Vol. 5 No. 2 (ai Vol. 8 No. 2; #80)
February 13, 2001 A.D.
February Issue


Bill Vogel III

Darkness Falls...


Greetings from the new millennium, and the new Dark Age...  It is time for 
the shadows to fall once more, and the Armies of the Night to rise as 
infinity dimly fades into eternal night.  So let the stars burn for evermore. 
Let us enter STRANGER AEONS. Enjoy, tribes of chaos.  Hail Darkness, and God.

Grit your teeth, and DARE it!  Grim journeys...    

In the news***

Rising from the abyss...  INCANTATION, the legendary masters of Brutal Death 
Metal, have signed with Necropolis Records.  Other acts recently snagged by 
this label include CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN and PHOBIA.    

Bassist Mike Inez is rumored to be a serious possibility for the replacement 
of Jason Newsted in METALLICA.  But does anyone still care?    

LIVING COLOUR has reformed.      

The month of May will start with a roar.  PROJECT 86 will be headlining a 
tour starting in May.  The opening acts will be LIVING SACRIFICE and 

Those who remember the Rapcore Metal band MANHOLE (later known as TURA 
SATANA), or who are looking for something a little different, will want to 
checkout the band MY RUIN.  Formed by vocalist Miss B., their latest slab is 
called "Speak & Destroy."    

Like your Aggro Metal with a smoother, less visceral edge?  Then the new CD 
by SKRAPE will be perfect.  It is titled "New Killer America."    

LOST SOUL has released their new slab of gut grinding Death Metal on Relapse 
Records.  It is titled "Scream Of The Mourning Star."    

Remember the Norwegian Death/Grind Metal band CADAVER?  All new incarnation 
of that act has resurrected under the moniker of CADAVER INC.  It features 
former members of CADAVER and DIMMU BORGIR among others.  They have signed 
with Earache Records.  Their sound has been described as Blackened Death/ 
Grind Metal.    

Checkout the reissues of two classic Black Metal releases on Necropolis 
Records.  They are "The Past Is Alive" by Black/Death Metal legends 
DISSECTION, and "In The Sign" by DARK FUNERAL.  They have been remastered and 
packaged with added information.    

DERANGED's first 2 Mini-CDs will be reissued along with the "X-Rated" full 
length, all on one CD.  The latter release features a cover of "Paint It 
Black," originally done by the Rolling Stones.    

A correction...a new CD by KULT OF AZAZEL, titled "Triumph Of Fire," was 
released on Arctic Records and distributed by Pavement Records.    

The new DEEDS OF FLESH CD is called "Path Of Weakening."  It's out now on 
Pavement Records.    

DIVINE EMPIRE has a new CD out called "Doomed To Inherit."  This opus was 
released by Olympic Records.   

WITHERED EARTH will soon be releasing their new CD, called "Into The Deepest 

The Death Metal band SADISTIC INTENT has a new album ready for release.  It 
is titled "The Second Coming Of Darkness" and it will be out soon on 
Necropolis Records.       

FLESHGRIND, the Chicago Death Metal killing machine, has a new CD out titled 
"The Seeds Of Abysmal Torment."  The sweet agony of it all...    

DEFILED, the Japanese Deathrash maniacs with a vengeance, have issued their 
latest slab of flesh and teeth.  It is aptly titled "Ugliness Revealed."    

JUNGLE ROT's new CD is called "Dead And Buried."     

The debut of the Death Metal wrecking crew known as MURDER SQUAD is out now 
on Pavement Records.  This act includes members from bands such as ENTOMBED 
and DISMEMBER.  Their debut on Pavement Records is titled "Unsane, Insane, 
And Mentally Deranged." 

HASTE has a new CD called "When Reason Sleeps."  This is Metalcore with 
elements of Emocore.  Excellent stuff...    

Canadian Death Metal fiends have a new CD out called "From Wisdom To Hate."  
The opus "Obscura" has also been reissued.    

German Punk Rockers DIE TOTEN HOSEN has a new release out on Nuclear Blast 
Records.  It is called "Crash-Landing."       

DARKANE has a new one out on Century Media Records.  It is aptly titled 
"Insanity."  This is killer Swedish Style Death Metal.      

BRAINSTORM has released their new opus, "Unholy."    

Old School Death Metal freaks DECEASED have a new live album out on Pavement 
Records.  It is called "Up The Tombstones."  They a forthcoming studio 
release out soon on Relapse Records.    

MURDER CORPORATION, which features former members of DERANGED, has released 
their self-titled opus of riotous Death Metal on Qabalah/Repulse Records.    

"Requiems Of Revulsion: A Tribute To Carcass" is out andfeatures the 
following list of tracks...  

            Regurgitate - Genital Grinder
            Rotten Sound - Reek Of Putrefaction
            Haemorrhage - Rotten To The Gore
            Nasum - Tools Of The Trade
            Cattle Decapitation - Burnt To A Crisp
            Exhumed - Exhume To Consume
            Disgorge - Hepatic Tissue Fermentation
            Machetzo - Suppuration
            General Surgery - Empathological Necroticism
            Necrony - Pungent Excruciation
            Impaled - Carneous Cacoffiny
            Pig Destroyer - Genital Grinder/Regurgitation Of Giblets
            Vulgar Pigeons - Corporeal Jigsore Quandry
            Bodies Lay Broken - Microwaved Uterogestation
            Engorged - Swarming Vulgar Mass Of Infected Virulency
            Dead Infection - Pungent Excruciation
            Avulsed - Embryonic Necropsy And Devourment
            Regurgitate - Psychopathologist       

The new release from ETERNAL OATH is out now on Pulverised Records.    

Norwegian Black Metal band DISMAL EUPHONY has a new CD out soon on Nuclear 
Blast Records, titled "Python Zero."  It's said to be a progressive genre 

DIESEL MACHINE has finally released their debut opus, titled "Torture Test," 
on SPV/Steamhammer Records.  This is ripping Death Metal.      

Among the other terrors in this issue are REVIEWS of the following albums:

        CHAOS THEORY......................"Chaos Theory"    
        DIECAST..........................."Day Of Reckoning"    
        BACKFIRE!........................."Still Dedicated"    
        BLOOD STAINED DUSK................"The Dirge of Death's Silence"    
        DIMMU BORGIR......................"Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia" 
        CARNAL FORGE......................"Firedemon"    
        GANDALF..........................."Rock Hell"    
        SKINLESS.........................."Foreshadowing Our Demise"    
        GODHEAD..........................."2000 Years Of Human Error"    
        HAUNTED..........................."Haunted Made Me Do It"    
        RAGING SLAB......................."The Dealer"    

These are 13 CDs that are sworn to brutalize without any tinge remorse, or 
mercy for that matter.  I offer only the best and most savage, never anything 
less. Get brutalized!      

Welcome to Stranger Aeons.  These days are strange...  Farewell.

//////William the Bloody [a.k.a. Bill Vogel III]    

February 13, 2000 A.D.///////          

                            ***Hellion Crew***

This section has ten (or more) new or classic Cds that are cool.  They are in 
no particular order.

1.	"When Reason Sleeps" by Haste [Brutal Metalcore with Emocore 
            inflections and melodic edginess.  Simply brilliant...]    
2.    "Predominance" by Suspiria [Thrashy Black Metal with an eccentric and  
            sublime malevolence.]    
3.	"Kingdoms Of Greed" by Unmoored [Frenetic Death Metal with a rabid  
4.    "Hellbrigade" by Centinex [Brutal Dark Metal in the Swedish style-fast, 
            heavy, and wickedly tenacious.  ...A definite must for the 
            vicious at heart.]    
5.    "Choice Cuts" by Impaled [New, rare, and cover tunes by these Oakland 
            Death Metal freaks.  Really gross artwork here.]    
6.    "Drowning In Tragedy" by Eternal Suffering [Brutal Death Metal with a 
            crushing vibe.]  
7.    "Ugliness Revealed" by Defiled [Frenetic Deathrash Metal...]    
8.    BURNT BY THE SUN [Brutal Hardcore savagery stitched together with equal 
            parts nuance and gristle.]    
9.    DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN [Re-issue of Grind/Metalcore Metal with
            monstrous, aggressive tempos...]    
10.   "Insanity" by Darkane [Excellent and hypnotic Swedish Style Death Metal
            with a slight Classical twist here and there.]    
11.   "Am Universum" by Amorphis [Beautiful, gritty Doom Metal with complex
            keyboards and guitar structures.]    
12.   "Solstice Of Oppression" by Oppressor [Brutal Death Metal with a soul 
            of creative chaos.  This is a re-issue.]    
13.   "Murder's Concept" by Yattering [Crushing Death Metal with a brutal
            brilliance.  Really good...]       

                          ***Age Of The Blade***

More, more Metal news...

God Forbid///  Here's a tour schedule...    

God Forbid (with DIECAST only):    

     Sunday, April 1 - Planet 505 @ Syracuse, NY
     Monday, April 2 - Bill's Bar @ Boston, MA

God Forbid Miscellaneous:    

     April 6/7 - NJ Metal Fest
     April 8-13 - Short North American tour 
                             with STAMPIN GROUND, ORIGIN and ESOTERIC
     April 14 - New England Metal Fest
     April 14-21 - Tour across America to begin 
                             with NEVERMORE tour on April 22    

Reach The Sky///  Besides having a killer new slab of Emocore out, called 
"Friends, Lies And The End Of The World," they start the Dropkick Murphy's 
tour on March 9th in Poughkeepsie, NY.  That tour continues until the end of 
April.  Here's a schedule...


     01 San Antonio, TX @ WHITE RABBIT w/Dropkick Murphy's, Swingin Utters, 
                           Lars & the Bastards
     03 Mesa, AZ @ NILE BASEMENT w/Dropkick Murphy's, Swingin Utters, Lars &
                           the Bastards
     04 San Diego, CA @ CANE'S w/Dropkick Murphy's, Swingin Utters, Lars & 
                           the Bastards
     05 Los Angeles, CA @ THE PALACE w/Dropkick Murphy's, Swingin Utters, 
                           Lars & the Bastards
     07 Las Vegas, NV @ HUNTRIDGE THEATRE w/Dropkick Murphy's, Swingin
                           Utters, Lars & the Bastards
     08 San Francisco, CA @ MARATIME HALL w/Dropkick Murphy's, Swingin 
                           Utters, Lars & the Bastards
     10 Santa Cruz, CA @ CATALYST w/Dropkick Murphy's, Swingin Utters, Lars & 
                           the Bastards
     11 Chico, CA @ BRICK WORKS w/Dropkick Murphy's, Swingin Utters, Lars & 
                           the Bastards
     12 Portland, OR @ THE PINE STREET THEATRE w/Dropkick Murphy's, Lars &
                           the Bastards
     13 Seattle, WA @ DV8 w/Dropkick Murphy's, Lars & the Bastards
     14 Vancouver, BC @ CROATIAN CULTURAL CENTER w/Dropkick Murphy's,
                           Lars & the Bastards
     17 Colorado Springs, CO @ COLORADO MUSIC HALL w/Dropkick Murphy's, Lars
                           & the Bastards
     18 Denver, CO @ OGDEN THEATRE w/Dropkick Murphy's, Lars & the Bastards
     19 Lawrence, KS @ GRANADA THEATRE w/Dropkick Murphy's, Lars & the
     20 St Louis, MO @ MISSISSIPPI NIGHTS w/Dropkick Murphy's, Lars & the
     22 Minneapolis, MN @ FIRST AVENUE w/Dropkick Murphy's, Lars & the 
     23 Chicago, IL @ HOUSE OF BLUES w/Dropkick Murphy's, Lars & the Bastards
     25 Cincinatti, OH @ BOGARTS w/Dropkick Murphy's, Swingin Utters, Lars & 
                           the Bastards
     26 Pontiac, MI @ PONTIAC SILVERDOME w/Dropkick Murphy's, Swingin Utters,
                           Lars & the Bastards
     27 Cleveland, OH @ AGORA THEATRE w/Dropkick Murphy's, Swingin Utters, 
                           Lars & the Bastards
     28 Pittsburgh, PA @ CLUB LAGA w/Dropkick Murphy's, Swingin Utters, Lars 
                           & the Bastards    

The Damned///  Has signed with Nitro Records.    

Corvus Corax///  These esoteric masters of extreme Metal have released their 
new opus on Dark Symphonies Records.  Titled "The Atavistic Triad," it is a 
grim symphonic journey with elements of Black Metal, Gothic, Industrial, 
Doom, Classical, and Folk.    

Grade///  These Hardcore heroes have a new CD out on Victory Records.  The 
disc is titled "The Embarrassing Beginning."    

Infestation///  Be on the lookout for their new opus, titled "Immolation," on 
Pavement Records.  

Unmoored///  Their new nihilistic vision is called "Kingdoms Of Greed."  This 
is Death Metal at its most vicious.  Excellent stuff.  Expect a review soon. 
Rossomahaar///  This Russian band has signed a 4 album deal with X-Rated 
Records, who will also reissue their debut "Imperium Tenebrarum."  
ROSSOMAHAAR is Black Metal.  

Boy Hits Car///  They have a self-titled opus out on Wind Up Records.  This 
Emocore with Aggro elements.    

Factory 81///  This Rapcore/Aggro Metal band has a new CD out, "Mankind," on 
Medea Records.    

Saliva///  Their new CD is called "Every Sixty Seconds."    

Dr. Know///  The legendary Raw Edged Deathrash Metal has issued a new opus on 
Cleopatra Records.  It is called "What Is Old Is New."    

Unloco///  Melodic Aggro Metal band has a new release out called "Healing."  
Murder 1 Blues Army///  This Psychedelic Metal band has a new CD, called 
"Mordor Rising."    

///Bill Vogel III
March 22, 2001 A.D.    

                            ***Tongue Lash***

This section contains quotes from songs, bands, band members, books, movies, 
TV, etc.  

"What is life? It is a flash of a firefly in the night.  It is the breath of 
      a buffalo in the wintertime.  It is the little shadow which runs across 
      the grass and loses itself in the sunset."         

"A little fact is worth a whole limbo of dreams."    
                        -----Ralph Waldo Emerson.    

"Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers."    
                        -----Tennyson, "LOCKSLEY HALL."    

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he
      does not become a monster.  And when you look long into an
      abyss the abyss also looks into you."
                        -----from "Beyond Good And Evil" by   
                              Friedrich Nietzsche.

"Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake."    
                        -----Henry David Thoreau.    

"A man is a god in ruins."  

"Bad is never good until worse happens."    
                        -----Danish Proverb.    

"The historian looks backwards; eventually he also believes backwards."      
                        -----Nietzsche from "The Twilight of the Idols."     

"What was given to us by the past is adapted to the possibilities of the 
      future."          -----Carl Jung.    

"Man is the cruelest animal."
                        -----by Friedrich Nietzsche.

"It is not a matter of survival of the fittest but survival of the fiercest." 
                        -----W.B. Vogel.  

"The end is where we start from."  
                        -----T.S. Eliot, "LITTLE GIDDING."        

"All great things must first wear terrifying masks in order to burn itself 
      into the minds of humanity."
                        -----by Friedrich Nietzsche.


This section contains album (Cd) reviews.  Enjoy...

                     "'Chaos Theory' by CHAOS THEORY"
                              Bill Vogel III

March 27, 2001 A.D.    

The natural order is chaos.  And only in chaos can pure creativity be 
ignited.  The band Chaos Theory knows something about such a process.  On 
their new self-titled CD [SPV Records] they blast a roaring fusion of Aggro, 
Hardcore, and Metalcore into a artistic angst that is both heavy and emotive. 

Mixing beautiful brutality with pure anger, they expand the boundaries of 
aggression.  Their sound melds pounding, heavy rhythms with massive guitar 
assaults, and aggressive vocals having a slight Death growl rumble.  The 
result is sheer, monolithic brutality with a maddening brilliance.    

The six songs on the disc are all great, but the best ones are the wrecking 
"Idolkill," the pummeling barrage of "Pressure Situation," and appropriately 
called "Broken Face."  Brutality comes in many forms.  Chaos Theory is one of 
the best...    

In summary, this is a riotous, killer slab of Hardcore Aggro Metal meant for 
those who enjoy intensity.  Somewhere between Hatebreed and Slipknot is where 
Chaos Theory calls home.  This is a band that should not be overlooked.  
Chaos Theory has surpassed mere theory and became law.  Stay savage.  

Related Bands:     Mudvayne, Hatebreed, Slipknot, Unearth, Vis@40,  
                   Upheaval, Factory 81, Nonpoint, Slaves On Dope,  
                   Facedown, Overcast, Luddite Clone, Diecast, 
                   Anoxia, Dillinger Escape Plan, Dim Mak, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

Email address:       

Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                      "'Day Of Reckoning' by Diecast"
                             Bill Vogel III

March 25, 2001 A.D.    

A new upstart Metalcore group that has forged a fiery reputation for heights 
of aggression and pure ferocity is Diecast.  On their second opus, "Day Of 
Reckoning" [Now Or Never Records], lays siege on Hell.  Building a solid 
foundation on the DIY Hardcore ethos, they fuse ferocious Hardcore, Brutal 
Death Metal, and subtle, wicked grooves into a beautiful hostility.  
Aggression is good.  [Repeat that credo 3 times.]    

Their style mixes bludgeoning rhythms, fierce melodies, shrill Death growls 
along with guttural ones, and blowtorch guitar barrages.  The result is 
beautiful, brutal, and bombastic.  This is utter, visceral brilliance.    

The most ferocious and best cuts include "In The Shadows," the feral 
"Plague," "Disrepair," the massive wallop of "Remember The Fallen," and my 
favorite the vicious "Exacting My Revenge."  Each cut is a burst of 
unsullied, perfect rage.    

In conclusion, this is a heavy edged napalm assault of pure, perfect 
Metalcore chaos.  Get it, and exact your revenge on the mainstream.  Stay 
savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Dim Mak, Haste, Turmoil, Dillinger Escape Plan,  
                   Anoxia, Luddite Clone, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                     "'Still Dedicated' by Backfire!"
                             Bill Vogel III

March 15, 2001 A.D.    

There's something special about ultra aggressive Hardcore.  One band that has 
earned a legendary and well-deserved status in this genre is the act 
Backfire.  Their latest release, "Still Dedicated" [Victory Records], is an 
essential work for fans of the style.    

Backfire! (yes, the exclamation point is part of their name) has a sound that 
mixes fast, aggressive guitars and rhythms with raspy, growled vocals.  The 
melodies are fast, yet catchy.  And the overall effect is a catalyst for 
freeform mosh.  This is excellent Hardcore...    

The most killer cuts include "Don't Wanna Die Young," "Buried In The Fields," 
the whiplash smack of "No Turning Back," and my favorite one which is the 
title track.  A couple of the tracks have intro samples taken from movies, 
which are hilarious both in and out of context.    

Overall, this is an excellent work of angst driven Hardcore aggression that 
is direct, brilliant, and whacked.  This is one act that is definitely still 
dedicated to the DIY ethic.  Stay savage.  Farewell.    

Related Bands:     Haste, Turmoil, Hatebreed, Earth Crisis, Upheaval,  
                   Total Chaos, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.    

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.    

Copyright 2001.       

             "'The Dirge of Death's Silence' by Blood Stained Dusk"
                              Bill Vogel III

March 16, 2001 A.D.    

Black Metal comes in many forms.  One such style is Vampiric Black Metal, 
with greats like Siebenburgen and Cradle Of Filth being legendary masters of 
the art.  There is a new act that is blazing a reputation in this subgenre.  
That band is Blood Stained Dusk, and their new CD is titled "The Dirge of 
Death's Silence" [Necropolis Records].    

Blood Stained Dusk's sound is an intricate, complexly orchestrated frenzy of 
dense and manic guitar roar, shrill Blackened growls, and subtle atmospheres 
charged with pure, utter darkness.  The resulting maelstrom of musical mayhem 
is a bloodbath of sheer, stark aggression.  Simply put, it is horrifyingly 

An excellent creation, its most monumental cuts include "Renounce The Dawn," 
the wickedly tormenting beauty of "Saguinas Path (The Blood I Follow)," 
"Funeral Of Lamentation," and the frenzied assault of "Moon Behind The 
Storm."  All of them shine with an ebon rage.     

In eulogy, this is a sanguine opus of pure Vampiric Black Metal perfection.  
Any fan of Black or Extreme Metal should have this release.  So come with me, 
my kindred children of the night, down the darkened path.  We shall watch the 
Blood Moon rise...  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Siebenburgen, Cradle Of Filth, Emperor, Dimmu  
                   Borgir, Dissection, Thy Primordial, Serpent  
                   Obscene, Bloodthorn, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

            "'Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia' by Dimmu Borgir"
                             Bill Vogel III

March 20, 2001 A.D.    

From the darkened kingdoms of Black Metal there has risen an act hailed as 
one of the best of the genre.  The band is Dimmu Borgir, and on their latest 
opus in black, titled "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia" [Nuclear Blast 
Records], they illustrate the reason why in a continuous storm of ferocity.  

Their core sound has remained pure-fierce guitar blasts, ravenous Blackened 
screeches tinged with growled roars, frenetic rhythms, crazed keyboard 
ensembles with a maddening genius, and Gothic undercurrents that dredge the 
very depths of the abyss.    

The most amazing, fiercely driven cuts include "Architecture Of A Genocidal 
Nature" (one of my favorites), "Perfection Of Vanity." "Hybrid Stigmata - The 
Apostasy," "Puritania," the ferocious "IndoctriNation," and the crazed 
assault of "Blessings Upon The Throne Of Tyranny."    

In summary, this is one of the best Black Metal releases of the year made by 
one of the world's best Black Metal acts...Dimmu Borgir.  So prepare yourself 
for a pure misanthropic euphoria.  Stay dark.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Emperor, Siebenburgen, Cradle Of Filth, Mayhem,  
                   Children Of Bodom, Samael, Borknagar, Satyricon,  
                   Thy Primordial, Darkthrone, Dissection, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                      "'Firedemon' by Carnal Forge"
                             Bill Vogel III

March 15, 2001 A.D.    

Some things defy the laws of physics.  One of those is the new opus, titled 
"Firedemon" [Century Media Records], by Carnal Forge.  Carnal Forge takes a 
relentless form of Swedish Death Metal and gives it a brutal sensibility.  
Blasting, breakneck guitars scrape against frenzied rhythms, catchy melodies 
with a crazed virulence, and shrill Death growl vocals.  Brutal, hook driven 
rhythms stitch these distinct elements together into a tight, vicious work of 
brilliant mayhem.    

The best cuts include "Covered With Fire (I'm Hell)," "Pull The Trigger," the 
aptly named "A Revel In Violence," "Defacer," the bludgeoning "I Smell Like 
Death (Son Of A Bastard)," and my favorite, the brutally ferocious "Too Much 
Hell Ain't Enough Hell For Me."  This is a feral display of true violent 

In conclusion, this is a pure, relentless onslaught of brutish Swedish Style 
Death Metal with a fiery rage.  So revel in the violence.  Stay savage.  

Related Bands:     Darkane, Sentenced [early], Hypocrisy [early],  
                   Soilwork, Darkest Hour, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.    

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.    

Copyright 2001.       

                         "'Rock Hell' by Gandalf"
                              Bill Vogel III

March 16, 2001 A.D.    

Death Metal took an interesting tangent with this release.  On the new opus 
by the Finnish Death Metal band Gandalf, titled "Rock Hell" [Wicked 
World/Earache Records].  By taking late 1980's Classic Metal guitar wizardry 
ala Iron Maiden, and adding it to catchy melodies as well as a killer Death 
Metal ferocity, they have forged a unique, interesting brand of Metal.    

Gandalf uses this different approach brilliantly-the choruses are as 
memorable as the melodies-making for a heavy yet very Rock 'N' Roll feel.  
Tracks that really standout include "Nightderanger," "L8X Queen" (L8X means 
"latex"), "Human Value Zero," the crunch and chug of "Dead Man's Hand," and 
my favorite one "One More For The Dead."  Every song kicks...    

In summary, this is a release that stretches the boundaries of Death Metal in 
an epic way.  Maybe it should be called Retro/Death Metal.  Whatever it is 
called it is really good, even if it is "Rock Hell."  Stay savage.  Farewell. 

Related Bands:     Entombed, Konkhra, Gorefest, Dominus, Godgory,  
                   Gardenian, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                       "'Necronemesis' by Usurper"
                             Bill Vogel III

February 22, 2001 A.D.    

There's something about Chicago.  Some really guttural, violent darkness 
comes out of that town.  Look at the Roaring '20s period of history-organized 
crime, bootlegging, and the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.  That darkness 
has been carried forward into today...    

Chicago's own sons of brutality, Usurper, have returned with a raging new 
slab of Death Metal entitled "Necronemesis" [Necropolis Records].  Usurper's 
style is tempered with a fiery edge honed with old school brutality, 
technical guitar maelstrom, and a ferocious growled vocal assault.  The 
result is a tightly built, brilliantly devastating engine of destruction.  It 
inspires a sense of horrific awe and wonder that only great, epic works of 
darkness can.    

The best, and most vicious cuts include "Slaughterstorm," the instrumental 
"In Remembrance," "Funeral Waters," the frenetic rage of "The Incubus Breed" 
(one of my favorites), shades of Edgar Allan Poe in the blistering cut "Into 
The Oblong Box," and "1666 A.D."   The title track features a guest 
appearance by King Diamond.  Each and every cut shreds.    

In summary, Usurper unleashes a pure storm of Death Metal slaughter that 
shouldn't be missed by any fan of Extreme Metal music.  So keep your eyes on 
the darkening skies...  A slaughterstorm is rising over the distant horizon 
as the Necronemesis appears.  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Deceased, Impaled, Dreams Of Damnation, Raise Hell,  
                   Oppressor, Murder Squad, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.    

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.    

Copyright 2001.       

                 "'Foreshadowing Our Demise' by Skinless"
                            Bill Vogel III

March 24, 2001 A.D.    

A band can never be too brutal.  But sometimes the needed aggressive groove, 
or blood-splattering hook, is lost in the dragon's teeth.  One band that 
successfully merges catchy, virulent rhythms along with sheer brutal 
aggression is Skinless.  On their new opus, "Foreshadowing Our Demise" 
[Relapse Records], they push Death/Grind Metal in a brilliant, catchy 

Ferocity is tempered, but never lost as blasting beats stitch together 
pummeling guitar assaults and relentless, guttural Death growl vocals.  The 
resulting chaos has a vicious groove with a malicious, feral glean.  It's 
wicked, twisted, and brutal.    

The most fiercely cool cuts include "Smothered," the pulsating blast of the 
title track, "Salvage What's Left," "The Optimist," and the best one which is 
"Affirmation Of Hatred."  This release is guttural, gruesome, and genius.  
Skinless cuts a new greatness from the old, decaying order.    

Overall, this a seriously savage slab of catchy, hostility inducing 
Death/Grind Metal for any true believer of aggressive and Extreme Metal 
music.  It's gut wracking, and soul drenching full-on ferocity that shouldn't 
be missed.  So get brutal...  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Blood Duster, Nasum, Rotten Sound, Hate Plow,  
                   Oppressor, Gutted, Napalm Death, Brujeria,  
                   Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Luddite Clone, Anoxia,  
                   Hatewave, Dillinger Escape Plan, Naked City,  
                   Mindrot, Deadhorse, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.      

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                 "'2000 Years Of Human Error' by Godhead"
                             Bill Vogel III

March 16, 2001 A.D.    

For people who enjoy their Industrial Metal with a Dark Pop feel ala Nine 
Inch Nails and Orgy, then Godhead is the perfect fit.  Their new CD, called 
"2000 Years Of Human Error" [Plasma Head/Priority Records], is a freaky and 
cool journey through the twilight glint.  Godhead is the first band signed 
and released on Marilyn Manson's label, Plasma Head Records.    

Godhead's style is a mutational hybrid consisting of Industrial Metal, 
dark/clean Pop vocals, subtle beats, and an atmospheric aesthetic that 
smashes it all together into a swirling din.  Even the softer elements work 
well, creating a beautiful cacophony of diverse qualities.  Techno 
inflections are used as well.    

The most memorable tracks include "The Reckoning," "Break You Down," 
"Sinking," "Penetrate," and the insanely cool "I Hate Today."  Those are the 
best cuts.    

In summary, this is a divergent yet good opus of Industrial Metal that will 
appeal to fans of this genre, or those who enjoy something a little different 
once in a while.  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Nine Inch Nails, Orgy, Stabbing Westward, Helmet,  
                   Prong, Therapy?, Econoline Crush, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

                   "'Haunted Made Me Do It' by Haunted"
                             Bill Vogel III

January 3, 2001 A.D.    

Formed from the ashes of the legendary Swedish Death Metal act At The Gates, 
the Haunted take Thrash Metal to its very limits.  Their latest opus, 
"Haunted Made Me Do It" [Earache Record], approaches the Death/
Thrash Metal style from the other direction.  The result is tightly played 
Technical/Hyper Deathrash Metal with commanding, intricate guitar leads and 
Swedish Death growl vocals.  It adds a truly unique dimension to the sound, 
creating a visceral feel with Classic Metal nuances.    

The best cuts include "The World Burns," "Human Debris," "Hollow Ground," 
"Bury Your Dead," and my favorite "Dark Intentions."  Marco Aro's [formerly 
of Face Down] vocals are a fierce offset to Jensen's and Anders' sharp guitar 
leads.  It's a ravenous display of adrenalized ferocity.    

In summary, this is an excellent second release by these Swedish masters of 
the new world disorder.  So grit your teeth...  And remember, the Haunted 
made me do it.  Stay savage.  Farewell.    

Related Bands:     Slayer, Terror 2000, Kreator, Sepultura, Oblivion,  
                   Soulfly, Corporation 187, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.    

Email address:    

Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.    

Copyright 2000.       

                       "'The Dealer' by Raging Slab"
                              Bill Vogel III

March 16, 2001 A.D.    

There's always a need for a different edge in heaviness.  And one band with a 
very unique slant is Raging Slab.  Somewhere between Black Sabbath and Lynard 
Skynard is where these southern patriots rebelliously stomp around.  This is 
Retro Metal with a Southern, Bluesy twist.    

Raging Slab's latest work, "The Dealer" [Tee Pee Records], continues their 
progression towards a more dynamic sound.  They mix Psychedelic Metal, chunky 
rhythms, Doomed-out grooves, clean yet intense vocals, and a Bluesy swagger 
that shakes the concrete foundations of Fort Knox.  Every track kicks with a 
solid smack to the face.    

The best cuts include "Too Bad," "Chasin' The Dragon," "That's Alright," and 
"Bite The Lightning" which is my favorite from this album.  Raging Slab truly 
creates a melodic and heavy style of Southern Psychedelic Metal.    

In conclusion, this is a visceral, bluesy slab of Retro Metal that is pure 
heaviness.  So crank up the adrenaline, and take a ride on the Raging Slab.  
There's no need for a boring trip.  Stay savage.  Farewell.       

Related Bands:     Black Sabbath, Masters Of Reality, Sea Of Green,  
                   Lynard Skynard, Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age,  
                   Mondo Generator, Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet, etc.    

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.    

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Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.    

Copyright 2001.       

                          "'Downer' by DOWNER"
                             Bill Vogel III

March 13, 2001 A.D.    

There are a few rules that remain eternal in music.  First, a band can never 
be too heavy.  Second, any style of Metal is better when there is a dark 
quality.  The group Downer adheres well to this second taking Heavy 
Alternative Rock into the darkness.  Fans of acts such as Tool, Creed, and A 
Perfect Circle will enjoy this band.    

On their new self-titled CD, out on Roadrunner Records, Downer pushes heavy 
guitars grooves with melodious darkness.  The vocals are utter and clean, but 
drenched in melancholy.  Rhythms are bludgeoning and flow entirely with the 
lunatic moods that fuse the Downer sound into a cohesive, dynamic wallop.    

The best cuts include the faster chaotic slide of "Bi-Furious," "Mud Bath," 
the morose tension of "Flex," and "Last Time."    

Overall, this is a good album for the fan of Dark Alternative Metal.  So, 
when the lunacy grabs the masses here is the soundtrack for that deep 
depression charged with the occasional angry fit.  Stay savage.  Farewell.   

Related Bands:     Tool, Creed, A Perfect Circle, Garbage, Our Lady 
                   Peace, Bush, Silverchair, etc.       

Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

Email address:       

Provided courtesy of Stranger Aeons.       

Copyright 2001.       

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                           *** Metal Slag ***
More Metal news than one person can stand in one issue!    

SHUVEL, a new Rapcore Metal outfit, has a new release out called "Set It 

In Aggro Metal news...there is an excellent new band named VIS@40.  Surf 
Records has released this act's latest offering, "Crushing 2 Humans."    

One of my favorite new bands is the group NONPOINT.  Their raging debut of 
blasting Aggro Metal is titled "Statement" [MCA Records].  The first single 
is "Misled."    

The first 2 albums by Atmospheric Death Metal freaks NOCTURNUS, "The Key" and 
"Thresholds," have been reissued with bonus tracks.  Be sure to check-out 
their latest, "Ethereal Tomb," as well.      

HIDEOUS MANGLEUS, the Gore/Grind outfit, is currently hammering together 
their next release.       

TOTTEN KORPS has finished mastering their next opus, "Tharnheim: Athi-Land-
Nhi, Ciclopean Crypts Of Citadels."  It includes 11 tracks and is scheduled 
for November 1st, 2000 through Repulse Records.  Totten Korps is from Chile. 
EVOKEN, those Doomdeath Metal monsters, have released their new CD titled 

J.J. PARADISE PLAYERS CLUB has released their self-titled debut on Tee Pee 
Records.  This act features former members of the UNSANE.    

REHAB will release their debut, titled "Southern Discomfort."  

INTERNAL SUFFERING, Colombia's most Brutal Death Metal act, has a new CD out 
called "Supreme Acknowledge Domain."    

TANTRIC is the new band formed by former members of DAYS OF THE NEW.    

MURDER CORPORATION, the Death Metal band formed from the ashes of the 
legendary Death Metal act DERANGED, has released their self-titled CD.   

NO INNOCENT VICTIM has completed the recording of their upcoming Victory
release, "Tipping The Scales."  Look for the album to be released on May

THURSDAY will be hitting the road for a string of dates with MIDTOWN and
HOT ROD CIRCUIT in April and May.  THURSDAY's Victory Records debut, "Full
Collapse", will be released on April 10th.  Expect killer Metalcore/Emocore 
Metal.  Excellent...    

WATERDOWN has finished recording on their Victory Records debut, entitled
"Never Kill The Boy On The First Date."    

DARKEST HOUR has signed to Victory Records.  This band's styles combines 
Hardcore with Swedish Death Metal.    

Stay evil.  Hail Darkness.       


///March 22, 2001 A.D.       

                             ***Eye Tripz***

These are the best videos of the month.                

1.	"Dig" by Mudvayne.         
2.	"Butterfly" by Crazy Town.             
3.	"Wait And Bleed (Claymation Version)" by Slipknot.    
4.	"Power Struggle" by Sunna.                        
5.	"Stoopid Ass" by Grand Theft Audio.     
6.	"Drag You Down" by Finger Eleven.  
7.	"Set It Off" by Shuvel.               
8.	"Back To The Primitive" by Soulfly.  
9.	"Again & Again" by Taproot.      
10.	"Leader Of Men" by Nickleback.     


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