Vol. 5 No. 5 (ai Vol. 8 No. 5; #83)
August 13, 2001 A.D.
July/August Issue


Bill Vogel III

Darkness Falls...


Greetings from the new ferocious millennium, and the new Dark Age...  It is 
time for the shadows to fall once more across the deepening sky, and the 
Armies of the Night to rise as infinity dimly fades into eternal night.  So 
let the stars burn for evermore. Let us enter STRANGER AEONS. Enjoy, tribes 
of chaos.  Hail Darkness, and God.    

Grit your teeth, and DARE it!  Grim journeys...    

In the news***

PULVERISED RECORDS, based out of Singapore, has closed its doors permanently. 
This label was home to such acts as UNMOORED, THY PRIMORDIAL, and the debut 

New SYSTEM OF A DOWN, titled "Toxicity," will be released September 4th.  
There will be a limited edition enhanced version.  The first single/video is 
the track "Chop Suey!"    

New SLIPKNOT titled "Iowa" is out.  The video for "Left Behind" will premiere 
on August 30th, on MTV2.    

Pavement Records debut is entitled "Unsane, Insane and Mentally Deranged."   

ANASARCA, the Gorefathers of Symphonic Death/Grind, are back with their 
latest offering, "Moribund."  They have haunted the souls of eternity since 
their debut release, "Godmachine."  This new release is a conceptual work 
constructed with collected lyrics from Death Row inmates that deals with 
their fate.    

PANZERCHRIST's "Soul Collector" is a raging onslaught of Neo Thrash/Death 
Metal Grind with a Melodic Blackened tinge.  This is their third release.    

Danish Death Metal legends INIQUITY bring out their best venom in aggressive 
Death Metal with their latest, "Five across the Eyes."     

MONSTROSITY will finish touring and they expect to head in the studio in the 
fall to record their fifth album, as of yet untitled.  Hammerheart Records in 
the Netherlands will be releasing "Enslaving the Masses" in October and a 
fall European tour is already under negotiation.    

In CANDIRIA news, the band recently shot a video for "Without

HASTE is wrapping-up a wicked tour with ZAO and NOT WAVING BUT DROWNING.  
They will start playing the Furnace Fest this weekend in Birmingham, AL along 
many others.    

GOD FORBID Tour News...      

- Have just been confirmed for the Metalinium tour, along with SIX FEET
- Just wrapped up a huge tour with CRADLE OF FILTH and NILE.   
- About to rock a mini-tour with VOD and PRIMER 55, beginning on August      
     14th. in Chicago.    
- Will do a two-week tour with POISON THE WELL, MARTYR AD and UNEARTH
     starting August 24.    
- Will rock the WSOU Fest on August 18th. and the Palladium in   
     Worcester on August 19th...a show that also features Overkill,         
     Shadows Fall, Candiria, VOD, Primer 55, Lamb of God and more.     
CHIAMARA's new CD is titled "Pass Out Of Existence."  It's out now on 
Roadrunner Records.        

SKRAPE is currently on tour with PANTERA and MORBID ANGEL.    

RABIES CASTE has signed with Relapse Records.    

LOST SOUL has released their new slab of gut grinding Death Metal on Relapse 
Records.  It is titled "Scream Of The Mourning Star."    

[Upcoming Island Records releases]...    

  + Primer 55 "(The) New Release"
    August 14
    join the list:

  + American Head Charge "The War Of Art"
    August 28

  + Slayer "God Hates Us All"
    September 11
    join the list:  

DEEDS OF FLESH will begin recording their new album, "Mark Of The Legion," in 
the last week of May for Unique Leader Records.  Pre-orders are available now 

MORTAL DECAY has finished up their new album "Forensic."  They expect to 
release the album in the Fall.    

Upcoming Nuclear Blast Records Releases:    

     August 7th - Wayne "Metal Church", and V/A "Nuclear Blast Festivals 

     August 21st - Hypocrisy "10 Years of Chaos and Confusion", and Meshuggah 
                                                      "Rare Trax"

   Coming Soon:

     In Flames "The Tokyo Showdown Live", Destruction "The Antichrist",    
     Kataklysm "EPIC (The Poetry of War)" as well as DVD's of Beauty in 
     Darkness Volume 5, and Nuclear Blast Festivals 2000.      

DISGORGE has been working on songs for their upcoming slab of Grind, 
tentatively titled "Consuming The Forsaken."  They're aiming for a Winter 

DERANGED's first 2 Mini-CDs have been reissued along with the "X-Rated" full 
length, all on one CD.  The latter release features a cover of "Paint It 
Black," originally done by the Rolling Stones.    

Baphomet / Housecore partners Philip Anselmo and Killjoy have announced that 
their labels have finalized a marketing and distribution agreement with 
Relapse Records.    

Relapse Release Schedule...

  Now Available:    
     Anata / "Dreams of Death and Dismay" 
     Lethal Aggression / "From the Cunt of the Fucking Whore" 
     Exhumed / "Slaughtercult (special edition)" 
     Various Artists / "Funeral Songs" 
     Karaboujan / "Sbrodj" 

  July 2001: 

     Deceased / "Behind The Mourner's Veil" 
     Pig Destroyer / "Prowler In The Yard" 

  August 2001: 

    Neurosis / "A Sun That Never Sets" 
  Spetember 2001: 

     Phobia / "Return To Desolation" 
     Robert Rich / "Bestiary" 
     Soilent Green / "A Deleted Symphony For The Beaten Down" 
     Vidna Obmana / "Tremor" 

  October 2001: 

     Alchemist / "Organasm" 

K.K. Warslut has returned with his Death Metal band DESTROYER 666.  They have 
signed with Renegade Records, and their new opus is entitled "Phoenix 
Rising."  It destroys...    

VITAL REMAINS has signed with Olympic Records.    

The new release by PAIN is titled "Rebirth."    

PHOBIA Tour dates...    

   Aug 23 (thu) - Georgia - (Atlanta) w / Municipal Waste 
   Aug 24 (fri) - Alabama (Mobile)  
   Aug 25 (sat) - Louisiana (New Orleans) w / Strong Intention / Hawg Jaw 
   Aug 26 (sun) - Texas (Austin)  
   Aug 27 (mon) - Texas (Dallas) @ The Wreckroom 
   Aug 28 (tue) - Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) @ The Green Door, w / strong 
          intention / Das Herpias / Emetophobia / Assembly of God 
   Aug 29 (wed) - Texas (Amarillo)  
   Aug 30 (thu) - New Mexico (Albuquerque) @ Abq Collective 
   Aug 31(fri) - Arizona (Phoenix)    

Necropolis releases in the coming months: 

     WITCHERY "Symphony for the Devil"
     DARK FUNERAL "Diabolus Interium" 
     BLACK DAWN "Blood for Satan" 

  And on Deathvomit Records:

     PHOBIA "Serenity Through Pain"
     VULGAR PIGEONS "Summary Execution"

INTERNAL BLEEDING's new opus is titled "Alien Breed."    
Hardcore freaks THUMB have released a new CD titled "3."  They're from 
FLESHGRIND, the Chicago Death Metal killing machine, has a new CD out titled 
"The Seeds Of Abysmal Torment."  The sweet agony of it all...    

CANDLELIGHT Release Schedule...    

       Thou Shalt Suffer-Somnium  

       Beyond Dawn-Pity Love  
       Source of Tide-Ruins of Beauty    
       Cultus Sanguine-Shadows Blood     

       Sirius-Spectral Transition/Dimension Sirius (NAP/Candlelight)
       Limbonic Art-Moon in the Scorpio (NAP/Candlelight)
       Limbonic Art-In Abhorrence Dementia (NAP/Candlelight)
       Emperor-Emperial Live Ceremony VHS (Candlelight)
       Source of Tide-Blueprints (Candlelight)    

       Emperor-Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise (Candlelight)
       Limbonic Art - tba    

STRIFE has returned to Victory Records.    

ALL OUT WAR has decided to drop off of their previously announced tour with 
Deicide, Gorguts, and Marduk in order to complete their forthcoming album.   
Victory Records has announced the signing of Cleveland's veteran Hardcore 
unit RINGWORM.    

INTEGRITY  unveiled their new website...visit it at WWW.DELAMORTE.COM. 
INTEGRITY's latest release, "Closure," is in stores now.    

Among the other terrors in this issue are REVIEWS of the following albums:   

        BOY HITS CAR......................"Boy Hits Car"         
        HOODS............................."Time...The Destroyer"       
        MAZE OF TORMENT..................."Death Strikes"    
        GOD FORBID........................"Determination"        
        CADAVER INC......................."Discipline"        
        TOTAL WAR........................."We Are Total War"     
        ACKERCOCKE........................"Goat Of Mendes"   
        BURIED ALIVE......................"Last Rires"        
        ALL ELSE FAILED..................."Archetype"    
        Various Artists..................."Metal Dreams (Vol. 3)"            

These are 13 CDs that are sworn to sate the mayhem hungry...          

Welcome to Stranger Aeons.  These days are strange...  Farewell.

//////William the Bloody [a.k.a. Bill Vogel III]    

August 13, 2000 A.D.///////          

                            ***Hellion Crew***

This section has ten (or more) new or classic Cds that are cool.  They are in 
no particular order.

1.	"Holy Dead Trinity" by Hate [Killer Brutal/Deathrock Metal with a 
            perfect blending of crunch and powerful grooves by this 
            Polish group.]    
2.    "Thelma.6" by Behemoth [Excellent Cosmic tinged Black/Death Metal...]  
3.	SHADOW [Japanese Melodic Death Metal...  Fast & furious.]    
4.    "Genocide Machine" by Circle Of Dead Children [Killer Grindcore Metal  
            brilliance...with some political edgings.]    
5.    "Human's Pain" by Yattering [Blistering, brutal Death Metal.  It's 
6.    "So Sedated, So Secure" Darkest Hour [Swedish Death Metal crossed with
            Hardcore.  Very cool...]    
7.    "Guilty Of Sloth"/"Crusty Mother F*ckn Roll And Roll" split CD by 
            Leechmilk/Sofa King Killer [Doom/Sludge and Doom/Crustcore  
            mayhem from these 2 acts.]    
8.    "Amor Fati" by Peccatum [Psychotic, cool Black Metal.]    
9.    "Repetition" by Maharajh [Guttural, blunt force Metalcore with 
            monstrous, aggressive tempos...]    
10.   "In Contrast Of Tomorrow" by Integrity [Power/Hardcore violence...]    
11.   "Prowler In The Yard" by Pig Destroyer [Gritty Grindcore psychosis...] 
12.   "Statement" by Nonpoint [Powerful & Melodic Aggro Metal with crazy    
            rhythms.  Brilliant.]    
13.   "Nickel Side Up" by Nickelback [Great Alternative/Hard Rock release.]  

                          ***Age Of The Blade***

More, more Metal news...

DIABOLIC///  Has signed with Olympic Records.  Their upcoming release is 
called "Vengeance Ascending."    

MACABRE///  October 30th will see the re-release of the MACABRE classic 
"Gloom" which will showcase never before heard bonus tracks.  The six bonus 
tracks are the first ever known recordings from around 1986, and they're live 
cuts.  Macabre is working on their next slab.     

OLYMPIC RECORDS Sampler///  An OLYMPIC CD sampler will be out at the end of 
November showcasing their roster from 1998 to the present.  It will be pushed 
to the maximum length for a set of 21 tracks clocking in at 78 minutes.  
SOLITUDE AETURNUS, & OPPRESSOR will all appear on the compilation.    

DRAGONLORD///  This spawn of TESTAMENT has a burning new opus called 
"Rapture," out on Spitfire Records.  It's a chaotic fusion of Grinding 
Blackened Death Metal and intense, dark Classical music.    

Corvus Corax///  These esoteric masters of extreme Metal have released their 
new opus on Dark Symphonies Records.  Titled "The Atavistic Triad," it is a 
grim symphonic journey with elements of Black Metal, Gothic, Industrial, 
Doom, Classical, and Folk.    

Factory 81///  This Rapcore/Aggro Metal band has a new CD out, "Mankind," on 
Medea Records.    

Corporate Avenger///  Has a new release out called "Freedom Is A State Of 
Mind."  ...Out now on Koch Records.    

EXTREME NOISE TERROR///  New album of Grindcore is called "Being And 
Nothing."  It was released on Candlelight Records.    

Darwin's Waiting Room///  ...New CD called "Orphan."  It's modern Aggro 

Simon Says///  Are a cool new Aggro band signed to Hollywood Records.  Their 
new CD is "Shut Your Breath.    

Pressure 4-5///  This new Melodic Hardcore outfit has released a new opus 
called "Burning The Process" on DreamWorks Records.    

VULGAR PIGEONS///  Tour dates...        

Wed Oct 10 Seattle (hopefully 21+)  
Thu Oct 11 Seattle - Paradox (confirmed, all ages)  
Fri Oct 12 Portland - Satyricon  
Sat Oct 13 Berkeley - 924 Gilman (confirmed, all ages)  
Sun Oct 14 SF Mission Records (confirmed, all ages)  
Mon Oct 15 - not sure  
Tue Oct 16 - LA Knitting Factory (if this happens, will be all ages)  

Murder 1 Blues Army///  This Psychedelic Metal band has a new CD, called 
"Mordor Rising."    

///Bill Vogel III
August 20, 2001 A.D.    

                            ***Tongue Lash***

This section contains quotes from songs, bands, band members, books, movies, 
TV, etc.  

"What is life? It is a flash of a firefly in the night.  It is the breath of 
      a buffalo in the wintertime.  It is the little shadow which runs across 
      the grass and loses itself in the sunset."         

"A little fact is worth a whole limbo of dreams."    
                        -----Ralph Waldo Emerson.    

"Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers."    
                        -----Tennyson, "LOCKSLEY HALL."    

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he
      does not become a monster.  And when you look long into an
      abyss the abyss also looks into you."
                        -----from "Beyond Good And Evil" by   
                              Friedrich Nietzsche.

"Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake."    
                        -----Henry David Thoreau.    

"A man is a god in ruins."  

"Bad is never good until worse happens."    
                        -----Danish Proverb.    

"The historian looks backwards; eventually he also believes backwards."      
                        -----Nietzsche from "The Twilight of the Idols."     

"What was given to us by the past is adapted to the possibilities of the 
      future."          -----Carl Jung.    

"Man is the cruelest animal."
                        -----by Friedrich Nietzsche.

"It is not a matter of survival of the fittest but survival of the fiercest." 
                        -----W.B. Vogel.  

"The end is where we start from."  
                        -----T.S. Eliot, "LITTLE GIDDING."        

"All great things must first wear terrifying masks in order to burn itself 
      into the minds of humanity."
                        -----by Friedrich Nietzsche.


This section contains album (Cd) reviews.  Enjoy...

                            "BOY HITS CAR (Self-Titled)"
                                 Bill Vogel III

July 26, 2001 A.D.    

It's all about the intensity.  That very well should be the mantra for this 
band.  On their self-titled opus [Wind-Up Records], BOY HITS CAR pushes the 
limits of conventional Hardcore into the breach of a beautiful madness.  
Mixing powerful, emotive Hardcore with Aggro Metal and melodious Pop 
elements, they have created a work that is at the same time tender and 
tenacious...beautiful and brutal.  It is a balance in contrasts, and yet it 
is cohesive in its direction as well as its complexity.    

Boy Hits Car has a style that fuses the functional, heavy dynamic of modern 
Emocore with subtle elements of Pop.  This is then brilliantly impaled with 
molten Aggro Metal, resulting in a sound that is as sublime as it is severe. 
 Clean, emotive yells mix with softer moments of angst, and then are 
juxtaposed against harsh, shrill growls.     

Dense, fast electric guitars create crushing grooves, and at times interplay 
fluidly with efficiently used acoustic guitars in a sparing fashion.  The 
result is amazing, addictive, and strangely perfect.  It's the sweet caress 
of a sledgehammer's intent.    

The most incredible songs include the caustic allure of "I'm A Cloud" with 
its angst driven progression, the surreal genius of "As I Watch The Sun Fuck 
The Ocean," the wallop of "Man Without Skin," "Turning Inward," and "The 
Rebirth."  Every track is though...every single one.  (And I'm not 

In summary, this is undoubtedly is one of the BEST releases of the year.  Few 
can so skillfully and aggressively muster an artistic rage like Boy Hits Car. 
 What can I say?  I'm hooked.  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Thursday, Death By Stereo, Reach The Sky, Downset,  
                   Madball, Sick Of It All, Grade, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                     "'Time...The Destroyer' by Hoods"
                              Bill Vogel III

August 13, 2001 A.D.    

With a name like Hoods, one might make the flawed assumption that this is 
just another Rapcore band.  That would be a sad, and fatal, mistake.  Instead 
Hoods creates a maelstrom of massive, brutal Metalcore envenomed with a 
jagged tinge of Swedish Death Metal (in the vocals only) on their aptly named 
new slab "Time...The Destroyer" [Victory Records].    

Hoods is ferocious.  Their sound has an addictive, aggressive quality that 
digs into your skull like an explosive round.  Crushing, blasting work welds 
together atomic rhythms and the shrill, growled vocals of Ben Garcia.  This 
Sacramento, California act has an intensity that few can match...or even 

This is the sound of Modern Hardcore genius-powerful, chaotic, and bombastic. 
 The most killer cuts include the raging "Unforgiven," the anthem for the new 
world disorder called "Broken Never Beat," "Forest Of Suicides," the visceral 
"Another Lesson," "Above This World," and the track.   Every track destroys, 
plus there are 3 hidden cuts.  They are "Once Again," "Vain," and "Cycle."   

In conclusion, Hoods has an acidic brilliance that makes them a shining 
representation of excellence and ferocity.  This is the glorious future of 
Metal, and it is good.  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Hatebreed, Haste, Darkest Hour, Refused, Turmoil,  
                   God Forbid, Overcast, Indecision, Acid Bath, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                         "'Anthology' by Obituary"
                              Bill Vogel III

July 20, 2001 A.D.    

Finally there is a retrospective worthy enough to encapsulate one of the 
greatest Death Metal bands ever-Obituary.  The aptly titled work is 
"Anthology" [Roadrunner Records], and it does an excellent job capturing the 
essential spirit of these legendary monsters.    

Obituary was the definitive Florida Style Death Metal band.  Powerful, loose 
guitar blasts drill through frenetic drum slag and earthshaking bass.  Deep, 
growled vocals sharpen the jags to total lethality.    

Most of the best cuts are here...the epic, abysmal roar of "The End 
Complete," the rabid "Cause Of Death," "Slowly We Rot," "Threatening Skies," 
the crawling chaos of "Don't Care," "Back From The Dead," and "Buried Alive." 
 There are also some rare cuts: "Boiling Point (212o Sporadic Mix)" and "Find 
The Arise (Demo Version)."  Every track kicks.    

Overall, this is an excellent tribute to the greatness of Obituary.  
Hopefully they will rise again.  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Malevolent Creation, Monstrosity, Death,  
                   Diabolic, Deicide, Pestilence, Macabre,  
                   Atheist, Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under,  
                   Testament, Catastrophic, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                   "'Death Strikes' by Maze Of Torment"
                             Bill Vogel III

August 15, 2001 A.D.    

Deathrash Metal that is brilliantly done is a rare delight these days.  One 
band that is a true standout in this subgenre is the malicious outfit Maze Of 
Torment.  On their third and latest opus, called "Death Strikes" [Necropolis 
Records], they unleash a storm.    

Tight, razor-sharp guitars thicken the sound as shrill, demonic growls and 
dense rhythms fall into the fray like furies in a bloodlust.  Hellacious 
grooves riddle this barraging beast.  And the rest is sweet oblivion.    

The most relentlessly vicious tracks include the rabid "This Is Death," 
"Angels From Hell," the caustic gnarl of "Death Strikes," "Aggressive 
Bloodhunt," and the wild assault of "The Evil Beneath The Flames."  Pehr 
Larsson's vocals shred through the din.  It's all perfect savagery throughout 
the opus.    

To summarize, Maze Of Torment is modern, extreme Deathrash at its best.  Fans 
of early Sepultura will be well pleased.  Stay savage.  Farewell.    

Related Bands:     Aeon, Sepultura, Corporation 187, Slayer, Macabre,  
                   Deceased, Death, Deicide, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                     "'Determination' by God Forbid"
                             Bill Vogel III

July 18, 2001 A.D.    

From the land of New Jersey arises a dauntless force of ferocious 
progressions into the ages.  Being equally graced with wisdom as with 
visceral intent, God Forbid wrenches and welds Metalcore into a more ghastly 
form.  Combining Hardcore and Death Metal, their new opus titled 
"Determination" [Century Media Records] is a focused, cohesive work of pure, 
chaotic brilliance.    

Byronde Davis's vocals are a growling engine-strong and thundering-over a 
pounding, relentless assault of corrosive blast beats and laser tight 
rhythms.  It is amazing...and intelligent.  "Determination" says it all.    

The most viciously cool cuts include the feral paradigm "Broken Promise," 
"Dead Words On Deaf Ears," "Wicked," the bone-cracking title track, and 
"God's Last Gift."  Each and every song brutalizes.  Would one expect 
anything less from a band this great?    

In eulogy, "Determination" is one of the best albums of 2001.  This is one 
that should not be missed.  God Forbid takes it the zenith...  Stay savage.  

Related Bands:     Hatebreed, Buried Alive, Grief, Maharajh, Dillinger  
                   Escape Plan, All Else Failed, Haste, Turmoil, Dim  
                   Mak, Luddite Clone, Anoxia, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                       "'Repetition' by Maharajh"
                             Bill Vogel III

July 28, 2001 A.D.    

If pure, utter chaos spawned a progeny it would be the music of the 
Grind/Metalcore band Maharajh.  On their killer new opus "Repetition" [Now Or 
Never Records], they shatter the boundaries of known brutality.  Their modus 
operandi is grinding, heavy guitars spiked with raspy, growled vocals, and 
striated with complex, ravenous rhythms.    

The Hardcore ethos is there as well though.  Maharajh has a sound that is as 
addictive as it is aggressive.  Catchy hooks ingeniously crawl through the 

The most vicious, and vibrant cuts include the volatile "The Portrait Of 
Plague And Decay," "Machines (Even They Have Ghosts)," the sadistic stomp of 
"The Dust Settles On Our Bones," "Time & Death & God," and the apocalyptic 
"The Architects Of The Moment."  It's brutality at its finest...and fiercest. 
In eulogy, this is a work of severity that has aeons of brilliant ferocity.  
So grit your teeth, and DARE IT!  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Dillinger Escape Plan, Hatebreed, All Out War, God  
                   Forbid, Luddite Clone, Overcast, Turmoil, Haste
                   Indecision, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                      ""Discipline' by Cadaver Inc."
                             Bill Vogel III

July 20, 2001 A.D.    

For those with good memories, one might remember a great Grindcore band from 
around the early 1990's called Cadaver.  This Norwegian outfit was a 
influential catalyst for many modern Grindcore, Death, and Black Metal acts 
throughout the dismal world.  Now the legends have returned with a new name 
and some new members.    

Changing their moniker to Cadaver Inc. and enlisting a few troops from Dimmu 
Borgir, have created a pathological masterpiece called "Discipline" [Earache 
Records].  And the universe shuddered in awe...    

Cadaver Inc. has a dense, rapid sound that highlights thundering instrumental 
rampages with precise, catchy guitar blasts.  This is a Blackened Grindcore 
maelstrom of precise, epic brutality.  Shrill growls stitch through blasting 
rhythms and concussive guitars-the vocals are the venom on the ax.    

The most wicked cool cuts are "Die Like This," the bruising "Primal," the 
acidic roar of "Killtech," "Deliverance," "Rupture," and the voracious beast 
"Point Zero."  That's excellence; that's discipline.  Cadaver Inc. is 
condensed rage with a napalm sublimity.    

In conclusion, "Discipline" is a macabre vision of the new world disorder.  
And I like it...  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Unseen Terror, Blood  
                   Duster, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Nasum, Dillinger  
                   Escape Plan, Godflesh, Morbid Angel, Carcass,  
                   Extreme Noise Terror, Acid Bath, Soulstorm,  
                   Dirge, Maharajh, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                      "'Revolution' by Insolence"
                             Bill Vogel III

July 19, 2001 A.D.    

Insolence is a band whose style rages in many colors.  They have earned 
raving fans, even famous ones such as Max Cavalera (Soulfly) and members of 
Staind to name a few.  Here's a good reason why...    

On the new opus "Revolution" [Maverick Records], Insolence takes the skeletal 
style of Rapcore Metal and steel drives a plethora of influences through its 
skull like a railroad spike.  Inflections ranging from such atmospheres as 
moody Reggae, a little Ska (on 1 song), Industrial, Hardcore, Metal, and Rap 
bloody each other in the fray.  Insolence places a greater emphasis on 
Rapping, but the result is a stripped-down, hard hitting sonic gumbo.    

It's a sound that's often trippy, but always cool.  If the truth is red, then 
this album bleeds honesty.  Sometimes reality hurts...    

The best cuts include "Detox," "Get Up," the punch of "Death Threat," and the 
title track.  The song "1-2, 1-2" features a guest vocal assault with Sen 
Dog.  The best track is the explosive "Poison Well" which proclaims, "This Is 
My Life, This Is My Hell."  It's killer.    

Overall, Insolence's "Revolution" is just that...a revolution.  It is one for 
the better.  Some have said that the "revolution won't be televised," but I 
say stay tuned.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Crazy Town, Faith No More, Sick Of It All, Madball,  
                   Beastie Boys, Clawfinger, Zebrahead, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                     "'We Are Total War' by Total War"
                              Bill Vogel III

July 29, 2001 A.D.    

Remember back...  There was a Blackened Thrash Metal band called War (not to 
be confused with the geezer rock band of the same name), who released 2 
legendary Black Metal albums-"We Are War" [Necropolis Records] and "Total 
War" [Necropolis Records].  Since then, the band had changed their name to 
Total War and reissued those first 2 epics on one disc.    

This remastered work is called "We Are Total War" [Necropolis Records].  It 
assembles all of the tracks from those previous albums, plus it has new 
artwork and liner notes as well.  This is blistering darkness unleashed.    

Total War's style is like a full-on psychotic mania.  Machine gun rhythms, 
blasting precision guitars, and raspy, screeching shrieks all combine into a 
sonic assault of Black Metal fury.  It is an acquired taste, but very cool 
after the tempering.    

This is Old School Black Metal at its best.  The fiercest cuts include the 
rabid snarl of "Total War," "Rapture," "War," "Hell," and "I Am Elite."  
Every track is vicious, and I mean VICIOUS!    

In conclusion, Total War is a Black Metal band that achieves melodiousness 
through mayhem.  And it is good.  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Dissection, Dark Funeral, Venom, Thornspawn,  
                   Venom, Beherit, Triumphator, Centinex, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

Email address:        

Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                      "'Goat Of Mendes' by Akercocke"
                              Bill Vogel III

July 29, 2001 A.D.    

From North London, Britain comes the band Akercocke.  Rising out of the 
shadowy ashes of the band Salem Orchid, they have created a raw, primal 
sound.  On Akercocke's latest dark offering, "Goat Of Mendes" [Peaceville 
Records], they have shattered the barriers of Old School Black Metal.    

Ferocity is the key-hyper frenzied guitars, raspy shrieked vocals, and 
tightly stitched rhythms are all neatly conjoined in a corpselike glow.  The 
alloy of these features is an intense, acquired taste that is both ghastly 
and glorious.    

The best tracks amongst this fray include "Ceremony Of Nine Angles," "Fortune 
My Foe," the relentless "A Skin For Dancing In," and "Of Menstrual Blood And 
Semen."  It's a frothing display of Black Metal fury.    

In summary, Akercocke has a powerful bleakness that cannot be ignored.  It 
demands the raging heart.  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Immortal, Marduk, Beherit, Order From Chaos, Venom,  
                   Thy Primordial, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                      "'Last Rites' by Buried Alive"
                              Bill Vogel III

August 15, 2001 A.D.    

An excellent Death/Metalcore band that often gets overlooked are the Buffalo, 
New York denizens Buried Alive.  On their new opus "Last Rites" [Victory 
Records], they pursue a scorched earth policy.  Intelligent lyrics are just 
the start...    

The real violent genius is the sound-a bludgeoning onset of dense, crushing 
guitars, apocalyptic rhythms, and guttural growled vocals are the coup de 
gras.  It's an onslaught that tempers the soul-and steels the rage.  This is 
definitive brutality.    

...And it is beyond good.    

The most blistering of these killer cuts include "Can't Take This From Me," 
the crushing "Engraved," "Numb," and the mesmerizing diatribe "My Sacrifice." 
 Truth hurts, and so does great art.  To speak vividly it must burn, and this 

Overall, this is a work of brilliant, shrapnel charged Crusty/Death Metalcore 
searing with vision, and ruinous grace.  Life is hard, so must we all be to 
survive.  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Grief, Disrupt, Overcast, Indecision, Hoods,  
                   Refused, Darkest Hour, Haste, Deadguy, Grade,  
                   Turmoil, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                    "'Archetype' by All Else Failed"
                             Bill Vogel III

Friday, July 13, 2001 A.D.    

From the blistering forefront of the Hardcore/Metalcore tsunami glimmers a 
raging storm of pure aggression.  The force of nature that I am speaking so 
reverently of is the act of God named All Else Failed.  Their latest opus, 
titled "Archetype" [Now Or Never Records], is a frenetic outburst of 
Metalcore rage.    

Driven by midrange guitar blasts, raspy yelled vocals, and barrages of 
samples that at times run antithesis against the scheme, All Else Failed has 
created an incredible album that grinds raw bone next to steel on the current 
scene trends.  It works though, and brilliantly so...    

The most brilliant, and bombastic tracks include "Your Days Are Numbered," 
the crushing "The Hutton Play," "While I Say One Prayer," the shrapnel kiss 
of "Choker," and the final word of "Stray Bullet."  These are 13 tracks of 
anger, desperation, and revelation.    

In summary, All Else Failed has created an album to win a lost cause to.  
Some may never understand why, when all is left is do or die.  But those who 
have are stronger for it.  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Maharajh, Dillinger Escape Plan, Luddite Clone,  
                   Dim Mak, Anoxia, Hatebreed, Buried Alive, etc.    

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                 "'Metal Dreams Volume 3' by Various Artists"
                              Bill Vogel III

August 28, 2001 A.D.    

For those who appreciate Metal with the softer, yet darker nuances then 
"Metal Dreams Vol. 3" [Nuclear Blast Records] is just the fix.  Every track 
is extremely, many of them falling into the Gothic or Doom Metal subgenres.  
But even saying that, there is a wide range of bands.    

The best of these 17 tracks includes: the Avant-Garde Death Metal cut 
"Harvest" by Opeth, Gothic Metal moroseness of Anathema's "Pitiless," the 
Melodic, keyboard intense Doomdeath/Gothic ether of "Veil Of Sin" by 
Amorphis, the Gothic Metal of "Stars" by Lacuna Coil, the Gothic Death cut 
"Cliffs Of Moher" by Orphanage, and the Melodic Death of "Perils Of The Wind" 
by Crematory.  Other bands on this are such acts as The Gathering, Nevermore, 
Paradise Lost, Iced Earth, Stratovarius, and Nightwish among others.     

Overall, it's a robust and interesting assemblage of acts that will please 
any fan of melodious darkness.  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

Email address:        

Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

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                            *** Metal Slag ***
More Metal news than one person can stand in one issue!    

Phil Anselmo (PANTERA) has won the legal right to use his real name with his 
other various projects-NECROPHAGIA, EIBON, VIKING CROWN, etc.    

WITCHERY Tour dates...        

Fri 09/28/01 Detroit, MI Harpo's  
Sat 09/29/01 Toronto, ON The Docks  
Sun 09/30/01 Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory  
Tue 10/02/01 New York, NY The World  
Thu 10/04/01 Montreal, QC Metropolis  
Sat 10/06/01 Pittsburgh, PA Club Laga  
Sun 10/07/01 Norfolk, VA The Boathouse  
Mon 10/08/01 Washington, DC Nation  
Tue 10/09/01 Raleigh, NC The Ritz  
Wed 10/10/01 Atlanta, GA DeKalb Atlanta Center  
Sun 10/14/01 Arlington, TX Dreamworld Music Complex  
Fri 10/19/01 Portland, OR Roseland Theater  
Sat 10/20/01 San Francisco, CA The Pound SF  
Sun 10/21/01 Hollywood, CA The Palace  
Mon 10/22/01 Tempe, AZ Club Rio  
Fri 10/26/01 Sauget, IL Pop's  
Sun 10/28/01 Chicago, IL Congress Theatre  

AT THE GATES and GROTESQUE has released a split CD of early material.  Titled 
"Gardens Of Grief/In The Embrace Of Evil." it features work by the Death 
Metal band that later became AT THE GATES...and the first evolution AT THE 

Doom/Sludge Metal monsters GOLIATH have a new CD out called "The Gate."

Sexy guitar goddess Fallon is no longer in KITTIE.

GRAVITY KILLS have signed with Sanctuary Records.

Want some Moodcore Metal?  Check-out the new, self-titled opus from ADEMA.

STATIC-X has a new vid hitting airwaves.  It is the shredder "Black And  

NEW...INCUBUS...  Out October 23rd.  It will be titled "Morning View."

KID ROCK's opus, "Devil Without A Cause," has achieved a Diamond Status.  
That's over 10 million copies sold.  CREED did the same weeks back.        

ENTWINE has signed with Century Media Records.  Their new CD is called 

IMPIOUS has released their new slab of Death Metal.  It is titled "Terror 
Succeeds."  It is out now on Century Media Records.    



03 Birmingham, AL @ FURNACE FESTIVAL
05 St. Petersburg, FL @ STATE THEATER w/Zao
06 Melbourne, FL @ EGCC w/Zao
07 Fort Lauderdale, FL @ CULTURE ROOM w/Zao
09 Savannah, GA @ TEASERS w/Zao
10 Marietta, GA @ THE STRAND THEATER w/Zao
11 Winston-Salem, NC @ BREW HA HA w/Zao, Stretch Armstrong, Nora and
12 Norfolk, VA @ CLUB KAOS w/Zao
14 Richmond, VA @ TWISTERS w/Zao
15 New York, NY @ CBGB'S w/Zao
16 Lancaster, PA @ CHAMELON CLUB w/Zao
17 College Park, MD @ ST ANDREWS CHURCH w/Zao

SHADOWS FALL will release a Japanese-only EP, "Deadworld."  It will have 
"Deadworld" (an updated version of an old, previously unrecorded Shadows Fall 
tune), and "Stepping Outside the Circle" (a brand new track).    

SIGH's new album, "Imaginary Sonicscape," was released on July

SKINLAB will be heading to New York City to finish mastering their new 
record, "tHE reVOLTING ROOM."  Check out for more 
information on the new album and some multimedia oddities.    

HOODS Tour Dates...

25 Salt Lake City, UT @ WAGSTAFF MUSIC
26 Ft Collins, CO @ THE STARLIGHT
27 Kansas City, MO @ EL TORREON w/Skycamefalling
28 Carbondale, IL @ BOO JUNIOR'S LOUNGE (inside the Sunset Motel)
29 Moline, IL @ PEABODY'S w/Provoke
30 Arlington Heights, IL @ KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS

02 Grand Rapids, MI @ EL RAY BALLROOM w/Dying Fetus
03 Pittsburgh, PA @ 31st STREET PUB w/Dying Fetus
04 Cleveland, OH @ AGORA THEATRE w/Dying Fetus
05 Detroit, MI @ THE SHELTER w/Dying Fetus
06 Aurora, IL @ RILEYS ROCK HOUSE w/Dying Fetus
08 Birmingham, AL @ BOILER ROOM w/Dying Fetus
09 Little Rock, AR @ VINO'S w/Dying Fetus
10 St Louis, MO @ CREEPY CRAWL w/Dying Fetus
12 St Paul, MN @ THE LAB w/Dying Fetus
14 Albany, NY @ VALENTINES w/Dying Fetus
15 New York, NY @ WETLANDS
16 Randolph, NJ @ OBSESSIONS w/Dying Fetus
17 Brooklyn, NY @ LAMOUR w/Dying Fetus
18 Providence, RI @ THE LIVING ROOM w/Dying Fetus
19 Springfield, VA @ JAXX w/Dying Fetus

AUTOPSY has reformed.    

EVENFALL's forthcoming release is titled "Cumbersome."    


July 02 : August 20 : Unseen Terror "Human Error" - MOSH4CD 
August 20 : Spazztic Blurr "Spazztic Blurr" - MOSH5CD 
August 10 : Rabies Caste " Let the Soul Out and Cut the Vein" MOSH251CD 
September 10 : Ultraviolence "Superpower" - MOSH217CD - Innovative      
Hardcore Techno 
September 10 : Various - DVD Sampler - MOSH252DVD 
September 24 : Mortiis "The Smell of Rain" - Brand New Mortiis Epic ! 
October 10 : Napalm Death - The DVD Mosh253DVD 
October 10 : The Haunted - Live Concert DVD (Title TBA) MOSH254DVD 
October 15 : December Wolves "Blasterpiece Theatre" - WICK07CD - Harsh      
post-black metal in the vein of Dodheimsgard, and Satyricon 

OUT NOW (UK & Europe Only)...   

Mortiis "Secret Of My Kingdom" Book/CD MOSH223CDL 
Godflesh In All Languages 2CD - Best of, rare and special remixes 
Godflesh In All Languages DVD - 5 Promo Videos on one low price DVD 
Entombed Monkey Puss DVD 
Carcass Wake Up and Smell the Carcass DVD 
CADAVER INC Discipline MOSH 242CD - new signing; members of Cadaver,      
Dimmu Borgir, and Aura Noir.    
GANDALF "Rock Hell" (Wick12CD) CD Album 
LINEA 77 " KETCHUP SUICIDE" (Mosh239CD) Cd Album 
NOCTURNUS "THE KEY " (Mosh23CD) Classic Reissue CD Album 
NOCTURNUS "THRESHOLD" (Mosh55CD) Classic Reissue CD Album 
MORBID ANGEL "Gateways to Annihilation" (Mosh235LP) Ltd Vinyl Edition 
THE HAUNTED " Made Me Do It" (Mosh241CD) Cd Album & Ltd Edition CD 
MORBID ANGEL "Gateways To Annihilation" Mosh 235CD Album 
LINEA77 " Too Much Happiness..Makes Kids Paranoid " (Mosh238CD)  CD         
CARNAGE " Dark Recollections" Classic Re-issue (Mosh232CD) CD Album 
     **Michael Amott (Carcass/Arch Enemy/Spiritual Beggars) deadly      first 
album + bonus demos/liner notes** 
THE BERZERKER "The Berzerker" (Mosh222CD) CD Album 
DECAPITATED "Winds Of Creation" (Wick11CD) CD Album 
MASSACRE "From Beyond" Classic Re-issue (+ Inhuman Condition EP + bonus      
MISERY LOVES Co "Your Vision Was Never Mind To Share (Mosh231CD) CD      


September 18 : Unseen Terror "Human Error" Mosh04CD 
September 18 : Spazztic Blurr "Spazztic Blurr" Mosh05CD 
October 02 : Rabies Caste " Let The Soul Out And Cut The Vein"           
October 30 : Mortiis "The Smell Of Rain" Mosh248CD 
November 10 : Various - Low price DVD Sampler (Title TBA) 
November 13 : Napalm Death - The DVD Mosh253DVD 
November 13 : The Haunted - Live Concert DVD (Title TBA) MOSH254DVD 
November 27 : December Wolves "Blasterpiece Theatre" - WICK07CD - Harsh      
post-black metal in the vein of Thorns, Dodheimsgard, & Satyricon 


Godflesh "In All Languages" DVD 
Godflesh "In All Languages" 2CD 
Mortiis Secret Of My Kingdom - Book 
Carcass Wake Up and Smell the Carcass DVD 
Entombed "Monkey Puss (Live In London)" DVD 
CADAVER INC Discipline MOSH 242CD - new signing; members of Cadaver, Dimmu 
Borgir,Aura Noir 
GANDALF "Rock Hell" (Wick12CD) CD Album 
NOCTURNUS "The Key" - Mosh 23CD Classic reissue from the vaults ! 
THE HAUNTED "The Haunted Made Me Do it " Mosh 241 
MORBID ANGEL "Gateways To Annihilation" Mosh 235CD Album 
CARNAGE "Dark Recollections" (Mosh232CD) CD Album classic reissue 
MISERY LOVES CO. "Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share" (MOSH231) 
LINEA 77 "Too Much Happiness...Makes Kids Paranoid" (MOSH 238) 
THE BERZERKER "The Berzerker" - Mosh 222 CD Album    

HIDEOUS MANGLEUS, the Gore/Grind outfit, is currently hammering together 
their next release.       

TOTTEN KORPS has released their next opus, "Tharnheim: Athi-Land-Nhi, 
Ciclopean Crypts Of Citadels."  It includes 11 tracks and is scheduled for 
November 1st, 2000 through Repulse Records.  Totten Korps is from Chile.    

In Aggro Metal news...  The new self-titled releases by LIFER, and NO ONE are 
out.  NO ONE has a Techno/Funk Aggro flavor.    

INTERNAL SUFFERING, Colombia's most Brutal Death Metal act, has a new CD out 
called "Supreme Acknowledge Domain."    

PERVERSERAPH has a new CD out called "Namtaru," out on World War III Records. 
PRIMER 55 has new, and aptly titled released called "(The) New Release."    

Out now on Crash Music, Inc. is the new ALTAR release "Red Harvest," and 
"Vengeance" by MYSTIC PROPHECY.    

The new MY DYING BRIDE is "Meisterwerk I" [Enhanced CD].    

HELLSPAWN's debut "Lords Of Eternity," is out now on Rotten Records.    

BLACK DAWN's new opus is called "Blood For Satan" and features these 

  1. Pitbound (The 4th Trial of Acolyte)
  2. A Hymn to Grand Darkness
          The Creed of Hoath
  3. Of Blackest Witchcraft
  4. Enemy of the Day
  5. Graverape Ritual
         The Hoath Manifesto
  6. A Horned Moon Rising
  7. Blood for Satan
  8. To Haunt and to Feed
  9. When the Shadows Become Flesh
  10. Within Ye Woods, Before Ye Throne
          Awakenyng: Ye Dawn which Calleth Hate       

Stay evil.  Hail Darkness.       


///July 29, 2001 A.D.       

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