May/June Best Release...

“’Sinner’ by Drowning Pool”
Bill Vogel III

June 28, 2001 A.D.    

Again, from the depths of the Aggro Metal abysm rises a phenomenal new 
band named Drowning Pool.  Their stunning debut, called "Sinner" [Wind-
Up Records], is a ferocious, blasting onset of nihilistic eloquence 
tempered with a sharpening tinge of darker, reduced moments of moody 
solemnity.  They are one of those starkly powerful acts spawned as the 
new breed of Aggro Metal.    

Mixing and fixing, Drowning Pool takes a raw intensity and welds it to 
pure aggression.  The effect is a Moodcore/Aggro Metal hybrid that is 
highly melodic...and visceral.  Clean, vocal howls intermingle with 
caustic grunts and growls.  These vocal bursts burn through feral 
blast-beats, twisting rhythms, and sledgehammer guitar barrages.    

The most killer songs include the psychotic battle mantra "Bodies" (my 
favorite), "All Over Me," "Tear Away," the title track, and the 
devastating rant "I Am."  It's a relentless, powerful, and beautiful 
work of primal angst.    

In summary, this is one of the best albums of the year by one of the 
new bands of 2001.  So crank-up the Drowning Pool, and "let the bodies 
hit the floor."  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

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                   Down, Vis@40, Simon Says, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Copyright 2001.       

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