Vol. 6 No. 1 (ai Vol. 9 No. 1; #86)
January 13, 2002 A.D.
January Issue
2001 Year In Review


Bill Vogel III

Darkness Falls...


Greetings from the ferocious aeons, and the new Dark Age...  It was a 
terrific terror of a year for Metal.  The fan base increased as more 
listeners entered the horde.  Here's some of the year's news.    

We lost some of the greats.  Chuck Schulinder [Death/Control Denied] and Joey 
Ramone [Ramones] passed as the result of cancer.  They will be missed.    

Some great bands dissolved.  Straight-Edge greats Earth Crisis called it a 
day.  Smashing Pumpkins also disbanded.  A.C. also ended their reign of 
Grindcore terror.  Stuck Mojo also parted ways.    

Some spectacular bands made their debuts.  Some of these include Scar 
Culture, Aeon, Flaw, Endo, Serpent Obscene, Nonpoint, Lifer, Dry Kill Logic, 
OneSideZero, Otep, and Unloco.    

Greats acts returned with monumental releases.  There were incredible new 
slabs by Skinless, Slipknot, Staind, System Of A Down, Black Label Society, 
Circle Of Dead Children, Phobia, Slayer, Pantera, Pressure 4-5, My Ruin, 
Rammstein, and many others.  It was a truly epic year.    

Metallica sued Napster, as they continued on their downward spiral.    

Wes Borland left Limp Bizkit.  And Fred Durst became even more egocentric 
over the past year.  (Surprise, surprise...)    

It BIG styles this year were Aggro Metal, Melodic Hard Rock, Punk, and Black 
Metal.  Aggro showed the greatest growth, with releases by Slipknot, 
Mudvayne, System Of A Down, Mushroomhead, Nonpoint, Static-X, Spineshank, Ill 
Nino, Darwin's Waiting Room, Skrape, Chimiara, Dry Kill Logic, Simon Says, 
American Headcharge, Visions Of Disorder, Nothingface, etc.  (And many of 
these were on larger labels.)    

The catch-word of the year was "Melodic."  It was melodic-this, and melodic-
that on everything.  Take it for what it's worth.  In the end, it's all just 
opinion and angles.    

It was a good year all-the-same.  Here's the breakdown in procession...    

***Yearly Rankings***    

///Best New Bands    

1.	Scar Culture [Killer Hardcore/Death Metal from New York.]    
2.	Hoods [Brutal Hardcore/Metalcore.]    
3.	Aeon [Powerful Brutal/Black Thrash Metal.]    
4.	Unloco [Aggro/Moodcore Metal.]    
5.	Nonpoint [Superb Melodic Aggro Metal.]      
6.	Chimiara [Grinding Aggro brutality.]    
7.	God Forbid [Brutal Metalcore.]    
8.	Dry Kill Logic [Industrial Aggro.]    
9.	Withered Earth [Killer Death Metal.]    
10.	Vulgar Pigeons [Grind...]    
11.	Darwin's Waiting Room [Rapcore/Melodic Aggro Metal.]    
12.	Blood Stained Dusk [Old School Black Thrash Metal.]    
13.	Drowning Pool [Moodcore Metal.]    
14.	OneSideZero [Melodic Hardcore.]    
15.	Cadaver Inc. [Grindcore.]    
16.	Deride [Metalcore.]    
17.	Hate [Brutal Death Metal.]    
18.	Shadow [Japanese Swedish Style Death.]    
19.	Leechmilk [Crustcore.]    
20.	Headhunter D.C. [Killer Death Metal.]    
21.	Homo Iratus [Brutal Grind.]    
22.	Rabies Caste [Noisecore.]    
23.	Insolence [Rapcore Metal.]    
24.	Failed Humanity [Death Metal.]    
25.	Goliath [Doom/Metalcore.]    
26.	Lifer [Aggro Metal.]    
27.	Otep [Hardcore/Aggro.]    
28.	Default [Melodic Hard Rock.]    
29.	Impious [Death/Thrash.]    
30.	Capital Eye [Rapcore Metal.]    
31.	Lucky Boys Confusion [Reggae Punk.]    
32.	Adema [Moodcore.]    
33.	40 Below Summer [Moodcore/Aggro.]    
34.	Linkin Park [Rap/Moodcore.]    
35.	Skrape [Techno Aggro.]    
36.	Flaw [Moodcore/Aggro.]    

///Best Death Metal    

1.     "Inscribe" by Scar Culture [Crushing hybrid of Hardcore and 
            Death Metal.  One of the year's BEST releases.  (Has a 
            whacked-out cover instrumental piece of Ted Nugent's "Cat 
            Scratch Fever.)]    
2.     "And The Sky Turns To Black" by Headhunter D.C. [Brutal Death 
            from South America.]    
3.     "10 Years Of Chaos And Confusion" by Hypocrisy [A 'best-of' 
            release by these Swedish masters.]    
4.     "Phoenix Rising" by Destroyer 666 [Shredding Death.]    
5.     "Holy Dead Trinity" by Hate [Brutal Death-N-Roll.]    
6.     "Alien Breed" by Internal Bleeding [Explosive mix of Hardcore and 
            Death Metal.  Uses growled and clean vocals.]    
7.     "Dead And Buried" by Jungle Rot [Brutal yet catchy Death Metal.]    
8.     "The Key" by Nocturnus (Reissue) [Keyboardized, atmospheric Death.]  
9.     "Solstice Of Oppression" by Oppressor (Reissue) [Brutal Death    
10.    "Who We Are" by Pissing Razors [Intense Death Metal with Industrial 
            and Tribal inflections.  Excellent.]    
11.    "Apparition" by Burning Inside [Second release-solid Death Metal.]   
12.    "Brujerismo" by Brujeria [Brutal, catchy Death.]    
13.    "Organasm" by Alchemist [Epic, brilliantly played Death Metal from 


///Best Death Thrash    

1.     "Subterraneal Magnitude" by Diabolic [Old school brilliance...truly 
2.     "Ugliness Revealed" by Defiled [Japanese Blackened Death Thrash-killer 
3.     "Vengeance Ascending" by Diabolic [More of that old-fashioned 
4.     "First Strike, Still Deadly" by Testament [Re-recorded classics.]    

///Best Grindcore Metal    

1.     "Genocide Machine" by Circle Of Dead Children [Powerful, crushing 
            Grind with slower, massive tempos.  One of 2001's BEST 
2.     "Cunt" by Blood Duster [Southcore-Southern flavored Grindcore 
            genius.  Killer.]    
3.     "Serenity Through Pain" by Phobia [Brilliant Crusty Grindcore.]    
4.     "Summary Execution" by Vulgar Pigeons [Snarling Death/Grind.]    
5.     "Discipline" by Cadaver Inc. [Blackened Grind from Norway.]    
6.     "Foreshadowing Our Demise" by Skinless [Crushing Crust/Grind.]   
7.     "Prowler In The Yard" by Pig Destroyer [Fierce Grindcore.]    
8.     "Enemy Of The Music Business" by Napalm Death [The Fathers of Grind 
            return with this serious slab of greatness.]    
9.     "Being And Nothing" by Extreme Noise Terror [Bombastic Grind.]   

///Best Metalcore    

1.     "Repetition" by Maharajh [Roaring Grind/Metalcore.  One of the 
            BEST of 2001.]    
2.     "Determination" by God Forbid [Death/Metalcore.  Another one of 
            this year's best.]    
3.     "When Reason Sleeps" by Haste [Death tinged Metalcore.  Yet another 
            one of 2001's best.]    
4.     DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN (Reissue) [Killer Metalcore.]    
5.     "Archetype" by All Else Failed [Industrial/Discordant Metalcore.]  
6.     CHAOS THEORY [Raw edged Metalcore slugfest.]    
7.     "Day Of Reckoning" by Diecast [Ferocious Metalcore savagery.]    
8.     "Scars Of Time" by Deride [Aggro/Metalcore.]    

///Best Death/Thrash Metal    

1.     "Terror Succeeds" by Impious [Classic Thrash fused into Death Metal.] 
2.     "Sound Of Razors Through Flesh" by Failed Humanity [Old School Death 
3.     "Union" by Puya [Tribal Death/Thrash mixed with Latino influences.]  

///Best Goregrind Metal    

1.     "Domain Of Death" by Mortician [Like a chainsaw through the guts...]  
2.     "Stabwound Orgasm" by Avulsed [Brutal Deathgore Metal.]    

///Best Deathcore Metal    

1.     "Human Consumes Human" by Homo Iratus [Brutal Greek Deathcore Metal 
            with crushing violent aggression.  One of the best releases of 

///Best Black Metal    

1.     "Dark Order" by Aeon [Crunchy, brutal Black of the 
            year's best.  Spectacular!]    
2.     "Lunar Poetry" by Nokturnal Mortum [Ukrainian Folk Black Metal 
3.     "Dirge Of Death's Silence" by Blood Stained Dusk [Ferocious...]  
4.     "Past & Present Sins" by In Aeternum [Technical, yet catchy Black 
5.     "U.S. Legions" by Mayhem [Raw blackened fury.]    
6.     "Through The Eyes Of Night" by Fog [Frenzied Black Metal.]    
7.     "Under Iskall Troll Mane" by Thy Primordial [Blistering Black Metal 
8.     "Dawn Of Darkness" by Satanic Slaughter [Totally insane.]    
9.     "Thelema.6" by Behemoth [Cosmic Black Metal.]    
10.    "Fire Walk With Us" by Aborym [Industrial Black Metal.]    
11.    "Blood For Satan" by Black Dawn [Furious Black Metal mayhem.]    

///Best Avant-Garde Metal    

1.     "Anasazi" by Love History [Romantic Doomdeath.]    
2.     "Rapture" by Dragonlord [Classical/Death Metal.]     

///Best Live Releases    

1.     "Alcohol Fueled Brewtality" by Black Label Society [Psychedelic 
   and rare cuts.  One of the BEST of 2001.]    
2.     "Live In L.A." by Death [Pretty raw, but good.]    

///Best Black/Death Metal    

1.    "Ageless Venomless" by Krisiun [Fierce, intricate mayhem with an 
           epic grandeur.]    
2.    "Cut Your Flesh And Worship Satan" by Antaeus [French insanity with 
           no mercy.]    
3.    "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia" by Dimmu Borgir [Melodic Black 
           Metal with keyboards.]    

///Best Hardcore    

1.    "Time...The Destroyer" by Hoods [Brutal Hardcore/Metalcore with a 
           visceral savvy.  One of 2001's BEST releases.]    
2.    "Still Dedicated" by Backfire [Riotous hardcore from Germany.]    
3.    "Birth Is Pain" by Ringworm [Apocalyptic Hardcore brutality.]    
4.    "So Sedated, So Secure" by Darkest Hour [Swedish Death crossed with 
           Hardcore-excellent.  One of 2001's BEST releases.]    
5.    "Last Rites" by Buried Alive [Crust/Death/Hardcore genius.  One of 
           2001's BEST releases.]    

///Best Straight Edge Metal    

1.     "1991-2001" by Earth Crisis [Death/Brutal Straight Edge Hardcore 
            from one of the greatest bands ever.  One of the BEST of 2001? 
2.     "Last Of The Sane" by Earth Crisis [Covers and rarities.  Again, one 
            of 2001's finest slabs.]    

///Best Swedish Death Metal    

1.    "Synergy" by Diabolical [Frenetic Swedish Style.]    
2.    SHADOW [Japanese Melodic Death Metal.]    
3.    "Swamplord" by Kalmah [Intricate, insane Swedish Death.]    
4.    "Remotecontrolled Scythe" by Enter My Silence [Melodic intensity.]  
5.    "Predator's Portrait" by Soilwork [Mechanically precise, vicious 
           Swedish Death.]    
6.    "Manifest" by Forsaken [Shredding Swedish Style.]    
7.    "Insanity" by Darkane [Fiery Swedish Death.]    

///Best Hyperblast Death Metal    

1.    "Epic" by Kataklysm [Devastating Hyperblast.]      

///Best Melodic Death Metal    

1.    "Darkwater Park" by Opeth [Dark, melodic Death Metal.]    
2.    "Sindustries" by Gardenian [Doom/Melodic Death Metal.]    
3.    "Way Beyond" by Godgory [Ultra Melodic Death.]    
4.    "Tokyo Showdown (Live)" by In Flames [Excellent live opus.]    

///Best Sludge/Noisecore Metal    

1.     "Let The Soul Out And Cut The Vein" by Rabies Caste [Sludgy 
            Noisecore with raspy vocals.]    
2.     "Crusty Mother F*ckn Roll And Roll"/"Guilty Of Sloth" (Split) 
            by Sofa King Killer/Leechmilk [Sludge and Crustcore Metal.]  
3.     "Sonic Excess In It's Purest Form" by Crowbar [The kings of 

///Best Retro Metal    

1.     "Dealer" by Raging Slab [Southern Retro Metal.]    
2.     "Free & Easy" by Bad Wizard [Lynard Skynard meets Motorhead.]   
3.     "Les Sables Magiques" by Tricky Woo [Retro Metal.]    

///Best Doom Metal    

1.     "As Heaven Turns To Ash" by Warhorse [Ultra heavy Death/Doomsludge 
2.     KHANATE [Massive Doom Metal.]    
3.     "Karma's Grave" by Earthbound Smokeghost [Brutal Psychedelic  
4.     "The Gate" by Goliath [Psychedelic Doom Metal.]    

///Best Psychedelic Metal     

1.     "Atomic Church" by Roachpowder [Psychedelic Acid/Metalcore.]  
2.     "Songs Of Worship" by Sons Of Otis [Psychedelic Doomsludge Metal.]  

///Best Industrial Death Metal    

1.     "Digimortal" by Fear Factory [Industrial Death Metal...their best 
            in years.]    
2.     "Hymns" by Godflesh [Industrial Doomgrind Metal.  Excellent.]    
3.     "In All Languages" by Godflesh [2 disc compilation.]    

///Best Doomdeath Metal    

1.     "Oracle Moon" by Garden Of Shadows [Melodic Doomdeath.]    
2.     "Atlantis Ascendant" by Bal-Sagoth [Avant-garde Doomdeath Metal.]  
3.     "Regret" by Ever Eve [Gothic/Doomdeath.]    

///Gothic Metal    

1.     "Gone" by Entwine [Powerful Gothic Metal.]    
2.     "Remind" by Crematory [2 disc retrospective.]    
3.     "Dreadful Hours" by My Dying Bride [Dismally beautiful.]    
4.     "Meisterwerk 1" by My Dying Bride [Rarities and more.]    
5.     "Meisterwerk 2" by My Dying Bride [Rarities and more.]    


///Best Moodcore Metal    

1.    "Break The Cycle" by Staind [Powerful, Moodcore Metal.  One of the best 
            releases of 2001.]    
2.    "Healing" by Unloco [Killer Aggro/Moodcore Metal.  Another of the best 
            releases of 2001.  Really cool.]    
3.    ADEMA [Amazingly cool.  Better that Korn.]    
4.    "Hybrid Theory" by Linkin Park [Rapcore/Industrial/Moodcore Metal.]  
5.    "Sinner" by Drowning Pool [Powerful Moodcore Metal.  One of the best 
            releases of 2001.]    

///Best Rapcore Metal    

1.    "(The) New Release" by Primer 55 [Aggressive Rapcore Metal.  It's a 
           little bit reminiscent of Snot.  One of the best of 2001.]    
2.    "Revolution" by Insolence [Trippy, heavy Rapcore Metal.]    
3.    "Mood Swingz" by Capitol Eye [Whacked-out Rapcore Metal.]    
4.    "3" by Thumb [Rap/Hardcore.]    

///Best Melodic Hardcore    

1.    "Is The Room Getting Smaller" by OneSideZero [Rampaging and 
2.    "Destination Unknown" by Mest [Pop tinged Hardcore.]    
3.    "Burning The Process" by Pressure 4-5 [Aggressive, yet melodic.]    
4.    "Morning View" by Incubus [Jazzy, Melodic Hardcore.]    

///Best Thrashcore Metal    

1.    "Animosity" by Sevendust [Melodic Thrashcore.]    
2.    "Sinister Urge" by Rob Zombie [Industrial/Thrashcore Metal.]    

///Best Aggro Metal    

1.    "Iowa" by Slipknot [Deathly, Aggro brilliance.  One of the year's 
2.    "Toxicity" by System Of A Down [Hardcore, Death, and Aggro genius.] 
3.    "From Bliss To Devastation" by Vision Of Disorder [Moody, melodic 
           Aggro with a dark, powerful edge.  One of the best releases of 
4.    "Oracle" by Kittie [Death tinged Aggro excellence.]    
5.    "Machine" by Static-X [Industrial Aggro.]    
6.    "Violence" by Nothingface [Hardcore/Aggro hybrid.]    
7.    "XX" by Mushroomhead [Avant-garde Keyboardized Aggro.  Superb.]    
8.    "Through The Eyes" by Flaw [Moodcore/Aggro Metal.]    
9.    "Scars" by Soil [Heavy Rock/Aggro.  Brilliant...another one of the 
           best releases of 2001.]    
10.   LIFER [Melodic Hardcore/Aggro.]    
11.   "Invitation To The Dance" by 40 Below Summer [Powerful Moodcore/Aggro 
           fusion.  Really good.]    
12.   "Shut Your Breath" by Simon Says [Melodic Hardcore/Aggro.]    
13.   NO ONE [Funk/Aggro Metal.]    
14.   "Pass Out Of Existence" by Chimiara [Excellent Grind/Aggro.]    
15.   "The Darker Side Of Nonsense" by Dry Kill Logic [Industrial Aggro  
           Metal.  One of the best releases of 2001.]    
16.   "New Killer America" by Skrape [Techno/Aggro Metal.]    
17.   "Synthetic Division" by Crossbreed [Industrial/Techno Aggro.]    

///Best Melodic Aggro Metal    

1.    "Statement" by Nonpoint [Super Melodic of the best releases 
            of 2001.]    
2.    "Orphan" by Darwin's Waiting Room [Rapcore/Melodic Aggro.]    
3.    "Revolution/Revolucion" by Ill Nino [Melodic Hardcore with blasting 

///Best Heavy Rock    

1.     "Weathered" by Creed [Dark, Heavy Rock.  Definitely one of the 
            BEST of 2001.  Another masterpiece.]    

///Best Emocore Metal    

1.     BOY HITS CAR [Aggro/Emocore Metal.  Brilliant-one of 2001's best 
2.     "Full Collapse" by Thursday [Excellent Aggro/Emocore Metal.  One of 
            2001's best releases.]    

///Best Thrash Metal    

1.     "God Hates Us All" by Slayer [Masterpiece of Armageddon Thrash.]  
2.     "Sound Of White Noise" by Anthrax [Classic reissue with 4 bonus 

///Best Grunge Metal    

1.     "Rotten Apple: Greatest Hits" by Smashing Pumpkins [2 disc set of 
            hits and rarities."    
2.     "Greatest Hits" by Alice In Chains [Good set of hits.]    

///Best Industrial Metal    

1.     "Life" by Dope [Sleazy Industrial Metal with a Punk edge.]    
2.     "Mutter" by Rammstein [Gothic/Industrial Metal sung entirely in 

///Best Pop/Punk    

1.     "Lechuza" by Fenix TX [Heavy Pop/Punk.]    
2.     OFFSPRING [Reissue of their debut.]    
3.     "End Is Forever" by Ataris [Fuzzed-out Pop/Punk.]    
4.     "International Superhits" by Green Day [Good compilation.]    
5.     "United By Fate" by Rival Schools.    
6.     "Take Off Your Pants & Jacket" by Blink 182 [Whiney Pop/Punk, 
            but cool.]    

///Best Hard Rock    

1.     "Silver Side Up" by Nickelback [Melodic Hard Rock.  Their best 
2.     "The Fallout" by Default [Very melodic.]    
3.     TANTRIC [Melodic Hard Rock.]    
4.     "Coming Of Age" by Breaking Point.    


///Best DVD Release    

1.     "1991-2001" by Earth Crisis [Centers around their last show.]    

///Worst Release    

1.     "New Old Ones" by Limp Bizkit [Pathetic Dance/Rap remixes.  Truly 

///Best Labels    

1.     Necropolis    
2.     Victory
3.     World War III    
4.     Century Media    
5.     Olympic    
6.     Roadrunner    
7.     Spitfire    
8.     Nuclear Blast    
9.     Renegade    
10.    Wind-Up    
11.    The End
12.    Earache
13.    Now Or Never
14.    Music Cartel
15.    Tee Pee
16.    Southern Lord
17.    Arctic
18.    Unique Leader
19.    Relapse    
20.    Crash Inc.    

///Best Mailorder    

1.     Dark Symphonies    

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