September 2001 A.D. Best Release...

“’The Genocide Machine’ by Circle Of Dead Children”
Bill Vogel III

September 14, 2001 A.D.    

Given the events of the past week, I've worked, written, and listened a lot 
of aggressive music.  These tactics kept my head cleared, and my insanity 
down to a normal level.    

The more brutal the music, the better the effect.    

In the world of Grindcore it takes a truly great band to shine.  Circle Of 
Dead Children (CODC for short) is just such an act.  Their latest offering 
"The Genocide Machine" [Necropolis Records] is a wickedly demented slab of 
Power/Grindcore Metal.  Blasting, speeds are backboned with segments of slow, 
massive tempos.  It's about crushing artistic brutality, not just speed.    

This deviation makes Circle Of Dead Children great, instead of just good.    

Circle Of Dead Children is fast, filled with raging outbursts...but that is 
merely one flashpoints out of many.  Dual vocal assaults (shrill, Hardcore 
growls and deep, guttural ones), politically fired lyrics, crushing blast 
beats juxtaposed against frenetic moments, and rhythms so tight that they 
break the laws of physics.  Circle Of Dead Children are true new school 
masters of Grind.    

It's genius...    

The best of these magnificently brutal cuts includes the short, monstrously 
heavy "Migration," "It's A Bloody Day When You Get Your Head Nailed To A 
Cross," the bestial roar of "When We Make The Clouds Scream," "Isabella's 
Nightmare," "From Eros To Thanatos," "Only One Per Coffin," "Wormpaste (Bled 
Through The Earth)," "CTRL*ALT*DELETE," and the title track.  Circle Of Dead 
Children go full-on, all guns blazing.    

Overall, Circle Of Dead Children is an amazing act that incorporates Hardcore 
into their Grindcore style.  They have created one of the best releases of 
2001, as well as one of the finest Grindcore slabs ever.  Take care.  God 
Bless.  Stay Savage.  Farewell.       

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.  Piece.       

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Copyright 2001.       

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