Vol. 6 No. 3 (ai Vol. 9 No. 3; #88)
May 13, 2002 A.D.
April Issue


Bill Vogel III

Darkness Falls...


Greetings from these ferocious aeons, and the new Dark Age...  It is time for 
the shadows to fall once more as the darkness rises on the horizon, shadowing 
the deepening sky, and the Armies of the Night to rise as infinity dimly 
fades into an epic eternal night.    

So let the stars burn for evermore.  And let us enter STRANGER AEONS.  Enjoy, 
tribes of chaos.  Hail Darkness, and God.    

Grit your teeth, and DARE it!  Grim journeys...    

In the news***    

FEAR FACTORY is no more.  The coroner has's all cold goodbyes and 
memories from here.  But there is one consolation, their never-before 
released first opus, "Concrete," will be released soon by Roadrunner Records. 
There's also the new DVD, "Digital Connectivity."  

Johnny Rotten, front-man for the legendary SEX PISTOLS, stated that the band 
would play a reunion gig on July 27 at London's Crystal Palace sports center. 
Rotten (a.k.a. John Lydon) had this to say about the Queen's Jubilee, "This 
is our jubilee, this is our Britain and you have kind of lost that idea."  
Lydon also said, "Let me remind you what being British is all about.  This is 
our country, this is our flag, they're our monarchy, they don't work too well 
at the moment but let's make the (expletive) do a good job. Let's get rid of 
the useless ones and keep a few of the goodies."  He also had some choice 
words about "The Osbournes" television show, "Watching a tired, old drug 
addict fall into a pile of money isn't entertainment.  It's pathetic."    
It's a little after 5 o'clock, and hell is happening.  STRANGE TRIVIA:  
SLAYER recorded their album "God Hates Us All" in a recording studio owned by 
Bryan Adams.  I wonder if there was a popstar blood-smear on the floor 

TRUSTcompany's upcoming album, "The Lonely Position Of Neutral" [Geffen 
Records], has a new release date   It will now be in stores on July 9th.   

Error correction: the band PROTOTYPE is a Progressive Thrash group, NOT a 
Death Metal act.  Sorry, I had a mental glitch.  ...My humblest apologies to 

After hearing the forthcoming opus by SENTENCED, titled "The Cold White 
Light," I am again amazed by their bleak greatness.  This is easily one of 
the best releases of 2002, if not THE best of the year.  They are the Kings 
of Dark Metal for a reason.  And they are one of the best Metal bands ever.
This is glorious darkness shining radiantly from below...

The soon to be released "WWF: Tough Enough 2" soundtrack looks to have these 

    1.    Gone Away - Cold  
    2.    Crushed - Limp Bizkit  
    3.    Take It - Staind  
    4.    Falling Apart - Trust Company  
    5.    Control - Puddle Of Mudd (acoustic version)  
    6.    Oh Lisa - Weezer  
    7.    Millionaire - Queens Of The Stone Age  
    8.    Seeing Red - Unwritten Law  
    9.    The Bad Touch - Bloodhound Gang (The Bully remix)  
   10.    Break Your Silence - Cinder  
   11.    Out The Cage - Marz  
   12.    Freak Of Nature - Sinisstar  
   13.    Faithless - Injected  
   14.    Feel So Numb - Rob Zombie  


Victory Records signed DEAD TO FALL.    

Sludge/Death Metal Freaks HATE THEORY have released their self-titled debut 
on World War III Records.    

SLUNT vocalist/photographer goddess Abby Gennet now hosts "The Rock 
Countdown" and "MTV2 Rock" shows on MTV2.  ...At least it's sweet cyanide.  

 STRIFE Tour Dates...    

18 Munchen, GER @ BACKSTAGE with Integrity
19 Ravenna, ITA @ FLAME FESTIVALROCK PLANET with Agnostic Front
22 Lindau, GER @ FESTIVAL
26 Nantes, FRA @ HXC FEST
28 Kontich, BEL @ LINTFABRIEK 

02 Bremen, GER @ TOWER
03 Berlin, GER @ KATO
11 Weinheim, GER @ CAFâ CENTRAL


RINGWORM Tour...    

3 New London, CT @ EL N GEE w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
5 Bangor, ME @ KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
6 Gloucester City, NJ @ PIRATE'S DEN w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
7 Annapolis, MD @ PIEZANO'S w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
8 Wilkes-Barre, PA @ HOMEBASE w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
9 Virginia Beach, VA @ 757 w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
10 Savannah, GA @ VELVET LOUNGE w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
11 Augusta, GA @ CAPRIS THEATER w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
12 Columbia, SC @ UNCLE DOCTOR'S w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
14 Columbus, OH @ BERNIE'S w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
15 Buffalo, NY @ CLASSIC ROXX w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
16 Bricktown, NJ @ THE BRICK VFW w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
17 Wilmington, NC @ BESSIE'S w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
18 Somerville, SC @ AMERICAN LEGION HALL w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
19 Charlotte, NC @ TREMONT MUSIC HALL w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
20 Baltimore, MD @ THE SIDEBAR w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
21 Woodbridge, VA @ THE SPOTLIGHT w/ Today Is The Day
22 Roanoke, VA @ DESIRES w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
24 Columbus, IN @ OUTDOOR SHOW w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
25 Flint, MI @ METROPOLIS w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
26 South Bend, IN @ CHEERS w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
27 Fort Wayne, IN @ SNEAKY PETE'S w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
28 Cleveland, OH @ PEABODY'S w/ Still Breathing, Reflux
29 Youngstown, OH @ THE NYABINGI w/ Still Breathing, Reflux

ATREYU has a new CD out called "Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses."  Their 
tour dates are as follows...    

1 Vancouver, WA @ SCARLET THEATER w/ Drowningman
3 Billings, MT @ Eleven 11 w/ Drowningman
4 Boulder, CO @ TULAGI w/ Drowningman
5 Kansas City, MO @ EL TORREON w/ Drowningman
6 St. Louis, MO @ HI-POINTE w/ Drowningman
7 Chicago, IL @ FIRESIDE BOWL w/ Drowningman
8 Laporte, IN @ THE UNDERGROUND w/ Dead To Fall
9 Cleveland, OH @ GROG SHOP w/ Drowningman
10 Pittsburgh, PA @ TBA w/ Bloodlet, Sky Came Falling
11 South Amboy, NJ @ KROME w/ TBA
12 Winston-Salem, NC @ PS211 w/ Bleeding Through, Every Time I Die
13 Nashville, TN @ NEXT GENERATION w/ Hudson Falcons
14 Memphis, TN @ MAP ROOM w/ TBA
15 Houston, TX @ MARY JANE'S w/ TBA
16 San Antonio, TX @ PEACOCK CENTER w/ TBA
17 Tucson, AZ @ SKRAPPY'S w/ TBA


 BLOODLET Tour...    

3 Orlando, FL @ THE SOCIAL
7 W. Columbia, SC @ GROUNDZERO w/ Nonpoint
9 Poughkeepsie, NY @ CLUB CRANNELL w/ TBA
11 Cleveland, OH @ AGORA THEATRE w/ Skycamefalling, Hotwire
12 Detroit, MO @ THE SHELTER w/ Skycamefalling, Hotwire
14 Chicago, IL @ FIRESIDE BOWL w/ Skycamefalling, Hotwire
16 Milwaukee, WI @ GLOBE EAST w/ Skycamefalling, Hotwire

10 Rockville Center, NY @ BACKSTREET BLUES w/ Atreyu, Skycamefalling

MARTYR A.D. has signed with Victory Records.

BELOVED has joined the Solid State Records roster.

LYNARD SKYNARD, the Southern Rock giants, are currently touring the U.S.   

Aggressive/Melodic Death Metal beasts SERBERUS have a new release out. 
Titled "Descension," it's out now on Crash Inc. Records.    

Gravity Kills has released their new album, "Superstarved," on Sanctuary 
Records.  It features their killer cover of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus." 
In other news, 4 members of ALIEN ANT FARM were injured in a bus accident 
yesterday (May 22nd.) in Spain.   

"Murderworks" [Deathvomit Records] is the latest slab from the Powergrind 
geniuses ROTTEN SOUND.  Amazing...    

The new DENATA opus, "Deathtrain," will explode on May 21st.       

GENOCIDE SS has a new album out on Relapse Records.  It is titled "We Are 
Born Of Hate."    

MARDUK has issued a limited edition boxed set through Century Media Records. 
It is aptly called "Blackcrowned."    

For some wickedly twisted Avant-Garde Black Metal, check-out "Rephormula" by 

"Nihility," the new album of blistering Technical Death Metal by DECAPITATED 
is out now.    

Due to a trademark dispute the Black Metal band BLACK DAWN has changed their 
name to TRUE BLACK DAWN.    


[JUNE 4th, 2002]

ROTTEN SOUND 'Murderworks' CD - 
(New Album from the Finnish grindcore death metal musical offenders!  It's 
already been called by many as the BEST grind album of 2002!  Produced by 
Mieszko of NASUM and featuring 3 bonus video's, this one is sure to destroy.) 

ENGORGED 'Engorged' CD - 

[JUNE 18th, 2002]


[JULY 2nd, 2002]

IMPALED 'Mondo Medicale' CD
BABYLON WHORES 'Death of the West' CD

[AUGUST 6th, 2002]

MAZE OF TORMENT 'The Unmarked Graves' CD
IN AETERNUM 'Nuclear Armageddon' CD


DREAMS OF DAMNATION 'Epic Tales of Vengeance' CD
ROTTEN SOUND 'From Crust 'til Grind' CD
SEANCE new album
AEON new album
SADISTIC INTENT 'The Second Coming of Darkness' CD

BURNER has a killer new CD out called "One For The Road."  This is excellent 
Death/Southern Metal with a brutal/melodic edge.  This is truly amazing.    

Expect the new OTEP release, "Sevas Tra" [Capitol/EMI Records], to hit the 
streets on June 18th.    

AVULSED has named their next opus.  The 3rd album will be entitled "Yearning 
For The Grotesque," and it will be released by the Italian label AVANTGARDE 
MUSIC in November 2002.  Some of the songs include "Sick Sick Sex," "I Feel 
Good...Eating Human Flesh," "Daddy Stew," and "Devourer Of The Dead."  There 
again will be one song sung in Spanish.  Hablas Muerte?    

For more of the latest news, tour info, commenataries, and the latest reviews 


Among the other terrors in this issue are REVIEWS of the following albums:   

     BRAND NEW SIN...................../Self-Titled/     
     ARCH ENEMY........................"Wages Of Sin"       
     INFAMY............................"The Blood Shall Flow"    
     DIABOLIC.........................."Vengeance Ascending"       
     TEARABYTE........................."Embrace Oblivion"      
     BLACK LABEL SOCIETY..............."1919 Eternal"    
     ARCTURUS.........................."The Sham Mirrors"       
     WITHERED EARTH...................."Into The Deepest Wounds"  
     EARTH CRISIS......................"1991-2001: Forever True" DVD  
     DECEMBER.........................."The Lament Configuration"    
     CLOSER THAN KIN..................."Dead Flowers For A Dying Lover"    
     JERRY CANTRELL...................."Degradation Trip"          
     BLOOD DUSTER......................"Cunt"       
     SOFA KING KILLER / LEECHMILK......"Crusty Mother F*ckn Roll And Roll
                                            / Guilty Of Sloth" [SPLIT CD]

Classic Pick:

     ACID BATH........................."When The Kite String Pops"

These are 16 CDs that are sworn to sate the mayhem hungry...          

Welcome to Stranger Aeons.  These days are strange...  Farewell.

//////William the Bloody [a.k.a. Bill Vogel III]    

May 13, 2002 A.D.///////          

                               ***Hellion Crew***

This section has ten (or more) new or classic Cds that are cool.  They are in 
no particular order.    

1.	"One For The Road" by Burner [Killer Death/Southern Metal hostility 
            featuring quondam members of PAINGOD/RAPED APE.]    
2.    "Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses" by Atreyu [Brutal, dark, Emo  
            tinged Hardcore that polarizes between caustic and serene.  
            Uses a dual vocal assault.]    
3.	HATE THEORY [Brutal, Sludge/Death Metal.  Killer stuff...]      
4.    "Tara" by Absu [Cool Black/Death Metal from this legendary abysm of 
            of musical darkness.]    
5.    "Evilusion" by Undercroft [Powercore/Death Metal.  Amazing.]           
6.    "The Cold White Light" by Sentenced [Sublime Dark Metal that reeks
            of sorrow, anger, and beauty.  Incredible doesn't cover it.]   
7.    "Murderworks" by Rotten Sound [Murderously cool, catchy Death/Grind  
            constructed to compress the masses.  Brilliant.]    
8.    "Escape" by Ram-Zet [Technical, diverse Black Metal with Industrial 
            flourishes.  ...Harsh and cool.]    
9.    "Superholic" by Engine [Modern, edgy Thrash Metal featuring members  
            of Fates Warning.]    
10.   "Searching The Stone Library For The Green Page Of Illusion" by  
            Spaceboy [Strange, bizarre, weird, twisted, surreal, and cool  
            Psychedelic Metal from beyond.]   
11.   ENGORGE [Brutal Death/Gore Metal madness.]     
12.   "Terror Succeeds" by Impious [Intricate, ferocious Death Metal with 
            crazy, complex song dynamics.  Brilliant.]    
13.   "Dues Deceptor" by NonExist [Raw yet complex Death Metal excellence.  
            Features Liiva, formerly of ARCH ENEMY.]    


                               ***Tongue Lash***

This section contains quotes from songs, bands, band members, books, movies, 
TV, etc.  

"What is life? It is a flash of a firefly in the night.  It is the breath of 
      a buffalo in the wintertime.  It is the little shadow which runs across 
      the grass and loses itself in the sunset."         

"A little fact is worth a whole limbo of dreams."    
                        -----Ralph Waldo Emerson.    

"Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers."    
                        -----Tennyson, "LOCKSLEY HALL."    

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he
      does not become a monster.  And when you look long into an
      abyss the abyss also looks into you."
                        -----from "Beyond Good And Evil" by   
                              Friedrich Nietzsche.

"Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake."    
                        -----Henry David Thoreau.    

"A man is a god in ruins."  

"Bad is never good until worse happens."    
                        -----Danish Proverb.    

"The historian looks backwards; eventually he also believes backwards."      
                        -----Nietzsche from "The Twilight of the Idols."     

"What was given to us by the past is adapted to the possibilities of the 
      future."          -----Carl Jung.    

"Man is the cruelest animal."
                        -----by Friedrich Nietzsche.

"It is not a matter of survival of the fittest but survival of the fiercest." 
                        -----W.B. Vogel.  

"The end is where we start from."  
                        -----T.S. Eliot, "LITTLE GIDDING."        

"All great things must first wear terrifying masks in order to burn itself 
      into the minds of humanity."
                        -----by Friedrich Nietzsche.


This section contains album (Cd) reviews.  Enjoy...

                         "Brand New Sin (Self-Titled)"
                               Bill Vogel III

May 13, 2002 A.D.    

The Syracuse, New York band Brand New Sin is a refreshing change.  Their new 
self-titled opus, out on Now Or Never Records, is a Bluesy, Hardcore tinged 
Hard Rock slab in the vein of Corrosion Of Conformity.  Formerly known as 
Godbelow, the band went through a stylistic change and decided a name change 
was in order as well.    

Brand New Sin has a raw, groove-laden sound with a Southern Blues lilt.  Joe 
Altier's vocals are slightly aggressive, having latent rumble-'n'-roar 
quality.  The instrumentals bleed spine-ripping hooks, which is what Brand 
New Sin is all about.  Brand New Sin is one of the Best New Bands of 2002.   

The most killer cuts include the swaggering "Broken Soul," "Sad Wings," 
"Desperate Times Desperate Means," and "Shattered."  There's a lot of good 
stomp here.    

Overall, Brand New Sin is a great band that offers a little something 
different.  And they do so brilliantly.  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Corrosion Of Conformity, Tree, Brother Cane, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

Email at:       

Copyright 2002.       


                      "'Wages Of Sin' by Arch Enemy"
                             Bill Vogel III

April 27, 2002 A.D.    

All things change.  It's evolution-survival of the fiercest.  One band that's 
had a subtle change is Arch Enemy.  When their vocalist Liiva departed, they 
recruited the lovely Angela Gossnow (formerly of Asmodina and Mistress) to 
fill the void.  And then was born the change.    

Their new opus "Wages Of Sin" [Century Media Records] is a slightly more 
aggressive work.  Lady Gossnow has a vicious, almost masculine growl that is 
guttural and ferocious.  Amott's guitars are sharp and heavy, but still 
melodic.  The rhythms are fast, exploding overhead like cluster-bombs for 
maximum damage.    

Arch Enemy creates a style of Melodic Swedish Death Metal that is 
unsurpassed.  The best cuts here include "Ravenous," "Dead Bury Their Dead," 
the wickedly powerful "Behind The Smile," and my favorite "Heart Of 
Darkness."  Arch Enemy burns brilliantly, and will continue to do so.    

In summary, Arch Enemy is pure, savage genius.  And, their classic opus 
"Black Earth" will be reissued soon.  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Forsaken, Konkhra, Carcass, Soilwork, Night In  
                   Gales, Dark Tranquillity, Kalmah, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Copyright 2002.       


                     "'The Blood Shall Flow' by Infamy" 
                               Bill Vogel III

April 9, 2002 A.D.   

Brutality is an art.  Rising from the ashes of Entety, the band Infamy was 
born like a violent reaction to the times.  Infamy has a sound like a death 
rattle-furious and dark.  Their new opus, "The Blood Shall Flow" 
[Mercenary/World War III Records], is a horrific display of sublime 

Infamy's style is a form of Epic Grind/Death Metal with a quality leaning 
towards a pure, cosmic darkness.  Slow, epic moments are contrasted against 
fiery, blisteringly fast sieges of Death/Grindcore.  The result is sheer, 
crushing sonic mayhem.  And it is good.    

The best of this onslaught includes the explosive "Lacerated," "Count The 
Dead," "Graveside Bloodfeast," the frenzied rampage of "The Maggots Are In 
Me," "Salem's Burning," and "Mass Cremation."  Infamy is a storm unleashed.  

Overall, this is a gore soaked delight made for the truest, bloodiest 
lunatics.  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Deteriorot, Sepsism, Avulsed, Blasphemy, Centinex,  
                   Usurper, Cadaver Inc., Benediction, Pungent Stench,  
                   Righteous Pigs, Entety, Krisiun, Aeon, Decapitated,  
                   Shadows Fall, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2002.       

                     "'Vengeance Ascending' by Diabolic"
                               Bill Vogel III

April 23, 2002 A.D.    

The skull hits just keep on coming.  Diabolic does a brand of Florida Style 
Death Metal with a Old School/Death Thrash Metal malignant genius.  Their 
opus "Vengeance Ascending" [Olympic Records] is a slashing, tearing bestial 
display of pure devastation.    

Shredding growled vocals crown thrashing, powerful guitars stitched together 
by pummeling rhythm assault.  Diabolic does it with an old fashioned fury, 
but with a very modern intensity.  There's no need for trendy gimmicks or 

The most killer cuts are "All Evils Inside," the frenzied slugfest of "Cease 
To Be," "Marked For Banishment," "The Shallowed," and the crushing execution 
of "Darken The Imagination."  Diabolic offers no clemency from its wrath.    

In summary, Diabolic has manifested another great work of hellish delights.  
Isn't that reason enough?  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Deceased, Monstrosity, Sadus, Deicide, Centinex,  
                   Pestilence, Malevolent Creation, Usurper, Death,  
                   Massacre, Obituary, Sepultura, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Copyright 2002.       


                      "'Embrace Oblivion' by Tearabyte"
                                Bill Vogel III

April 18, 2002 A.D.    

Oblivion is right.  The Texas band Tearabyte creates Sludgy Doom Metal like 
few others.  Their latest offering of drear, titled "Embrace Oblivion" 
[Screaming Ferret Wreckords], is an abyssal slab of sonic gloom charged with 
pure intensity.    

The vocals are midrange with a slight (very slight) aggressive quality.  The 
guitars have a sludgy, distorted clamor.  Tearabyte is massive.    

The best songs include "Pissing Contest," the crushing attack of "One More 
Day," "Spear Of Destiny," "Strike The Enemy," and "Embrace Oblivion."    

In summary, Tearabyte can hold their own with the masters of the style.  And 
they will just get better.  So, get with the gloom.  Stay savage.  Farewell. 

Related Bands:     Saint Vitus, Down, Obsessed, SunnO))), Unearth,  
                   Trouble, Stygian, Black Sabbath, Boris, Cathedral,  
                   Sons Of Otis, Goliath, Electric Wizard, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Copyright 2002.       


                 "'1919 Eternal' by Black Label Society"
                             Bill Vogel III

April 24, 2002 A.D.    

One of the most highly underrated bands around has to be Black Label Society. 
One of the many projects that Zakk Wylde devotes his talents to, this band 
can easily stand on its own merits.  And they do so with a roar.    

One their new opus, "1919 Eternal" [Spitfire Records], takes a more melodic 
approach to Black Label Society's style.  The sound is a very melodic, yet 
heavy form of Psychedelic Powercore Metal.  The vocals are clean and deep, 
but at times carry a slight, aggressive rumble.  The guitar work is heavy, 
and often has a trippy feel.    

The best cuts include "Graveyard Disciples," the slow and powerful "Bleed For 
Me" (my favorite one), "Refuse To Bow Down," "Berserkers," the crushing 
"Lords of Destruction," "Battering Ram," and "America The Beautiful."  Black 
Label Society creates a unique, cool form of brutality.    

In summary, the wardogs that are Black Label Society have returned with yet 
another excellent slab of molten mayhem in "1919 Eternal."  So get brutal.  
Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Pantera, Systematic, Stereomud, Sevendust,  
                   Drowning Pool, Kilgore Smudge (a.k.a. Kilgore), etc.      

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Copyright 2002.       


                           "'Hymns' by Godflesh"
                              Bill Vogel III

February 13, 2002 A.D.    

Swedish Grindcore masters Godflesh have returned with their best opus since 
the monumental "Pure" [Earache Records].  Their new slab is called "Hymns" 
[Koch Records], and it continues the evolution of the Godflesh sound.  And it 
is a massive sound at that.    

Godflesh plays a crushing brand of Industrial/Doomgrind Metal that is slow at 
times, and manic at others.  This immense shift in tempos adds an extra 
edginess to their style.  Slow, colossal waves of guitar noise slosh over 
raspy, growled vocals and mechanized drum beats.  Then the whole thing does a 
polarity shift into a fast, ferocious, and industrial strength display of 

The most incredible cuts include the ballistic "Vampires," "White Flag," 
"Anthem," and my favorite, "Deaf, Dumb & Blind."  Godflesh is in-dub 
psychosis for the truly brutal.    

In final words on final thoughts, Godflesh has a hulking, massive sound that 
is as ominous as it is eloquent.  When Godflesh is done, sorrow has a 
dreadful beauty all its own.  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Static-X, Skin Chamber, Fear Factory, Meathook Seed,  
                   Drown, KMFDM, Ministry, Carcass, Mindfield, Fudge 
                   Tunnel, Berzerker, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2002.       

                      "'The Sham Mirrors' by Arcturus"
                              Bill Vogel III

April 26, 2002 A.D.    

The infamous Garm and Hellhammer have returned, resurrecting the legendary 
vanguard experimental act Arcturus from a dark cast repose.  Arcturus had 
created some truly surreal Black Metal in the past, but their sound has 
greatly evolved.  So be warned, this is different but very good.    

Arcturus has become even more avant-garde.  On "The Sham Mirrors" [The End 
Records] their sound has journeyed into a Dark Epic/Avant-Garde Gothic Metal. 
Keyboards are used heavily, creating a beautifully bleak atmosphere.  These 
synthesized elements are of the Dark Gothic persuasion, with slight, subtle 
Techno influences at times.    

The guitars have a sharp, progressive feel while retaining that dark edge 
that makes Arcturus so good.  Garm's vocals are clean and powerful, mixing 
fluidly into this ethereal firmament.  Arcturus is majestic, grim, and 
sublime all at the same time.    

The most amazing of these tracks include "Nightmare Heaven," the vast epic 
"For To End Yet Again," "Star-Crossed," and "Radical Cut."  Everyone is 
serenely dismal.    

Overall, this is a great work by a legendary group.  This one is those enjoy 
a darkness of esoteric beauty.  Stay dark.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Borknagar, Green Carnation, Babylon Whores,  
                   Winds, Darkseed, Diabolique, My Dying Bride,  
                   Mental Home, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Copyright 2002.       

                "'Into The Deepest Wounds' by Withered Earth" 
                              Bill Vogel III

April 11, 2002 A.D.   

From subhuman savagery to inhuman ferocity, few bands can blast it to its 
purest archetype like Withered Earth.  Their latest slab of violent 
progressions, "Into The Deepest Wounds" [Olympic Records], is a bruising 

Withered Earth's brand of Death Metal is brutal.  Instead of seeking 
heaviness through sheer speed, the use powerful, somewhat disjointed grooves 
and massive intensity to achieve perfection.  The result is brilliantly 

Guttural growls crown this fray.  The most killer tracks include the 
onslaught of "Supernatural Terror Unearthed By Storms," the obliterating roar 
of "I Am Despair," "From Whence The Flesh We Conquer," "Blinded By A Dark 
Matter Sky," and "False, Emotion, Strain."  Withered Earth crushes.    

Overall, this is a relentless, amazing opus that is a must for any Death 
Metal freak.  Withered Earth is as unforgettable as the end of the world.  
Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Oppressor, Avulsed, Internal Bleeding, Afterlife,  
                   Cryptopsy, Obituary, Usurper, Yattering, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2002.       

                "'1991-2001 Forever True' DVD by Earth Crisis"
                              Bill Vogel III

March 14, 2002 A.D.    

From the scathing Hardcore underground rose a legend, the powerhouse band 
Earth Crisis.  Fusing the brutality of Metal, the Hardcore D.I.Y. (Do It 
Yourself) ethic, and the Straight Edge philosophy (ala influential acts like 
Minor Threat), they created a beautiful aggression that could be rivaled by 
few.  But it influenced many.    

Pure Hardcore radicals ridiculed them for being 'too Metal.'  Earth Crisis 
took it in stride.  They loved Metal, and they persevered.  The naysayers' 
jibes were more of a compliment by their way of thinking.  And Earth Crisis 
had the last laugh.  

This DVD package, "1991-2001 Forever True" [Victory Records], chronicles 
their last live performance.  As added bonuses it features a documentary 
covering their history, their recent tour of Japan, and their on-the-road 
antics.  It also features interviews with the band, the "Nemesis" video 
(along with its making), and much more.    

The only shortcoming of this work is that the sound is a little rough during 
the concert footage.  But even with that, Earth Crisis destroys brilliantly. 
No matter how raw the sound, they could conquer it with their sheer, glowing 

Earth Crisis has now, sadly, called it a day.  Even though we will miss them, 
this is a fitting epitaph.  They may be gone, but they will never be 
forgotten.  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Hatebreed, Bloodlet, Scar Culture, Haste, Turmoil,  
                   Indecision, Hoods, All Else Failed, Overcast, Closer 
                   Than Kin, Skarhead, Stretch Arm Strong, Deadguy,  
                   God Forbid, Strife, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2002.       

                   "'The Lament Configuration' by December"
                              Bill Vogel III

April 23, 2002 A.D.    

From the strangely cool and brutal, the band December cuts some unique 
territory with their surreal brand of Avant-Garde Death Metal.  Their new 
album, "The Lament Configuration" [Earache Records], is a cataclysmic journey 
into the bizarrely ferocious.  It is both intriguing, and obliterating.    

It is quite the savage mixture.  Slight elements of Black Metal, Swedish 
Style Death, Hardcore, and Thrash are fused into Epic Death Metal.  The 
vocals are a distorted, mechanically raw growl with a Hardcore/Metalcore 
nuance.  This is then welded onto a fast, surreal instrumental roar-
consisting of avant-garde elements, fiery guitars, and ebon rage.    

December is dark, brutal, and beautifully vicious.  The most wickedly 
excellent tracks include "Lay Dead," the savagery of "Vertigo," "Trial," 
"Icenine," and "Quiet Cold."  Every cut is intense.    

In conclusion, December has created a breathtaking, bleeding-edge assault on 
the senses.  And it is a must for devotees of dark, extreme music.  Stay 
savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Witchery, Usurper, Forsaken, Eucharist, Naglfar,  
                   Decapitated, Godgory, Mental Horror, Aeon, Today 
                   Is The Day, Meshuggah, Neurosis, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Copyright 2002.       

              "'Dead Flowers For A Dying Lover' by Closer Than Kin"
                               Bill Vogel III

April 25, 2002 A.D.    

Some bands are just killer.  One such act is Closer Than Kin.  Their new 
independently released opus, "Dead Flowers For A Dying Lover," is an vicious 
slab of Dark Metalcore.  And 'vicious' is the right word for it...    

Combining the D.I.Y. Hardcore ethos, the dark brutality of Metal, and sheer, 
unbridled aggression is a fueled-charged, fluid roar for Closer Than Kin.  
Shrieked growls, machine precision rhythms, blasting guitars, and a sublime 
malevolence are the critical elements of their sound.  Closer Than Kin 

This 5 song Mini-CD offers no repose.  The best of these cuts includes the 
forlorn anger of "When Toys Are Traded For Tears," "If Demons Could Weep," 
and "The Decay Of Autumn."  The other two tracks, "A Last Prayer (Intro)" and 
"Dead Flowers For A Dying Lover," are good as well.    

Overall, "Dead Flowers For A Dying Lover" is a quick, concise burst of 
brilliant, aggressive intensity.  If this is a sign of what is to come from 
Closer Than Kin, then I can't wait for the grim future ahead.  Stay savage.  

Related Bands:     Indecision, Hatebreed, Dim Mak, Overcast, Haste,  
                   Turmoil, Candiria, God Forbid, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2002.       

                    "'Degradation Trip' by Jerry Cantrell"
                              Bill Vogel III

May 14, 2002 A.D.    

With the sudden demise of the great Layne Staley, the title of this album 
seems to hold some extra meaning.  Jerry Cantrell's new solo opus, 
"Degradation Trip" [Roadrunner Records], is a Grunge Metal power-trip.  It's 
a beautiful downgrade.    

Often, Jerry Cantrell as a solo work sounds much like Alice In Chains-even at 
times the vocals are very reminiscent of Staley's.  But, having said this, 
there is still a unique quality and vibrancy that is all his own.  It's 
solid, hard rockin', good, no frills Rock.    

The best cuts include "Anger Rising" (a song about the traditions of anger, 
and abuse), "Angel Eyes," and "Psychotic Break.    

Overall, Jerry Cantrell has brought something worthwhile and different to the 
current Metal melee.  But, when it's all said and done, I still miss Alice In 
Chains.  Stay intense.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Smashing Pumpkins, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam,  
                   Mudhoney, Toadies, Nirvana, Melvins, Candlebox,  
                   Brother Cane, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Copyright 2002.       


                         "'Cunt' by Blood Duster"
                              Bill Vogel III

March 1, 2002 A.D.    

When it comes to Grindcore, one band stands alone...many leagues ahead of the 
rest.  That band is Blood Duster.  This Australian act's third opus of brutal 
brilliance, titled "Cunt" [Relapse Records], continues their basic, beautiful 

Blood Duster's brand of Grind is what I call Southcore-Bluesy, slower 
brutality highlighted with furious bursts of blasting Grindcore aggression.  
It's a sound seeped in hostility and sheer soul-crushing groove.  But what 
else would one expect from a band who claims both Napalm Death and Lynard 
Skynard as major influences?    

The words "simply amazing" will suffice for both the band and its unique 
assemblage of formative forensic favorites.    

Their tracks often incorporate samples from B-grade movies and adult cinema. 
These Australians can, and do, perform straight-up face-melting 
Grindcore...but they are at their best when they are sloshing through their 
slower, groovier sound.  The are a pulverizing, guttural growl of crusty 
rage.  It all fits together perfectly.    

The best, most ferocious tracks include "THEOBJECTISTOSHIFTSOMEUNITS," the 
the metallic, shredding destruction of "DON'TCALLMEHOMEBOYYA'CUNT."  Blood 
Duster is not for the easily offended.    

Overall, Blood Duster kills.  And when it comes to Grindcore, they are 
absolutely one of the best acts ever.  So there.  Stay savage.  Farewell.    

Related Bands:     Circle Of Dead Children, Phobia, Nasum, Naked City,  
                   Candiria, Godflesh, Napalm Death, Benumb, Abscess,  
                   Burnt By The Sun, C.S.S.O., Pig Destroyer, Vulgar,  
                   Pigeons, Luddite Clone, Dillinger Escape Plan, All  
                   Else Failed, Indecision, Maharajh, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2002.       

          "'Crusty Mother F*ckn Roll And Roll/ Guilty Of Sloth' SPLIT
                        by Sofa King Killer/Leechmilk" 
                               Bill Vogel III

April 9, 2002 A.D.   

I was surprised when I listened to this release.  It was even better than 
what I expected.  The split CD by the bands Sofa King Killer and Leechmilk, 
titled "Crusty Mother F*ckn Roll And Roll/ Guilty Of Sloth" [Teepee Records], 
is a teeth-rattling, skull-shattering experience in brutality.  And it is the 
best album to date released by Teepee Records.    

Surpassing the Stoner Rock stereotype, Sofa King Killer creates Psychedelic 
Doomdeath Metal with a Black Sabbath tinge.  Imagine Kyuss doing Doomdeath 
and you'll get the blood-splattered, lava lamp lit picture.  They're trippy 
and ferocious.    

And Leechmilk is, well, incredible.  They manifest a crushing 
Sludgy/Doom/Death/Crustcore Metal style that is obliterating.  Words really 
can't do their sound justice.    

The first 6 cuts (the "Guilty Of Sloth" portion) are by Leechmilk.  The most 
powerful of these include the primal "Of Wall" (which features samples from 
an execution), and "Saltlick."  Leechmilk is Doom bleeding Hardcore 

The last 7 songs (the "Crusty Mother F*ckn Roll And Roll" portion) are the 
Sofa King Killer cuts.  The best of these include the instrumental track 
"Cajun Lady," "Fearless Shadow," and "Take Me Up On That."    

In summary, this is an excellent split by 2 great bands.  There's nothing 
like truly great Doom...  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Acid Bath, Warhorse, Eyehategod, Crowbar, Rabies  
                   Caste, Luddite Clone, Dead Horse, Sorrow, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2002.       

***Classic Pick

                   "'When The Kite String Pops' by Acid Bath"
                                Bill Vogel III

May 7, 2002 A.D.    

One of the truly greatest Metal bands ever had to be the Kenner, Louisiana 
outfit Acid Bath.  Sadly, they are no more.  But their genius, and legend, 
lives on.    

Their 1994 debut, "When The Kite String Pops" [Rotten Records], is a true 
masterpiece.  So why do a review so many years later?  Because greatness 
never gets old, it transcends the oblivion fated to the trendwhores.    

Acid Bath changed my life forever, making my darkness sublime.  Combining 
darkly poetic, aggressive lyrics with a multitude of musical styles-including 
Death Metal, Gothic, Doom, Grind, Hardcore, and Swampcore-they were masters 
of metallic dirge.    

Dax Riggs vocals could fluidly shift between a mournful Gothic drone and a 
harsh, shrill Death growl.  Dax's voice was incredible, having a subtle 
brilliance twisting between dark power a soulful imperfection.  And lyrics 
were intensely poetic.    

All of the songs are chaotic marvels.  "The Blue" is a Psychedelic/Doom Death 
monster.  The groove is fierce.  The lyrics state, "The sun burns on, it 
reminds me of you, the slit wrists of the sky, bleeding into the blue, we 
twist beneath forever."    

Another one of my favorites is "Scream Of The Butterfly."  It's an extremely 
bleak Gothic piece that uses sorrowful, somewhat discordant acoustical 
instruments along with the electric abysm.  Dax's voice is a clean, deep howl 
singing, "A tear spills down her cheek, stillborn songs of a dead dreamer, 
hymns of the needle freak, with sunlight in her hair she smiles like she 
don't care, her dreams are liquid blue."    

Acid Bath's lyrics are beautiful, grotesque, horrific, and savage.    

Other great songs here include the woeful, yet psychotic "Finger Paintings Of 
The Insane," "Jezebel," "Cassie Eats Cockroaches," and "The Bones Of Baby 

In summary, Acid Bath is not for the timid.  Clarity, and beauty, often 
demand brutality.  ...As the sky bleeds into the blue.  Stay savage.  

Related Bands:     Agents Of Oblivion, Blood Duster, Goatwhore,  

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Copyright 2002.       


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More Metal news than one person can stand in one issue!    

Coal Chamber///  Their new CD, "Dark Days," is out.  This one is a return to 
their glorious fury.    

Pissing Razors///  Their new scorcher is called "Where We Are From."  ...A it 
is pure, savage Tribal/Industrial Death Metal for the end.    

Sinch///  Their self-titled debut is an acidic Aggro Metal onslaught.  It's 
out on Roadrunner Records.       

FATIMA HILL/// This Japanese act has released their new album "Aion."     

Marilyn Manson///  Twiggy Ramirez has left the band.    

Soulfly///  The name of the forthcoming, and exceptionally killer, Soulfly 
opus is "3."  It'll be out soon on Roadrunner Records.    

Entety///  This early '90s Necrogrind band will have their early works 
reissued.  Mercenary Musik has unearthed the original "Necrogrind" sessions & 
the never released "Into The Desolate" recordings.  They have been remixed, 
remastered, and repackaged for this classic release, "Cadaveric Necrogrind." 
Ginger Snaps///  Want to see a ferocious movie, with a scorching soundtrack? 
Then "Ginger Snaps" is the one.  It's a quirky, dark horror/comedy with 
lycanthropy (werewolf-ism).  This is a "coming of age" flick on massive doses 
of adrenaline and psychosis.  The soundtrack features Hatebreed, Fear 
Factory, GlassJaw, Shadows Fall, Project 86, Sinch, Machine Head, Godhead, 
Junkie XL, Cradle Of Filth, Soulfly, Killswitch Engage, Saliva, and 
Professional Murder Music.    

THURSDAY vs. Victory Records Dispute///  ...Statement from Victory Records...
"CHICAGO, IL (May 30, 2002) It is regrettable that the members of
Thursday wish to voice their imaginary grievances with Victory Records
on the Internet and in the press.  Victory has fully lived up to its
agreements with the group. Thursday has breached those agreements.  The
members of the group have resorted to misrepresentation and unwarranted
character assassination in an attempt to justify retroactively their
improper signing of a recording agreement with Lyor Cohen at Island/Def
Jam, one of the Universal Music Group labels."    

Throes Of Dawn///  Their new opus of Dark Metal, titled "Binding Of The 
Spirit," combines Black Metal shrieks, occasional clean vocals, synthesizers, 
and abysmal fury.    

Bloodlet///  These Metalcore giants have returned with "Three Humid Nights In 
The Cypress Trees" [Victory Records].  It will be released on June 4.  This 
is a rough and fuzzy gem of raw Emo tinged Metalcore reverberating rumble-

Stay savage.  Hail Darkness.       


///May 30, 2002 A.D.       

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