Vol. 4 No. 4 (ai Vol. 7 No. 4; #73)
July 13, 2000 A.D.
July Issue


Bill Vogel III

Darkness Falls...


Greetings from the Darkness.  It is time for the shadows to fall as infinity 
dimly fades into eternity, as we enter the epoch of a new Dark Age.  Let us 
enter STRANGER AEONS.  Enjoy, tribes of chaos.  Hail Darkness, and God.

Again, there were delays.  I won't bore you with that.  There will be a 
reward for your patience, there are again extra reviews for your enjoyment 
and enlightenment.  Grit your teeth, and DARE it!  Grim journeys...  

There was no June 2000 issue.    

In the news***

DRAIN S.T.H., the Swedish Metal all female group, has broken up.  It's a 
shame, they were as pleasant to the eyes as they were to the ears.  Good luck 
to them on their future ventures.  

SPINESHANK is wrapping up their next record.  

FEAR FACTORY is hammering out their next opus, hopefully to be released by 

VIKING CROWN, featuring Anton Crowley [a.k.a. Phil Anselmo], has released 
their new CD on Necropolis Records.  It is named "Innocence From Hell," and 
this is some of the creepiest and coolest Black Metal I've ever heard.  This 
is a must!  Besides VIKING CROWN, Crowley is also in the bands NECROPHAGIA 
[Deathgore Metal] and CHRIST INVERSION [Black Metal].  

KONKHRA has released their new opus "Come Down Cold."  This is the follow-up 
to their "Freakshow" EP, and it is a scorcher.  Be prepared for a style 
change, but it is still cool.  Picture a Southern Rock groove added to their 
Deathrock crunch.  

TAPROOT's new CD, called "Gift," is out.  Be careful, there is an edited 

Keep your ears open for a new Aggro Metal band called MUDVAYNE.  They are 
currently on the Tatoo The Earth Tour with such acts as SLIPKNOT, COLD, 

The forthcoming SOULFLY CD is called "Primitive."  

Fans of the much missed band ACID BATH may want to try the two bands formed 
from the remnants of that legendary Louisiana outfit.  After the tragic death 
of Audie Pitre, two members formed a band called AGENTS OF OBLIVION.  The 
other remaining member formed a Black Death Metal band called GOATWHORE.  
Both acts are signed to Rotten Records.  I miss ACID BATH...    

USURPER will be issuing a Cd of rarities and demo material named "Visions 
From The Gods" (from the demo of the same title).  USURPER plays manic but 
masterfully slashed Death Metal that obliterates.  I've heard it, and it is 
really cool.  

BOILER ROOM has released a new CD on Roadrunner Records, titled "Can't 

Expect several reissues from the Classic Metal band NAZARETH.  

FIFTH ANGEL's first 2 releases, including their self-titled work, will be 
reissued by Collectables Records.    

Among the other terrors in this issue are REVIEWS of the following albums:

        EARTH CRISIS..................."Slither"      
        PROJECT HATE..................."Super Sonic Cyber Christ"  
        GOTHIC SEX....................."Rarities"    
        MENTAL HOME...................."Upon the Shores of Inner Seas"  
        DIABOLIC......................."Supreme Evil"      
        RAISE HELL....................."Not Dead Yet"  
        GLASSJAW......................."Everything You Ever Wanted To 
                                             Know About Silence"  
        RIVER CITY REBELS.............."Racism, Religion And War"  

These are CDs that are sworn to brutalize without any tinge remorse, or mercy 
for that matter.  I offer only the best, never anything less.    

Welcome to Stranger Aeons.  These days are strange...  Farewell.

//////William the Bloody [a.k.a. Bill Vogel III]    

July 24, 2000 A.D.///////      

                              ***Hellion Crew***

This section has ten (or more) new or classic Cds that I think are cool.  
They are in no particular order.

1.	"Visions From The Gods" by Usurper [Killer Death Metal with an extra  
            brutal edge.  Expect a review soon.]  
2.    "Black Emotions" by Beseech [Gothic Metal with a Death edge...a cool 
            evolution in this bands style.]  
3.	RUDRA [Death Metal with an Indian/Hindu feel.  Very whacked, and very
4.    "Can't Breathe" by Boiler Room [Moody, groove tempered Metal with a 
            lot of harmony.]  
5.    "Pura Vida" by Old School 101 [Ragin' Hardcore from former members of
            HOGAN'S HEROES.]  
6.    "Drowning In Tragedy" by Eternal Suffering [Brutal Death Metal with a 
            crushing vibe.]  
7.    "Come Down Cold" by Konkhra [Deathrock Metal with a Southern Rock  
            flavor.  Really Cool!]    
8.    "Sickness" by Disturbed [Mood driven Aggro Metal that bludgeons and  
9.    "Pieces Of Nothing" by The Deep [Texas Death Metal with an insane  
            and brilliant edge.]  
10.   "Spreading The Message" by Pandemia [Fast, brutal Death Metal.  What
            else needs to be said?]  

                             ***Age Of The Blade***

More, more Metal news...

Berzerker///  This Industrial Death Metal maniac has had his video for the 
track "Reality" banned from MTV.  Congratulations!!!    

Morbid Angel///  Has announced the title to their forthcoming release.  It
will be called "Gateways To Annihilation."  

Oracle Moon///  Will release their debut soon on Wicked Records.  

Dog Eat Dog///  This Rapcore Metal band will release their first CD in 
several years.  It is titled "Dogzilla."  

Carnage///  The legendary Death Metal that featured members of CARCASS, 
DISMEMBER, and ARCH ENEMY will have their CD, "Dark Recollections," reissued 
with 5 bonus cuts.  These tracks will consist of rare demo material.  

Abandoned///  This band has been described as a cross between MESHUGGAH and 
CROWBAR.  Abandoned has been signed to Pavement Records also.

Vomitory///  Signed to Metal Blade Records.  They do Brutal Deathgrind Metal

MDFMK///  Used to be KMFDM.  Have released a new creation under their new 

Solus///  Has inked a deal to tour with KATAKLYSM.  

Kittie///  Has released a videotape titled "Spit In Your Eye."  Fallon is a 

Incubus///  Has released their second single, "Stellar," from their CD "Make 

Rage Against The Machine///  Is currently on tour with the BEASTIE BOYS.  

Six Feet Under///  From their forthcoming covers CD, called "Graveyard 
Classics," is the following set of songs...  

                    'Holocaust' (SAVATAGE)
                    'TNT' (AC/DC)
                    'Sweet Leaf' (BLACK SABBATH)
                    'Son Of A Bitch' (ACCEPT)
                    'Piranha' (EXODUS)
                    'Steppin' Stone' (SEX PISTOLS)
                    'Confused' (ANGELWITCH)
                    'California Uber Alles' (DEAD KENNEDYS)
                    'Smoke On The Water' (DEEP PURPLE)
                    'Blackout' (SCORPIONS) (John Bush - vocals)
                    'Purple Haze' (JIMI HENDRIX)  
                    'In League With Satan' (VENOM)  

It'll be released October 24th. on Metal Blade Records.  

Testament///  Has dropped out from the Wachen Festival.  

Suicidal Tendencies///  Has a new upcoming release, titled "Free
Your Soul...And Save My Mind," and it will be released on August 28th. through
Radiation Records.  

To Die For///  The Gothic Metal monsters are scheduled to tour with IN FLAMES 
in September and October.  Their debut is called "All Eternity."  

WICK=WAR=BURN///  Formed by PISSING RAZORS co-founder Matt Lynch, and 
features ex-members of El Paso's THE HATE CAMPAIGN.  Hit for updated info on the band. 

Rossomahaar///  This Russian band has signed a 4 album deal with X-Rated 
Records, who will also reissue their debut "Imperium Tenebrarum."  
ROSSOMAHAAR is Black Metal.  

Necrophagia///  These Deathgore Metal monsters will re-release the classic 
"Death Is Fun" CD through Red Stream in the coming months.  The CD will be 
accompanied by special bonus and unreleased tracks including the self-titled 
"Necrophagia" and "Vomit", which are exclusives to this repackage.  

Bloodthorn///  The Black Metal band, Bloodthorn, has left Season Of Mist and 
signed to Red Stream Records.    

///Bill Vogel III
July 25, 2000 A.D.    

                              ***Tongue Lash***

This section contains quotes from songs, bands, band members, books, movies, 
TV, etc.  

"What is life? It is a flash of a firefly in the night.  It is the breath of 
      a buffalo in the wintertime.  It is the little shadow which runs across 
      the grass and loses itself in the sunset."         

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he
      does not become a monster.  And when you look long into an
      abyss the abyss also looks into you."
                        -----from "Beyond Good And Evil" by   
                              Friedrich Nietzsche.

"The Only Way To Fix It Is To Flush It All Away."  
                        -----from "Aenema" by Tool.  

"Man is the cruelest animal."
                        -----by Friedrich Nietzsche.

"It is not a matter of survival of the fittest but survival of the fiercest." 
                        -----W.B. Vogel.  

"The end is where we start from."  
                        -----T.S. Eliot, LITTLE GIDDING.    

"All great things must first wear terrifying masks in order to burn itself 
      into the minds of humanity."
                        -----by Friedrich Nietzsche.


This section contains album (Cd) reviews.  Enjoy...

                        "'Slither' by Earth Crisis"
                             Bill Vogel III

July 13, 2000 A.D.      

Earth Crisis is Hardcore.  It is by their definition that true modern 
Straight Edge Hardcore is written in stone.  Taking sheer brutality, creative 
genius, and a solid ethos they have burned a long shadow by which most Punk 
bands are fully eclipsed.  Their latest opus, called "Slither" [Victory 
Records], is the best to date combining fierce Crusty Punk with clean vocals 
and Industrial elements.  This forging created a brutal yet tempered style 
that sinks in the hooks and rips you inside out.    

This is Straight EDGE with a new aggression--explosive, brutal, and crusty as 
a new scar.  Excellent!  The songs that I enjoyed the most were the massive 
and bombastic cut "Slither," "Nemesis," "Arc Of Descent," "Agress," and 
"Mechanism."  But they all kick!  

In conclusion, there are only 2 words that need to be said...EARTH CRISIS.  
Everything else is a mere illusion.  Farewell.  

Related Bands:    Hatebreed, Acid Bath, Disrupt, Impulse Manslaughter, 
                  Transport League, etc.  

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.  

Email address:

Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.

Copyright 2000.

                "'Cyber Sonic Super Christ' by The Project Hate"
                                Bill Vogel III

July 14, 2000 A.D.  

Sometimes life can be a real kick in the face.  Ever wanted a soundtrack for 
those times when you're melancholy and aggressive?  Then the new Project Hate 
CD, titled "Cyber Sonic Super Christ" [Pavement Records], should put the roar 
in your anger.  

The Project Hate is the killer side project band of Tomas Skogsberg 
[Entombed], and their style takes visceral Gothic Death Metal and adds 
elements of Black Metal.  The sound is visceral-deep growls drilling through 
heavy Gothic guitar sludge and manic rhythms, which are then backed by 
powerful, angelic female vocals.  The fusion is both beautiful and fierce, 
blasting a burned wasteland in its sonic wake.  

The most ferocious and moody cuts work the best.  These include "Oceans Of 
Seemingly Endless Bleeding," "With Desperate Hands So Numb," "The Divine 
Burning Of Angels," "Soul Infliction," and "Shape, Memory, Murder."  But 
every track is good.  

In conclusion, this is a really cool and unusual release.  Add some mean 
melancholy to your day.  Farewell.  

Related Bands:    Cemetary, Babylon Whores, Beseech, Darkseed, My 
                  Dying Bride, Darkside, Aion, etc.    

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.  

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.  

Copyright 2000.    

                          "'Rarities' by Gothic Sex"
                               Bill Vogel III

July 15, 2000 A.D.     

Upon the great road of mysteries, there are things that are both wondrous and 
strange...beautiful and freakish.  Such dynamics leave us in awe, as well as 
bleakly inspired.  Gothic Metal is such a paradox, and one of its most 
unusual examples is the band Gothic Sex.  Their new CD, titled "Rarities" 
[Repulse Records], is itself a universal oddity featuring studio material, 
live cuts, and a cover tune.  

The freakshow that this band is makes me love them all the more.  Their style 
mixes Gothic Metal with ever so slight elements of Death Metal (some lightly 
growled vocals) and strange higher ranged vocals in the background that grind 
against the Goth gloominess.  For the most part the leading vocals are in the 
deep Gothic style, and add the essential mood for the down, dark guitars and 
depressed rhythms.  The synergy works well, creating a totally devastating 
soundscape.  I enjoyed it, especially with that unique vibe of dread.    

Out of the 4 studio cuts, the best ones were "The Book Of Shadows" and "I 
Lost My Faith."  The live tracks, while having minimal production, are very 
cool.  These 7 live tracks possess a visceral charm that snares the 
listener's full attention.  The best ones are "Abyss Of Glory," "Nightbreed 
In Midian," "Alone In The Dark," and "Voodoo Dolly."  

And as an added temptation, there is an absolutely morbid cover of W.A.S.P.'s 
"Wild Child."  It's live, it's psycho, and it is killer.  

Overall, this is a release meant for fans of Gothic Metal, Gothic Sex, and/or 
anyone who enjoys the darker curiosities of this existence.  Stay Dark.  

Related Bands:    Darkseed, Cemetary, Sundown, Babylon Whores, My Dying 
                  Bride, Anathema, Beseech, Project Hate, Aion, Human 
                  Drama, Sentenced, etc.    

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.    

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.    

Copyright 2000.      

                 "'Upon The Shores Of Inner Seas' by Mental Home"
                                Bill Vogel III

July 8, 2000 A.D.  

If you like your Metal on the avant-garde side, then this one may be for you. 
 The new CD by Russian Doomdeathers Mental Home, titled "Upon the Shores of 
Inner Seas" [The End Records/Century Media], mixes artsy elements of Goth and 
Classic Metal into their roar.  The result is a softer, yet still satisfying 
brand of Dark/Doomdeath Metal that somewhat verges the gulf between the Cure 
and Cemetary.  It is unique and heavy.  

The songs which seemed to work the best were "Late to Revise," "Bliss," and 
"Stained."  Other noteworthy cuts were the melancholic "Downstairs" and 
"Amidst The Waves '99."  Mental Home adds elements such as organs, Goth 
vocals, and classical instrumentation to their Doom drenched sound.  

Overall, it's an unusual as well as interesting trip through the dark heart 
of an Eastern European band.  If aggression alone will not appease you, then 
give Mental Home a try.  Farewell.  

Related Bands:    Cemetary, Babylon Whores, Sentenced, Sundown, Tiamat, 
                  Gothic Sex, Darkseed, Aion, Beseech, Project Hate, 
                  My Dying Bride, etc.  

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.  

Email address:  

Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.  

Copyright 2000.  

                         "'Supreme Evil' by Diabolic"
                               Bill Vogel III

July 7, 2000 A.D.  

A real rarity these days is to hear a great Florida Style Death Metal band, 
with all the praises falling so easily on acts such as Emperor and Dimmu 
Borgir.  But there some such as the ferocious Diabolic, whose new album is 
called "Supreme Evil" [Conquest Records], that recall bands such as 
Suffocation and Pestilence to sever trendy flesh into a bloody mess.  
Diabolic's guitar riffing is fast, loopy, and loose enough to add some sweet 
chaos to the din of growls and penetrating rhythms.  The synergy of rage is 
backbreaking, and really crunchy.  

Songs of exemplary note include the vicious "Insacred," the guttural quake of 
"Ancient Hatred," and the beautifully malicious "Dwelling Spirits."  The ten 
tracks are a brutal journey that I truly enjoyed.  I was wrecked.  

Overall, this is a face-ripping, mind crushing experience that should not be 
missed.  Get it.  Stay evil.  Farewell.  

Related Bands:    Monstrosity, Suffocation, Obituary, Pestilence, 
                  Death, Sadus, Exhorder, etc.  

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.  

Email address:

Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.  

Copyright 2000.  

                        "'Not Dead Yet' by Raise Hell"
                               Bill Vogel III

July 12, 2000 A.D.

The follow-up release by Raise Hell, titled "Not Dead Yet" [Nuclear Blast 
Records], is a relentless assault on the senses.  Mixing blistering guitar 
riffs, shrill growls of the Old School Style of Death Metal, and hook tinged 
rhythms...they have created an opus that tempers ferocity with the subtle art 
of mechanical precision.  The result is a heavy, yet catchy, CD with a unique 

Raise Hell makes Death Metal like few other acts, taking the guttural angst 
of greats like Kreator, Sodom, and Deceased and stitching in the brutal 
groove of Deathrock masters like Entombed and Konkhra.  It works well, but 
without diluting their primal aggression.  

The songs that I most enjoyed include the tenacious "Not Dead Yet," "Babes," 
and the visceral rampage "Dance With The Devil."  Other really wicked cuts 
were "Soulcollector" and "No Puls."  Each was a vicious masterpiece.  

In summary, this is a roaring slab of German Style [a.k.a. Old School] Death 
Metal that is sure to please and pummel.  Stay evil.  Farewell.  

Related Bands:    Sodom, Samael, Kreator, Deceased, Celtic Frost, 
                  Venom, etc.  

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.    

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.  

Copyright 2000.    

               "'Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence' 
                                  by GlassJaw"
                               Bill Vogel III

July 21, 2000 A.D.  

The latest offering from the Roadrunner Records barrage of artistic ferocity 
comes from the band GlassJaw.  Their debut CD, titled "Everything You Ever 
Wanted To Know About Silence," is a Moodcore Metal pummeling with a dazzling 
twist...they don't sound like Korn.  GlassJaw's technique is one of subtle 
popular eclecticism-mixing styles such as Moodcore, Aggro guitar crunch, 
smooth yet angry Alternative vocals, Techno, and bursting tempo changes.  It 
seems like a recipe for disaster, but GlassJaw pulls it off cleverly.  Think 
of it as the Cold Fusion of Metal.  

Tracks vary in intensity, but all at least have some edge and crunch.  My 
favorites are "Lovebites And Razorlines," "When One Eight Becomes Two Zeros," 
and "Siberian Kiss."  Another killer cut is the opener, "Pretty Lush."  

In summation, it kicks.  Anyone who digs the Deftones, Kittie, and Slipknot 
will enjoy GlassJaw.  You can sharpen your teeth on this one.  Farewell.    

Related Bands:    Helmet, Kittie, Deftones, Slipknot, Spineshank, Amen, 
                  Godsmack, Rollins Band, etc.    

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.  

Email address:    

Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.  

Copyright 2000.    

               "'Racism, Religion and War' by River City Rebels"
                                Bill Vogel III

July 8, 2000 A.D.    

Ska is an acquired taste, and it is all too often to wimpy for me.  But the 
River City Rebels are different, and better, than most of the current Ska 
acts.  Their new CD, titled "Racism, Religion and War" [Victory Records], 
takes Ska into the realm of Hardcore Punk creating a jagged hybrid that 
leaves conventional Ska bleeding, abused, and mangled on the floor.  

It's a subtle art-brutalizing something without destroying it.  But the River 
City Rebels succeed, slamming crunchy Hardcore riffs and vocals into massive 
Jazzy horn sections.  It all balances well, even when the horns are overdone. 

Songs of clearly vicious note include the jaggedly jazzy "Hate," the riotous 
"We Will Fight," and "He She It."  Other kickin' songs include "Country Is 
Doomed," "Corporate America," and "Make A Stand."  Imagine the Mighty Mighty 
Bosstones being molested by Motorhead, and you'll roughly get the picture.  

Overall, it's cool, it's different, and it's heavy.  What more impetus do you 
need?  Later.  

Related Bands:   Sublime, Bad Brains, Course Of Empire, L.U.N.G.S., 
                 Rancid, etc.  

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.  

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Copyright 2000.


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                           *** Metal Slag ***

More Metal news than one person can stand in one issue!    

Nokturnal Mortum///  Ukrainian Black/Death Metal freaks have released their 
new maelstrom, titled "Nechrist," on The End Records.  It's killer.      

Metal Blade Records Release Schedule///  

          2/22/00   Metalmeister            The Metal Blade DVD 
          2/22/00   Fates Warning           Live At The Dynamo DVD/VHS 
          2/22/00   Hades                   The Downside 
           3/7/00   Armored Saint           Revelation
          3/07/00   In Extremo              Verehrt Und Angespien 
          3/21/00   Transatlantic           SMPTe 
          3/21/00   Lobotomy                Born In Hell 
          3/21/00   Insania                 World Of Ice 
          3/21/00   Vermin                  Millennium Ride 
          3/21/00   Cradle Of Filth         From The Cradle To Enslave EP 
          4/11/00   Fleshcrawl              As Blood Rains From The Sky... 
          4/11/00   King's X                Then...Video 
          4/25/00   Atomic Opera            Gospel Cola 
          4/25/00   The Quiet Room          Reconceive 
          4/25/00   Domine                  Dragon Lord 
          4/25/00   Spock's Beard           Don't Try This At Home (Live) 
           5/9/00   Vader                   Litany 
           5/9/00   Mortification           10 Years Live Not Dead 
           5/9/00   Helstar                 Twas The Night Of A Helish 
           5/9/00   Kenziner                The Prophecies 
          5/23/00   King's X                Please Come Home Mr. Bulbous 
          5/23/00   The Crown               Death Race King 
          5/23/00   Raven                   Raven 
           6/6/00   Agent Steel             Omega Conspiracy CD 
           6/6/00   Manowar                 Hell On Earth Part 1 Video 
           6/6/00   Mrs. Hippie             Lotus CD 
           6/6/00   Sanctus                 Aeon Sky 
          6/20/00   King Diamond            House Of God 
          6/20/00   Masquerade              Flux 
          6/20/00   Galactic Cowboys        Let It Go  
          6/20/00   Sacred Steel            Bloodlust CD  
          6/20/00   Labyrinth               Sons Of Thunder 
          7/11/00   Brainstorm              Ambiguity CD 
          7/11/00   Eidolon                 Nightmare World CD 
          7/11/00   Manowar                 Hell On Earth Part 2 Video 
          7/11/00   Edguy                   Theatre Of Salvation  
          7/11/00   Steel Attack            Where Mankind Falls 
          7/11/00   Squealer                The Prophecy 
          7/25/00   Fates Warning           Disconnected CD 
          7/25/00   Holocaust               The Nightcomers (reissue) 
          7/25/00   Holocaust               Live Hot Curry And Wine (reissue) 
          7/25/00   Savage                  Loose And Lethal (reissue) 
           8/8/00   Sweet Savage            Killing Time (reissue) 
           8/8/00   Quartz                  Resurrection (reissue) 
           8/8/00   Jaguar                  Power Games (reissue) 
           8/8/00   Tygers Of Pan Tang      First Kill w/Bonus Tracks 
          8/22/00   Spock's Beard           TBA CD  
          8/22/00   40 Grit                 Heads CD 
          8/22/00   Voivod                  Live CD 
          9/12/00   Labyrinth               Sons Of Thunder CD 
          9/12/00   Poundhound              Live Bootleg Video 
          9/12/00   Virus 7                 Sick In The Head CD 
          9/26/00   Cannibal Corpse         Live Cannibalism VHS/DVD 
          9/26/00   Cannibal Corpse         Live Cannibalism CD/CS 
         10/10/00   Diamond Head            Diamond Nights CD 
         10/10/00   Supershine              Supershine CD 
         10/24/00   Memory Garden           Mirage CD 
         10/24/00   Destiny's End           Transition CD 
              TBA   Six Feet Under          Graveyard Classics CD 
              TBA   Lamb Of God             The New American Gospel CD 
              TBA   Stitch                  Stitch CD

Disgorge///  Expect their new slab very soon on Repulse Records.  

Haunted///  Will be releasing their next opus, called "THE HAUNTED MADE ME DO 
IT."  The tracklist is as follows:  

                           1.  DARK INTENTIONS
                           2.  BURY YOUR DEAD
                           3.  TRESPASS
                           4.  LEECH
                           5.  HOLLOW GROUND
                           6.  REVELATION
                           7.  THE WORLD BURNS
                           8.  HUMAN DEBRIS
                           9.  SILENCER
                          10.  UNDER THE SURFACE
                          11.  VICTIM ICED

                + "ECLIPSE" bonus track for Japanese Edition

Windham Hell///  Has released a new CD titled "Reflective Depths Imbibe."  

Pain///  Expect a digipak version of their debut to be out shortly.  

Boulder///  Their debut is called "Ravage And Savage."  This is heavy 
Psychedelic Metal with influences such as MOTORHEAD and LYNARD SKYNARD.  Out 
on Tee Pee Records.  

Stay evil.  Hail Darkness.

Stranger Aeons///  We're still evolving here.  Please send comments and 
responses.  All input is gladly welcomed.  Let the stones fly.  Later.

Record Labels///  Would you like to have your items promoted 
through Stranger Aeons?   Contact us.  All Metal is welcome.

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Thank you.  Later.

July 25, 2000 A.D.

                                 ***Eye Tripz***

These are the best videos of the month.

1.	"Last Resort" by Papa Roach.  
2.	"Scarred For Life" by Motorpsycho.             
3.	"Darkside" by Crazy Town.  
4.	"Leader Of Men" by Nickleback.                     
5.	"Push It" by Static X. 
6.	"Southtown" by P.O.D.  
7.	"Stupify" by Disturbed.
8.	"Cailin" by Unwritten Law.  
9.	"Everything Sucks" by Dope.      
10.	"Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down.      


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of Rocknet, Compuserve, Prodigy, America Online, the World Wide Web, 
Internet, the other writers, my friends, my church, my family, Jimi Hendrix, 
James Hetfield, Glenn Danzig, or anyone else.  So there.  :)

Note to Pro-Censorship types: Bite me.

Beware of people who can do nothing but gripe, whine, and writing 
or speaking trite, naive, and idiotic crap (i.e. certain members of the U.S. 
Congress, and most of the White House).   

Finished July 26, 2000 A.D.

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