]
  Blood World/CD/1994 [Int/NB]
  Primitive Rhythm Machine/1995 [NB]
   # Little if any Death Metal they say.
  Envision Evangeline/Cd/1995 (1996) [Rowe/NB]
  The Best Of Mortification: 5 Years/CD/1995 []

Mortuary: Dutch - (Black/Death Metal.)

Mortuary: U.S.A. - (Death Metal.)
  Blackened Images/CD/1992 [JL America]    

Motograter: U.S.A. - (Aggro Metal.)     
  Motograter/CD/2003 [No Name]    

Mourning: Netherlands -
  ??????/demo/199? [] (This demo appeared on the following split
     release with Eternal Solstice.) 
  (split with Eternal Solstice)/1992 [Midian Creation]
  Greetings From Hell/CD/1993 [F2000]    

Mourning Beloveth: Ireland - (Doomdeath Metal.)    
  ????/CD/2005 [Grau]    

Mourning Sign: Sweden -
  Last Chamber/demo/1992
  Alienor/EP/1995 (same songs as on the 1994 demo)
  Mourning Sign/1995 [Flying/Godhead]    

Mudvayne: U.S.A. - (Aggro Metal.)     
  Kill I Oughta (EP)/1997 []    
  L.D. 50/CD/2000 [No Name]  
  The Beginning of All Things to End/CD/2001 .November. [No Name]  (Features  
     The "Kill I Oughta" EP, and additional tracks.)    
  The End Of All Things To Come/CD/2002 .November. [No Name]  

Murrane: Eastern Block - (Splatter/Grind Metal.)
  The Famine/CD/199? [MA Bona]

Mutilage: - ??????

Mutilated Bones: Netherlands - (Funcore [Goofgrind].  Bor is
     now in Nembrionic.  Lyrics are in Dutch.)
  Clautrefebo/single/???? []
  Curriculum Vitae/CD/1990 [] (Sort of "Greatest Hits"

My Dying Bride: Britain -
   # Really heavy Doomdeath, with occasional use of violins.
  Towards The Sinister/demo/???? []
  God Is Alone/7"/1991 [List] (b/w "De Sade Soliloquay")
  Symphoniare Infernus Et Spera Empyrium/EP/1992 [PV] (b/w "God Is    
     Alone"/"De Sade Soliloquay" (same as on 7").)
  As The Flower Withers/1992 [PV]
  The Thrash Of Naked Limbs/EP/1993 [PV] (b/w "Le Cerf 
     Malade"/"Gather Me Up Forever.")
  Turn Loose The Swans/CD/1993 [PV/Fut]
   # Death out; gothic in. Lots of violins here.
  Unreleased Bitterness/flexi 7"/1993 []
  I Am The Bloody Earth/EP/1994 [PV/Fut] (b/w "Crown Of  Sympathy" (Remix) 
     /"Transcending (Into The Exquisite)" (Techno/Industrial).)
  Sexuality Of Bereavment/7"/1994 [PV] (b/w "Crown Of 
     Sympathy" (remix).  Limited edition "Collectors Club" 
  The Stories/boxset/1994 [PV] (Set includes the three EPs.)
  Trinity/CD/1995 [Fierce]  (Compilation of 3 EPs.)
  The Angel And The Dark River/CD/1995 [PV] (Extra track on 
     digipac edition; "Sexuality Of Bereavment."  There is
     also an edition with an extra Live Cd recorded at the
     Dynamo Festival in 1995.)
   # No Death vocals at all; the music is still the same with 
     lots of violins although less "brutal" than early on.
  As The Flower Whithers/CD/1996 (June) [PV/Fierce]
  Like Gods Of The Sun/CD/1996 (September) [PV/Fierce]

My Iced Beloved: Portugal - (Black/Doomdeath Metal.)
  The Occult/demo/1994 [Rotten Corpse/S.R.]

My Minds Mine: - (Grindcore.)
  Between Soothing Cons.../CD/1999 (Feb) [Vain Productions]      

Mystic Charm: Netherlands -
   # Doomdeath Metal.  Female vocalist doing the Deathgrunts.
  Endless Sickless/demo/199? []
  Lost Empire/7"/1993 [Shi]
  Shadow Of The Unknown/CD/1994 [Shi]

Mythic: U.S.A. 1991-1992, ex-Derketa.
   # Doomdeath? Well quite a lot like Autopsy & Grave.
   # All female band.
  ????/demo/1991 []
  Mourning In The Winter Solstice/EP/1992 [Rlps]

Mythological Cold Towers: - (Intensely Dark Atmospheric
     Doomdeath Metal with keyboards.  Similar in style to
     old Paradise Lost, The Gathering, and My Dying Bride.)
  Sphere Of Nebaddon/CD/199? []
Mythos: Finland -
  Moulded In Clay/demo/????
  Pain Amplifier/CD/1995 [Evil Omen/Osm]  (Has a cover of "Reek
     Of Putrefaction" by Carcass as a nameless bonus track.)

Naglfar: - (Swedish style Death Metal.)
  Vittra/CD/???? [??????]
  Diabolical/CD/???? [WAR] (Features the track "12th Rising.")

Nailbomb: U.S.A. - 1995 (Industrial/Death/Grind Metal sideproject 
     band with members from Sepultura, Fear Factory, and Fudge 
  Point Blank/CD/1994 [RR]
  Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide/CD/1995 [RR] (Has live
     tracks also.)
   # They did one live show at the Dynamo Festival in 1995.

Naked City: Britain/Japan -
   # Jazz/Grind?  This is a John Zorn sideproject.
  Naked City/CD/1990 [Elektra/Nonesuch]  
  Torture Garden/LP/1990 [Shimmy Disc]  
  Heretic/CD/1992 [Avant]  
  Grand Guignol/CD/1992 [Avant]   
  Leng Tch'e/CD/1992 [Toys Factory]  
  Radio/CD/1993 [Avant]  
  Absinthe/CD/1993 [Avant]  
Napalm Death: Britain -
   # Grind...
  Hatred Surge/demo/1985 []  
   # Here they were more Punk.
  Scum/CD/1987 [Ear]  (With Lee Dorrian and Bill Steer.)
  From Enslavement To Obliteration/1988 [Ear] (One CD ed.
        includes "Scum.")
  The Peel Sessions/CD/1989 [Strange Fruit] (Has been re-
     released with 4 additional tracks.)  
  Live/7"/1989 [Rise Above Records]  
  (split with S.O.B.)/flexi/1989 [Sounds Of Burial]
  Mentally Murdered/EP/1989 [Ear]
  Harmony Corruption/1990 [Ear]
  Live Corruption/Videotape/1990 [Ear]
  Suffer The Children/EP/1990 [Ear] (b/w "Siege Of
     Power" + "Harmony Corruption.")
  Suffer The Children/7"/1990 [Ear] (Limited release b/w 4 live 
  Mass Appeal Madness/EP/1991 [Ear]
  Death By Manipulation/1991 [Rel/Ear] (includes the      "Mentally 
     Murdered",      "Suffer The Children" & "Mass Appeal Madness" 
     EPs + some more. The Euro version includes the split with 
  Live Corruption/???? [Ear] (Live; limited edition.)
  Utopia Banished/CD/1992 [Ear/Rel]
  The World Keeps Turning/EP/1992 [Ear]
  Live At Salisbury/CD Box/???? [Ear] (Limited edition!)
  Nazi Punks Fuck Off/7"/1993 [Ear] (Cover of Dead Kennedy's
     "Nazi Punks..."; b/w live stuff.)
  Fear Emptiness Despair/CD/1994 [Ear/Col]
  Hung/7"/MCD/1994 [Ear] (b/w "Truth Drug.")
  Greed Killing/EP/CD/1995 [Ear]
  Diatribes/CD/1996 [Ear]
  (Split with Coalesce)/MCD/1997 [Ear]
  Inside The Torn Apart/CD/1997 [Ear] (Barney temporarily left,
     did an album with Extreme Noise Terror, and returned to
     make this CD.)
  Breed To Breath/MiniCD/1997 [Ear]  (Has a cover version of a ND
     song by another band.  U.S. version has Impending Doom, and
     Euro version features Fatality.)
  Words From The Exit Wound/CD/1999 [Ear]  
  Leaders Not Followers/CD/2000 [Rlps]    

Naphobia: U.S.A. (Florida) - (Band calls their style "Cyberkill," but 
     for clarity we'll call it Death/Thrash Metal.  They have a 
     close association with Chuck S. of Death, who has 
     formed a new band.)
  Mortality Confines/demo/1991
  Cultivated Innards/demo/1993
  Of Hell/CD/1995 [Club Fear]

Nasty Savage: U.S.A. 1983- (Death/Thrash Metal.)
  Nasty Savage/LP/1985 []
  Indulgence/LP/1987 []
  Abstract Reality/EP/1988 []
  Penetration Point/LP/1989 []

Nasum: Sweden -
   # Grind.
  Blind World/7"/1995 [PS] (On split with Agathocles' "Who Shares 
     The Guilt?".)
  Industrislaven/CD/1995 [PS]
  Inhale/Exhale /CD/1998 [Rlps]  (Brilliant.)  
  Human 2.0/CD/2000 [Rlps]  (Again, brilliant.)    
  Helvete/CD/2003 [Relapse]  (Killer....)    

Nausea: U.S.A. - (Grindcore.)
   # Not the Hardcore band - this one has Terrorizer member(s).    
  Demotape '87/Demo/1987 []  
  Rehearsal 26.7.87/Demo/1987 []  (I don't know if these are the same 
  Mind Dead Reh/Demo/1990 []    
  Psychological Conflict/7"/1991 [Baphomet]    
  Crime Against Humanity/CD/1992 [Wild Rags]    
  [Split w\TERRORIZER]/CD/1991 [Headache]  (Contains the '87 Demo.)    
  Tumor/Demo/1992 [Wild Rags]    
  Extinction: The Second Coming/CD/1995 [Selfless]    

Necromicon: Sweden 1993 - (Experimental Black/Death Metal
     with female vocals.)
  When The Sun Turns Black/demo/1993 []
  Through The Gates Of Grief/demo/1994 []
  Realm of Silence/CD/1996 [Impure Creations Records]

Necronomicon: -
   # Early Speed Metal-ish Death.
  Necronomicon/1985 [Wave]
  Apocalyptic Nightmare/1986 [Scratchcore/Kraze/Maze? America]
  Escalation/1987 [Tales Of Thrash]

Necrony: Sweden - 1994
   # Carcass (& Bolt Thrower) clone.
  Mucy-purulent Miscarraige/7"/1992 [PS]
  Pathological Performances/CD/1993 [PS]
  Necronycism... Distorting The Originals/MCD/1994 [PS] (Cover 

Necrophagia: U.S.A. - (Gore/Grind Metal.)    
  Season Of The Dead/CD/1992 .May. [New Renaissance]    
  Holocausto De La Morte/CD/1998 .October 31st. [Phantom]    
  Black Blood Vomitorium/CD/1999 .October 31st. []    
  Legacy Of Horror, Gore And Sickness/CD/2000 .November. [Baphomet]    
  Death Is Fun/MiniCD/2001 [Red Stream/Morbid Granny] (Twelve tracks of
     Splatter/Grind Metal from 1986.)    
  Cannibal Holocaust/CD/2001 .November 13th. [Renegade]    
  Divine Art Of Torture/CD/2003 .March. [Season Of Mist]    
  Necrotorture/Sickcess/DVD/2005 [Red Stream]    

Necrophagist: - (Death Metal.)    
  Epitaph/CD/2004 [Relapse]    

Necrophiliac: Spain - (Grind/Death Metal.)
  Choapula: Citadel Of Mirror/CD/1992 [Drowned]

Necrophobic: Sweden 1988-1989 as ????, 1989- as Necrophobic
  Slow Asphyxiation/demo/1989
  Unholy Prophecies/demo/1991
  The Call/7"/1992 [WR]
  The Nocturnal Silence/1993 [BM]
  Spawned By Evil/EP/1996 [] (One new song and three covers.
     The covers are: "Enter The Eternal Fire" by Bathory,
     "Die By The Sword" by Slayer, and "Nightmare" by Venom.  The      
     original piece is the title track.)
  Darkside/CD/1997 (March) [BM]

Necrosanct: England - (Grindcore.)
  Desolate/CD/1993 (October) [BM]
  Incarnate/CD/1994 (September) [BM]

Necrosis: U.S.A. - (Sound like a cross between Morbid Angel and
     Deicide with a Progressive touch and some Industrial
  Acta Sanctorum/CD/1995 [BM]

Necroterium: Portugal - (Thrash/Doomdeath Metal.)
  ??????/??/???? []

Necrotomy: - (Grind Metal.)
  Indecent Exposure/EP/199? []    

Negative Creeps: - (Deathrock/Grind/Metalcore.)    
  In Uterus Rebirth/CD/2002 [Black Lotus]    
  Mutual Annihilation/CD/2005 .March. [The End/Black Lotus]    

Nembrionic: Netherlands -
   # This is Nembrionic Hammerdeath under new name, they
     changed it because it was too long for catalog
  Psycho 100/1995 [Displeased]
  Briljant, Hard En Geslepen/CD/1996 [Displeased]  (This CD
     is actually a CD with the Rap band Osdorp Posse.  The two 
     bands are friends and they toured together after this CD 
     was released.  All the lyrics are in Dutch.  It was a 
     collaborative effort with both bands melding styles.)
  Bloodcult/MiniCD/1997 [] (Features 3 new tracks as well as the entire
     "Themes On An Occult Theory" 7".)

Nembrionic Hammerdeath: Netherlands 1988-
  Lyrics Of Your Last Will/demo/1991 []
  Hardcore Leeft/MCD/1993 [Disp] (Split with Osdorp Posse.)
  Themes On An Occult Theory/7"/1994? [Disp]
  Beautyfilth/Tempter (Split with Consolation)/CD/1994 [Disp]
Neolithic: Poland - (Doomdeath Metal.)
  The Personal Fragment Of Life/demo/1993
  The Personal Fragment Of Life/CD/1995 [Kass] (Same as the demo.)
  For Destroy The Lament/CD/1996 []

Neurosis: Colombia -
  Verdun 1916/1995 [Talisman]

Nightfall: Greece -
   # Atmospheric Doomdeath mixed with high-quality traditional 
     Death Metal, or even modern Black Metal.
  Vanity/demo/1992 []
  Parade Into Centuries/1992 [Holy]
  Oh, Black Queen, You're Mine/7"/1993 [Holy]
  Macabre Sunsets/CD/1994 [Holy]
   # Faster and more brutal =) less Doomy though.
  Eons Aura/EP/1995 [Holy] (2 new tracks and 2 covers.  The 
     covers are: "Until The Day Gods Help Us All" by Army Of 
     Lovers (Swedish travestite band, making poppy dance crap), 
     and "Thor" by Manowar.)
  Athenian Echoes/CD/1995 [Holy]
  Lesbian Show/Cd/1997 [Holy?]

Night In Gales: - (Gottenburg Style Death Metal.)  
  Towards The Twilight/CD/1997 [NB]
  Thunderbeast/CD/1998 [NB]  
  Nailwork/CD/2000 [NB]  (Features a cover of "Black Velvet" by Allanah 

Nifelheim: Sweden 1990 - (Old Style Black/Death Metal, in the vein 
     of Venom and Kreator, leaning more towards Black Metal.)
  Unholy Death/demo/1994? []
  Nifelheim/CD/1995 [Nec]
  ??????/EP/1996 []

Nihili Locus: Italy - (Very Atmospheric Black Metal with slight
     Death influences.)
  Sub Hyerosolyma/7"/1993 [OP]
  ????/1995 []
  ...Ad Nihilum Recidunt Omnia/MCD/1995 []

Nihilist: Sweden 1987-1989, then as Entombed.  Also featured
     members of Unleashed.
  Premature Autopsy/demo/1987
  Radiation Sickness/7"/???? []
  Drowned/7"/1989 []    
  Nihilist/CD/2005 .April 25. [Candlelight/Three Man] (Collection of pre-  
     ENTOMBED recordings.)    

Nile: U.S.A.- (Death Metal with African and Arabian influences.)
  Festivals of Atonement/CD/1995 [Anubis]  
  Ramses Bringer Of War/MCD/1997 [Visceral]  (3 song digipak
     limited to 2000 pressed.  May be reissued by Relapse.)
  Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka/CD/1998 [Relapse]  
  Black Seeds Of Vengeance/CD/2000 [Relapse]    

Nocturnus: U.S.A. 1990-1992, reformed in 1999 (Formed with a former 
      drummer of Morbid Angel.  Keyboardized Death Metal.)
  Science Of Horror/demo/1988
  The Key/CD/1990 [Ear] (Reissued in 2001.)    
  Thresholds/CD/1992 [Ear] (Reissued in 2001.)    
  Nocturnus/7"/MCD/1993? [Mori]
   # correction: Cd number is Dead02.
  Possessed By The Priest/7"/19?? []
  Possessed By The Priest/CD/1993 (1996) [Moribund]    
  Ethereal Tomb/CD/2000 [Necropolis]    
Nokturnel: U.S.A. -
  Nothing But Hatred/CD/1992 [JLA]
  Anti-grunge/7"/1994 [Rage]

Nomicon: Finland - (Sick, Progressive Grind.)
   # Thrashy?
  Tri Angle/demo/1992
  The Me/Cd/1995 [Shiver] (On split with Sarnath's "Northodox.")

No Return: France - (Death Metal.)
  Contamination Rises/CD/1991 [Semetary]

Novembers Doom: U.S.A. - (Doomdeath Metal.)
  Ripping Avulsion/7"/???? []
   # Sounds like early Cathedral.
  Amid Its Hallowed Myrth/CD/1995 [Reg]  
  The Knowing/CD/2001 [Dark Symphonies]  

Novembre: Italy 1994- (Death Metal.  Exmember(s) of Catacomb.)
  Wish I Could Dream It Again/CD/1995 [Polyphemus]
  Arte Novecento/CD/1997 []

Nuclear Death: U.S.A. -
   # Grind.  This band has a female singer who is supposed
        to sound like Chris Barnes (formerly Cannibal Corpse,
     and now with Six Feet Under) and Barney (Napalm Death,
     and Benediction). 
  Bride Of Insect/1990 [WR]
  Carrion For Worm/1991 [WR]
  For Our Dead/EP/1992 [WR]

Nugatory: Sweden -
  Nugatory/MCD/1995 []

Num Skull: -
  Ritually Abused/LP/1988 [Restless/Medusa]
  ????/EP/1993 [Rage]
  When Suffering Comes/CD/1996 [Defiled]

Nunslaughter: U.S.A. -
  Ritual Of Darkness/demo/1986
  Rotting Christ/7"/1988

Nychtophobic: Germany - 
  Live In Mannheim (Split with Agathocles)/7"/199? [Lull]
  Negligenced Respect/ 7"/1994 [MMI]
  (Split live tape with Entrails Massacre)/tape/199? [Axioma 
  Untitled Recording/????/1995  [] (Contains the "Negligenced 
     Respect" 7" and a studio recording of their song on "Live In      
Mannheim" 7" plus three new songs) on "Four Ways To Misery.")
Obituary: U.S.A. (Florida) 1985- (Started in 1985 as Xecutioner 
     and then in 1987 changed their name to Obituary.)
  ??????/single/198? []  (Did this as Xecutioner.)
  Slowly We Rot/Cd/1988 [RR]
  Cause Of Death/Cd/1991 [RR]
  The End Complete/Cd/1992 [RR]
  Don't Care/EP/1994 [RR]
  World Demise/Cd/1994 [RR]
  Back From The Dead/CD/1997 [RR] (Part of the songs are done with
     a Rap group.)
  Dead/CD/1998 [RR]  (A "best of" release that is missing a lot of
     their best tracks.)  
  Anthology/CD/2001 [RR]  {Best of and rarities disc.)  
Obliveon: Canada 1987-
  Whimsical Uproar/demo/????
  From This Day Forward/1991 [Act]
  Nemesis/1993 [self/Mass]

Obscenity: Germany - (Death Metal.)
  Suffocated Truth/CD/1992 [West Virginia]

Obscurity: Sweden -
   # No relation to the old Black Metal band.
  Wrapped In Plastic/MCD/1992 [self]
  (full-length debut coming soon... maybe.)

Oceana: Italy -
  Promo '95-96/demo/1996
  Life Is Short, Love Is Eternal/CD/1997 [Polyphemus]
   # The promo + two tracks.

Occult: Netherlands - (Brutal Deathrash Metal.)
  Studio/demo/1993 []
  Prepare To Meet Thy Doom/CD/1994 [Foundation 2000]
  Enemy Within/Cd/1996 [Pavement]    
  Elegy Of The Weak/CD/2004 [Karmageddon]    
  Malevolent Rapture/CD/2005 .March. [Karmageddon]    

Occult: France? -
  The Nocturnal God/7"/199? [Thrash]
  Intersincarnel/7"/199? []

Old Funeral: Norway 1986?-1991?
   # Yes, with Count Grishnakh of Burzum fame. He played in 
     this band only for three  gigs, then decided live stuff 
     sucked and founded a band which is now known as Burzum in 1987      
(originally named Uruk-Hai).
  Abduction Of Limbs/demo/????
  Devoured Carcass/7"/????

Old Lady Drivers: ????? formed in the late 1980's, then in
     1992 changed their name to Old.
  Old Lady Drivers/LP/199? [Ear]

Opeth: Sweden - (Progressive/Atmospheric Death Metal.)
  Orchid/CD/1995 (1997) [CL/CM]
  Morningrise/CD/1996 (1997) [Candlelight/CM]
  My Hands, Your Hearse/CD/1998 [CM]  
  Blackwater Park/CD/2001 [Koch]    

Ophthalamia: Sweden - (Members of Abruptum and Dissection.  The
     Abruptum member is It [a.k.a. Tony Sarkka].  Doomdeath Metal 
     with a slight Black Metal touch.) 
  A Journey In Darkness/CD/1994 [AG]
  Via Dolorosa/CD/1995 (1997) [AG/CM]
  To Elishia/CD/1997 [Necropolis] (Features rare and unreleased material,
     including a demo.)

Oppressor: U.S.A. (Chicago, Illinois) -1998
  World Abomination/demo/199? []
  Solstice Of Oppression/CD/1994 [Red Light]  (Reissued in 2001 by Pavement.)    
  ??????/7"/199? []
  European Oppression Live/Cd/199? [Megalithic]  (Includes a cover
     of Motley Crue's "Looks That Kill.")
  Agony/CD/1996 [Overture/M.I.A./Olympic]
  Valley of Thorns/7"/1996 []

Order From Chaos: U.S.A. (Kansas City, Missouri) 1987-1995      
     (Primitive Death Metal with Black Metal influences in vocals, 
  Crushed Infamy/1989
  Will To Power/7"/1990 [Put]
  Stillbirth Machine/CD/1993 [WR/Dec]
  Jerico Trumpet/7"/1994 []
  Plateau Of Invincibility/10"/1994 [Shs]
  Plateau Of Invincibility/CD/1994 [Shs]
     (Features 10" single cuts plus a live EP.)
  Dawn Bringer/CD/1995 [Shs]

Organic Infest: Puerto Rico (U.S.A. commonwealth) - 1993
   # Primitive sounding, raw edged Death Metal.
  Penitence/CD/1993 [JLA]    

Origin: U.S.A. - (Death Metal.)     
  Origin/CD/2000 [Rlps]    

Orphanage: Netherlands - (Doomdeath Metal.)
  Morph/demo/1993 []
  Druid/demo/1994 []
  Obliveon/CD/1995 [DSFA]

Orphaned Land: - 
  El Norra Alila/CD/1996 []

Orth: -
  Ano Kato/CD/1996? []

Overflash: Sweden 1986- (project)
   # "Cyberdeath" attempt
  Threshold To Reality/1993 [MNWZ/RR]

P.U.S.: -
  Sin Is The Only Salvation/1994 [self]  

Pagan Rites: - (Features members of Autopsy Torment.)  
  Bloodlust & Devastation/LP/2000 [??????]  (Purple vinyl with 666 
     hand-numbered LP's.)    

Pain: Sweden 1997 - (Peter's [HYPOCRISY] Industrial/Death Metal band...
     sort of.)
  Pain/CD/1997 [NB] (Brilliant opus.)   
  Rebirth/CD/2001 [Renegade]    

Pan.Thy.Monium: Sweden ????-1996 (Pan-Thy-Monium.)
   # Experimantal stuff with Edge Of Sanity members.  Use a 
     saxophone in their lineup.
  ...Dawn/demo/1990 []
  Dream II/EP/1991 [AG] (Re-issued in 1995 with an extra
     track called "IV".)
  Dawn Of Dreams/CD/1992 [Osm] (Consists of seven tracks that have
     no names.)
  Khaooohs/CD/1993 [Osm]
  Khaooohs And Kon-Fus-Ion/CD/1996 [Rlps]

Pantheon's Key, The: Portugal - (Black/Doom Metal.)
  ??????/??/???? []

Panzerchrist: Denmark - 
  Six Seconds Kill/CD/1996 (Dec) [Serious Entertainment]

Paradise Lost: Britain 1987-
   # Started as a pure Death Metal band, and grew more 
     melodic and less deathish along with every release.
     Always with a Gothic touch.
  Drown In Darkness/demo/???? []
  Frozen Illusion/demo/1988 []
  Lost Paradise/1990 [PV] (Is there a remastered rerelease out?)
   # Pretty much pure Death Metal.
  In Dub/12"/1990 [PV] (remixes of "Rotting Misery" & 
     "Breeding Fear.")
  Gothic/CD/1991 [PV]
   #     More Doomdeath-ish.
  Shades Of God/CD/1992 [MFN/MB]
   #     Even more Doomdeath-ish...probably their best Cd.
  As i Die/EP/1992 [MFN/MB] (b/w "Rape Of Virtue"/"Death Walks 
     Behind You"/"Eternal" (live).  Note, the title is has a little "i" in the title.  The
     track "Death Walks Behind You" is an Atomic Rooster
  Icon/CD/1993 [MFN/MB]
   # Hardly any Death influence left by now.
  Seals The Sense/EP/1994 [MFN/MB] ("Ember's Fire"/"Sweetness"/"True  
     Belief"/"Your Hand In Mine" (live).)
  The Gothic/EP/1994 [PV] (the "In Dub" 12" + 2 other Peaceville 
     era remixes.)
  The Last Time/EP/1995 [MFN] (b/w "Walk Away" (Sisters Of Mercy 
     cover)/"Laid To Waste"/"Master Of Misrule.")
  Draconian Times/CD boxset/1995 [MFN]  (Has two discs: one
     that is the new "Draconian Times" Cd and a disc of live and 
     rarity tracks.  Limited edition.)
  Draconian Times/CD/1995 [MFN/Relativity]
  One Second/CD/1997 [MFN/Jive]

Paralysis: -
  Patrons Of The Dark/CD/1993 [CM]
  Wonderland/CD/1996 []

Paramaecium: Australia -
   # Christian Doomdeath Metal.
  Silent Carnage/demo/1991
  Exhumed Of The Earth/CD/1994 [WH/REX]
  Within The Ancient Forest/CD/1996 [WH]
  Repentance EP/MCD/1997 []  (Actually the debut demo pressed on CD 
     with two extra tracks.)

Paranormal Waltz: Portugal - (Melodic Death Metal.)
  Church Of Torments/demo/199? []

Paraplegic: Norway -
  Strawberry Letter 23/1995 []

Patareni: Serbia - Grind.
  (split with Agathocles)/7"/???? []

Pathologist: Czech Republic -
  Grinding Opus Of Forensic Medical Problems/CD/1995 [TIS/MAB]
  Odes Of Necrotism/???? []
  Putrefactive And Cadaverous Odes About Necroticism/1995 []

Pavor: Germany -
  A Pale Delibitating Autums/???? []

Pax Mortis: -
   # Death/jazz?
  World Of Thieves/7"/1994 [Cursed]

People: Israel - Industrial/Disco/Dance/Grind.
  People/CD/1994 [Rlps] (Limited Edition.)

Pestilence: Netherlands 1986-1994.
  Malleus Malificarum/CD/1988 [RR]
  Consuming Impulse/CD/1989 [RR]
  Testimony Of The Ancients/CD/1991 [RR]
  Spheres/CD/1993 [RR]
   # Different from the rest. Jazzy/Progressive/Death Metal.
  Mind Reflections/CD/1994 [] (1/2 live, and 1/2 compilation.)

Phantasm: U.S.A. (Milwaukee) ????-1996.
    # Horror/Death Metal. 
  Gutsuckers/7"/???? []
  Abominable/Cd/1995 []

Phobia: -
   # Grind.
  All That Remains/7"/1992? [Rlps]
  Return To Desolation/MCD/1994 [Rlps] (Includes the "All That 
     Remains" 7".)

Phlegethon: Finland 1988-
  ????/EP/1991 [WH]

Phlebotomized: Netherlands -
  In Search Of Tranquillity/7"/???? [MMI] (2 songs from the demo.)
  Preach Eternal Gospels/1992 [Cenotaph]
  Immense Intense Suspense/1994 [Cyber]

Pitch Shifter: Britian - (Started as a pure Death Metal band
     and then went Industrial, but still with some Deathgrind
  Submit/EP/199? [Ear] (Re-issued In 1995 with bonus tracks
     and live songs.  More Death influenced.)
  Industrial/CD/1993 [PV?/Deaf/GC] (Getting Industrial here.)
  Desensitized/CD/1994 [Ear] (More Industrial/Power Metal
     influenced, but still with a little Death.)
  Remix Wars/EP/1995 [Ear] (Remixes with even more of an
     Industrial leaning...still a little Deathly.)
  Infotainment?/Enhanced Cd/1996 [Ear]  (This Cd is a music
     and CD-ROM CD.)
  WWW.PITCHSHIFTER.COM/CD/1998 [Geffen]  (Little if any Death Metal
     Influence left.)  
  Deviant/CD/2000 [Geffen]    
  P.S.I./CD/2002 [Sanctuary]    

Placenta: - (Grindustrial Metal.)
  Atomic Sterilization/CD/199? []

Polluted Inheritance: Netherlands 1989 (August) -  (Techno/
     Death/Thrash Metal.)
  After Life/demo/1991 []
  Ecocide/CD/1992 (November) [Morbid]
  Demo 94/demo/1994 []
  Betrayed/CD/1996 [Dipleased]

Possessed: U.S.A. 1984-1987, 1991- (Did the reunion last?)
   # Black/proto-Death Metal...
  Death Metal/Demo/1984 [] (This demo's titled coined the
     phrase "Death Metal.")
  Seven Churches/1985 [Com/RC]
   # This could be Black/proto Death.
  Beyond The Gates/1986 [Com/UOF] 
   # Thrash/Speed. The CD version includes the "The Eyes Of 
     Horror" EP.  BUT not all versions of "Beyond..." have
     "The Eyes Of Horror" EP.
  The Eyes Of Horror/EP/1987 [Com/UOF]
   # Thrash/Speed.
  Swing Of The Axe/demo/1991
  Victims Of Death: Best of.../1993 [Rel] (Compilation.)
  Demo 93/demo/1993    

Possession: U.S.A. (Kansas) - (Black/Death Metal with various
     vocals...deep growls, high pitch screeches, etc.)
  The Unnameable Suffering/MCD/1995 [Self Financed]
  Eternally Haunt/CD/1996 [Self Financed]
  Scourge and Fire EP/CD/1996 [Self Financed]  (3" mini disc.)

Postmortem: Germany (Berlin) 1991- (German style Death Metal with a 
      Deathrock groove.)
  Secret Lunacy/demo/1991 (Nov.) [] (Sold 500 units.)
  Last Aid To Die/demo/1992 (Aug.) []
  Screams Of Blackness/CD/1994 []
  Der Totmacher/MiniCD/1996 (Dec.) [Morbid]
  The Age of Massmurder/CD/1997 (Apr.) [Morbid]
  Repulsion/CD/1998 (Oct.) ((1999)) [Morbid/Pavement]

Power Of Expression (a.k.a. P.O.E.): - (Sideproject band of Marc Grewe
     [Morgoth].  Their style mixes Hardcore and Death Metal.)
  X-Territorial/CD/1996 [CM]

Prophecy Of Doom: Denmark -
  Until The Again/7"/???? []
  Calculated Mind Rape/7"/???? []
  Acknowledge The Confusion Master/1990 [Deaf/Mco]
  Matrix/???? [Mco]

Psychic Pawn: -
  Decadent Dilerium/1994 []    

Psychozys: Russia 2000 (2000-2002 band named is Fermentation, 2002      
     renamed to Psychozys.  Deathcore Metal.)    
  Fresh Ripped Flesh/demo/2002 [D.I.Y.]    
     # 5 songs + Mortician "Fleshripper" cover.    
  Psychozys/7"/2002 [D.I.Y.]    

Psychotogen: - (Melodic Death Metal.)    
  Calculus Of Evil/CD/2003 [Crash Music, Inc.]    

Psychrist: Australia -
   # Or is this more Black Metal?
  The Abysmal Fiend/MCD/1994 [Warhead]    

Psycroptic: - 
  The Scepter Of The Ancients/CD/2003 .September. [Unique Leader]    

Pungent Stench: Austria - (Broken-up.)
  (split with Disharmonic Orchestra)/???? [NB]
  Extreme Deformity/7"/???? [NB]
  (split with Benediction)/7"/???? [NB]
  For God Your Soul, For Me Your Flesh/1990 [NB/Rlps] (the
     (mainly) American re-release is slightly different - 
     re-recorded songs and so on.)
   # In 1996: The first CD release also contains the split and the      
     "Extreme Deformity" EP, in total 20 tracks.  The re-release 
     has been undergoing some new mixing or so, it's supposed to 
     sound better. and that one hasn't any bonus tracks and a 
     different cover.
  Been Caught Buttering/CD/1991 [NB]
  Dirty Rhymes And Psychotronic Beats/EP/1993 [NB]  (Features 
     two covers: "Why Can The Bodies Fly?" by Warning (Italian 
     disco band) and "The Four 'F' Club" by the Mentors. plus two      
     versions of "Blood Pus And Gastric Juice" (a techno/house mix 
     and a rare groove mix).)
  Club Mondo Bizarre - For Members Only/CD/1994 [NB]
  All Praise The Musical Assassins/Cd/1998 [NB] (A compilation of 
        demos and 7" material.)    

Pure Sweet Hell: - (Blackened Death Thrash Metal.)    
  The Voyeurs Of Utter Destruction As Beauty/CD/2005 [Crash Music, Inc.]    

Purulence: Canada -
  Inverted Decay/7"/???? [Adi]
  (split with Amaymon)/???? [Adi]

Purulent Spermcanal: Czech - (Grindcore Metal.)
  Puaka Balava/CD/1997 (May) [Tentamen Records]
  Legalize.../CD/1998 (Nov) [Unknown Label]

Putrid Offal: France -
  Unformed/Demo/1991 []    
  (split with Agathocles)/7"/???? [SD]
  (split with Exulceration)/???? [Adi]    

Putrid Pile: U.S.A. -    
  Collection Of Butchery/CD/2003 .June. [Crash Music/United Guttural]    

Pyaemia: - 
  Cerebral Cereal/CD/2001 .August. [Unique Leader]    

Pyogenesis: Germany - (Once called Immortal Hate.)
   # Melodic Doomdeath.
  Rise Of The Unholy/EP/1992 [Meph]
  Sacrificious Profanity/EP/1992 [SOD]
  Low Land Of Impiety/7"/1993 [SOD]
  Pyogenesis/1993 [Osm]
   # Also known as "Ignis Creatio" in Europe.  It is their
     best Cd (EP).
  Waves Of Erotasia/EP/1994 [NB]
  Sweet X-rated Nothings/Cd/1994 [NB]
   # Doom-Death-Pop.
  Twinaleblood/CD/1995 [NB] 
  ??????/CD Single/1997 [NB]
  Unpop/CD/1997 (March) [NB]

Pyrexia: U.S.A. -
  Sermon Of Mockery/CD/???? [Drowned]
  Hatredangeranddisgust/MCD/???? []
  System of the Animal/CD/1997 [Serious Entertainment]

Raise Hell: U.S.A. - (Black/Death Metal.)
  Holy Target/CD/1998 [NB]  
  Not Dead Yet/CD/2000 [NB]    

Raism: Finland/Greece - (Project of all Diabolos Rising 
     members.  Industrial/Death Metal.)
  The Very Best Of Pain/CD/1996 []

Rare Form: U.S.A. (New England) - (Death/Grind Metal.)
  Demon/MiniCD/1996 []

Ras Algethi: - (Really Dark Gothic/Doomdeath Metal with
     various style vocals as well as use of keyboards and
     funeral organs.  It's a dismal symphony of melodic
  Oneiricon-The White Hypnotic/CD/199? [Wounded Love]    

Rectify: Netherlands - (Deathrash/Metalcore.)    
  Have Mercy.../CD/2005 [Garden Of Exile]    

Regredior: Lithuania -
  ????/demo/???? []
  Forbidden Tears/EP/1995 [Shiver]

Regurgitate: Sweden -
   # Grind!
  (split with Dead)/1994 [PS]
  Effortless Regurgitation Of Bright Red Blood/1995 [Lowland]
  Concrete Human Terror/demo/1995 []

Regurgitation: U.S.A. -
  Conceived Through Vomit/demo/1996

Reign: Britain -
   # Doomdeath Metal?
  Act Of Penance/demo/1991
  This Silent Nation/demo/1992
  Embrace/1994 [Maus]
  ??????/Cd/1997 [] (Different style.)

Reincarnation: Spain -
  Seed Of Hate/MCD/1995 [Repulse]

Remains: U.S.A. 1996 -  (????-1996 as Human Remains, 1996-  as
     Remains.  Brutal Death Metal.)

Renaissance: Netherlands -
   # Original stuff, initially close to Doomdeath but losing 
     the Death part as time went on.
  Counterparts/7"/???? []
  Tired Blood/7"/1993 [Shi] (b/w "Vaudeville"; tracks taken 
     from "Archway" demo.)
  (split with Ancient Rites)/EP/1993 [AD]
  The Death Of Art/CD/1994 [Shi] (Includes the "Archway" demo.)
   # Progressive Metal/hard rock, not really Doom.  Except for the 
     demo stuff.

Repulsion: U.S.A. (Michigan) -
   # Grind Metal.
  Repulsion/7"/???? []
  Horrified/demo/1986 []
  Horrified/LP/1989 [Necrosis] 
  Excruciation/7"/1991 [Relapse]  
  Horrified/CD/1992 [Relapse]  (Reissued.)    

Resurrection: U.S.A. -1994
  Demo 1991/demo/1991 []
  Embalmed Existence/CD/1993 [NB] (Features a cover of the
     Kiss song "War Machine.")

Retribution Denied: South Africa - Death/Grind with strong
     Napalm Death and Bolt Thrower influences.
  The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth/debut cassette album/1992
  "Circus Of Stupidity/The Corpse Of Gaea"/Ep/1993 [Inhouse]
     (This was also put out on "The Death Of Africa ... ?" 
     compilation [ Inhouse ], and was an improvement over their 
     previous material. Bolt Thrower still feature prominently as 
     a main influence, but the overall affect is pleasing. After 
     VOD, South Africa's best extreme metal act.
  (Leper Souls Wandering, to be released as soon as they find
     a willing label.)
     (See also Yuppie Terrorist Pigeon Feeders.)

Revenant: U.S.A. (New Jersey) - Death/Thrash Metal.
  Prophecies Of A Dying World/CD/1992? [Rlps]

Rhadamantys: Netherlands -
  Labyrinth Of Thoughts/CD/1995 [Displeased]

Righteous Pigs: U.S.A. (Las Vegas) - 
   # Mitch Harris pre-Defecation material.  Killer Brutal
     Grindcore Metal.
  Live And Learn/EP/1989 [NB]
  Stress Related/CD/1990 [NB/Rlps]
   # CD version contains the live EP "Live And Learn" from

Rise: - (Death Metal.)
  Live Into Ever Black/EP/199? []    

Rising Moon: Italy - (Doom/Melodic Death Metal.)    
  ...For The Remained Time/CD/2001 []    
  They Are As Us/CD/2005 [Crash Music, Inc.]     

Ripping Corpse: U.S.A. - (Disbanded.)
  Death Swarmed Over/demo/1987
  Splattered Remains/demo/1988
  Dreaming With The Dead/1991 [Maze/UOF] 

Ripping Flesh: -
  Mercy/EP/1992 [Reborn]

Rot: Brazil-
   # Grind.
  Almighty God/7"/???? []
  Drowned In Restrictions/7"/???? []
  Cruel Face Of Life/CD/1994 [Morbid]  

Rotten Sound: - (Crust/Grindcore Metal with several eclectic touches.  
     Really good.)    
  Drain/CD/2000 [Repulse]  
  Still Psycho/MiniCD/2000 [Necropolis]  (Features a cover of "Reek Of 
     Putrefaction" by Carcass.)     
  Murderworks/CD/2003 [Necropolis]    

Rotting: Canada -                                           
   # Death Metal.
  Drown In Rotting Flesh/1994 [Cargo]

Rottrevore: U.S.A. -
   # Brutal Death Metal.
  The Epitome Of Pantaglia/demo/1990
  Copulation Of The Virtous And Viscious/7"/???? [Rlps]
  Fornication In Delirium/7"/???? [Cenotaph]
  Inquitous/CD/1994 [Drowned]

Royal Anguish: -
   # Christian Death Metal.
  Shocking The Priest/7"/1993 [ART]
  Chronicles Of Autumn Sorrow/??/19?? []  (Supposed to be
     Doomdeath Metal.)

S.O.B.: Japan -
   # Grind, grind, and grind.  Reformed in 1998.  
  Leave Me Alone/7"/1986 [Selfish]
  Don't Be Swindle/12"/1987 [Selfish]
  (split with Napalm Death)/flexi/1989 [Sounds Of Burial]
  UK and European Tour '89/7"/1989 [Sounds Of Burial]
  Thrash Night/EP/1989 [Selfish]
  Leave Me Alone/Don't Be Swindle/1990 [Selfish]
  Suck Up Brain Or Fuck Ya Brain/Night Mare/flexi/1990 [Sounds Of Burial]
  What's The Truth?/1990 [Selfish/RA] (The Rise Above release includes 
     the "Thrash Night" EP tracks.)  
  Gate of Doom/CD/1993 [Toys Factory]
  Vicious World/CD/1994 [Toys Factory]
  Leave Me Alone/Don't Be Swindle/CD/???? [Toys Factory] (Reissue.)
  What's The Truth/CD/???? [Toys Factory] (Reissued with bonus tracks
     consisting of out of print single(s).  But which one(s)?)  
  Dub Grind/12"/1998 [Specialized Fact Records]  

Sacred Sin: Portugal - (Atmospheric Death Metal.)
  Darkside/CD/1995 [Musica Alternativa]
  Eye M God/CD/1995 [Dinamite]

Sacrifice: Canada -
   # Death/grind?
  Torment In Fire/LP/1984 []
  Forward To Termination/CD/199? []
  Apocalypse Inside/CD/1992 [MB]
  Soldiers Of Misfortune/CD/1994 [MB]
  Torment In Fire/CD/1995 [Fringe] (Pressed finally on CD.)

Sacrificial: Sweden -
   # Not Denmark then?
  Sacrificial/???? [Trechoma]
  Forever Entangled/CD/199? [] (Limited edition.)

Sacriledge: - (Swedish style [a.k.a. Northern Style] Death Metal.)
  Lost In The Beauty You Slay/CD/???? [Black Sun]
  The Fifth Season/CD/???? [Black Sun]

Sacrophobia: -
  ????/7"/1993 [SD]

Sad Whisperings: Netherlands -
   # Bombastic Doomdeath (mix of MDB, PL, Anathema etc..)
  Sensitive To Autumn/1993 [F2000]

Sadist: Italy 1991-
   # Death/Thrash Metal.
  Black Screams/7"/1991 [Obscure Plasma]
  Black Screams/demo/1992 [Wild Rag]
   # Re-print with a bonus track.
  Above The Light/1993 [Nosferatu]
  Tribe/CD/1996 [Nosferatu/Rising Sun]
  ??????/CD/1997 [Disp]

Sadistik Exekution: Australia 1985-
  The Magus/EP/1986 []
  Suspiral/EP/1991 []
  The Magus/1991 [Vampire]  (EP re-released with bonus
  We Are Death - Fukk You/demo/1993
  We Are Death - Fukk You/CD/1994 [Osm]  (CD pressing of
     promo that includes the "Suspiral" EP as well as some
     other tracks.)
  (new album "Kaos" coming next year or so.)

Sadistic Intent: U.S.A. (California) 1987-
   # Death/grind.
  A Calm Before The Storm.../7"/???? []
  Impending Doom/EP/1990 [WR]
  The Second Coming/7"/???? [WR] (Was it ever released?)
  Resurrection/1995 [Gothic]

Sadus: U.S.A. (Antioch, California) 1984-
   # Progressive Death/Thrash Metal.
  DTP (Death To Posers)/demo/198? []
  Certain Death/demo/19?? []
  Illusions/LP/1988 [RR]
  Chemical Exposure/CD/1989? [RR] (This was a re-release of a
     previously released independent CD called "Illusions"
     from 1988.)
  The Wake Of Severity/demo/???? []
  Swallowed In Black/CD/1990 [Roadrunner]
  A Vision Of Misery/CD/1992 [RR]
  ????/Demo/1995 [] (Rob Moore and Steve Digiorgio have left

Salem: Israel 1985-
  ????/demo/???? []
  ????/demo/???? []
  Million Slaughtered/demo/???? [] (Live recordings.)
  Creating Our Sins/1994 [Morbid] (CD includes the live demo.)
   # More Death Metal oriented.
  Dying Embers/7"/1994 [Morbid]
  Kaddish/CD/1994 [Morbid]
   # Atmospheric Doomdeath.    
  Collective Demise/CD/2003 [The End]    

Samael: Switzerland 1987-
   # Slower than average Black Metal, and quite atmospheric with
   # Death Metal tendencies.  Very good.
  Into The Infernal Storm Of Evil/demo/1987
  Medieval Prophecy/7"/1988 [Necro]
  From Dark To Black/demo/1989
  Worship Him/CD/1991 [Osm/JLA]
  After The Sepulture/picture 7"/???? [Necro]
   # New version of the title track + "Manitou" (Venom cover).
  Blood Ritual/CD/1992 [CM]
  Ceremony Of Opposites/CD/1994 [CM]
   # Less Black in style.
  1987-1992/1994 [CM]
   # The two first albums re-released.
  Rebellion/MCD/1995 [CM]
  Passage/CD/1996 [CM]
   # Tons of keyboards.  
  Eternal/CD/1999 [CM]    

Sanctimony: Latvia - (Death Metal.  Started as a coverband
     doing covers of Grave, Entombed, Napalm Death, Morbid
     Angel, and Cannibal Corpse, but now they writing
     original material.)
  (Tape expected in the summer of 1996.)

Sarcazm: -
  ??????/??/???? []

Sarcoma: -
  Ars Moriendi/7"/???? [Arkham]

Sarcofago: Brazilia -
   # Any Death? Or should this sort under Black Metal?
   # Pretty much Venom wannabes.
  INRI/???? []
  Rotting/1989 [UOF]
  The Laws Of Scourge/1991 [UOF]
  Screeches From The Silence/???? []
  Hate/1995 []

Sarnath: Finland -
  Northodox/CD/1995 [Shiver] (On split with Nomicon's "The Me.")
  Overshine/CD/1996 []    

Scar Culture: U.S.A. (New York) - (Brutal Hardcore/Metalcore/Death Metal.)    
  Inscribe/CD/2001 [CM]    

Schizo: Italy 1984-
 Total Schizophrenia/demo/1987
 M. F. C./promo/1987
 Main Frame Collapse/LP/1989 [Crime Records]
 Wounds (In the Clay)/demo/1992
 Sounds Of Coming Darkness/MiniCD/1994 [Nosferatu]

Scum: Finland -
  Mother Nature/CD/1994 [BM] (Has a cover of "House Of The Rising
     Sun," originally done by the Animals.)
  Purple Dreams And Magic Poems/CD/19?? []

Scum: Germany -
  Gargoyle/1993 [Scum Brickhouse]    

Scum Bitch: - (Deathgrind...)    

Seance: Sweden -
  Fornever Laid To Rest/1992 [BM]
  Saltrubbed Eyes/1993? [BM]

Sempiternal Deathreign: Netherlands 1986-1990?
   # Raw primitive Death blended with melodic Doom.  Lots of 
     Death though.
  The Spooky Gloom/1989 [F2000]

Sentenced: Finland -
  Shadows Of The Past/1992 [Thrash]
  North From Here/CD/1993 [SF/CM]
  The Trooper/EP/1994 [SF] (Yes, they do a cover of the old
        Maiden tune.)
  Amok/CD/1995 [CM]
   # Not as Death-ish as earlier...more of a mixture of
     Progressive and Death Metal.  Cool and catchy.
  Love & Death/MCD/1995 [CM]
  Shadows Of The Past/CD/1996 [CM] (Includes bonus tracks
     consisting of the "Return To Pohjola" demo from 1992.)
  Down/CD/1996 (1997) [CM]
  Story: A Recollection/CD/1997 (1998) [CM] (A BEST OF/Rarities
     collection.  It's very good.)
  Frozen/CD/1998 [CM]  
  Crimson/CD/2000 [CM]    

Septic Flesh: Greece -
   # Doomdeath... 
  Temples Of The Lost Race/EP/199? []
  Mystic Places Of Dawn/CD/1994 [Holy]
  Esoptron/CD/1995 [Holy] (Name translates into "Inner View," or
     "Inner Mirror.")
  Ophidian Wheel/CD/1997 [Holy]

Sepultura: Brazil/U.S.A. 1984-
   # Yes they were Death, early on.
  Bestial Devastation (split with Overdose)/1985 [Cogumelo] 
  Morbid Visions/CD/1986 [Cogumelo/Shark/RR] (RR re-release 
     includes "B.D.")
  Schizophrenia/CD/1987 [Cogumelo/RR/Shark/NR] (RR re-release has an 
     extra track.)
  Beneath The Remains/CD/1989 [RR]
  Under Siege/EP/7"/1991 [RR] 
  Dead Embryonic Cells/EP/1991 [RR] (Includes their legendary 
     cover of "Orgasmatron".  A must have.)
  Arise/Cd/1991 [RR] (limited version include "Orgasmatron" 
  Arise/EP/1992 [RR]
  Third World Posse/EP/1992 [RR] (Oz only; includes some live
  Territory/EP/1993 [RR]
  Chaos A.D./Cd/1993 [RR] (A tin box set version has extra 
     tracks.  Reissued in October 1996 with bonus tracks.)
  Refuse/Resist/EP/1994 [EP]
  Slave New World/Single (EP)/1994 [EP]
  Roots, Bloody Roots/Cd Single (EP)/1996 [RR] (Released
     in March 1996.)
  Roots/Cd/1996 [RR] (Digipak version has three extra tracks
     including "Chaos B.C." [a techno remix of "Refuse/Resist"].)
  Ratamahatta/CD Single/1996 [RR]
   # Max left the band in January 1997.
  Blood Rooted/CD/1997 [RR] (Originally a bonus Cd that was
      included with a limited edition of "Roots," it was then
      released on it's own with additional bonus tracks.)
  Against/CD/1998 [RR] (No more Max.)  
  Nation/CD/2001 [RR]    

Serenade: Britain - (Progressive/Doomdeath Metal.)
  The 28th. Parallel/CD/199? []  

Serpent Obscene: - (Brutal Death/Thrash Metal.  Features members of MAZE 
      OF TORMENT.)  
  Massacre/Demo/???? []    
  Serpent Obscene/CD/2000 [Necropolis]        

Severe Torture: Dutch - 
  ????/demo/1998 []    
  Bloodletting/CD/2005 [Karmageddon Media] (Features live tracks, as well as  
     the group's 1998 demo.)     

Severed Savior: - (Brutal Death Metal.)  
  Brutality Is Law/CD/2003 [Unique Leader]    

Shadows Fall: U.S.A. (Massachusetts) - (Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal.)    
  Somber Eyes To The Sky/CD/1997 [Lifeless]
  Of One Blood/CD/2000 [CM]    
  Somber Eyes To The Sky/CD/2000 .May. [Lifeless] (Reissue.)    
  The Art Of Balance/CD/2002 [CM]    
  Dead World/MiniCD/2004 .August. [CM] (Japanese E.P. featuring "Deadworld,"  
     "Stepping Outside The Circle" & three live tracks: "Crushing Belial,"  
     "The First Noble Truth" (both from WERS Boston, MA), and "Fleshold"  
     (CBGB's NY, NY).  2001.)    
  War Within/CD/2004 .September. [CM]    

Shredded Corpse: - (Goregrind/Death Metal similar to Cannibal 
     Corpse, etc.)
  ??????/tape/1996 []

Shub Niggurath: Mexico - (Black/Death Metal.)
  Horror Creatures/demo/1990 []
  Evilness & Darkness Prevails/CD/199? [Guttural]

Sickening Gore: Switzerland -
  Destructive Reality/CD/1995 (1993) [Mass]

Sigh: Japan -
  Scorn Defeat/CD/???? []
  Infidel Art/CD/1995 [Cacophonous]
  Ghastly Funeral Threatre/Hail Horror Hail/CD/1997 [Cacophonous] (Yes,
     it features the "Ghastly Funeral Threatre" EP as well as the "Hail
     Horror Hail" release.) 

Silent Scream: -
  From The Darkest Depths Of The Imagination/CD/1991 [Tombstone]   

Single Bullet Theory: U.S.A. - 
  Route 666/CD/2003 [Crash Music, Inc.]     

Sinister: Netherlands -
  Sinister/7"/???? []
  (split with Monastery)/7"/???? []
  Putrefying Remains/7"/1991 [WH]
  Compulsory Resignation/7"/???? []
  Cross The Styx/Cd/1992 [NB]
  Diabolical Summoning/Cd/1993 [NB]
  Hate/CD/1995 [NB]
  Bastard Saints/MiniCD (EP)/1996 [NB]    

Sinoath: Italy -
   # Doomdeath Metal.
  Still In The Gray Dying/MCD/1995 []
  Research/1995 [Polyphemus]

Sirrah: Poland -
  Acme/CD/1996 []
  Did Tomorrow Come.../CD/???? [??????]

Six Feet Under: U.S.A. 1995-
   # Project involving...Chris Barnes (ex-Cannibal Corpse)
     and members of Obituary.
  Haunted/CD/1995 [MB]
  Alive And Dead/MiniCD (EP)/1996 [MB]
  Warpath/CD/1997 [MB]    
  Graveyard Classics/CD/2000 [MB]  (CD of cover tunes.)  

Skeletal Earth: U.S.A. -
  ??????/CD/1990 [F2000] (Supposedly recorded, but was it ever
  Eulogy For A Dying Fetus/CD/1995 [Pavement]
  De-Evolution/Cd/1995 [Desperate Attempt]

Skeleton Of God: - (Grindcore Metal.)
  Urine Garden/MiniCD/1993 [Creepo]

Skepticism: Finland (Riihimaki) - (Funeral Doomdeath Metal.  
     REALLY slow and heavy.  The vocals are a tuned-low ambient 
     growl.  This is brutally awesome. ~~~Bill Vogel III, Hate 
     Box Magazine.)
  Aeothe Kaear/tape/1994 [Red Stream] (Four tracks.)
  Stormcrowfleet/CD/1995 (Fall) [Red Stream]

Skin Chamber: U.S.A. - (Two man Industrial Death Metal 
     outfit; they use only drums and bass.  They are college
     educated, and the vocalist is a highschool English
  Trail/Cd/1990? [Roadrunner]
  Wound/Cd/1991 [Roadrunner]    

Skinless: U.S.A. - (Killer Crust/Grindcore Metal.)    
  Foreshadowing Our Demise/CD/2001 [Relapse]       

Sky Forger: Latvia 1995- (Before 1995 they were known as
     Grindmaster Dead.  Brutal Death that uses flute.  Since
     their namechange they are becoming more "Paganic" in
     honor of their Latvian ancestors.  They use a lot of
     Folk music instruments.)
  (Tape should be out in the summer of 1996.)

Slaughter: Canada - , then as Slaughter, now known as Inner 
     Thought.  Not *that* Slaughter.
  The Dark/demo/????
  Strappado/CD/1986 [??????/House Of Fringe] (HOF version has 4 more 

Slayer: U.S.A. 1982- (Creators of Holocaust Thrash...which if nothing
     else greatly promoted Death Metal.) 
    # The original drummer Dave Lombardo has left the band and is now
        in Grip Inc.  Paul Bostaph is playing drums now.
  Show No Mercy/CD/1984 [Metal Blade]
  Hell Awaits/CD/1985 [Metal Blade]
  Reign In Blood/CD/1986 [American] (Has been digitally remastered and
     reissued with bonus tracks.)
  South Of Heaven/CD/1988 [American]
  Seasons In The Abyss/CD/1990 [] 
  Decade Of Agression/2CD/???? [] 
    # Collection of best songs live.
  Divine Intervention/CD/1994 []
  Undisputed Attitude/CD/1996 [American]
    # Punk bands covers.
  Diabolus In Musica/CD/1998 [Sony]    
  God Hates Us All/CD/2001 [American]    

Smell & Quim: - (Noise/Grind?)
  What's Your Health Problem/CD/199? []

Sodom: Germany 1984-
   # The early albums were Black Metal... The later ones are 
     heavy powerful Death/Thrash Metal.
  Victims Of Death/demo/1984
  Witching Metal/demo/1985
  In The Sign Of Evil/EP/1985 [DG/SH] 
  Obsessed By Cruelty/1986 [SH/MB]
   # This one isn't very Blackish.
  Expurse Of Sodomy/12"/1987 [SH]
   # "Sodomy And Lust"/"The Conqueror"/"My Atonement"
  Persecution Mania/1987 [SH] (Cd version has two bonus 
     items: all of the "Expurse Of Sodomy" 12" and a 
     different version of "Outbreak Of Evil" [other version
     is on the "In The Sign Of Evil" EP].)
  Mortal Way Of Live/1988 [SH/RR] (live)
  Agent Orange/1989 [SH]
  Ausgebombt/EP/1989 [SH]
   # title track w/ German lyrics b/w "Incest" (live) & "Don't 
     Walk Away" (Tank cover).
  Better Off Dead/1990 [SH]
  The Saw Is The Law/EP/1991 [SH]
   # b/w "Tarred And Fethered" & "The Kids Wanna Rock" (Bryan
      Adams cover!)
  Tapping The Vein/1992 [SH/CM]
  Aber Bitte Mit Sahne/EP/1993 [SH]
   # b/w "Sodomized"/"Abuse"/"Skinned Alive"  This includes a 
     cover of an Udo Jurgens tune.
  Get What You Deserve/1994 [SH]
   # Hardcore-ish?
  Marooned Live/1994 [SH?]
   # 21 live + 2 new studio tracks
  A Masquerade In Blood/Cd/1995 [SH] (Has a cover of "Let's
     Break The Law" by the Anti Nowhere League.)    
  M-16/CD/2001 [SPV]    

Soilwork: - (Gothenburg Style Death Metal.)  
  In Dreams We Fall Into The Eternal/Demo/1997 []    
  Steel Bath Suicide/CD/1998 [????]  (Reissued in 2001 on Century Media.)      
  The Chainheart Machine/CD/2000 [CM]        
  A Predator's Portrait/CD/2001 [NB]    

Soldnergeist: - (Industrial/Death Metal.)
  Spur 2/CD/199? [Art Konkret]

Solstice: U.S.A. -
   # Deathrash, no relation to the British Doom band.
  Solstice/CD/1993 [SH/CM]

Sorcery: Sweden -
   # Swedish Death.
  Ancient Creation/1988 []
  Rivers Of The Dead/7"/???? [Thrash]
  Bloodchilling Tales/1991 [Underground]

Sore Throat: UK -
   # Stench/Grind.  Reunited in 1998 as a Noise band, NOT Noisecore.
  Aural Butchery/demo/1987 [] 
  Aural Butchery/7"/1987 [??????] 
  Death to Capitalist Hardcore/7"/1988 [Acid Rain] 
  Unhindered By Talent/CD/1988 [Meantime Records]
  Disgrace On The Corpse Of Sid/CD/1989 [Earache]
   # Not as much grind perhaps.  
  Indestroy/1989 [Manic Ears Records] (Released as Saw Throat.) 
  Never Mind the Napalm, Here's Sore Throat/CD/1990 [Manic Ears Records]
  Abrahams Ear/7"/1992 [Ecocentric]  (Contains demo tape + live stuff.) 
  ????????/7"/1998 [??????]

Sororicide: Iceland -
  The Entity/1991 [Skifan]
  (split with Chorus Of Ruin)/MCD/1995? [SF/RRe]

Sorrow: U.S.A. -
   # Very Death Metal influenced Doomdeath Metal; sort of
     Raw-Edge Doomdeath Metal.  Excellent.
  Forgotten Sunrise/EP/1991 [RR]
   # mostly pure Death Metal.
  Hatred And Disgust/CD/1992 [RR]
   # This one has a much stronger Doom influence, and it is
     Doomdeath greatness.

Soulfly: U.S.A. - (This is Max Cavalera's [ex-Sepultura] new band.
     The sound is a mix of Nailbomb, Sepultura, and Korn with some
     Grindcore influences.)
  Soulfly/CD/1998 [RR]    
  Primitive/CD/2000 [RR]    

Soulgrind: Finland - (Doomdeath Metal with Black, Grind, and
     Industrial influences.)
  La Matanza, El Himno Pagano/CD/1993 [MMI]
  LADIT A.D. 1999: BIHTTPOTB/CD/1995 [MMI] (Stands for "Lust And 
     Death In Tuonela A.D. 1999: Black Industrial Holocaust 
     Through The Pandemonium Of The Bizarre.")    

Soulless: - (Swedish Death Metal.)    
  Agony's Lament/CD/2003 [Crash Music, Inc.]    

Soulstorm: Canada 199?-1996 and reformed 1997.
   # "Industrial Death", sounds like a mix of Grave and Godflesh.
  Darkness Visible/CD/1992 [MB]
  From Euphoria To Paranoia/CD/1994 [Cargo]
   # Style change?    

Spawn Of Possession: - 
  Cabinet/CD/2003 .January. [Unique Leader]    

Spazz: -
   # S.O.B.-style grind featuring Chris Dodge of Slap-A-Ham Records.
  Spazz/7"/1993 [Slap A Ham]
  Dwarf Jester Rising/CD/1994 [Clearview/Selfless]
  (Split with Floor)/7"/1994 [Bovine]
  (Split with Rupture)/7"/1994 [Sludge]
  (Split with Charles Bronson /7"/1994 [625 Productions]
  (Split with C.F.D.L. /7"/1995 [Slap A Ham]
  (Split with Romantic Gorilla /cd, lp/1996 [Sound Pollution]
  (Split with Brutal Truth /7"/ 1996 [Bovine/Rhetoric]
  La Revancha /cd, lp/ 1996 [Sound Pollution]
  (Split with Hirax /7"/ 1996 [Pessimiser/Theologian]
  (Split with Jimmy Walker /7"/ 1996 [Slap A Ham]
  Sweatin To The Oldies /cd/ 1997 [Slap a Ham]
  (Split with Subversion /cd/ 1997 [Deported]
  (split with Monster X /7"/ 1997 [Reservoir]
  (split with Lack Of Interest /cd, 7"/ 1997 [Deep Six] (cd has bonus tracks)
  (split with Black Army Jacket /7"/ 1997 [Dogprint]
  (split with Opstand /7"/ 1998 [Coalition]
  (split with Slobber /7"/ 1998 [Sacapuntas]

Speckman: U.S.A. - (Sideproject band.  Disbanded.)
   # Oh, by his own name too...
  Speckman/CD/1992 [NB/Rlps]

Spina Bifada: Netherlands -1993?
   # Grinding Doomdeath Metal with a slight Industrial
  Symphony Of Indictment/demo/1992
  Ziyadah/CD/1993 [Adi]

Spineshank: U.S.A. (L.A.) - (Like a cross between the Deftones and 
     Fear Factory.)
  Strictly Diesel/CD/1998 [RR]  
  Height Of Callousness/CD/2000 [RR]      
  Self-Destructive Pattern/CD/2003 [RR]    

Stentorian: - (Techno/Death Metal.)
  Gentle Push To Paradise/??/199? []

Stressball: U.S.A. -
   # Low-end Doomdeath Metal with a Powercore Metal vibe
     similar to Pantera (circa 1995).
  Stressball/CD/1994 [Pave]  (Re-issued in 2003 on Crash Music, Inc.)    

Substance D: -    
  Addictions/CD/2000 [Noise]    

Substance For God: Israel -
   # Doomdeath Metal similar to Paradise Lost, Anathema,
     Celestial Season, etc.
  Assembly Of Flowers/CD/1994 [BNE]    

Suffer: Sweden -
   # Deathrash?
  Manifestation Of God/demo/1991
  On Sour Ground.../7"/MCD/???? [?/Nap2] (re-released 1992)
  Structures/1994 [Nap2]
  Global Warning/EP/1994 []    

Sufferage: (2000- ) - (Deathgrind Metal.)    
  Birth/CD/2001  (Self-released.)    

Suffercation: Malaysia - Death Metal with Cannibal Corpse
  Day Of Darkness/Cd/???? []

Suffering: Norway -
  Sowing The Seeds Of Suffering/CD/1995 [Arctic Serenades]

Suffocation: U.S.A. -
   # Brutal Death Metal.
  Human Waste/EP/1991? [Rlps/NB]
  Effigy Of The Forgotten/CD/1992? [RR]
  Breeding The Spawn/CD/1993 [RR]
  Pierced From Within/CD/1995 [RR]
  Despise The Sun/MCD/1997 []    
  Souls To Deny/CD/2004 [Relapse]    

Suidakra: German - (Melodic Black/Death Metal.)    
  Signs For The Fallen/CD/2003 [Century Media]    

Supuration: France -
  Isolated/7"/???? []
  The Creeping Unknown/7"/???? []
  Sultry Obsession/MCD/1991 []
  The Cube/???? []    

Sworn Enemy: U.S.A. - (Deathrash/Metalcore.)    
  As Real As It Gets/CD/2003 .March. [No Name]    

Symphony Of Grief: U.S.A. - (Death/Grind Metal.)
  The Infernal Creation/demo/1993
  Regurgitated Corpses/7"/1993? [Metal Merchants or Morbid Metal?]
  Our Blessed Conqueror/MiniCD/1995 [WR]

System Of A Down: U.S.A. - (A strange mix of old style Punk Rock,
     Death Metal, Grind, and Power/Moodcore Metal.)
  System Of A Down/CD/1998 [American]    
  Toxicity/CD/2001 [American]    
  Steal This Album/CD/2002 [American]    

Tamisra: (1996- ) - (Melodic Death/ Black Metal with Doom influences.)    
  Radix Tenebrae/Tape/1997  (Self-released.)    
  Golden Leaves/CD/1998 [Azmotic Sound Productions]    
  Harlequin/Promo/2000 [Azmotic Sound Productions]    
  Part 1/MiniCD/2002 [Azmotic Sound Productions]    
  ["A Warrior´s Destiny" (Song on "Apocalyptic Visions" compilation)/CD/2002  
     [Azmotic Sound Productions]    

Tenebrae: Finland-
  Dysanchelium/CD/1993 [SF]
   # Singer was accidently arrested for a robbery because he
     appeared on a security camera.  The matter was fixed and he
     was compensated for the injury to his character.  Now the
     band advertise their releases "as seen on Police TV." 

Terrorizer: U.S.A. -1989 (Brutally raw Grindcore.)
  World Downfall/CD/1989 [Ear]
   # Re-issued in 1995.

Testament: U.S.A. 1985 - 1996, Reunited in 1996.  Prior to this they 
     used the name Legacy.  Started as a pure Thrash Metal band,
     then became Progressive/Thrash Metal, and now are 
     playing a somewhat marginal form of Death/Thrash Metal.
  First Strike Is Deadly/demo/198? [] (Released this demo under the band name      
  Legacy/CD/1987 [Atlantic]
   # Thrash
  New Order/CD/1988 [Atlantic]
   # Thrash
  Practice What You Preach/CD/1989 [Atlantic]
   # started becoming a little Progressive.
  Souls Of Black/Cd/1990 [Atlantic]
   # one of their best albums, still Thrash.
  Ritual/CD/1992 [Atlantic]
   # Progressive/Thrash Metal.
  Return To The Apocalyptic City/CD/1993 [Atlantic]
   # Live album.
  Low/CD/1994 [Atlantic]
   # James Murphy joins band, and start playing Death/
   # Thrash Metal.
  Live At The Fillmore/CD/1995 [Burnt Offerings]
   # They get dropped by Atlantic, then start their own label
   # called Burnt Offerings, and then release this live CD.
  Demonic/CD/1997 [Burnt Offerings/Mayhem]    
  First Strike, Still Deadly/CD/2001 [Spitfire]    

Thanatos: Netherlands 1985-1992, reformed (Death Metal.)    
  Emerging From The Netherworlds/CD/1990 [Shark]    
  Angelic Encounters/CD/2000 []    
  Undead, Unholy, Divine/CD/2004 [Black Lotus]    

Theatre Of Tragedy: -
  Velvet Darkness They Fear/CD/1996 (September 1997) [CM]
Thergothon: Finland -1994
   # Ultra-slow Doomdeath Metal with keyboards and mixed
     vocals consisting of growling and singing.
  Ftagn-Nagh Yog-Sothoth/demo/1991 []
  Stream From The Heavens/CD/1994? [AG]

Therion: Sweden - 1988 to present.  (Started as a Primitive/
     Black/Death Metal band.  Then they started adding some
     Doom and then became more Symphonic in nature.)
  Paroxysmal Holocaust/demo/1989
  Time Shall Tell/EP/1990 [HOK]
  Of Darkness.../1991 [Deaf/GC]
  Beyond Sanctorum/1992 [Act]
  Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas/1993 [MR/Pave]
   # Almost more traditional Heavy Metal than Death.
  The Beauty In Black/MCD/1995 [NB]
   # Symphonic Heavy Metal, not even close to anything deathlike.
  Lepaca Kliffoth/CD/1995 [NB]
   # Symphonic Heavy Metal, not even close to anything deathlike.
  Theli/CD/1996 (September) [NB]
  A'Arab Zaraq: Lucid Dreaming/CD/1997 [NB] (Features two covers, new
     tracks, and music from a Swedish movie.)

Thormenthor: Portugal - (Techno/Death Metal.)
  Abstract Divinity/CD/1994 [Morgana]

Thorns Of The Carrion: - 
  The Gardens of Dead Winter/demo/1993?
  The Gardens of Dead Winter/CD/1995 [Wild Rags]  (Demo pressed on CD
     with 2 bonus live tracks.)
  The Willow Weeps For Me/demo/1995
  Darkness In The Elegy Season/demo/1996
  The Scarlet Tapestry/CD/1997 [Self Financed]

Threnody: Netherlands -
   # Doomdeath or atmospheric Death?  Some things were not
     meant to be questioned.  :)
  As The Heavens Fall/CD/1993 [Mass]
  Be Wildering Thoughts/CD/???? []

Thyabhorrent: -
  Death Rides At Dawn/7"/???? [SD]

Thy Nature: Italy 1988-
  Endless Trudge/demo/1992
  Thy Nature/MCD/1995 [Nosferatu]

Tiamat: Sweden -1990 as Treblinka, 1990- as Tiamat
   # A Death Metal band that went into a Doom/Power Metal mix 
     and now is experimenting with old Pink Floyd stylings.
     Doomdeath Metal with propensity towards Progressive.
  Crawling In Vomit/demo/1987?
  Severe Abominations/7"/1989 [MIH] (b/w "Earwigs In Your 
     Veins") (as Treblinka.)
   # Death Metal.
  Sumerian Cry/CD/1990 [CMFT/Mco]
   # More Death with some Black.
  The Astral Sleep/CD/1991 [CM]
   # Doomdeath with some Black Metal touches.  Similar to
  Clouds/CD/1992 [CM]
   # Now they are getting more doom-ish.
  The Sleeping Beauty - Live In Israel/EP/1994 [CM] (Recorded 
     January 1993.)
  Wildhoney/1994 [CM]
   # Hard to describe.  Buy it and find out.
  Gaia/EP/1994 [CM] (4 remixes of "Wildhoney" songs + a Pink 
     Floyd covertune.)
  Deeper Kind Of Slumber/CD/1997 [CM]
  Vovin/CD/1998 [CM] 

Tiburon: - (Death Metal.)
  Underdark/EP/199? []    

Torchbearer: Sweden - (Black/Thrash/Death.)    
  Yersinia Pestis/CD/2004 [Metal Blade/Cold]    

Torn: - (Brutal Death Metal.)    
  Violent Ecstacy/CD/???? [??????]    

Tortharry: Eastern Block - (Death/Grind Metal.)
  When The Memories Are Free/CD/199? []

Tortura: Portugal - (Melodic Death Metal with vocals somewhat 
     in the Black Metal style.)
  Cromm Cruac/demo/1995 []

Torturer: Chile -
  (split with Misanthrope)/1991 [Inf]
  Opressed By The Force/???? [Inf]

Torchure: Germany -
  Traces/demo/1991 []
  Beyond The Veil/1992 [1MF]
  The Essence/1993 [1MF]

Total Chaos: U.S.A. (L.A., California) - (Deathpunk Metal.)
  Pledge Of Defiance/CD/1994 (April) [Epitaph]
  Patriotic Shock/CD/1995 (May) [Epitaph]
  Anthems From The Alleyway/CD/1996 [Epitaph]

Total Death: Poland -
  (split with Disfigured Corpse)/1994 [MAB]

Total Remain: Finland -
  More Aggressive/More Pain (EP)/MiniCD/1995 [Self Release] 
     (Distributed by Sandholm Records.)

Totten Korps: Chili - (Death Metal.)
  Our Almighty Lord/??/199? []    

Toxaemia: Sweden -    
  Buried To Rot/demo/1991
  Beyond The Realm/7"/???? [SD]
  Toxaemia/7"/???? []

Toxic Narcotic: - (Deathpunk Metal.)
  People Suck/CD/199? []

Toxic Shock:- ??????

Toxodeth: Mexico- Doom/Thrash/Grind Metal.
  Mysteries About Life And Death/CD/1990 [WR]

Transmetal: Mexico - (Death/Thrash Metal.)
   # One of the first Death/Thrash Metal bands from Mexico.
   # They have lots of fans. Their songs are in Spanish.
  Muerto En La Cruz/1987
  Sepelio En El Mar/1988
  Desear Un Funeral/1990
  Zona Muerta/1991
  Amanecer En El Mausoleo/1991
  En Concierto Vol.1/1992
  En Concierto Vol.2/1992
  El Infierno De Dante/1994
   # Produced by Scott Burns, with Glenn Benton as guest on a few
  Cronicas De Dolor/1994
  Mexico Barbaro/1997
   # Their latest was also produced by Scott Burns.  This record
     sounds more 90's style, with a few samples.

Transport League: - (This band sounds like a mix of Hardcore Punk, Faith
     No More, and Entombed.)
  Superevil/CD/1997 [Mascot]  
  Satanic Panic/CD/2000 [Pavement]    
  Grand Amputation/CD/2003 [Crash Inc.]    

Traumatic: Sweden -
  The Process/demo/1991
  The Morbid Act Of A Sadistic Rape Incision/7"/1991? [Distorted Harmony]

Unanimated: Sweden 1987-
   # "Atmospheric" melodic semi-Black Metal. Some people 
     compare them with Dissection.
  Fire Storm/demo/1991
  In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead/CD/1993 [NF/Pave]
  Ancient God Of Evil/1994 [NF]

Uncanny: Sweden -1994
  (Split with Ancient Rites)/???? []
  Splenium For Nyktophobia/1994 [Uni]

Under Black Clouds: -
  Dawn/1995 [Invasion]

Undertaker: - (Grindcore Metal.)
  Necro Theivery/MiniCD/199? [Creepo]

Unholy: Sweden -
   # Deathcore? Not to be confused with the Finnish Doom band.
  Abused/MCD/1994 [MP]

Unholy: Finland -
   # Slow and gloomy Doomdeath Metal with some Black Metal
  Trip To Depressive Autumn/demo/1992
  From The Shadows/CD/1993 [Leth]
  The Second Ring Of Power/CD/1994 [AG]

Unleashed: Sweden 1989-
   # Swedish Death with Heavy Metal tendencies.
  Revenge.../7"/1990 [] (Demo put out on vinyl.)
  And The Laughter Has Died.../7"/1990 [CM] ("The Dark
        One"/"Where Life Ends.")
  Where No Life Dwells/CD/1991 [CM]
  Shadows In The Deep/CD/1992 [CM]
  Across The Open Seas/CD/1993 [CM]
  Live In Vienna '93/CD/1994 [CM] (Live.)
  Victory/CD/1995 [CM]
   # Is this Death Metal any longer? 
  Eastern Blood: Hail To Poland/CD/1997 [CM] (Live CD.)
  Warrior/CD/1997 [CM] 

Urban Grind Corps Guerrillas: - (Grindcore.)
  Nihil Obstat/CD/1996 []  

Usurper: U.S.A. (Chicago) - (Technical and Brutal Old School Death Metal.)  
  Threshold Of The Usurper/CD/???? [Necropolis]  
  Usurper II:.../CD/???? [Necropolis]    
  Visions From The Gods/CD/2000 [Necropolis]  
  Necronemesis/CD/2000 [Necropolis]               

Utumno: Sweden -
  The Light Of Day/7"/1992 [Cenotaph]
  Across The Horizon/MCD/1993 [Cenotaph]

Vader: Poland -
  Morbid Reich/demo/????
  The Ultimate Incantation/1992 [Ear]
  The Darkest Age Live 1993/CD/1993 []
  Sothis/EP/1994 [Massive]
  An Act Of Darkness/7"/19?? []
  De Profundis/CD/1995 (1997) [????/Conquest Music]  (Includes
     an tenth bonus track "I Feel You" on the U.S. edition.  "I
     Feel You" is a cover of Depeche Mode.)
  Blind To The Black/CD/1998 [Pave]

Vengeance Rising: U.S.A. - (Christian Death/Grind Metal.)
  Human Sacrifice/Cd/1989 [Intense]
  Once Dead/Cd/1990 [Intense]
  Destruction Comes/Cd/1991 [Intense]
     (Produced by their vocalist Roger Martinez.)
  Released Upon The Earth/Cd/1992 [Intense]
       (Produced by their vocalist Roger Martinez.)
  Realms Of Blasphemy/CD/1997 [] (No longer Death Metal [now Black],
     and no longer Christian.)

Vermin: Sweden -
   # Brutal Death Metal...
  Demo 1992/demo/1992
  Obedience To Insanity/CD/1994 [Chaos] (Actually the three demos 
     on a CD.)
  Plunge Into Oblivion/1995 []

Very, Very Dead & Gory: Australia - 1992 -
  Live/demo/1992 [Lac]
  A Veritable Paragon Of Wholesome Family Entertainment/1994

Vicious Circle: -
   # Speed/Grind.
  Cryptic Void/Cd/1993 [JLA]
  Demo '94/demo/1994 (late in the year.) []
  Hypnosis/7"/1996 [Twilight]
  Live Long And Suffer/MCD/1997 [Self Financed]

Victims Of Internal Decay: - 
  V.O.I.D./CD/???? [GC/RED]    

Vile: - (Deathgrind.)    
  Depopulate/CD/2002 .September. [Unique Leader]    

Vinterland: - (Melodic Swedish Style Death Metal.)
  Welcome My Last Chapter/CD/???? [No Fashion] 
  Wings Of Sorrow/CD/???? [No Fashion/House Of Kicks]  

Viogression: - 
  Expound And Extort/CD/1991 [Kraze]

Visceral Evisceration: Austria ????-1996.
   # Doomdeath with gory, sick lyrics.  Split up, but some 
     members formed a new band called As I Lay Dying, and it 
     said to be less gory and there is no female vocals anymore.
  Incessant Desire For Palatible Flesh/CD/1994 [Nap2]
Vital Remains: U.S.A. -
  Excruciating Pain/demo/EP/???? [WR]
  The Black Mass/1990 [Thrash]
  Let Us Pray/CD/1992 [Deaf/PV/Fut/GC]
  The Last Supper/1994 [PV/Fut]
  (split with Morta Skuld)/7"/1994 [PV]
  Excruciating Pain/MiniCD/1995 [] (Yes, this is the demo
     re-released in a MiniCD format.)

Voice Of Destruction: South Africa - a.k.a. V.O.D.
   # Doomdeath Metal.  The most feared and revered South
   # African Death Metal band.  They have been together for
   # over ten years, and have been banned from most venues
   # in their home country.  They have since moved to London,
   # England and are working on a new EP and LP for Morbid
   # Records in Germany.  They have toured with such
   # heavyweights as Marduk.
  A Wot Demo/demo/1986 []
  The 7th Demo/demo/1991 [] (or 1992)
  The Black Cathedral/demo/1992 [Inhouse Records]
  If I had a Soul (Ep)/CD/1993 [Inhouse Records]  (This Ep was 
     never released by Inhouse Records.  Instead it was put on a      
compilation CD called "The Death of Africa..."      [Inhouse Records - 
European distribution by Morbid And Nuclear      Blast].)
  Dead. Finale/demo/1994 []
  ??????/CD/1996 (October) []

Vomiting Corpses: Germany -
  Coma: The Spheres Of Innocence/1995 [Invasion]

Vomitorium: Finland ????-1994, after as Vomiturition.
  Flesheater Musicians On Their Last Supper/7"/???? [Laktoosi]
Vomitory: Sweden -
   # Swedish Death.
  Morebound/7"/1993 [WH]
  Through Sepulchal Shadows/demo/1995

Vomiturition: Finland -
  A Leftover/CD/1995 [Invasion]
  Head Tales/MCD/19??  []

Voyage: - (Doomdeath Metal.)
  Embrace/CD/1996? []

Warlord UK: Britain- (Sideproject band of members of Benediction 
     [Dave & Neil].  Death Metal.)
  Maximum Carnage/CD/1996 []  (Has a cover of "Race War" by 
     Carnivore and "Raining Blood" by Slayer.)

Wehrmacht: - Funcore (Goofgrind.)
  Shark Attack/CD/199? []
  Biermacht/CD/199? []

Welt: U.S.A. -
  Paranoid Delusion/EP/1994 []

Wicked Innocence: - (Grindcore Metal.)
  Omnipotence/CD/1995 [Nap]

Winter: U.S.A. -1992 (But they seem to have been semi-active for 
     yet some time after this?)
   # Sloooowww, gloomy Doom with growly vocals.  Doomdeath
     Metal That Has Been REALLY Depressed.
  Into Darkness/CD/1990 [FS/NB/Rlps]
  Eternal Frost/EP/1994 [NB/Rlps]    

Wintersun: - (Blackened Thrash/Doom Metal.)     
  Wintersun/CD/2004 .September. [Nuclear Blast]    

Without Face: Hungary 1997- (Neo Celtic/Gothic Death Metal with a strong Pop/  
     Neo Classical influence.  ...Eclectic, technical, and soft, but still  
  Demo/1998 []    
  Deep Inside/CD/2000 .June. [Hammer Music Productions]    
  Astronomicon/Mini-CD/2002 [Elitist/Earache]    

Wombbath: Sweden -
  Several Shapes/7"/1992 [Thrash/Inf]
  Internal Caustic Torments/1993 [Thrash/Inf]
  Lavatory/1994 [Nap2] (More hardcore than Death?)

Xecutioner: U.S.A. (Florida) 1985- (Started in 1985 as Xecutioner 
     and then in 1987 changed their name to Obituary.)
  Demo/Tape/1986 []  (Did this as Xecutioner.)

Xenomorph: - (Technical Death Metal.)
  Acardiacus/CD/1997 []

Xysma: Finland
   # Death?  Weird anyway.  
  Swarming Of Maggots/demo/1987?
  Yeah/???? []
  Above The Mind Of Morbidity/???? []
  Fata Morgana [EP]/CD/1991 []
  First And Magical/CD/1993 [SF]
  De Luxe/1994 [NB/SF]
  Lotto/CD/1996 [SF/Rlps] (A.K.A. "Let's Spend The Night With Xysma,"
     but "Lotto" is the most commonly used title.)

Yearning: Finland - (Doomdeath in the vein of early Paradise Lost,
     Katatonia, etc.)
  With Tragedies Adorned/CD/1997 [Holy]

Yuppie Terrorist Pigeon Feeders: South Africa - They were an
     early incarnation of Retribution Denied.  They were South 
     Africa's first Noisecore band, and as one can see
     by their name they weren't to be taken TOO seriously.
  Pigeonus Brutalicus/demo/???? []    

Zao: U.S.A. - (Black, Death Metal with acoustic elements.)  
  Ex Infernalis/CD/2000 [Solid State]  
  Zao/CD/2001 [Solid State]    

Zaraza: Canada - (Industrial/Doomdeath.)    

Zyklon: Norway - (Zyklon-B with a new name.)    

Zyklon-B: Norway -
   # Norwegian Black Metal fame playing War Metal.  Emperor
  Blood Must Be Shed/EP/1995 [Malicious] (To be reissued in 1999 on 
     Century Media Records.)  

Key to the record label abbreviations (those that are abbreviated...):  
[Note: Abbreviation appears in parentheses () and is either beside or under 
the label's name.]

Active/Axis (Act)      Gothic (Goth)        Napalm (Austria)                                      
Adipocere (Adi)        Grand Slamm (GS)     Neat
Aestethic Death (Aest) Greivance (Gre)      Necromantik
                                                Gallery (NG)
After Dark (AD)        Grind Core (GC)      Necropolis (Nec)
After World (AW)       Gutted (Gut)         New Renaissance                             
Arkham (Ark)           Hammer Of Damnation  No Colours (NC)
Atlantic (Atl)         Hammerheart (Ham)    No Fashion (NF)
Avantgarde (AG)        Head Not Found (HNF) Nocturnal Art                         
Ax/tion (Ax)           Heavy Metal (HM)     Noise (N)
Banzai (Ban)           Hellhound (HH)       Nosferatu (Nos)
Black Dragon (BD)      Hellspawn (HS)       Nuclear Blast 
Black Mark (BM)        Holy                 Obscure Plasma 
Black Power (BP)       Holycaust (HC)       Osmose (Osm)
Bleeding Heart (BH)    IRS                  Pavement (Pave)
Boner (Bon)            Infest (Inf)         Pagan
Bovine (Bov)           Intellectual Convul.. Peaceville (PV)                        
Brand New Entert...    Intense (Int)        Pentagram (PG)
Bullet Proof (Bul)     JLAmerica/Turbo USA  Posercorpse
                              (JLA)            (PC)
Cacophonous (Cac)      Kassandra (Kass)     Poserslaughter 
Candlelight (CL)       Kraze                Pusmort (Pus)
Cargo                  Lachrymose (Lac)     Putrefaction 
Carnage (Car)          Lethal (Leth)           (Put)
Century Media (CM)     Leviathan (Lev)      Radium (Rad)
Chaos (Ch)             Likstoy (Lik)        Raw Power (RP)
Children Of The...     Listenable (List)    Reaper (Reap)
Columbia (Col)         Lowland (Low)        Regress (Reg)
Combat (Com)           MCY                  Relapse (Rlps)
Common Cause (CC)      Magnum Music Group   Relativity (Rel)
Conquest Music (Conq)        (MMG)
Corpse Grinder (CG)    Malicious (Mal)      Rise Above (RA)
Cyber                  Massacre (Mass)      Roadracer/
Cymophane (Cym)        Massproduktion (MP)  SST
Dark Journey (DJ)      Malodorous Mangled   Seraphic Decay 
                         Innards (MMI)            (SD)
Dark Side (DS)         Mausoleum (Maus)     Shark (Sha)
Deaf                   Megaforce (MF)       Shivadarshana 
Deathlike Silence      MegaRock (MR)        Shiver (Shi)
Decapitated (Dec)      Mephitic (Meph)      Slap-A-Ham (SAH)
Def American (DA)      Merciless (Mer)      Sonx
Displeased (Dis)       Metal Blade (MB)     Spine Farm (SF)
Dolores (Dol)          Metal Merchant (MM)  Steamhammer (SH)
Dureco (Dur)           Metalcore (Mco)      Symphonies Of
                                                  Death (SOD)
Earache (Ear)          Metalshock (Msh)     Tinnitus (Tinn)
Effigy (Eff)           Metalworks (MW)      Torched (Tor)
Embassy (Emb)          Misanthropy (Mis)    Tupido (Tpd)
Euro                   Molon Lave (ML)      Tupulo (Tpl)
Eternal Devils (ED)    Monasterium (Mona)   Turbo
Evil                   Monitor (Mon)        Ultimatum (Ult)
Evil Omen (EO)         Moonfog (Moon)       Under One Flag 
Fingerprint (FP)       Morbid               Unisound (Uni)
Filmtrax (FT)          Moribund (Mori)      Vertigo (V)
Foundation 2000        Mould In Hell (MIH)  Vic
Full Moon Prod...      Music Collection     Voices (Voi)
    (FMP)                      (MC)
Future Shock (FS)      Music For Nations    Voices Of
                             (MFN)            Wonder (VOW)
Futurist (Fut)         NEW                  Wild Rags (WR)
GWB                    Napalm (US) (Nap)    Witchhunt (WH)


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"I Am The Push That Makes You Move."
                              -----from "Surface" by Slipknot.  

"Point Me To The Sky Above, I Can't Get There On My Own, 
     Point Me To The Graveyard, Dig Up Her Bones."
                         -----from "Dig Up Her Bones" by
                              the Misfits.

"Staring Down, Heaven's Eyes Are Weeping For Me."
                         -----from "Inertia's Cave" by

"I Believe In My Faith."      -----from "Roots, Bloody Roots"
                              by Sepultura.

"I Didn't Care To Look Around, And Make This World My Own."
                         -----from "Cemetary Gates" by

"There Was No Love For Me."
                         -----from "Replica" by Fear

"Tell Me I'm A Freak, And You're Harder Than Me."
                         -----from "Clown" by Korn.

"Chains Are Breaking, Minds Are Waking, Soon We'll Serve
     No More."               -----from "Servitude" by Fishbone.

"Let's Smash The Face Of Tradition."
                         -----from "Kiss Your Boots" by
                              Misery Loves Co.

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Balodis, Melvin, Gordon, Ula (Century Media), Wieger, Steve, Goden, Trish, 
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